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Okay, easybot family, if you’d like to make a withdrawal, maybe you’ve been earning some commissions and you’d like to withdraw that out of your easybot wallet, you’re going to come here to the menu click on my wallet once you’re on the wallet page, you want to click On withdraw and you’re going to enter the amount that you would like to withdraw make sure you have at least that much in your current wallet balance and you’re going to enter your usdt trc 20 address usdt trc 20 only you’re going to enter that address here. It will start with a t so just make sure that if you’re entering the address or you’re getting the address, it’s going to start with a t if it’s the correct network so enter that address there, we’ll put in some fake letters and numbers, and you are Going to hit withdraw now before we do that, let’s make sure that you’re aware of a couple other things all right, so we’ve got our end amount entered and we have our address entered and we are going to hit. Withdraw first thing you need to know is that there is a two dollar processing fee per withdrawal. So in this case, if we wanted to withdraw 20, we would receive 18 in our usdt trc 20 address and when we hit withdraw you’re going to get notified, that there is a minimum of 25 usdt and a maximum of 999 dollars per withdrawal request.

EazyBot Update

So make sure you have at least 25 in your wallet and no more than 999 dollars per request. You can make multiple requests, but each request maximum of 999 – all right so we’re going to adjust this here, make this 200, which again means we’re going to receive 198 in usdt trc 20. To our address, we click on.

Withdraw we’re going to get a popup. Please enter the otp. Otp stands for one time password, so please enter the onetime password sent on your registered email to confirm withdrawal request so important.

Please please! Please make sure that you have access to the email that your account is registered to that’s where the onetime password will be sent. You’Ll get a sixdigit code in that email and once you get that code you’re going to enter it here, all right. So we’re going to enter that password and hit submit okay. So now we have a pending withdrawal of 198, it’s already reduced our total amount in our wallet and once that withdrawal has been processed and approved, it will change to a green check.

How to Withdraw Funds in EazyBot

Mark okay. So we’re going to go ahead and approve that and if we refresh our page here, you’ll see status has been confirmed, and now we have a green check mark and your current balance remains the same because it’s reduced the moment that you initiate that withdrawal so making Withdrawals are super easy right now. Withdrawals are open anytime before 9 pm and that withdrawal will be processed within the next 24 hours, so give it a little bit of time anything that gets entered or submitted before 9 pm eastern standard time, 9 pm eastern standard time will process within the next 24 Hours,

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