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It’s very important that you clearly understand where funds are going and what funds are staying in your crypto exchange, whether it’s binance or coinbase pro or one of the other exchanges that get rolled out depending on. When you see this video, your trading funds stay in your own exchange. You are not sending the money that you plan to trade with to easybot.

Where Your Fund Goes in Eazy Bot

That’s one of the beautiful things about easybot. Your phones remain 100 in your own control. This isn’t a promise to pay a program where you deposit, a bunch of money into an anonymous website and they drip feed it back to you over an extended period of time. It’s nothing like that.

My friend, what you are sending to your easybot crypto wallet, is the funds necessary to cover either your advanced annual software license at 250 or your vip for 995 per year. Along with that, you want to send roughly five percent of the trading capital. You tend to use so let’s say you have ten thousand dollars.

You plan to trade within binance or coinbase pro you’re, going to send 500 in here, along with your software license, and that’s going to last roughly six to eight weeks to cover the service fees. So easybot has no ability to get any funds out of your crypto exchange, so 100 of your trading profits has gone back into your own crypto exchange. Therefore, your easy bot wallet, you simply keep it topped up to cover that service fee. That’s been charged every time.

A successful trade closes and if you plan to share easybot with others, your commissions come into the same wallet. So you’ll never really have to worry about paying the service fees anyway.

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