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Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel and welcome to another easy part of video. So i’ve got something cool to show you guys today, um a few pictures or screenshots that i took from the zoom meeting um yesterday that i just quickly popped in on. As you guys can see, there’s me stephen hersig, south africa, that is me um right um.

Eazy Bot Profits

This is coach, ken, the sales director and um ceo. No, actually, no, no he’s not the ceo he’s the cofounder of easybot right, so he showed us his account. Some of the results so far, i don’t know how long this has been two weeks, three weeks as you’ll notice, that um he’s got two bots on rv, so trading, the rv coin, um three thousand twenty four dollars and ninety five cents in there um. So his total profit so far was 157 dollars and 13 cents um the worst performing coin was xrp because again it’s not it’s xrp is not really moving much at the moment.

So just the point i’m going to make here guys you’ll notice that he’s trading with about what’s it four different coins and some have performed better, some have performed worse, so it just depends which coins are the most volatile at the time. So some months xop might perform better than are they and in some months are they might perform better than xrp like in this case, and i think this is monero some months monero might perform better than a link. I think this one with the with the lock sign, there’s link usdt, i think um, so on uh, so yeah. This is again this.

This is passive. This is in the safety of his own um of coach ken’s own binance wallet, uh yeah. So he’s probably three thousand how much he’s got in here he’s got in more than fifteen thousand dollars, but i could have sworn i saw the other day i saw he had more coins that he was trading with um yeah but anyway.

So it’s just to show us um how to how the bot performs with different coins, um the profits being made, but again guys, as you can see, it is making profits. It is. This is a medium, long term plan for you guys. I mean it’s it’s again.

It’s it’s safe, you know nobody. Will you have this the transparency and the safety that you’ll have with the easy bot, because, again guys you can’t lose your money here. Um and you know well, especially that your money is always safe and your own binance. While it all coinbase pro will be added soon guys so um for all the american guys.

I know you rearing to go and waiting. I’Ve got some american guys us residents in my team um. So just hang tight guys. I think it will be pretty.

Maybe in the next week or two um, just don’t well, don’t quote me on that, but what i’ve been seeing and the talk that’s been going around, but i’m pretty sure it will be available by the end of this month. All right, then, you can have access to the bot just connected to coinbase pro boom. It starts doing trades for you right, so even if easybot had to fault to disappear tomorrow, your funds, including your profits that the bot made would still be safe and sound in your binance or a coinbase pro wallet all right, because even if i show you guys Now, um spot so, as you can see guys, my the easy bot is trading with you with usdt it’s.

It’s entered some ethereum classic trade. So that’s the coin. I’M trading with and it’s waiting to take profit. So i’ll just get to get you there now, where i’ll show you guys some of the trades that the bot has performed for me and the profits it’s made yeah there you can see here.

You can see me right there top right. Would i got my camera working uh? Let me just check here again: um here, coach ken just shows us what the bot was doing with the xrp entering some xrp trades made a few profits here and there um, even though xrp is not really doing great at the moment, he’s still making profits with It so it’s it’s still. It’s pretty insane this thing over the long term, guys when you compound, like long term plan, meaning few months years in the making you’ll probably end up with hundreds of thousands of dollars, millions of dollars again just by letting the bot just keep trading for you and You can always just add: you know a few funds every month, um, because, again guys, your money is just as safe in your crypto wallet as it would be in your bank account. You know, crypto exchanges, these days are very, very secure.

You can even make it more secure. You can add some security features. If you want, i mean they do, allow that so um, okay, that’s ripple ave again.

We’re looking at coach ken’s account all the trades that um the bot has entered for coach ken. So it is working guys, that’s the thing and you can use it for free. There are different packages if you want to use if you like, coming in with five ten five to ten thousand dollars or more, and you want to trade with more coins.

There are packages that you can purchase to get more of the benefits from the bot, but you know if you a free member like me at the moment, and you only have like i would say less than if you have less than say two thousand dollars or Something then to trade. It then i mean if using the free bot is perfectly fine. You know everyone gets the same bot guys it’s just when you buy the packages, you get a few more benefits like being able to trade with more coins at a time. Um.

A few extra bots uh to trade, with at a time things like that, but but if you’re a free member, it depends guys what you can afford. What you want to come in with being a free member is perfectly fine, the bots making for me profits. For me, as well so being a free member, so it depends what you want guys um, so yeah, here’s just some more. Are they trades? So again, as you can see, it’s been working longterm, passive income plan, guys the easy bot.

The fact that you got that you can only keep gaining and your money can only keep growing and the fact that you can’t lose never lose your money, it’s perfectly safe, it’s just mind, blowing right and the transparency again you it’s this. This is this: is the real deal guys? This is real trades happening in real time, a real business opportunity of real people, real office, real ceo, all that so it’s it’s the right business to build. It’s a business that you can also build with with pride. You do get affiliate bonuses and stuff if you do refer people right, but you don’t have to do that because the bot’s going to trade for you anyway.

But i’m just saying you know if it should be your moral and ethical obligation to refer this to at least show this to other people, because i mean it works and it’s safe. So you don’t have to worry about people losing their money. I’M, like, i always say, um so yeah, my trades, so what i actually did was, if you look in my previous videos, you’ll see some results there. What i did was, i think there was a glitch they were working on, so my bot wasn’t entering traits and you’ll see a total profit zero.

But if you notice in my videos, um in my previous videos, the bot that i that i deleted it, it showed some total profits there at, like. I think the one video showed like five or six, almost six dollars profit. I think i even have screenshots guys if you want that um, but it has made profits i’ll, show you guys the trade trade shortly in my finance wallet that that the bot’s been doing. For me, it’s just um, just telling you guys.

I deleted the one bot and i just you know: well it’s the same bot. I just created um a new bot and, as you can see, here’s the trades it’s entered so the current buy at the bottom is in profit, but what the bot is waiting to do is to get to a certain point where all of these trades together are In profit, so even so, what i’m trying to say here is even if, if these trades are still in minus, if this one at the bottom, this one entered at 3708 cents for ethereum classic. Even if this one um it gets, gets to a certain point where it’s in profit enough right, then it will close these two trades, even even at a minus, because because this one’s covering for those for those ones at a slight loss right, so you still overall All these positions are still being profit, so it’s kind of a very it’s a very genius strategy.

If you understand it um, you know it’s it’s. The bottom line is guys: you’ll keep making money with this spot, whether it takes you a while or not. It’s patience is also key here guys.

It’s again, it’s it’s a money, printing machine, but sometimes you know, market conditions aren’t very friendly. You know for the bots, so so it would, it would take longer for you to make profits, but the point is guys: you’re not losing money. So why would you complain? It’s a free bot that you can use and you’re, not using money, still making money and if you take it over a long period of time which you should which you should, which is only fair to the bot.

Then you’ll start seeing some real good results right. But long term guys this is this: is this plan most legit plan? You’Ll get that’s the thing. It’s that the times are being scammed, guys are over with easy bottom easy bot is, is a scam proof business opportunity, um, let’s go to exchange, so i’m just going to show you the trades that the bot entered for me all the history. Let me just enter, etc.

Usdt, so ethereum classic guys has been a pretty good coin to trade. So so far the bots probably made i don’t know close to 10. For me, i entered a few trades on my own because i like to trade um, but look if the bot can make something like 40 45 for me in a month, then that’s like 10.

That’s insane guys, even 5 a month consistently, i’m very happy with, because again this money is like my investment money. I just leave it in my binance wallet. I just leave it to grow for a long time all right, but especially, if i’m talking to so now, i’m i just want to quickly talk to the big investors. You know like the guys who have more than ten thousand dollars to put into something, but they don’t know what to put it into.

If you know, because they’re scared of is my money going to be safe or not guys. This is something that you can put your money into it again. This isn’t financial advice, but you can see your it’s in where my money is it’s safe in my own crypto exchange.

So if you’ve got 10 000 or more to invest and you’re looking at something, then consider the easy bot, because if you can make you know again guys these percentages are just what we’ve been seeing from results. You can make anything from five to the bot is designed to make anything from five to twenty percent a month. If you can make anything from five to twenty percent a month, um, let’s say on average five to ten percent a month would would that be good? I mean off of ten thousand dollars. That would be quite a decent amount of money that you’re making passively every month.

You know, and it’s gon na compound um so bottle says the order compounding feature and again, if you have a hundred thousand dollars to invest in, then it would be like. Like crazy, i mean it’s just the money you’re gon na make monthly passively. That’s the thing is passively, and even if you you know, you only have a hundred dollars to start with guys again now, i’m talking just to the everyone guys like me, you don’t have a lot to start with in the beginning.

You know, that’s fine. Just get started because your money will also compound over time and your money is safe and you can always add money. That’s that’s the the great thing about this. So here’s from the start, so the first trade, the very first trade the bot entered, was on now.

Wait a minute that was uh, sorry, that was when i bought usdt. So when i say i, the bot started trading for me on the second: that’s when i got it. Uh up and running um started trading for me on the second of. If you look at the bottom second of april um the time here being 14, 46, 47, that’s when it entered its very first trade and then some of these trades, like in between you’ll, see the 100.

If you notice here on total that says 100, those are the trades that i just entered, because you know i like to i like to trade every now and again, so i just you know, entered some of my own trades and all of them took profit. So so i’m a pretty decent trader myself, i’m not a professional by any stretch of the imagination, but i just thought: oh, let me the market’s looking good. So it’s really down and let me put in a few buys and yeah. I ended up with a few profits there, so i do know – at least personally i do know a thing or two about trading the markets, but it’s not easy guys.

It’s very like, like sometimes you’re spending hours and hours staring at the charts, just waiting for the right entry point, and i mean when you’ve got a bot like this, you can even set it guys. That’s the thing you don’t have to leave it on the default. Setting the default setting is is okay. Well, the default setting is basically so that you keep making profit in all market conditions, especially if you know nothing about trading, just keep it on the default.

Setting guys um, it will make profits will be small profits, but over time it will add up. Okay, in all market conditions, where the market crashes, when it’s moving sideways and it’s going up, it will make profits for you, okay, so it’s been tested over months and months and months in all market conditions and again guys just go through my videos and you’ll see. I have a video where i actually show you um the seven month test that they did on three different coins.

So it’s a good video to watch um yeah. So it’s just um proof is in the pudding guys there’s some of the trays the bot entered um. Okay, what do we want to see now? Let’s change this color scheme.

I don’t like this light. Color scheme anyways there we go and we go back to dashboard we’re just waiting for those trades to take profit. So yeah guys if you want to get started with easybot, feel free to contact me on whatsapp. If you want, if you’re really struggling.

But i do have videos set up videos, i’m going to make more setup videos in the coming days, just to make it more clear for some, because i know it’s sometimes there’s a few things that people struggle with um. That’s why i invite you guys to send me a message on whatsapp, because my phone number is below the videos, as you guys know, but anyways. If you want to get set up right away, you just want to watch a video to help you get set up. Um, let me just scroll through your, how to connect easybot to binance and which coins to trade um so yeah.

That’s just how to connect your your easy easybot to binance. If you’ve got a binance account um. Another good video to look at is how to make okay. If you got like 100 or more, you know, if you got, let’s say if you got less than 150 dollars to trade with.

This is a good video to watch okay, so the bot one worked in less than a hundred dollars in your binance of coinbase pro wallet, guys so make sure you have at least 100 or more for the bot to trade with. Otherwise it just won’t work. You know okay, so easy bot reminder how to upgrade and activate your easy bot.

So so this is also a good video to watch if you want to get started and i’ll probably end up putting one of these videos at my at the end screen, so that if you watch this video till the end, you’ll see two videos popping up um On on, like two little popup, video windows will pop up at the end of this video, and then you can click on it see it start one to get started all right, so yeah guys. I hope you found that um instructive, informative, whatever yeah so now. This is a great opportunity, guys, medium long term. This is the place to be, and if the fact that it’s free as well to give it a try, i mean and the fact that your friends are safe.

Like i always mentioned, you know, it’s such a good point. Um is yeah, it’s fantastic, so anyways guys as usual. Almost my link is below my signup link.

If you don’t have a binance account, that’s also below below the video, you know just click on the link for south african users. If you can’t fund your binance account directly with your um with your bank card, because i know some sort of african users have had a problem with that, including myself then go to your lunar wallet. You know anyone in south africa can use luna buy xrp on luno via the exchange.

Guys use the exchange. You know with all the charts and that that so that you save some money on fees and then um you know, send xrp to bnb yeah, sorry to binance and then convert it to usdt from there on the exchange again. Okay, but i’ll make a video about that as well, for you guys for the us guys, coinbase pro will be available pretty soon.

So just hang tight, like i said yeah, all my links will be loaded video for those who can use binance at the moment. You want to get started so anyways guys, thanks for watching um. Don’T forget to like the video don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and yeah have a good one, guys cheers

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