What is EasyBot Review | How does EasyBot work

Uh welcome this is a presentation and a discussion about easy, buy and easybot is an automated crypto trading platform, it’s ideal for new Traders and it is perfect for those who have some Advanced trading experience. Now we make investing in crypto, easy and easybot puts you in control of this entire experience. You can count on having consistent, profitable returns. Your crypto stays in your exchange.

What is EasyBot Review?

You can trade crypto confidently you get to build passive income along the way. You can withdraw your profits at any time and you can get started with no experience needed at all. So let’s talk about some of the key features that you’ll get to take advantage of.

If you decide to use Easy Button for yourself, so first up is our easy oneclick strategy. Now you don’t have to be an expert, but you do get to trade like one so, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, there’s no need for you to spend countless hours, tinkering with parameters and settings and strategies with easy box proven oneclick trading strategy setup. You can be up and running closing profitable trades in no time now, beyond that, what we’ve been able to see and experience for ourselves that makes us really really excited about easybuy. Is this point right here its ability to sustain a 50 or more drop in the market? You literally can watch profits being created for you, even when the market is going down.

I’M sure we all know that crypto markets are volatile, even when there are drops of 50 or more easybot is intelligently designed to continue to trade and make profit for you. No need to wait for the market to correct easybot is designed to close trades in profit. Continually during even the most severe drops important to know that easybot will only ever close on profitable trades, so we don’t do anything that is high risk.

We don’t do leverage or anything like that easy box program to respond to any Market condition, keeping you safe from the worst possible scenario, which is taking losses and so with Easy, Buy in control. You’Ll never have to worry about taking a losing trade again. One of our favorite features is something called automatic compounding and with easybot you get to do it automatically and easy on autopilot. With that automatic compounding feature selected, you’ll be able to grow your crypto earnings faster than ever easybot will take all the funds it earns.

For you and automatically add them to the calculation of available funds for future trades, we think it’s absolutely genius. In fact, a genius himself said that compounding was the eighth wonder of the world. Albert Einstein is quoted as saying that, and so compounding allows you to take earnings that are happening that are being made for you passively easy Bots doing all the heavy lifting all the work in the background. Take that new money it made for you and put it back into the market to make you more new money, see the power of compounding over time.

How does EasyBot work

All right so easy by is definitely designed and loved by those who are brand new to crypto and brand new. With trading, but we haven’t forgotten about our Advanced users, either you see with an advanced user. You have customizable settings, it puts you in total control of your trading strategy, whether you’re day trading, scalping or just tinkering. Easybot puts you in the driver’s seat with the ability to modify existing strategies or to create your own, and finally, we’re really very excited to share that.

We have launched a free affiliate program and marketing app so easy by offers a generous and Innovative affiliate Rewards program. There’s no cost to be an affiliate or to enjoy the benefits of the worldclass marketing and training app build your team with professionally designed funnels stay connected to easybot, with push notifications, watch trainings and call replays all right from your mobile device and and getting started with Easybot, of course, has to be easy, and it is three simple steps. First, one is to create your easybot account. Everybody starts for free, open and connect.

Your easybot account to your cryptocurrency account and then use our oneclick strategy setting to start trading now. Here are a couple of different options for you, our packages and upgrades. So we have a free package. Everybody has access to.

We have an advanced package and a VIP package. So let’s start with the free package. So here’s what you get you get to trade up to two coins on one exchange. You get access to our worldclass oneclick strategy, setup, you get access to guides and tutorials our affiliate program, professional marketing app and it’s absolutely free for you now.

Every time a trade is closed. If you go back to the top of this slide here, you’ll see software service fee paid per trade, there’s 30 for our free members. So if easy box makes a dollar, that number would give these about 30 cents of that trade and keeps 70 cents now for our Advanced and VIP users.

At software service fee is only 20. The number of coins for our Advanced users, the benefit of being an advanced user. Is you get to diversify your portfolio, your trading more you? Can you can trade up to 10 coins on up to two different exchanges and you get all these all the same features that we talked about in our free package, so the the most important thing with our Advanced packages, the ability to diversify? Well, having a larger portfolio that you can spread amongst all the different coins gives you the greatest opportunity to take advantage of the fluctuations happening in the market across all of these different coins.

Now our VIP package is really designed for those who want to trade. Larger accounts and want the maximum level of diversification, so they can trade all available coins in Easy Buy. I believe that’s up to 25. Today they get access to up to five exchanges and the the really key differentiator here is they get access to.

Our private support. Calls and they become eligible to qualify for Founders Club, we’ll talk about Founders Club here in just a bit, but our VIP members are they get the benefit of the oneonone support, easybot’s, an amazing piece of software. The other thing that’s really important to know is where your funds go.

So a lot of people think that they need to send their money to Easy, Buy and that’s absolutely not the case. The beauty of trading with easybot is your funds stay in your account and they’re, always in your control. So today we have access to binancecom finance, us and cool coin and whatever you’re trading, whether it’s a thousand dollars or a hundred thousand dollars. It stays in your crypto Exchange now an easy bot.

You do have a couple of options that you’ll need to send funds for. So if you decided you wanted to upgrade from a free package to say the advanced or the VIP well, those funds would need to go into your easybot wallet, the software service fees that we talked about the 20 or the 30. Well, that goes into your easy bot wallet. The reason we do that is it Easy by doesn’t have any access to the funds in your trading account so that 20 that easybot gets or the 30 it it can’t get it out of your trading account.

So we have you essentially prefund, that into your wallet in Easy Bob, all right, so just to be clear where your funds go they’re, always in your control, you can always take them out of your trading account whenever you’re ready all right. So a quick review of what we’ve talked about here today. If you decide to start trading with easybot here’s, what you’re going to get 24 7 automated trading, you get access to our easy oneclick strategy. Settings that’ll! Keep you trading in profit continuously in a market going up and the market going down.

You can automatically compound your earnings. You get customizable settings if you’re, an advanced user but you’ll, absolutely love and whether you’re trading with a small account or a large account. Easybot is perfect for you and we help you get started by making it free for you to do so.

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