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Ways to Contact EazyBot

We want to make sure that everyone is taken care of so we’ve started a ticketing system, as of today we’ll be going through a ticketing system at support easybotcom. So that is your first means of support, support easybotcom so have that written down somewhere. If you have any issues, please email us first, the second line of support is the support calls that we have at 11, am eastern monday to friday.

It’s just a general support, call for everyone in the world to participate in and ask their questions, and then your third means of support is the telegram chats and the people that you know, as your uplines actually use your uplines first and then, if you don’t get The answers then use support easybotcom. Then we also have our chat in the telegram as well, where a lot of people are asking questions and many answers are already being um put forth there. There is also going to be a knowledge base where you have the question and answer and every question pretty much that’s been posed to us already on all the calls are put into this knowledge base.


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