Explaining The Different Packages On Eazy Bot, From The Free To The VIP Package.πŸ˜ŽπŸ€‘πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel and welcome to another easy bot, video um. I just want to talk a little bit about the the different packages so from the ranging from the free package to fro to the advanced in the vip. What are the differences and things like that? Okay, i’m just gon na – go through this quickly, because i have a zoom meeting to attend. It actually already started, but it’s fine.

If i come in a little bit later, um yeah anyways, so free package is basically what i recommend. Well, everyone come and come in with i mean, like always say in all my videos. The bot is free, everyone’s getting the same bot, guys, there’s no difference. There’s no discrimination here between us getting whether you’re getting the same bottle different bot.

Eazybot VIP Package

You know if you paid or a free member everyone’s, getting the same bot right you’ll just see benefits that you get guys like buying packages. Obviously, if you can afford that great, if you, if you’re coming in but but uh, you know you got to make sure that you can take advantage of the benefits right. So let me first go through the free package and then i’ll run through the other ones.

Okay, so the free package, as you can see, the 30 software service fee per trade, so you’re probably wondering okay. What’s that, so i’m just gon na make it easy for you um. So when the bot makes a profit for you right, because the bots trading for you in the safety of your own um crypto exchange like binance or coinbase pro or many others will be added right. So whenever the bot makes for you makes a profit for you right, so let’s say the bot makes a hundred dollars for you.

You keep seventy dollars and the easy bot company takes thirty dollars right. So thirty percent of that of that hundred what happens to the thirty dollar so most of that thirty dollars or the thirty percent, will go to um the affiliates, the basically the business builders right and only a small porsche fraction of that will go to um the Company right to keep it keep it running and to pay employees and stuff like that right. Oops.

Excuse me, sorry about that. There’s a little bit of gas coming up all right, so trade up to two coins. So that’s what you get guys and um.

So let me just explain – and i’ve explained this in all my videos – got ta, explain it again um. So when you well muhammad ali, the ceo of easy bot, recommends that uh, you trade at least to six hundred dollars per coin because he programmed it to to perform at its best, especially in the market crash with 600 dollars, so that obviously that’s 600 dollars in Your is in your item in your finance account or your uh coinbase pro wallet that the bot’s trading with that’s the money that the bot’s trading with right um. But you can, you can start with less guys um and the bot will still make profits for you.

So if you want to start with 50 or 100, if that’s all, you got for 50, 100, 200, 300, whatever you can get, you can give it a go guys. You can start with it and because again the bot’s free and it’s it’s really. It’s really good.

Like um, i was part of a previous uh when i i only switched over to easybot recently, and i was part of another trading bot. I wouldn’t mention names, but it was okay. It wasn’t.

I mean it wasn’t nearly as good as this one and it was still making profits and i started with like 73 dollars. There wasn’t making a lot, especially after the market crash, but um it was still making something you know you’re in there, so that that was like 73 capital. So i added a little bit more as i went along, but it’s also something you can do guys. You know, as the months go along instead of putting your money into a savings account in the bank, where your money’s just going to lose its value, invest it into your crypto wallet so that the bottle says more to trade with you.

So you can grow your your capital faster right, so that that’s again this isn’t financial advice or anything, but from what i’ve seen it’s just way better. You know that’s what i would personally do is i don’t keep a lot of money in the bank these days, because i just you know, i believe so much in crypto and and i mean the gains from crypto are just so much more. I mean you, don’t really make anything if you keep your money in a bank account, but you do make money.

If, if you have a trading bot like easybot, that can trade for you in your own crypto exchange right. So then you don’t have to do the work. The bot can do the trading for you.

There’s a one. Click strategy set up, it’s plug and play um. You don’t have to do much.

I actually don’t have to do anything. You just have to connect the bot via a api key to that you get from binance or coinbase pro to your uh, easy bot and boom. It starts training for you, 24 7 makes profits right.

You get guides and tutorials you earn as an affiliate, so guys. This is also very important that you got to know is, obviously you don’t have to recruit to the easybot, but if you, if you really want to do this so much potential, i do have the compensation plan on a different video, i’m not going to cover too Much of that on this one i just want to cover the packages so earn as an affiliate, even if even if you’re a free member. So, even if you bring guys in and you bring them in and let’s just say the guys that sign up with you by this package and the 250 package, i think on your direct line. It’s like you, get like a hundred dollars and when someone that you sign up decides to buy the vip package of 995 dollars, you get 400 from that and so on.

You still, you still get paid, even as a free member when you bring people in right. So, and and even when, even when people, when they when the bot starts trading for them and they make profits again, what i said about that service fee, is you get for until, like 20 levels, you get a small percentage of of part of that service fee Right so from from the people’s winning trades and that it’s a small percentage and, like i said some of that goes to the company also so that that could be huge for you guys, especially if you don’t have a lot of capital to start off with consider. Building a team and helping others guys, because this will help everyone right this spot will make profit for everyone, but again guys, i think i’ll, just put a disclaimer, also below um, that that not this isn’t financial advice or anything um but yeah.

It’s just me showing you guys what what’s possible and from what i’ve seen it’s just the body is really really good trade on one exchange. Okay, so you can only trade on one exchange with the free package um, which is fine. I mean again, you don’t need, like i also mentioned with the coins, is one coin uh for every six hundred dollars that that you trade with. So i mean that’s perfect.

Even i mean even if you’re trading a lot of capital like ten thousand dollars in that i mean you, can trade with more than one coins. I mean it, it’s good to diversify your portfolio, but i mean i’d, be happy just trading bitcoin. To be honest, you know that’s just one coin bitcoin and ethereum would be great, so i mean, if you have more than a thousand two hundred dollars um in your binance wallet or your crypto exchange that you want to trade with, then i think the bigger packages Would benefit you more right because you can trade with more coins more efficiently, so i just might take on a trade on one exchange.

I didn’t necessarily need need that, but i’ll explain that later as i go along group support course, you get group support course and training training, a professional marketing, app um. You get an advanced okay. So now, on the advanced package, 250 dollars you’ll see the difference. Now with the paid packages is obviously less software, so the bot makes 100 for you.

It takes 20 of that. So the bot keeps 20 percent uh you keep 80, 80 or 80, so it keeps 20. You keep 80 in that example, and so on, right um.

So what what do you get for the advanced package? Now you can trade up to 10 coins. So again, this would benefit someone, that’s got more capital, i mean 10 coins, so you probably need to benefit fully from those 10 coins. You’Ll need about six thousand dollars in your account right, and i just quickly want to make a point is buying.

The packages is good, it’s, but it’s an investment in yourself and what i would suggest is especially if you don’t have the money right now then, but you do want, but you do want a package right. Then then, obviously build up your capital first with the free package right. Let the bot first make money for you, the money that you make the profits that you make from the bot. You can decide.

Okay, if you want to buy a package um or something like that in the future right, if you feel that we’ve been, you would benefit from from the extra from the extras, basically that you get with the with the bigger packages well with the paid packages. So trade up to ten coins, uh one click strategy, set up exactly the same as the free bot, guys and tutorials free bot package. You also get that and as an affiliate same thing see guys again, you can doesn’t matter if you’re free, if you’re coming with a free package or paid package, you still earn the same way as the advance in a vip package. Um earns.

So i trade on up to two exchanges, so i mean again some guys, like trading on one more on more than one exchange. But this again, this is benefits more to people with a lot of money, guys with a lot of capital, for guys like me and for many others right now is like. I definitely i want to buy the vip package because i also want to i’m also looking i’d like to become a founder, but right now.

Obviously i can’t afford that, but so for guys like me and for many others at the moment, the free package is more than good enough, guys really um good job um again, i’m not going to yeah say so like i don’t. The idea is just just to be fair to everyone, i’m just trying to like whether you want to buy the packages or not. You know that’s what easybody is trying to help everyone. I trade on up to two exchanges: uh some people like to trade on more than one exchange cool group support, calls you get group support, calls and trading training exactly the same as a free package, professional marketing, app.

You see just slight differences here, like more exchanges. More coins that you can trade with less software fee, oh gee, what am i doing? I’M gon na have to blot that out. Anyways uh yeah just ignore that those other pictures there was other stuff i joined in the past and a few pictures of me vip package.

995. 20 software service fee per trade. What do you get? You get um what you get to trade all the available coins. So i think this is up to i don’t know how many coins you’ll be able to trade with the bot at least 20 30.

Maybe up to 50 don’t know we’ll see trade, five exchanges simultaneously, so you can trade on five exchanges at a time, and this is again designed. This is benefit smaller guys with a lot of money. I mean, like the ceo spoke of people with a million dollars that, like a million dollar, account that, like to trade, you know split the capital between five different different exchanges, so two hundred thousand dollars for one exchange, two hundred thousand dollars for the other one. I mean for some people like this, so it’s like trading on more than one exchange.

You know, especially the guys with a lot of capital and they also like to diversify with trading more coins. One click strategy set up same as the as the free and the advanced and as an affiliate same as free and advanced. So this is perfect for especially for experienced traders. So for me i’m pretty experienced, i wouldn’t say i’m not a pro or anything, but i know a thing or two about trading.

So this does it sort of benefit me, but once again, once i have the capital as well, because you know it’s it’s pointless. Trying to buy this now with when i don’t have thousands of dollars lying around um private oneonone support calls. So i’m guessing this is with big company leaders or probably uh might be the ceo and them themselves. You know that would be pretty cool um.

So that’s pretty valuable guys, i mean just imagine private oneonone calls with with the ceo and with the founder and with the ceo and just the sales director, all those guys that would be freaking cool. So that’s definitely worth the 95 already, i would say, guides tutorials and trading professional marketing apps same as the free package, um same as where do we get the support calls yeah pretty much the same as as the free and advanced package, so yeah guys. I think um, that is pretty much all i have to say about this about the different packages. So obviously all my links are below the video.

If you want to sign up to easybot, feel free again guys, there’s a free bot, that’s going to make profits for you, um and at the same time you can’t lose your money because it’s always in your exchange. You know you don’t have to worry about the company running away with your funds, because your funds are are in your control at all times right, it’s not in the easy bot wallet it’s in your own crypto exchange wallet right like finance or crypto coinbase pro um. So again, if you’re interested you know in buying a package great, you know make sure you make sure you like obviously can afford it and it and it make sure it will benefit you as well like from the getgo um uh. Also yeah reach out to me.

Also, if you know, if you have questions or queries, comment below um, because my phone number is below um join, our zoom calls there’s one right going on right now that i’m going to go to now, so the zoom link is below everything is below guys just Check below the video all the links with it, alright guys, thanks for watching, don’t forget to like the video, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and have a good one cheers

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