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Crypto Trading Robot Vs Eazybot

Are you tired of being scammed out of your money with easybot? That’s simply not possible. Here your money is safe and secure in your own account at all times, and the best part is it’s free to get started, so do so in the link down below fill in an application i’ll get right back to you, hey everyone and welcome to this here. Comparison between easybot and royal queue when it comes to a market crash.

I’M gon na give you very very concrete examples. So before when i was, i was promoting royal cue, but then we had a enormous market crash and what happened was that i had something to call floating loss so that the coins that i was trading with, they uh they. They lost a lot of value. 50.

60, so i went down the value of my portfolio went down uh six thousand dollars, but you know that’s simply not possible, with easybot to have a sustained floating loss for a very long time. So in easy, so in in world queue uh my funds uh the bot is not trading. It does not have advantage of a market crash right. So i’m let let me give you an example about what i mean so here we have luna and uh.

So basically, easy bot has all the benefits that royal cue has, but none of its downsides. So, for instance, easybond has a transparent leadership. They have a market crash correction and they also have a compensation plan that is, that is designed for people wanting to build the business where it doesn’t block you like it, does involve you but check this out here. We have a session, so i have allocated six hundred dollars to trade with on luna and of those 600.

I still have 224 that i am still eligible to use, so this here session has been enormous. You can see the buying and selling happening here, and there is a very genius part to this right. You see the buying and selling buying and selling buying, selling, buying and selling, buying and selling what makes easy, but so unique and makes it possible to profit even when the market dips down a lot is because of its strategy right.

So the initial buying point there was 117, but the currently my average price is 107, so what’s happening now is that with each uh, each new sale that happens? Half of the profits goes to me directly and the other half goes towards dollar cost averaging the position automatically so check this out. The new price here is like 83 dollars. It went from seven seventeen dollars to eightythree dollars. There’s a major major um loss right, but i won’t be held in floating last for long because check this strategy out.

So if i go to the luna – and i look at the strategy here – they have two genius features. Actually, three genius features that roll q doesn’t have so uh easy, but here has all the compounding so the more profit that i make with luna here trading, the more will be allocated to this hair balance and when it does, my initial order will increase automatically. So it has an auto compounding effect, and this takes place after each trade right.

So another cool feature is the profit retracement, and this is allows us to get rid of floating loss relatively quickly, because what happens is that half of the position will go towards profit. For you in your pocket and then the other half will go towards dollar cost averaging uh dollar cost averaging your your position. So on top of that, you also have the pullback of 05 percent.

So when i was trading with royal queue uh, it looks the same here. So the more the market went down the more the bot bought in right, but it didn’t have the pullback factor – and this is a a very, very big big difference right, because if the market just keeps dropping and i’m just buying and buying in buyin, i’m running Out of funds here, but the market goes down all the way here and then now i’m stuck right. Even if the market fluctuates at these hair levels, i won’t be able to trade with it.

I won’t be able to utilize it so i’ll just be stuck for weeks and months at a time, but with a pullback. What happens is that when the market goes down really deep, it waits for the market to pull back 05 percent. It’s basically looking for a support level, so the bot wants to know. Okay.

When the market goes down, it wants to wait until market swings back up again, so it can see where the new sideways movement or upward movement is going to happen. So it can begin to trade at the new level and at the new level, half of the profit will go towards your money in your pocket and the other half uh. You know lowering your floating loss and when that happens, uh your full amount.

Your whole trading capital will then be cleared right, so your full capital with the ambit will then be cleared. You see here when the average price goes down, because it’s still trading at these higher levels. Uh.

When this goes down you, we will get a um. The whole position is cleared and we will earn a percentage on the whole position and we’ll see how much profit was generated from that that session. So you see sessions like this one down here can be shorter right.

It’s just buying in buying in and then sell both precision with a profit boom right and uh, but here it’s been a very big session, and that means there’s a lot of fun, a lot of profit that is to be made. So we do not mind the big market tips, absolutely not absolutely not, but in royal cue you have the problem that you’re you’re gon na sit still on uh you’re gon na sit still and not see anything happening at all right. Another really really important feature that easybond has is that you can get started for absolutely free, so in role q you have to buy in without 120 dollars, but check this out in easybot.

Royal Q Crypto Trading Robot Vs Eazybot

It is actually possible for you to trade with as low as 100 dollars, and i made a particular video showing you exactly how to do that. So you in real q, you have to pay to 120 up front, and then you need a capital to trade with in rural queue. You can get started for free and then put in 100 inside your own finance account and start trading so guys.

This is a nobrainer, you can get started for free. You can use the bot for free, you can trade with as low as 100 dollars, and you do not have to worry about. The big market drops more.

The market drops down, the more profit is going to be generated and you will not be sitting on a floating loss like i did for weeks and months at a time where nothing is happening, nothing is happening, so these are real trades happening in real time and Easybot is here for the long term right they have transparent leadership, they have an amazing strategy and i have an indepth video, exactly what it looks like on my channel here as well, and the compensation plan is just next level right. You do not have blockages you can you can unlock the whole compensation plan with 10 people paid people and you will earn uh the same amount if you’re a vip or if you’re a free account. You can also build a team and start earning from that. So that’s really really really amazing.

So thank you guys and uh. If you want something that can withstand you know, a market crash then absolutely easy, but is, for you click the link down in the description you can get started with as little as 100. So, let’s do this: if you’re doing roll cube just create an account with easybot, try it out see for yourself and i will be very happy to help you so thank you very much. My name is marcus and have an awesome awesome day.


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