Join Us Tomorrow For The Official Eazy Bot Grand Opening Zoom Event!

Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel and welcome to another easybot video. So today i got some updates for you, guys um, exciting stuff, so if you’re not on the telegram group, yet all my links are below for um to join a telegram group, along with my easybot signup link, if you’re interested to sign up and try out the Bot for free there’s, a free bot guys that you can try out uh. So yes, all right so tomorrow, guys um is the grand opening, so you’re invited to the official easy bot, grand opening zoom event, thursday.

Eazy Bot

It is the 31st of march 2022. So here are all the times, whichever part of the world you’re in just work it out um to your time zone. Um 10 am est 3 pm for london.

I think in south africa. What time would it be? I don’t know if they have daylight savings time in london. I’Ll just have to check, but if they don’t, i think it’s. I think it’s like 5 00 pm in south africa for all the south africans out there in in south africa.

I’M a south african myself, as you guys know, um 6 pm uae time, so 10 pm taiwan, so yeah guys again just work it out for your wherever you, whichever part in the world, you are and um go from there all right. So that’s very exciting guys. You’re invited to come and celebrate and um you know for all the free members. It is time guys it is time, get ready, get your binance while it’s ready um, i don’t know when coinbase pro is going to be ready, should be this week or next week.

Um next week at the latest, i reckon for the coinbase pro users um. It will be ready guys just be patient um, but yeah as far as i know, for everyone using binance. Tomorrow is the time all the free members. All the paid members have started trading.

It and i’ve been seeing some results from the guy who signed me up. Uh he’s a vip member and from a few other guys so yeah tomorrow is going to be all about the bot um and then today there will be a zoom meeting guys. So you are welcome to join us um. We will be discussing the updates, probably be showing some trading results, and you know good.

All the good stuff like that come and meet the ceo come and meet the founder of the company come and meet the ceo. Well, the ceo and the founder is the same person and the brain’s behind operation, and then you have the ceo, david and uh coach ken. The sales director should be on as well guys come and meet the whole easybot community is going to be amazing, so yeah should be later on these times.

Um, i think not mistaken. I i it looks like london has daylight savings time, but you know i can always just i’m not sure i’ll check so because it’s usually 6 pm south african time, when the companies who meet zoom calls are um happening, um, so yeah guys tomorrow. It will be all about the bot, i’m a free member myself.

I will upgrade eventually, you know, as i get more funds in i’ve, told you guys that um so yeah um also what i want to say is yeah tomorrow i will be showing you guys um. Once the bot is ready, i’ll, be showing you guys on my side, how do things work and um? I? I might do a bit of tinkering myself office check out the strategy while i’ve checked it out today. Actually the guy signed me up checked it out. I showed me a few things: sorry and um.

Eazy Bot Grand Opening Zoom

It’s looking pretty good, so there’s no, no need to really think of anything. I just you know um, i’m a trader myself, so yeah um yeah. So what else is there that i want to talk about? I don’t think there’s anything else guys i just um to all, i want to say is just be ready: um join us later, it’s going to be nice.

If you can otherwise don’t miss tomorrow, guys that’s going to be awesome. The grand opening um and i will be updating you guys again as i go along – be posting videos about my results at what the bots doing for me, um bot settings all that stuff um, mostly like you, can you can it’s a plug and play system guys? Just connect to the bot and it should be ready just make sure your binance is verified. Finance accounts verified, you know all that all that stuff and that you’re ready to trade tomorrow, guys uh and another thing is, as usual like i said, all my links are below um there’s the link for the zoom meetings. You know if you want to attend tonight and tomorrow um my sign up link.

If you want to sign up – and even my binance, if you don’t have a binance account all those links, are there guys so just check below the videos? And if you want to reach out to me personally on whatsapp feel free. My my phone number is below the video, so anyways guys stick around i’m gon na i’m gon na post. Another video, exciting video shortly. This is just an update, video, so yeah guys, thanks for watching, don’t forget to like the video, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and, as usual, guys have a good one cheers

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