📣Eazy Bot Update! The Kucoin Exchange Will Be Integrated With The Eazy Bot In The Coming Days!😎🔥🔥🔥

Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel. Welcome to this another easy bot update um. I just want to show you guys um that cool coin is available, um well almost available.

Let me just go into that update okay, so um here it is uh. I have all the links by the way all the links for the telegram group groups below all my easybot videos. If you just check below the video um, you can join the telegram group join us on the zoom calls and all that um so yeah here was.

Eazy Bot Update

You can even watch this if you want i’ll, probably put this on my channel as well, but just updating you guys so why this is good news because um, obviously i i’m. I am aware that some people can’t use binance in some countries um, so so yeah cool coin will be available soon, um, it’s not available yet, but they are working on it so yeah. This is exciting news for those who, because i know, there’s a lot of american guys that want to get involved that are having trouble with binance.

So saying tight, guys, like i said from the beginning, easybot, they are working on getting more and more exchanges. You know to connect with the easybots so yeah, our final days of testing are underway and we are excited to launch the newest exchange. Integration. Kucoin will offer users from around the world, including us, canada and other areas, with heavy restrictions at crypto exchange that works.

Well. The easybot integration is now complete and we expect a release for all users in the coming days. Stay stay tuned for more info and then, as you guys know, um i already covered this update as well uh free package members.

Can i trade up to two bots or two coins at a time advanced package members can now trade up to 10 bots, so 10 10 coins out of 10 different coins at a time bitcoin ethereum, x, hoppy uh. All that and vip members can now trade all available coins, um um that are available. You know for easybot on easybot to trade with. So that’s pretty cool, but again, like i mentioned for everyone wanting to get the advanced package in a vip package, um from advanced package up i’d, say you should at least have three thousand dollars or more minimum to be able to take advantage of this back packages.

Otherwise, i just didn’t see the point: is you know paying 250 dollars plus you know for a package, but you don’t? You only have like 600 to trade with. I don’t see the point of that right so make sure if you do, if you do decide you, you want to buy a package, because you want to trade with more coins at a time. Then you have, you know at least three thousand dollars or more to trade with um.

You know for advanced package vip package, i would say ten thousand dollars or more to trade with um, because otherwise it’s just not there’s no point so for everyone else. Like myself, the free package is perfectly fine, you know, as you guys know, the recommended trading um amount per coin is 600. You can start with less we’ve got. We got the bot to work with 100 right, but yeah, so it’s recommended to have six hundred dollars per coin, based on how the strategy works, how it’s programmed to get the most out of it so yeah so basically, for you only have up two thousand two Hundred dollars, um or even up to two thousand dollars uh capital, then the free package works will work perfectly fine for you um.

Well, even if you have more, if you just want to test the bot out again guys it’s up to you uh, you know try out the bot for free. That’s that’s why it’s there and it’s perfectly safe. You know, like it trades, a trays for you and your own exchange. That’s why i just mentioned good coin will be another exchange where you can keep your funds and where the bot can trade for you in your own coin, account as well as your finance account.

So yeah corporate update all this. This was also a good one to watch also on the telegram group um how the market did even how the bot did, even when the market crashed um. Quite awesome actually really really well, so i said watch that one um covered that in a previous video and yeah not much to update you guys on my account um, my team’s still growing actually for for those who want to build a team again, you don’t have To sign people up with us, because the bot’s going to trade for you anyways, but i mean, if it’s working for you, then share it with some people and if you do want to share with some people, but especially if you’re affiliate marketer like me, and you Want to build a big team, then you know reach out to me anytime. My phone number is below on whatsapp so that i can help you out and send you some um, some stuff that can help you.

Kucoin Exchange Integration

You know to build a bigger team, and so i can also arrange zoom calls with you whatever guys. That’s why i’m here to help you as well, you know get get where you want to be so as usual guys. Obviously, if you want to get started with the easy bot uh, let me just show you guys. I have a lot of videos now to get started.

Just look at the titles. I again guys reach out to me because i can send you a link where everything is nicely on the one website, where you know it’s step by step: um yeah for that you’re gon na have to reach out to me, but otherwise there’s some videos there easybot Getting started steps pdf file where also i’ll run through it. Hopefully i think i’ll run through it all there, um and other videos as well again, if you’re stuck somewhere just reach out to me guys, that’s one, okay, all right guys! So that’s it for this update video um so yeah as usual, guys if you’re interested in the easy bot my signup link, is below all the links are below it’s free to use the easy bot again guys it’s perfectly safe, scam free. So, if you’re tired of scams – but you still want to earn online, even if it’s slow, you know it’s passive it.

It builds over months and years. You know we can treat it like. A proper investment then consider trying the easy bottle right.

Anyways guys, thanks for watching, don’t forget to like the video, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and have a good one cheers

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