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How To Trade With $100 in Eazybot

Are you tired of being scammed out of your money with easybot? That’s simply not possible. Here your money is safe and secure in your own account at all times, and the best part is it’s free to get started so do so in the link down below fill in an application. I’Ll get right back to you, hey everyone marcus here in today’s video.

I’M going to share with you how you can trade with as little as 100 on easybot, so, let’s get to it. The first thing you want to do is that you want to have tied your easybot account to your binance exchange, but this is not what the video is about. So next part is go to bots and, as you can see here, i’m currently trading with other coins. Here on easybot and remember, there’s no fixed daily returns.

It will depend on the markets which coins you trade, how many coins you trade with the capital? You trade with all of these are factors to the amount of profit that you’ll be making on a daily basis. So, let’s do this, let’s press add new and we will come here remember to use the default setting to use the default setting. They recommend six hundred dollars and they do that for a reason. But, first and foremost, like selective change, millionaire is the name i’ve chosen for my api connection to finance.

Now i want to select a coin. Let’s say for the sake of argument that i want to trade with ethereum. This is not something you have to do.

You can do that your you can choose that yourself, so let’s have eth new awesome. So what i want to do now is that i want to put this here to a hundred dollars. Now, if i were to just click save then i get an error message right. Oh that’s, not possible, but check this out.

If i unclick this click dink and then i unclick auto compounding and then i automatically put in 11, you see on the binance exchange. The initial order cannot be less than 10 right, because then they cannot make automatical trades so remember it is set to 600 for a reason – and i can show you why check this out uh, all you would have to do now by the way is just press. Save oh, i now have a trading capital of 100, so let’s go back here and check why it is that they have 600.

So if we go back here, i can see that i’ve already done my initial buyin awesome. So i go and i see that i have now 89 that has not been used for trading yet so i’ve just used the initial buyin of uh 109. So i press the cog wheel here, press the cogwheel.

Now it is uh 600 for a reason so check this out. If you look at the strategy, it will now buy in one time the initial buyin amount and the market goes down two percent and then two times your initial buying amount when the market goes down an additional five percent and then four times the initial buying of 11, when the mark is down 08 and there is a pullback of 05 percent, so meaning the market has to go down to 5 or 8 and then also up again 05 before it buys in now, because you are not using the recommended amount, it will not Be able to go all the way down, it will not be able to utilize all of these hair positions, but it is possible to start trading even at a hundred dollars. But what may happen is if the market goes down too much. You will have to wait a little bit.

You see, you can go down um because you only have a hundred dollars basically 10 times so here. So this is six, so one is already there two four uh so two, so the market can go down like 17 uh before you’ve used up all your capital. So as long as the market is, you know, doesn’t go down less than 17, you are eligible. You can still trade uh profitably with as low as a hundred dollars, but again uh try to add more cap, all as i’ll have to.

If you go back, you need to have my wallet. You need to have a little fun in your wallet here so check. This out here, you need should have at least ten dollars.

So all you see my service fee deduction is from when i’m uh trading and making profits inside my binance account. Gon na show you what that looks like then this here is being deducted right. So i need a little bit of money here that is deducted and uh that it can deduct from because the the capital that i have on my binance account. These are my coins and they are trading here.

So easybot does not have access to my uh finance account. You cannot touch my funds here, so i need to manually put in a little bit of money here or i can. You know share this concept with other people and thus i have you know uh affiliate income coming in another thing, is they want us to have if you search for, b and b? Here we go so we need to have a little bit of b and b.

So i have a hundred and nine dollars worth of b and b as well uh. You will see that if we go back uh to the box again, let’s go to bots. I’M gon na show you where that is.

Maybe it’s not showing anymore. Let’s see yeah! So, b and b burn on so bnb so what’s happening is that there are trading fees on binance as well. But let’s see i think it’s here somewhere dashboard. Yes, let’s go down.

I don’t want to optimize here. It is so you can see here when we have, b and b in our account we get a 25 discount on our spot trading fee. So right now they want us to have a little bit of b and b as well. Think about like 10 worth of b and b as well.

So as long as you have a little bit of bmb in your finance account and as well and a little bit of money in your wallet. Let’s go to wallets and you have ten dollars worth here and then you can just add up with your profits uh when they when they come in right, but all other trading capital should be here in finance, so it’s possible to trade with as low as let’s. Let’s search for ethereum and we can now see that ethereum has yes 10 and 92 cents, so it has started buying in uh from as little as a hundred dollars go back, boombot so uh it is working.

It’s worth, uh! It’s working perfectly uh! If i open it up, i can see it here as well. Uh, the initial buyin of 10, nine – and i can see it here timeline is about – is absolutely amazing and it’s possible to get started with as low as a hundred dollars. If you haven’t joined easy but yet be sure to click on the link in the description down below join my team, let me help you. Let me help you set everything up, get you set up for success with our groups with our materials.

Let me help you. Let me coach you how to build a team right. This was everything for this here, video right now, if you haven’t joined it’s about click, the link in the description – and i want to thank you and wish you a blessed evening and talk more soon – bye, bye,

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