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So in this video i’m going to show you how to add new trading robots to your easybot account and How to setup a EazyBot bot. Now, before i get started, i need to go over to my binance account and you can see i’ve got 1200 in here and i’ve deposited this much bitcoin and i want to put that into usdt. It’s so easy to do.

Easybot bot

If i scroll across here, it says, convert that will bring me to this screen got bitcoin at the top and we’re going to choose uh usdt down the bottom. Here i’m going to do the max click preview and then convert so i’m going to get 330 dollars worth of tether. So come back over to my wallet, that transaction is done and if you look there now, i’ve got uh 582 dollars worth of tether, which is the same as a dollar.

Basically that i could start creating some new trading robots with these coins down here are trades that are open, have not been closed yet so i’ve not made any profit on those yet because those trades are still open and i’m going to use some of this funds Here to create new robots, so adding a new robot could not be easier.

It’s so easy to do your grandmother can do it once you’re logged into your easybot account come up to these two dots here go down to bots and then click on this one. That says bots that will bring you to this page that you’re on right now, as you can see, i’ve got eight bots here and i’m gon na set up a new one. So i’m just going to click on there add new bot. Now i will give my bot a name.

I always give it the uh the date, so it’s the 5th of september and i’m also going to pop in there the time. So i get to see how that is now this next box here can fault configurations. You can leave that tick in if you’re going to put in here, 600 or more okay.

If you want to put less than 600, you can do that, but i shall make a separate video on that. Then from this bit we’re going to choose the exchange. I’Ve already connected my binance and then from this drop down.

You’Ve got all these coins. So how do you choose the coin? Well, i’ve got a little strategy that i like to do and basically in my uh document here and you can have a copy of this. If you want it, just leave me a comment below the video i’ve got these charts here and they’re all linked to a chart on uh binance, so the first one is seoul and then what i do is when i’m on there is. I have a look at the chart, so let’s just make this nice and big.

Now you can see that this is at a down a bit of sideways action and it’s having a pull down at the moment. So i quite like the look of that chart because it’s dropped down and it’s on a downward trend. So there is a chance that it’s gon na you know go back up again down back up down back up which gives the bot a chance to earn some money. Now i don’t like to start a bot when you’re on a an uptrend.

You know. So if you see a chart, that’s got it. It’s gone up a bit. I don’t like to start it, but you know you can do whatever you like, as you can see, if you put your mouse in there, there’s a sort of support level there.

So this chart – actually this could go down back down to that support level. The solana chart is looking interesting for me, but let’s have a look at some more charts, we’ll go to the next one, which is trx. I’M logged into my finance account, so these charts open all right if you’re using two coin.

How to setup a EazyBot

Obviously then you’ll need the kucoin charts and if you’re using binance dot us, i think these charts will still work. You just need to change that dot com to us. So, let’s let the chart load so again here i’m going to make it big and, as you can see here, we have this pump up.

We’Ve had a real drop down bit of consolidation moving right now there is a downward trend here. The support level i can see is somewhere around there, so this could go a long way down before it does, but i quite like the look of that chart as well. So let’s have a look at the xrp. So again, this chart is looking interesting.

It’s got a bit of sideway action going there and now it’s having a bit of consolidation, it’s not far away from the sort of support level, so this one, the xrp, i think i like the best so far, this ada is having a pump up. It’s coming down a bit, so i’m going to watch that for a little bit longer before i decide on that one i’ve got the dot one there again, as you can see, i had a big drop off had some nice up and down movements here, it’s in And upwards,

so i want to see this come down a little bit more, so i think i’m going to go with this one here, which is the xrp, so i’ll come back over to easybot, and what i’m going to do is choose xrp from the drop down Here there it is there xrp so below here is the uh, whether you’re going to have it uh do one trade and finish or whether you’re going to have it cycle. I like it to cycle so it keeps trading and going here you’ve got active and inactive.

Obviously i want the bot to be active, then i put in here the amount that i want to trade with, i’m just going to say 600 and then here i’ve got the tick in the box that says auto compounded. I want to do the auto compounding and if i didn’t want the auto compounded, i remove that tick and then i can take that out of there. But i don’t. I want to keep that doing what it’s going to do.

So that’s going to trade, my first trade with and 34 cents now i want the trade to start immediately. So if i look at that one over here, it’s gon na make a trade on here and we’re going to see that in a moment. So then, let’s just go back to easybot and we’ll click save so there’s my xrp bot. Now what i’m going to do is i’m going to click on here, because this one started on the 5th of september, and i want to update my document now.

The first trade is going to be this 20 and 5 cents, i’m just going to copy that double click in there paste that in there and at the moment, i’ve made zero profit. So i’m going to put a zero in there and if we go over to the chart which is here, you could see that that green arrow. I don’t know if you can see that, let’s just see if we can pull that chart across and make this a little bit clearer.

But hopefully you can see you’ve got that green arrow. So it’s made that first trade and if i hover my mouse over there, it tells me that it bought 62 of the xrp at the rate of 32. 3.

5. 32. 3. 5.

So the price right now is 3236. So it’s on its way up. So hopefully i’ve chose a good position for that bot to start trading. So if i come back to my box, that’s that bot running there.

So now i’ve got a total of nine bots at the moment. It’s showing a loss, but that’s because it’s just placed a trade and it’s got ta, obviously take into account the trading fee, that’s being charged on finance, so it’s got ta move up to at least one and a half percent before the robot starts. Looking at closing that trade out and then opening up a new one, so that’s how easy it is to set up a trading robot inside easybot.

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