How Much Money Can You Make With The Eazy Bot?πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘

So hello guys welcome to my youtube channel and welcome to another easy bot video. So i’ve been getting this question a lot frequently of how much money um. Can i make how much returns can i expect you know stuff like that um which, which is normal? I mean it’s, you know if you’re trading, forex or trading crypto whatever, then then people always talk about roi return on investment right. How much are you making percentagewise all that so? Firstly, i just want to say i am not allowed um to to promise uh fixed percentages every day or or say – oh well or just say, you’re guaranteed to make this whatever.

Eazy Bot

I can’t guarantee anything right, because these are real trades happening in real time um, but in this in this video i will give you an idea of how much you can make and just what to look out for in the markets and i’m going to explain to You how the bot works and how it’s going to make money for you and what i’ve seen so far. What what we’ve been shown in the zoo meetings? Guys, if you want to get serious about this, then then attend the zoo meetings. Right come and meet the community come and meet the ceo, the ceo, the founder, and you can ask them questions as well like this, and they will probably give you a similar answer to myself but yeah.

Let me just get into something. Let me just tell you guys, so i moved over to easybot from a previous bot from a previous company. The bot was good right, it was making.

So this is what the other bot was making this isn’t now what what i’m saying, what easy bot is making um, so what the other bot was making that that i used to use um what i was, what i was seeing on a monthly basis was 10 To 30 percent, if you want to talk percentages right um that was mainly especially when the market was was going up right so sometimes especially the guys with big accounts, they were making. Sometimes they were making more right. Sometimes they were making.

Some months was 50 a month. Some months was 100 a month, but on average is what was around 10 to 30 a month right, but the only problem was with that bot and and what i’m going to explain why easybot is so much better again i’ll explain this in all my other videos. So just check them out more in detail, but the main thing is what easybot has and what the other bot didn’t have was. Easybot has market crash correction, the other bot did not have that that bot was a bit dumb.

So you know, there’s all saying in in trading: is you know most people almost every or almost everyone is, is a professional when the market is going up, but when the market drops, then it’s only the real professionals who make the profits right. So i mean everyone’s a genius when the market goes up and when it crashes people, usually you lose all their gains and end up with losses right or they have to wait for the trades to come back up um. You know, but the professionals know how to handle this market crash correction. So with that other bot window like when the market came, i was making some profits in the beginning, but just just before the market crashed in the market, crashed the bot decided to buy to buy in high positions, and it was it was set like to every Time it was set to put in a buy when the market dropped 01 percent, that’s kind of silly.

The market moves more than 01 percent a day with most of the coins you’re going to trade. You know if you’re trading bitcoin ethereum whatever so you know the settings were all off. You know this was the the trading circle or the basically the the trader, the bot i connected to, and it just you know, default settings eventually.

I just tweaked it myself, because i wasn’t happy with it and you don’t want to do that guys. I mean that’s the thing. You want a bot that you can just that you can just set up and boom it.

It runs and makes profit for you. You don’t want to be sitting there all day, watching charts in it. What’s the point of the bot then right and and trying to get the right settings right um because most people aren’t going to get that right because most people don’t know what’s going on there, because most people aren’t professional traders or don’t have trading experience. So so i found when the market crashed.

I was sitting i at the. I was sitting with a big floating loss from the other bot right, so i had to wait months and months and months for those those trades to come back, um and yeah. It was just a big bugger up, so i mean waiting once and months and you’re not making profits right, but all that ideas you want to make profits on a daily basis, even on a weekly basis. I guess is fine, but you want to make as much profits as possible on a daily basis.

So so, with the easy bot is where it’s different from this other bot, and i just explained how much that bot was made, that other bot was making 10 to 30 a month more or less on average um. The easy bot is better than that bot because it has market crash correction and it has scalping as well. So the market crash connection the the what the easy bot does is it picks it up when the market is crashing, it will wait guys it won’t do what the other bot did it.

Just it didn’t even wait, uh to put for the market to crash first before it put in other trades, but i just put them in in any way and that’s why i ended up with those long floating losses and had to wait for my trades to come Back well, the easy bot will wait. You know for the market to crash once it turns once there are pullbacks in the market right because you’ll see it doesn’t the markets, don’t move in a straight line guys even when it’s crashing it has pullbacks and it goes up a little bit. Then it goes down more right, then it goes back up a little bit and it goes down more right.

That will happen in a bear market or when it’s crashing, but there’s little pullbacks right when it goes up a little bit. Even while it’s dropping the bot will pick that up right and it will, it will basically scalp that position. So it will, it will try and make a small profit out of that. And then the market will crash again and the bot will wait and then you know so on.

It will keep going and then obviously when the whole market turns and when it turns into a bullish market again. So when it it’s going to go mainly up in the bot wall um, obviously it will be a lot bit. It will be a lot better for the bot in general right.

It will be easier for the bot to make profits, but even the again guys the easy bot is designed to make profits even in a crashing market. This other bots, don’t don’t have that. What i’ve seen and i’ve looked at many um, the guys i speak to on the zoo meetings. Those a lot of them are professional traders.

A lot of them are seven figure earners in network marketing and affiliate marketing um, also in in trading forex trading, crypto trading. Whatever guys these, these guys know what they are talking about, and they said i’ve also looked at um, the one i think the uk national director that i’m i’m also in his team, but i’m somewhere down on his, is downline right um. He said basically that also he also looked at a lot of bots right, but he hasn’t seen one quite like this.

That is, you know. That’s been worked on as much that that is all these features, um that that can help you make a lot more profit. Um on a much more regular basis and also handle more market crashes, things like that guys. It’s designed to make profits in any market conditions on any coin that you trade with, so whether you’re trading bitcoin ethereum xop um trx, which is tron uh.

What else um you can just think of all of them, um shiba inu – i don’t know if australian shiba, inu um but yeah there’s just so many cryptos out there i mean i’ll. Probably this video is going to be a long long one. If i have to name all of them um so so yeah guys, i just want to just just say that – and this is what i mentioned in all my videos, um, so uh, if so yeah in terms of percentages. Again, i can’t give it to you, but i can tell you what the other bot did and i can tell you easybot is way better than that, but an easybot is free right, the other bot wasn’t there was a yearly subscription that you had to pay.

Look there are different packages in easybot, but you know you basically, like i talked about it in my previous video you you’ll do. The free package is fine and everyone gets the same bot even up to the the vip package. So you can come in as a free member and you can expect to make profits from the bot and and it’s free forever guys. That’s the main thing is no yearly subscription, no monthly subscription.

Once you got it, you got it right and um yeah. So let me just make the point that i always make, so your money is not going to be here in your easy bot account right and what i mean by that is you don’t have to pay these guys or you don’t have to send money to them. Okay, well, maybe well. The only money you’re going to send to them is a little bit of like small small money, guys just just so that they can deduct their trading fees because they are trading fees that they take.

They can’t they don’t have access to your to your own crypto wallet and obviously, if you want to buy a package, as you can see, it already asked me it was. It has the option to upgrade if you want to buy the advance package or you want to buy the vip package and if you’re looking to become a founder and then that’s the only time, you’re going to send money to it. That’s the only time guys that you’re going to send money to easybot with with the service fees.

You know the trade trading fees every time you’re on a trade easybot takes a small, takes a percentage of that um, which is obviously fair, because you know um and and when you want to buy packages only two times you’re gon na send money to easybot. So the bulk, your capital, right, that your money, all of your money, is going to be either here in binance coinbase, pro um they’re, going to add more exchanges in the future, uh kraken uh they’re, going to add kraken um. What’s it hobby hobby, however, you pronounce it and ftx, and many more guys um, because i want to make sure everyone can have access to the spot so yeah this.

This is where your money is going to be guys in your own crypto exchange. So you can, you can put as much money in your exchange as you want and know that it’s safe, so obviously the more money that the bot has to trade with the better. The only thing the bot can do guys is once it’s available to everyone from the 31st of march um from the 28th, the paid members will be able to join, will be able to use the bot and from the 31st that the premembers will be able to Use it only thing: you’re going to do is get an api key from either binance or coinbase pro right, as you can see here, if you is it api option somewhere here, but anyways you’re going to get the api key from one of your exchanges, you’re going To connect it with the easy bot and all that the easy body is going to do, is it’s going to trade in your own exchange right? That’s all it can do and your profits you’re, probably wondering. Okay, where are your profits going to show up in your exchange? It won’t show for the trading right.

How to make money with Eazy Bot

If you are, if you decide to sign people up which you don’t have to do, but you know it’s a very lucrative um, there’s a very, very, very lucrative um compensation plan for that. If you decide to sign people up um, then the commissions for uh that you’re going to get from your signups are going to be in here in your easybot account, which you can just send to your crypto wallet. If you want um.

As far as my understanding goes, but your profits, your your main, your main capital, guys whether you have a hundred dollars in your thousand dollars, ten thousand dollars hundred thousand dollars. That’s that’s going to be safe and sound in your own crypto wallet, so easybot the easybot company can’t touch that they can. Just all they can do is trade for you.

The bot can just write for you in your exchange. That’s all so, obviously, knowing that. Why would you you know, keep your money in a bank and that, because i mean crypto, exchanges are just about as safe as keeping your money in in a bank these days, guys um, you know you got to get with the times and a bank. You know if you live in a bank, let’s just face it, your money is going to lose its value.

It’s just not a smart thing to do, but again guys. That’s just my advice, um, you know it’s uh. This isn’t financial advice.

This is just what what you know my own personal advice, and what i’m showing you guys what works for me and what works for others um. You got to get in the crypto game all right, so let me just make calculations here so also a point that i want to make a point that i want to make is that if anyone promises fixed percentages every single month right, it’s probably a scam like You can work out averages again guys because, but but ultimately you know if the the company promises fixed percentages and if there’s no, no transparency, if they can’t show you um like if they can’t show you how they’re making the money. So if they claim that they’re trading for you, then obviously they have to show you the trades in actual exchange right um if they claim to be mining, bitcoin or whatever for you, because that’s also big scams out there where they claim to mine. And that view i mine ethereum, so i know what mining is about guys it’s um, you don’t make nearly them even close to the amount of money that a lot of those oaks claim.

You know, and why would they? You should also ask your question: why would they mine for you if um, because they bought the the the mining material that you have to buy, is extremely expensive? The the computers and stuff um, the miners, asic miners? All those that you have to buy is very expensive, so why would would guys so then ask yourself if they pay so much for the stuff? Why would they want to mine for you it’s just silly right i mean why would they want to give you money? It’s like because what i get a lot is a lot of these scams. They say: oh yeah pay us 100 and we’ll make a thousand dollars for you in a day or something like that. Mining bitcoin.

That’s silly guys, don’t believe that really a lot of their scams on telegram. Unfortunately um you know a lot of them even on whatsapp, even on instagram, you can find them anywhere on social media. Really um stay clear of those guys if they can’t, they can’t show you phys. They can’t show you how the money is being made then stay away and again is the problem.

Is you have to send those guys, your your hard earned money, your odd and capital, and what’s stopping them from just disappearing one day from running away with your money right because also a point. The point i’m gon na make is a lot of these things. End up a lot of these scams. What happens? Are they turning to po? They, like ponzi schemes, especially when they’re on, like how, because i see a lot of times, you’ll see a lot of these companies promising um three percent a day or more, some, some 10 percent a day, some ridiculous guys.

That’s! Those are unrealistic, returns right right. If you are a professional trader, if you go to trading school, they tell you um that you know they tell you. Basically, you can make three percent. If you make three percent a month right consistently, then then that’s very, very good right, um, because again consistently guys.

That’s that’s the main thing a lot. A lot of guys can make money now, but then end up blowing accounts right. Anyone can make money on on forex trading or just trading crypto trading.

But can you maintain that? That’s that’s! What separates the professionals from the amateurs right? So if you get these guys promising your fixed returns, this one percent a day, three percent a day, five percent a day, ten percent a day whatever or j. Then then you should really um. You know be careful, you and you, obviously, if they can’t again, if they can’t show you how they’re making those returns, then then it’s probably a ponzi scheme or just a outright scam um, because what they do is yes, what they’ll last for a few months, maybe For a few years, ponzi schemes can can last quite a long time right, just depending who’s who they are they’re, getting on board, how much money people are paying in and they’ll be able to pay people. Because then people come to me and then they say: yeah.

Look how much i’ve been paid and i’m like okay, great um, how? How are when we’re not, and when i asked the same people: how are they generating the profits? Then then, then they’re like well, you know they’re trading and that okay, can you show me the trades and they’re like no? Can you show me how the miners that they’re using um they’re mining, we ask or you know whatever if they claim they’re mining and the answer is usually no as well? If they can’t show you then sorry guys, it’s a it’s. A scam or ponzi scheme. Usually right so they might be paying the guys that come in first, but then, eventually, what happens is especially the poor guys coming in late are going to lose out so yeah, so usually when they promise fixed percentages as a scam, and that’s also, i think it’s Illegal in the usa, if i’m not mistaken um, if you get guys like promising, you fix percentages on a daily basis, monthly basis, then then it’s illegal, it’s enticement! So that’s why we’ve spoken about this all all my team members, if you’re watching this right now, if you’re seeing this part of the video, then then don’t do that guys, don’t don’t tell guys you can make so much or so much um a day.

Just rather show them how to bot works, get them on the zoom calls um and just give them. You i mean you: can you can give them an idea of how much they can make like you can compare pair easy bot with other bots like i’m doing now, but in terms of fixed percentages and that guys, no, don’t promise anything because you can get you Can get yourself in trouble and you can get the company in trouble which is unnecessary for all of us. The thing is guys, ultimately, what the ceo told us is you’re, making enough money with the bottle loan to to retire to eventually retire right, um quicker than you would in a job.

This could set you. The bot could make you set for life. Basically, that’s it’s simply that good, so you can do sums in that in your own head, um, all right, but what i’ll do now is just have it like a little experiment, so the other bot, let’s let’s go based on what the other bot made so that Other bot that i was a part of i said, 10 to 30 on average a month right for all the members collectively together. So those were big accounts, small accounts um.

You know and again like. If i look back at that, but compared to easy about that. Other bot was not not that great. Really, it’s really not good.

Um, like the easy bot is just it’s like you know, comparing the easy part with the other bodies, comparing a pentium one computer with with the modern day, computers, it’s just yeah uh, you know. What’s comparing a a normal daily driver car to to a super car yeah, so easy about being the super car of course, so let me take okay, so guys i just want to make a point. Is you can start okay, so for firstly for easy bot? The recommended strategy after recommended amount to start to fund your binance wallet or your coinbase pro wallet with recommended amount for the bot to trade with is six hundred dollars, but this strategy is mainly.

This is now to handle even the worst of market crashes right at the moment the market isn’t crashing. So, especially if you, if you don’t, have a list, but you want to get started, get started guys if you’ve got 50 50 bucks to start with 100 bucks. Whatever um get started, the thing is the bot should still make profits for you, especially because the market is very good right now, it’s very bullish, so it shouldn’t be very hard for the bot to make profits yep all right um.

So it shouldn’t be that hard for the bot to make profits even with a smaller account, you can get started um i had a smaller counter. The other bottle was still making profits, even though it wasn’t great just when the market crashed, i wasn’t making profits, but i was with the other bot, so so yeah, let’s just go with this recommended amount. Another thing you guys can do is you can add money? You know all the money like money that you would have put in a savings account from the bank.

You can add it monthly, you know and and invest it in your bot and invest it in yourself a smart thing to do so. Let’s go on ten percent monthly right, let’s use that other. This is what the other bot was making not promising this again, not not easy bot, it’s making could be more, could be less um all right.

So this is what the other bot was making. Let’s use. 10 percent: let’s go over five years now guys you also got to think long term now, from 600 now you have 182 688 dollars and 98 cents right. That’s that’s a lot, especially in i’m in south africa guys.

This is 3 million rands almost for us, like 2 point 26, 27 million rand around there. That’s a lot of money, guys the bank’s never going to give this to you in five years, it’s just 10 years, just 10, guys just 10 percent monthly. I do believe, like the easybot, can do this or better, but that’s just my personal opinion, especially if it’s better than that other bot, but again guys.

No, i’m not promising anything. I’M not guaranteeing anything. The real trade is happening in real time.

Need to tell you guys that, okay 10 years, how much do we have fifty five million six hundred and twenty five thousand four hundred and forty one dollars and twenty nine cents. So almost fifty almost fifty six million dollars in ten years, starting with six hundred dollars at a ten percent monthly. This is just 100 bucks. Obviously i mean uh yeah, you can add, you can keep adding money every month, even even with 100 bucks guys 10 a month again.

This is with using percentages from that other bot, not from easybot from the other bot um yeah, 10 years, 97 million or nine years you’re really looking at three million all right. So let’s go 600 again. Let’s use again guys numbers don’t lie compounding interest 20. So that’s like a little bit of an inbetween percentage, yeah that’s after five years, you’re already, okay! So after four years, you’re really looking at over a million almost four million dollars four years compounding at twenty percent um after ten years you’re.

Looking at how much is this uh one one point almost two trillion dollars guys almost two trillion trillion dollars: um you seeing how powerful compounding interest is compounding at 20 monthly, 30 monthly. Now this is just a ridiculous amount like this is quantillion. I think after 10 years guys, this was on the upper limit of what the that other bot was making uh monthly is this starting with the recommended 600 that easybot recommends right, i mean, even if you put something like 50 in there, you’ll get to a few Million in a few years – okay, so your first million with that percentage is made like in how many months you’re really looking at a million over a million 28 29 months around it with 30 monthly compounding every single month, not adding a cent uh.

This amount, i’m not even going to read that out. Yes, that’s just too much money right, so this is going again by what that other bot was making um yeah. It’s that’s just ridiculous! That’s crazy! Let’s use five percent a month over ten years.

Okay, not not nearly as much but but hey after ten years. You got an extra what two hundred and ten thousand dollars in your pocket still a lot of money. We also gon na get that that’s compounding only at five percent a month, guys um. It’s really ridiculous what you can make based on compounding interest: let’s use 50 bucks, let’s just use 50 10 a month after, let’s say 10 years i mean you guys can do this with yourself.

It’s google compounding compounding interest calculator so using 50 10 at 10 percent. A month guys, that’s all over 10 years, um four point: six million million dollars; four point: six million you get to your first million after um just before nine years, 50 bucks guys you see the potential now so yeah again no promises here. But look if, if easy body is better than that, other bot, i’m sure you guys can just kind of make your own calculations in your head, um what’s possible.

You know and like i said with that, other bot is some. Some months were more than 30 percent. You know, because i was going on average, not at 10 to 30 of what that other bot was making um. Some months were, like you, switch back to camera.

You know some months were like um, 100 percent returns. I mean it just depends again on the market. Uh so yeah the whole.

The whole idea is guys get on the zoom meetings right so that you can see the bigger picture as well. Um, you know mate, you can make your own calculations in your head, you know and and just sign up once the bot is ready fund, your binance, while it’s find your coinbase pro wallet, because you’ve got nothing too easy. You don’t have to worry about someone running off with your money. It’s your money.

You can withdraw it at any time because it’s in your wallet, it’s like you know, someone asked me, will i be: when will i be able to withdraw my money or something like that and i’m like uh? Well, it’s your money, so you can withdraw it any time because it’s in your own crypto wallet right um! It’s like it’s basically like asking me um. When ever have i ever withdrawn money from my bank. You know it’s the same thing with the crypto wallet, guys um.

It’s usually you know as it’s i’ve withdrawn money from from one of my crypto wallets. It literally took a few not longer than five minutes, and it was in my bank account so, and i guess most of you a little are really relatively well versed with crypto these days because it’s it’s kind of turning into the norm right. So you know basic crypto wallets work, um the basics of cryptocurrencies.

If you don’t just educate yourselves a little bit, guys learning is earning and with easy bodies you’ll. Definitely if you learn while you’re, definitely in even without learning, you don’t need to know a thing about trading or anything. You just connect the bot to your crypto exchange. You seem to set it up boom money, printing money, guys um, so yeah guys just get my all.

My links are below my sign up link my uh telegram, the the links to the telegram groups, uh the zoom links. If you want to attend the zoom meetings and also time different times, time zones different days monday, monday, wednesday and friday, sometimes on saturdays there’s, also zoom calls that you can attend company zoom calls feel free guys. So you can even reach out to me on whatsapp. My phone number is also below, and i say this in all my videos reach out to me at any time so yeah guys get signed up.

You know just by clicking on my link below the video just get signed up, get familiar with your dashboard board dashboard and once the bot is ready, get started and see for yourselves. That’s the best way guys see for yourselves what kind of returns you’re going to make, but obviously i’m going to update you guys like like once once the bot starts training. For me, then i’ll show you guys daily results on my site right, but we’re also saying a thing.

Obviously, if you want to make money faster, start building a team, if you’re a network, affiliate, marketer network, marketer, start building a team with this guys, it’s going to it’s going to get crazy right and you’re in the beginning. So it’s like you, it’s like this company is going to grow, whether people, whether you sign people up or not, because again you don’t have to do that the bot’s going to make profits for you anyway. But you know why wouldn’t you it should be your moral and ethical obligation right if you’re making money with us, if you’re, seeing it’s working for people and changing their lives, why wouldn’t you share it with other people right and then, and then you also benefit yourself From it you know, if you, if you help, if you help get uh other people get what they want, you get what you want right, there’s nothing to lose here, guys, it’s really it’s it’s it’s just it’s it’s a real game! Changer, it’s safe! You can make money with it. What more do you want to know um? How much money well you’re gon na have to see um.

I think i think that’s all, because that’s all i wanted to add you know it’s just like i got ta. I got ta strain, these points um, you know. If you don’t like, if you sign up you don’t talk to your friends, then someone else is going to do it.

You know eventually the the easy bot’s going to go world completely worldwide. It’s going to it’s going to be crazy, eventually we’re going to. We have like what 20 30 000 members now we haven’t even launched it guys fully. This is still the beginning of the beginning, right eventually, you’re gon na see a hundred thousand members very very quickly.

In a million members, then 10 million, then 100 million i mean eventually the whole world is going to be using the easy bot, because that’s that’s how good it is. So we we’re going to keep we’re going to keep rolling forward with or without you guys. So you know it’s up to you. Do you want to you want to leave money on the table, or do you want to get serious start, making some money right with easybot? Well yeah up to you guys, anyways.

I hope i explained everything as best as best as i could, if you wan na, if you want to see like um other stuff compensation plan, um how more how the bot works, how it’s going to make money for you stuff, like that, you know all my Videos up so feel free to watch them or attend the zoo meetings, whatever anyways guys, like always thanks for watching, don’t forget to, like the video, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. I really appreciate the support and yeah have a good one, guys cheers

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