EazyBot Update || How to Deposit Funds in Eazy Bot

All right, so, let’s jump into easybot here and what you’re looking at is a dashboard of an account um right now. You guys will not see any update to founders club, i’m going to come back and talk about fun founders club. I want to focus right now on just doing deposits, so we’re going to click here and go to my wallet so you’re going to see a deposit button when you get into your wallet and you’re going to want to click on deposit, and we still have a Switching issue: it will switch between day and night periodically that will get addressed here, we’re going to keep it in night mode, all right, so it’ll take you to a screen that looks like this there’s a couple of things.

EazyBot Update

You want to really pay attention to and understand about this process and about how crypto works. I’M going to talk to you about that right now. So please please, please stay with me for a moment all right, so you’re going to decide here how much you want to deposit into your easy bot wallet now, let’s use, for example, that you want to upgrade to the vip package and you want to send a Thousand dollars to your wallet, so, let’s add another zero here. So what you need to pay attention to is it’s telling you exactly what you need to transfer to easybot amount to be transferred to a thousand seven and one cent, that’s accounting for fees that are that are part of the processing of your payment, so that the The payment is received by easybot, okay, then you’re going to click on you’re, going to click on add, and then you want to pay attention to a couple of things here.

The amount to be transferred again is going to be displayed to you here and it is usdt trc20. So the only payment network that is active and available for us to receive deposits today is usdt trc20, very, very important if you’re new to crypto or, if you’re unfamiliar with sending crypto important, that you understand that you can send usdt on a number of different networks. You can send it on trc, 20, erc, 20 solana and a number of other networks, so when you’re sending usdt make sure that you are sending it trc 20, if you send it another way, it will not arrive and you may be out of that money with No recourse, so that’s the first and most important thing make sure you’re sending it by the proper network, we’ll talk about other network options before we finish this call, but for now and for today this is the only option that’s enabled. Now you need to pay attention to the total amount that needs to be received by easybot.

It’s a thousand seven and one cent in this situation, we’re sending a thousand and there’s seven dollars and one cent fees that need to be covered all right. Now you can do one of two things in order to capture the address that you’re sending it to if you’re on your mobile device. You can scan this qr code now the way that you’re sending your crypto is going to vary. There’s 231 people on the call and there’s probably that many different ways from different, wallets and so forth to send crypto so you’ve got to you’ve, got to figure out on your end, how you’re sending that to us, so you can scan it every just about every Crypto, exchange or or method of sending will allow you to scan a qr code, so you can scan it here or you can copy the qr code by using the copy button right here.

I’M screaming you can copy the address, so you can highlight it, but i suggest that you simply copy it. It’Ll put it on your clipboard and then, if you’re, on your desktop or if you’re on your phone, just you’re going to paste it in the send address. All right so now that you’ve gotten this you’ve copied it you’ve gone to your your exchange.

You’Ve executed the transaction. Your next step is going to be. I did the payment now before we do that.

I want to make sure that you understand what you’re going to face when you’re on your exchange, when you’re at the place, where you’re sending funds to us so more than likely what you’re going to be faced with is an additional fee. This is crypto and it is just the way it works, so i want you to be prepared for that. So, for example, if you’re sending this amount from a binance account because it’s trc 20, they have a standard one dollar fee per transaction. So if you’re sending this one thousand seven dollars and one cent from your binance account as an example, finance will impose a one dollar fee.

So you need to make sure that you account for that one dollar fee and add that to the total that you’re sending out so that what’s received is the thousand seven and one cent. Now some of you are sending from other other other platforms, an example that we experienced is that somebody sent a payment they intended on sending a thousand dollars, but they sent it through a method where they used a credit card and that platform that they were using Charged them 40 for the purchase of the crypto and sending the crypto so instead of receiving the thousand dollars what was received was closer to 950 in some change. Okay, so please please, please pay special attention to whatever the whatever the platform you’re using to send your crypto, any fees that they may impose, make sure that you are covering those fees so that what’s received.

How to Deposit Funds in Eazy Bot

Is this amount here? If i sound like i’m beating a dead horse, it’s because this is the part of this process that most people are going to stumble over, and i don’t want that to be you or the people that you’re in communication with and the people that you’re supporting. So it’s very easy if we all understand what the expectation is make sure your this is what’s being received. That’s the that’s the point here. Okay, all right! So we’ve you’ve now executed this transaction.

You click on. I did the payment and that’s going to take you here and you’re, going to see a pending amount of a thousand dollars. Okay, that amount will be pending until the payment is actually received by easybot and once it’s finalized you’ll see a green check and that payment will now reflect in your total balance.

So right now, this pending amount is not reflected in the total balance. Okay, so here’s something else to note. So, going back to the example that i just gave you guys where, if you missed a step in what i just said and for some reason you didn’t send the entire one thousand seven dollars and one cent and let’s say you totally missed it and you just Sent a thousand dollars well, what’s going to happen, is there is a there that transaction fee that we that the seven dollars in one cents represents that’s still imposed on the total amount that’s received so, for example, you’ve only sent a thousand dollars. What easy bot will receive is something like 993 dollars and some change.

That amount is what will then show up as a completed transaction and credited to your account. So this is a reason why it’s important to pay attention to this, because, for example, a lot of you are interested in upgrading to the 995 vip package. And if you did what i just said, which is instead of sending the thousand seven and you only sent a thousand you’re going to end up with less than you intended in order to purchase the vip package.

So whatever we receive whatever is received by easybox processor. Is what will be credited to your account and added to your current balance? All right, i hope that’s clear, i’m going to before we go any further and talk about any other updates. I want to talk about the deposit process and any questions as it pertains to what we just reviewed, so any questions on the deposit process. Specifically, let’s let’s pause for a moment and talk about that sorry, i just wanted to jump in when you were doing that.

Just canadian people we’re talking us dollars here so make sure that you know your exchange rate so you’re also not falling short. That was just a quick little thing. I wanted to jump in there with. Thank you, catherine, very, very good point uh.

The other thing i just got to note that some people who are currently trying to do deposits are sending deposits on erc 20. So the reason it sounds like i’m beating a dead horse about some of these things is because of that very reason, please guys make sure you’re paying attention to the way you’re sending your funds. This isn’t an easy bot issue. This is a crypto thing.

This is when we, when we say that crypto is hard. These are the places where crypto is hard. It’s all the details that you have to pay attention to in all the ways you can lose money. If you don’t pay attention to these details, we’re going to do all that we can to make the processes here easy for you, but some of it is just out of our control, and so you’ve got to take the responsibility of becoming educated.

Aware empowering yourself to be able to function in this world of crypto and understanding how to move your money and do it safely is the very, very basic understanding that you have to have okay, so right now, let me know if you’re sending your funds you’re sending It using a trc 20 network if you are unsure reach out to your sponsor, if they’re not available reach out to us in uh the easy bot official and somebody will connect with you and and help you do that so we’re here to serve. You guys just know that and um, but always if you’re unsure of something don’t push the button uh if you’re anything like me, you get real excited. Oh, i can’t wait to clean and and then we lose it.

Okay, i’m saying one by nature: if you ever studied personality traits, something that loves to have fun but i’ll, i’m also cleric i like to be in charge while i’m having fun so uh, i get excited. I push buttons that i shouldn’t and uh, i’m just encouraging. You not to do the same thing: uh who’s up next breezy.

Is it uh gabriel? Yes, gabrielle is next yep and real quick before before we take questions, i’m going to say one more thing as opposed as it as it as it pertains to deposits, because i’m going to guess that one of you guys is going to ask this question within the Next 48 hours, we will enable deposits using eusdt on the ethereum network, which is usdt erc20, and we will also depart enable deposits for usdc within the next 48 hours. By far by friday, we will enable two other deposit network deposit options. So as of today, it’s got to be if you’re sending funds today, it’s got to be trc 20. Give us two more days and we’ll give you two other options to help simplify things and make it easy for you.


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