How To Connect Eazy Bot To Binance And Which Coins To Choose For Trading.๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿค‘๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel and welcome to another easy bot, video so guys the time has come. The bot is officially available. Like i said in the previous video, i made so guys a lot of free members already trading um and look guys just want to quickly mention it. If there are a few guys that um have a few issues um, you know connecting the board or, if the, if um you know, it’s just something weird happening in your account like the bots, not trading for some reason or whatever um and you’ve done everything right.

How To Connect Eazy Bot To Binance

Then it’s probably just a glitch in the system that they need to work out. First, there are few things that they’re working on, including withdrawals. You know from your easybot wallet to your binance wallet or coinbase pro wallet and for all the coinbase pro users uh coinbase.

Pro should be available either this week or next week. I would think, but yeah there’s no set date yet so so anyways um yeah. So just i thought i’d, let you guys know but guys um.

If you do have any issues just go on the telegram group. Um, you know, send a message there or i don’t know if the support is ready yet um, where it says you contact us, send them a message um and they can help you sort it out or get on. The zoom calls right and um bring up the issues so that they know what’s going on. You know so that they can fix it because, again guys we are on upstart.

We are a new. This is a a brand new um company. You know like fintech company, so so there are, i mean there are going to be a few.

I mean there are going to be glitches and stuff in the beginning. That’s that’s to be expected. That’s that’s normal for any company to have a few small little itch glitches and hiccups. That’s why it’s important for you guys to report your issues so that they know what’s going on so that they can sort it out.

You know so that eventually it’s it’s running as smoothly as possible, all right! So, let’s, let’s get to the start of the spot man uh management, all right, i do have a different video. Where bring my upline made. The brain yeah bring my upline made it um.

How to connect the bottom that, but i just thought, show you guys that i’m officially starting now um yeah uh, so i’ve got a user exchange. Okay, so i just need to add a user exchange. I don’t know why all that stuff’s popping up but anyways, just whatever google saved, in my account um, okay connection name, let’s just say easy, binance, let’s say binance api key uh.

Okay! Now we need to get the key so assuming that you’ve already created your your api key guys um. If you haven’t then just go to api management and follow the steps. It’s really. It’s really simple.

Just follow the steps guys um all right, so i’m just gon na grab this and we i’m gon na copy that i’m going to paste it in there. I’M going to take this secret key. I don’t know if i’m supposed to show you guys api, but um yeah i’ll, just confirm anyway i’ll blot it out if i’m not supposed to, because i’m not sure it’s saying you shouldn’t share it with anyone uh but yeah, anyways, um, okay, so i’ve saved it. Okay and now we are going back right – oh no! What’s going on here now, okay, there we go.

Oh bot management, again, uh bots, add new okay, i’m just going to use the default setting or hopefully i have enough funds to cover that uh! Oh yeah! I just want to make a quick point guys before you engage the bot to start trading uh. Firstly, the bot is designed specifically for a six hundred dollar account uh, you know per coin or more right. I obviously have less i’m going to add funds like in the next two days.

I’M definitely going to add five, because i’m just waiting for some money to come in from other places which is coming soon, um yeah, i’m definitely gon na, go all in it’s just yeah again, as this is all that i have at the moment. So to be able to invest um but yeah, i just i want to get started in any case. So, let’s see like you know, be waiting like all of you with uh great anticipation, so yeah another.

So another point is um. So if you have like a really small account, it’s like fifty hundred dollars because the strategy is designed because the the default strategy right is designed to sustain any market conditions right. It’s it’s been calculated matters mathematic, math, yeah, what’s gon na, say that mathematic mathematically, mathematically, right um to be as um well to be as good as possible, and they worked it out.

They worked out the strategy and, and it came up with the amount of 600 – it’s not a random amount that they just you know, sucked out of their thumb, guys so yeah. This is the default strategy, don’t change it unless it’s not working with with with an amount less than 600. So that’s what i’m going to see now.

Um! Oh yeah um, my the guy who signed me up, actually tested it out. He said i think, up to he got 150 dollars to work, but i’m not sure if the source was this was with default settings. So if, if um, some guys are small amounts like because some guys might not really have like even less than a hundred dollars, if it’s not working right, just let me know, and i will try and work out a strategy personally for you guys, and i will Also ask some of the more expert traders to work out a strategy but yeah for everyone who for everyone who the bots like uh. If the bots working right, don’t change the strategy guys because i mean you can probably change it to make more money for you in the short term.

But in the long term, when the when there’s market crashes and that um you’re gon na have you might have issues, you know like um, you know like long floating floating losses and you don’t want that. I mean it’s better to make small profits consistently. Then then, to uh and to make a big profit in the beginning, and then you know big losses later on and then you end up with you know: uh blowing, all your quick profits that you make guys this again.

This has been tested for months and months and months. Seven months was the one test, they showed us and it was profitable the strategy and it was all market conditions. There was a there was crashes included, there was um, bull, run, bull runs included, you name it any any market condition you can think of the bot went through and it made a profit so anyways again.

I just wanted to make that point and another point. I need to make is make sure you have at least five to 10 bnb in your binance exchange, five to ten dollars worth of bmb um. This is because of a trading thing they mentioned um, so yeah just make sure.

That’s of that, as you can see, i just made sure i just bought ten dollars worth. It’s still a good coin hole so yeah. I don’t think you need more than ten dollars.

It was me five to ten dollars was mentioned guys on the group uh. Okay, so buy crypto exchange. Let me just see here so, if you want to buy bnb, just go on exchange, um, select, b, okay, so usdt here being just uh, go scroll until you find bnb usdt right, you click on that and then you just select your amount.

I think it’s go with market execution, so click on market and then decide the total you would like to buy. So, just like you can use this little thingy here, just choose five to five or ten dollars and then select buy on the exchange and then boom you’ll. Have you you’ll see your bnb showing up in your spot wallet? So if you don’t know um how to see all of this, you know what’s in your wallet than that again, just what you should do is just check on just click on fiat and spot. Okay, all the guys need to binance all right.

So now we’re setting up the bot um, sorry guys. It took me a bit long to get to this now, but i had to make those i had to state those points that i was making so available balance uh, let’s go with okay, so you’ll see it it’ll automatically calculate the initial order, uh that it’s going To put in so i’m going to go with, i just took that off 273 telegram popups, as you can see in the bottom right. Okay, point 805: you just put it the full amount, it doesn’t really matter i’ll be 805s or i don’t need these other decimal places.

But let’s add it just to be funny. 8800, all right. So now it calculates the initial order.

I don’t know if it’s going to work with this strategy, we’ll have to see we will have to see because i don’t think it can buy in less than uh ten dollars per coin. So i’m gon na have to change up my default strategy a little bit. Then maybe i’m gon na have to i think. If i take away some of these um amounts orders here you know like 34 35 33.

Then it should work. So, let’s say save. Please enter a valid yeah: okay, valid um value, uh, save balance. Okay balance succeed to the limit.

Are you sure you want to continue? Yes, it will give you a warning if you have less: oh, okay, the symbol field. Oh sorry, that’s my bad. Okay finance, api key select coin, okay guys.

So this is something interesting um. The best so you’re probably wondering, what’s the best coin, to select right, so the so usually i found out a nice little site like this shuffleuporg um. It has most of the coins that easybot is on.

It shows you the volatility percentages, so this is sorted by um volume um, so you can choose most, so you want the most unstable ones because guys um the higher the volatility of the queen abilities to trade with it right. So here you can see those with the highest volatility. So again guys remember the site shuffleuporg i mean you can also google just um highest volatility coins to trade with.

So i heard that etc was a good queen, um ethereum classic, and and are they but arva is not on the site. So, but i see the guys a lot of guys are training with. Are they um so yeah? I’M not sure. Let’s, let me see, let’s quickly, look at some of these coins.

Trx is also not on that side. Ethereum is but etc is actually better than ethereum uh and, along with, are they uh? Okay, solano usdt, let’s see if solano’s solana is on there solana. No, it’s not okay.

Well, salon is not on um ada is on there, but it’s not um like they. Don’T give you really a volatility thing, so let’s try polka dots, so polka dot is dot usdt, so dot. Also not okay. Well, that’s weird! Let’s go get some max volume and see if they have any coins worth trading yet uh, okay, well, doge! I i would not suggest really trading doge.

I don’t. I don’t like doge personally, never been a fan of doge but yeah. You know everyone differs um dogecoin.

Let’s keep on doge anyways, just four just to see if it’s um, how it stacks up volatility over a year is not bad. I mean the higher the percentage, obviously the better for this month, let’s go to etc, ethereum classic. Let me show you guys: well, i think this. This could be a good coin to to select okay, why isn’t this etc? Here we go okay, uh last month, it’s been good because you want you, you want a coin.

That’s going to be volatile, not just over a short period of time, but in general i mean over a year seven point: six: six percent: that’s not bad uh, okay, so good! That’s a good coin! Um! Okay! What else? I know guys! I’M i’m scrolling through this! A lot you just want to see how to connect the bot, but i just thought i would um do this as well, because this is valuable. You know um info, that you’re getting here, uh, litecoin, uh, yeah, etc is better okay, uni swap uni swap is uni swap on here. Taurus i’ll, add more coins, as i go along guys again.

Um just keep in mind. Easybot is new luna usdt, okay, so luna is not on here either bch bitcoin cash. If i remember correctly, i don’t think it’s as good as e bitcoin cash. Okay, i don’t know.

What’s e bitcoin cash, anyways um, oh bitcoin cash is on you. What’s the problem. Bcc, okay, yeah ethereum, classic still better, etc.

I think let’s try, link q link uh. What’s q link is it on here? Can we see it on here? No, it’s not typing again chain link. Ah, there we go chain link, nope, ethereum classic is still better.

Okay for the last month, um uh chain link’s been doing good, but you know i want to take it over here. I want a coin. That’s gon na perform more consistently. Well, so that’s just me, i mean again guys you’re free to choose whatever coin you want.

Let’s try is it coinmatic uh? It might be sheesh i’ve, that’s high volatility here, but i don’t know if it’s the same coin, guys like uh ct. I mean it’s, it’s a different um abbreviation, because this one is matic not c. I t i c whatever. That was xlm.

Oh excellent, you can always change coins if you want. You know once just make sure your all. Your trades are closed. When you do all that you’ve, your trades have taken profit, the bot’s taken profit and your margin is closed.

Um. You know just in case you’re not happy with the queen you’re, currently trading with okay, xmr yeah, again guys. I just think this is very important to go through through this with you guys because yeah you know for several reasons.

So i want you guys to make as much money as possible. Otherwise i wouldn’t do this. I will just show you guys how to connect the bot and that’s that you know, leave you to your own devices to choose the best coin. It’s a good thing.

I’M glad i stumbled upon this this website, but they did tell us more or less which which coins are good like, etc. They showed us actually etc, and are they are two good bits? Okay, so xlm xmr, uh, xmr, monero, oh volatile? Is this coin nah, etc? Still better, it’s like from most all the most of the coins we did now is he’s basically the best. What to trade with um to hold.

I don’t know, holdings of the whole different story, crv. I have no idea what’s crv, so there’s so many coins like trying to memorize all of them is crazy, c r v. As long as you know which few coins are decent uh, then yeah anyways full usd. I think it’s this one uh last month, not bad.

I think we’ll go with etc, guys i’m gon na go with, etc, but now i just need to sort this out. So let me just how do i huh status active? Let’s take that off? Okay, there we go because we can’t use that. Let’s take that away. Still not working take that away, it’s not working.

This is weird and obviously, if you want to change it back to default, you just click there and it will automatically change it back. Okay, well, man, and if i take all of this away, will it work? Then it should we working anyways, um i’ll, have to figure this one out, but anyways guys bottom line is that bottom line is, if you, you know, connect the bot uh then well, i could just give it a title minus. What all you need to do is make sure it’s uh use, defaults, uh default configurations.

Make sure i think if you have more than 100 uh, it should work for default, because your initial order has to be more than ten dollars um. Otherwise we we’re gon na have to tweak the strategy a little bit but yeah for those who won’t have for those who have enough capital um for the default strategy. Um just again just enter the stuff.

I just entered um and then save, and then it should. It should start trading okay, so i will just have to figure this out separately um. I suggest you guys also try and figure it out on your own.

You know if you, if you have like less than the recommended capital at the moment like i do um and i’ll i’ll post a video about where i work this out, for you guys, um and then well i’ll, make a video and then post it and then Obviously we can decide what’s what’s the best way forward for you right, um, the good thing, what i would also suggest uh what uh? Okay. So that’s you know that uh, the good thing, the thing that i would also suggest is um that that you reinvest so that you add a little bit whatever you can guys, even if it’s 50 or 100 every month, you know from your savings or whatever add It to your wallet right so that so that you can keep because it’s an investment guys it’s and again this isn’t financial advice. It’s just i’m just saying you ought to treat this like like like a proper investment, because eventually it’s going to add up nicely and the bot will be able to trade more and it’s going to with the auto compounding is going to keep compounding more and more And more and then you know in a few years from now you’re going to be a lot better off than than you were.

You know so so yeah i mean that’s probably the end of this video. I know it was longer than it should have been, but uh yeah. I felt that i needed to show you go through all of the coins with you guys and show you what’s what will be the best to trade with and all that stuff um as well as because connecting the bot is really simple.

So you know choosing the right coin in that that’s a little bit more brainy work. You know it’s a little. It takes a little bit more thinking and effort to actually find the queen but yeah. I like, like, i said, etc and ave, i think, are two two of the best to trade with at the moment and um.

If you’re trading more than one coin then or two coins, then again use that shuffle up website that i was looking at and you know then decide but yeah guys. If you’re trading more than one coin, then then make sure your account can handle that um. I would suggest then six hundred dollars per coin. So if you’re trading more than two coins like say trading three coins, you need eight one thousand eight hundred dollars in your exchange to be able to handle the default strategy right.

That’s just that’s just the best guys. It’s supposed to stick with the plan because it’s been worked out for us all right: okay, anyways, guys, um thanks for watching thanks for sticking around so long um, don’t forget to like the video, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel all my links. All my links are below the video.

My easybot signup link um links to the telegram groups to the company zoom meetings and even if you don’t have a binance wallet, my binance link is below the video as well feel free to create one get it verified and get started. Uh fund it. You know all that stuff, um and yeah guys um.

If you want to reach out to me, my phone number is below the video. I know some some of you in my team haven’t reached out to me yet so please guys, if you are especially if you are in my team, please reach out to me on whatsapp, so um that i can just you know me meet meet up with you Or you know on a zoom meeting or whatever you know, that would be great and have a chat, and especially if you need assistance, you know, anyways have a good one, guys cheers

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