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Eazybot Connect To Binance

Are you tired of being scammed out of your money with easybot? That’s simply not possible. Here your money is safe and secure in your own account at all times, and the best part is it’s free to get started so do so in the link down below fill in an application. I’Ll get right back to you, hello.

Everyone easy, but now is live in this video. I would like to show you how to connect your easy bot to your crypto exchange platform in this case binance. So now, let’s first go to your easy bot.

You open easy bots and here is the home page. Then you click this menu, and here you have bot management, click, user exchanges and now, let’s click, add user exchange. Here i already added one for you. It should be empty down here.

Okay, add user exchange. Let me change the name here. First, you can choose whatever name you like now, i’m going to just put a random name, one two three and then we stay here, keep everything like this. We go to our finance, so you log into your binance and go to the right up corner find this profile.

If you are using phone to do it, it might be a little bit different. You need to find a button called api management, so in the computer. It’s here, api management, you click it and now we are here at the api create page. First, you create a name for your api key.

You can choose whatever name you like, since i’m doing this for demonstration, then i use test, as my name create, and now we do the security verification next step, get the email, verification code and also your authenticator code, okay, good now the api key is created here. You can see the details of the api key and there is a very important step. Please don’t miss it, which is we need to enable spot and margin trading in order to doing so. We need to edit restrictions and click here and then save this means.

The permission will only be valid for 90 days, but don’t worry we will fix it later. So now we just click, ok and another security verification very good. Now the api key is done, so we just need to copy api key and go back to our easy bot and put our key here paste very good, go back to api management and copy this one secret key and paste here. Secret! Save very good! Congratulations! Now! You are done.

You can see that you have this new connection here in your list and you can go back whenever you like to edit it or delete it when you need it. The next step is to select the coins that you would like to trade. Thank you for watching the video you

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