EazyBot Tutorial: How to Calculate Profit With EasyBot

EazyBot Tutorial

We get going, let’s make sure that we cover some important information here. Then that is that all information presented here is for informational purposes. Only the presenters are not financial advisors.

All presenters opinions are their own and is not intended to be a substitute for financial investment advice and we’re going to talk about some past results, but just keep in mind. They are not indicative of future results. What about this already counter? But the main problem is that when you want to complete percentage of profit, it’s basically dividing the profit that you made in in in dollars, divided by your capital dollars multiply by 100. That gives you the percentage of of profit, but one thing that we cannot control is the capital.

Imagine someone comes now uh today, let’s say the first of january comes in. He puts in 1 000 in this coin and then runs with it for for a month and then after one month, they increase another thousand and then the what started also creating more profits. So now the profit will be divided by the first one thousand or the second one thousand or the two thousand, so we want to mix up, i mean whatever percentage will be shown to. You is going to be misleading in this case.

So that’s why we? We don’t prefer to show a percentage of of profit in percentage. This is the only reason that there’s no other reason uh that we don’t show. I know we don’t want also to limit the people like you put this amount and then you cannot add more. No, we we want it to be open to people whenever they want to add more funds, they can add more funds whenever they want to reduce the amount they can also reduce it.

How to Calculate Profit With EasyBot

So that’s the reason is that miscalculation or misleading numbers can can happen. In case of we put a percentage, but, however, what what we’re trying to do now or what we’ll be doing in the near future is the show in the uh back office. In the sorry, in the dashboard this uh, we will have the total amount of profit that you made today.

For example, yesterday you made this much of of profit in in dollar value usd value on all of your coins. Uh last month you have made this last 30 days. You made this much of of percentage. Then you can off of monetary of usd.

You can divide that by the total amount that you have invested, that you know you have invested. Otherwise, it’s going to be misleading.

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