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Hi guys it’s monday, the 5th of september and i’m back to work because my son’s gone back to school, so the summer holidays are over and uh. I said that anybody that joins EazyBot underneath me, i’m gon na help them build their business and i just wanted to show you i’ve built now: a team of 195 people, and if you want me to help you build a team like i’ve got here, then carry On watching this video now me when i do marketing there’s various ways i do it. I put facebook posts out like this one and, as you can see, i’ve had 86 comments on that post alone. I also carry out email marketing on a regular basis.

How to build your EazyBot team

Now, on top of my social media marketing and my email marketing, i also buy what’s called solo ad, so i’m buying traffic to visit particular web pages, where i collect names and email addresses and all of this marketing helps to build my team. Now, if you want me to help you build your easybot team, then all you need to do is the following: one join easybot you’ll find a link for that below this video two connect, your easybot account to an exchange. Three set up at least one trading robot.

Four upgrade to the 250 package or above five connect with me, either leave me a comment below this video find me on whatsapp. Find me on facebook find me on telegram connect with me. However, you do it reply to an email once you’ve carried out the four steps above, which is join, easybot, connect an exchange set up a robot and have at least a 250 package account. Let me help you build your team.

You have an amazing day and i’ll speak to you soon in another video bye. Now,

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