Eazy Bot Live Trading Is Officially Open For Paid Members! Free Members Bot Trading Opens Thursday.😎

Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel and welcome to another easy bot and update a video so guys it’s finally happening. We are finally able to use the bot while the paid members are finally use able to use the bot um so yeah. This is very exciting, um, so yeah guys now it’s officially open to some of the public and yeah again it will be open to everyone on thursday, the 31st of march. So we are excited to announce the opening of phase three of the of the easybot launch.

Eazy Bot Live Trading

Live trading is now open for advanced and vip members on binancecom. Only so note guys, um the coinbase pro. I know there’s obviously some guys um that are using coinbase pro um. It’s not the bot isn’t available for you yet, but they are working around the clock to get it ready for you guys.

So just hang tight coinbase access will be available in the next few days. As i say, three members will be available to start trading by thursday march 31st. There are temporary limits for the total number of bots each membership level.

Can trade vip 10 bots advanced 2 bots free members, one bot, which is perfectly fine? I mean you really need one bot as a free member coming in uh. You know again, you could always upgrade as you go along the way with profits, or you know, if you just decide to invest in yourself like, like i say in some of my videos. I will upgrade to vip once i have enough money to do so, because that, because i just feel that in the long run that will be necessary but yeah, that’s eventually guys um. For me i’ll get there.

I’M also eyeing a founder spot to start trading. Click on bot management, user exchanges connect your api for more details on how to get started. Please watch this video okay, so i have i have this video.

As on my youtube channel as well. It’s the one with you’ll you’ll notice. If you just go through my channel my youtube channel, you will see um there’s a video on um.

I think i think it’s titled how to um set up your bot with a sevenfigure with my upline and sevenfigure earner, brin. So, just look for that. You know how to um set up your bot and and all that stuff um that videos you should find it on my channel.

Okay, so easy about official announcements, make sure that everyone puts a small amount in the bnb coin, for binance exchange fees, even five dollars or ten dollars is good. This is important for trading and binance, so i actually didn’t know this so yeah. This is kind of i guess this is important, uh, five or ten dollars so um. We should just put it that five or ten dollars aside for into bnb coins.

Free Members Bot Trading

So if you go into binance um you’ll you’ll see all the coins listed there, um you’ll find bnb so, which is the binance coin, and just get five to ten dollars of it. I guess or buy five to ten dollars of it like you would buy crypto in a normal, any other exchange right, so uh yeah guys so it is, it is happening. It is happening um. It’s we already so again guys all my links are below if you’re interested, if you’re not signed up yet my sign up link is below my phone number is below.

If you want to reach out to me on whatsapp and chat to me about this opportunity, all the other links for the telegram groups assume the zoom meetings that i highly recommend to the companies. Your meetings, all the links. Are there the times that uh, which days the zoo meetings, take place all that guys just check below my videos and um yeah? If you i will, what i will do is i’ll add i’ll.

Add that that video to the end screen. So if you watched it to the end of this video, you will see you if you’ve watched it into this video, then you will see that um uh that video on how to get get started with the trading bot will it will be on the end screen Of this video, okay, let’s take that away all right guys, thanks for watching um, don’t forget to like don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, um and yeah guys. I will be bringing you guys more and more updates. As as we go along um, we are almost fully launched.

Okay, guys cheers have a good one.

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