EazyBot| Slow Day But Still Made 0.16% Trading UNIUSDT, 8.28% Total ROI For 32 Days🤑😎🔥

Hello, everyone and welcome again to my youtube channel and welcome to another easy part, video so as usual, guys just another update, basically yeah a daily update as usual um yeah. So basically we made around uh. Let me just go on this little word pad 016 percent. So it’s basically, i made you go here 90, this plus this plus that 98 percent almost 98 cents – sorry not 98.


That would be crazy, 98 cents, guys um for today, uh still a really slow day. I mean the crypto markets have been really really slow. The last week, well, basically, since i started the uni swap bot um on the 30th officially, i know i put it at 29, but if it officially started doing trading really the 30th right so yeah it’s been just it’s been really slow, but but again guys it’s It’s the market some days are slow. Some days are really good.

Some days aren’t so good right, but with the easy part, is you’ll, be profitable overall, even in a crashing market and we’re still in the bear market, guys we’re still in a downtrending market and the bot is still performing really really well, i mean still making profits. It’s not not only is maintaining your portfolio but making profits right and that’s that’s what we want to see um so yeah. That’s! That’s! So far. The results for today um again we’re up 828.

So far, just over a month um a month and one day to be specific, uh uni swap again guys it’s been really slow, but it will pick up so point: zero, eight percent, more more or less guys with with uni swap so far, so at least we’re Above one percent, so yeah guys, i mean i’m really happy with 828, so far um after what just after a month right a day after a month. Officially so yeah i mean again it’s passive income, the main thing again with the easy bot. What separates it? Is it can guarantee your funds safety right, that other platforms can’t? Because you need to send your money to someone else, and then you don’t have control of your money anymore right to the easy bot. You always have control of your money, because all your money is safe and sound in your own binance or coin exchange.

More exchanges will be added guys. But again this is what’s available right now, so yeah. Let me just um anyways: go out there, so yeah anyways, um yeah, i’m gon na, have to log into my coin right now, because i’m not uh using kucoin. I i basically, i just created an account just to show just to check it out, but um i’m.

I mean i started with binance from start, but if you are a us citizen guys use kucoin because um kucoin is about. This is just as good as binance. It’s just um. You know it’s it’s different.

What’s pretty much the same um which again it depends what what um exchange you prefer. I mean kucoin has more coins on it, so technically it would be better than binance or but in terms of security, they’re kind of the same they’ll. Both they both have like. The 2fa and whatever so, which again guys sorry, whichever exchange you prefer, you can use it, and the big thing is, like i mentioned guys, is the bot is buying in some crypto right actual crypto.

You check these amounts that bought in this case it’s trading, uni, swap it brought in the uni swap coin um, and then we’re going to go into the exchange quickly, and you can do this on ku queen as well guys, really it doesn’t matter which exchange you Use as long as it’s um a really good exchange like like coin or binance, i can’t wait to actually see them, add like kraken and ft ftx and those exchanges as well, because it’s good to have like variety but again guys we’re only four months old. So just bear with us um. Eventually we will add all these other exchanges, so yeah guys just notice.

These amounts the the time frames, the amount of so basically the amount of uni swap the coin bought in um and again the time exactly the same right. So this further cements my point is the bot: does all the trading in your binance exchange plus? So basically, not only is your investment in your own binance or cuckoo in exchange um. Your profits are also right because it does a trading year, so your profits are also here. So even if easybot were to disappear tomorrow, um, not only would you would your investment and your profits? Not only would your investment be safe, but your profits would still be in your own finance or cool coin exchange right.

So, let’s just say five years from now, you’ve made a lot of money with the easy bot right, just for example, hypothetically and um. You want to withdraw your money. Well, you won’t have an issue right if the like, let’s just say, the easybot, disappears five years from now and you’ve made a lot of money you want to and you, but you want to withdraw your money again. Guys wouldn’t be a problem because, where because why where’s your money, including your profits in your own financial, coupon exchange, that’s a big thing and like i’ll show you guys here.

This is real trading in real time. That’s the main thing right, so you can leave your money in your exchange and still make a return and again guys the easy body is free to use. Yes, they are paid packages, but that’s a different story. Right um! That’s something you that’s something you you can get if, if you can benefit from it right, if you can’t benefit from the paid package, you don’t get it simple, it’s as simple as that right like, and what i mean by that is, if you can get.

If you have enough capital to trade with, then you can benefit from the packages, because you can trade with a lot more coins at a time, diversify more and benefit from it right. So yeah anyways guys what i want to look at quickly again on the affiliate side. I know for some of you don’t want to recruit again guys you don’t have to recruit. This is not an mlm right, it’s just as an affiliate program on the side.

If you do refer people to the easy bot um, then you do earn a commission right from referring people to the product. Right, i mean again it’s it’s normal. You make a sale, you get your commission um. As you know, easybody is a productbased company.

So all right so yeah, i just made another package sale today. It was on my third level just another 12 dollars coming in guys. So, every day since the 30th, i made a package sale or a commission just saying so this is possible. Guys again, i work with six and seven figure owners on a daily basis.

If you want to work with me any six, six and seven figure earners on a daily basis, then just let me know my phone number is below the video just contact me anytime guys and let’s build an affiliate business on the side as well, but again guys. If you just want to use the bot and use it right, but here you get the best of both worlds, you can you can use the bot, earn a passive income right just by simply connecting the bar to your binance exchange, letting a trade or your kucoin Exchange letting a trade, but if you want to build a proper and respectable affiliate marketing business online, then easybot is the way to go because you’re, giving people quality. That’s why people are going upgrading to advanced in vip package because because they they understand the quality of the product right.

They appreciate it. It’s a money, printing machine so again guys i’ll just quickly go through anyways um. I don’t know why this this just disappeared, but anyways with the advance. You know guys no, it’s 250 dollars with uh geez.

Let me just quickly bring it up right, uh yeah! I think it’s it’s here just to make it easy. I don’t know why it went blank so yeah you can trade up to two coins with the free package. Oh jeez, i don’t know, what’s doing it guys, i need it check this out trade up to two points right with the free package.

So i mean again: the recommended amount per coin is six hundred dollars, but you can trade it as low as 600 as sorry as 100 per coin. If you don’t have a lot of money to start off with that’s perfectly fine, but you can always add more money because, again guys your funds are safe, they’re not going anywhere busy about disappear disappears tomorrow, your funds are still with you right, but anyway, so you Can trade up to two coins minimum minimum amount of trade with per coin based on the default strategy hundred dollars? Um? So i mean, even even if you have a lot of money, even if you’re ten thousand dollars you just want to chase out the bot for free, you can and still you can trade up to two coins that that option is there right. But the big thing with the paid packages is being able to diversify, like with that advanced package being able to trade up to 10 coins, vip package being able to trade up to all available coins plus um being eligible for the the founders club.

I mean for the founders club, you need to be a vip package, then there’s other other requirements as well, but i’m just saying i need to get additional benefits, but the main thing for me personally is you know what i like about. The paid packages is being able to diversify so that that’s on the roadmap. For me in the future, once i have more capital i’ll definitely upgrade my package right because there’s just you just get more opportunity by um being able to diversify more coins.

As you can see here guys, i mean you’re, never missing opportunity right so yeah. These are just some of the results with the coins. Um.

Obviously, there’s more recent results, but i always bring this up guys and i just want to mention that these results were done in a bear markets and the downtrending markets and an uptrending market in the official bullish market which we’re not in yet. But just once. We get in the bullish market again we’re going to see some, i mean we can expect even way better returns even three four times, maybe even five times these returns again. This is i’m not promising anything, but based on the data guys, we can expect something special and it’s exciting times so yeah guys um.

If you’re wondering which points you trade, this as usual, just i mean basically avoid bitcoin and ethereum and trade with the alts. I mean again guys you can trade with whatever you want. If you still want to trade with bitcoin and ethereum. That’s up to you, but but usually the alt coins perform better than bitcoin and ethereum with the easybot, because the altcoins are more volatile than bitcoin and ethereum right, the more they move more so yeah guys.

But again the point i’m going to make as well is matic was the best coin for that time frame, but but matic might be the worst performing coin. For the next time frame, xmr was one of the worst performing coins for that time frame. It might be the best performing coin for the next time frame.

So so my point is that’s. Why that’s why it’s important to diversify? If you can, if you have enough capital, but if you don’t guys, if you then then just stick with the easy package um, you know because again it’s like there’s no point in getting getting like a pay package. If you only have a small amount of capital to trade with just saying so, i’m personally i’m only on i’m on the free package.

Why? Because i just simply don’t have enough capital to take advantage of the paid packages. It would be pointless for me to get a paid package right now, but in the future, when i have more capital, maybe yeah yeah, definitely because again, then i can obviously diversify more just saying that option is there but yeah guys again. The main point is you’re. Getting something really special for free, really really good, like a money printing machine for free something legit that you can’t get scanned by for free, but you can’t get scammed there, because your money you’re not sending your money to anyone, the only money.

That’s that’s here. You see this money, this is my commission. I can withdraw it any time right, plus. The only money that you ever need to send is a little bit for your service fees.

That’s like, in my case ten dollars right. I just need to make sure my easybot wallet never goes to zero, because it’s just just to cover your service fees, because easybot has no access to your funds in finance or coin or basically, your crypto exchange that has no access to those funds. It can only trade for you on your exchange, that’s all it can do right and again, you only need to send funds again when, when you to your easybot wallet, if you want to upgrade your package, that’s all those are the only time. Those are the only two times you’re going to send money to your easybot wallet is, if you, you know, need to top up your wallet for the service fees or, if you want to upgrade to to pack to a advanced or vip package right.

So yeah i mean i’ll always go through this, but it’s important guys. I mean, especially for all the new people, watching my videos welcome to the channel to all the new people as usual right so yeah guys. So that’s basically just some of the returns like i mentioned and shoot a few other things as well, um. Just again just another update guys.

That’s all this is made the package sale again. Duplication is starting in my team because i’m just i just keep grinding. I just keep referring this to people, because i do believe this is basically the best thing going online right now.

The most legit thing online, that’s worth worth doing right. 999 percent of things are scams specifically ponzi schemes, which you don’t want to be involved in at all, because it’s like it’s like taking from bob it’s like giving to bob it’s taking from peter to give to bob so that which is basically stealing that’s. I v ponzi schemes because that’s basically what they oh and um, you know again.

Easybod is a breath of fresh air because it’s a legit, oppo passive income opportunity amongst you know above all of these scams. Basically i mean so that’s why you know my thumbnails. I say basically, the most legit and the best passive income opportunity online hands down right.

If you want to be part of the founders club, guys, there’s a part, there’s other videos i make. Basically, if you’re part of the farmers club, you get five percent of the company’s revenue every single month, so that that could really become something really special. That’s another stream of passive income, guys that you make make and you grow with as the company grows and that’s only an exclusive club of a thousand people.

So let’s just see how many spots have been filled up only 68 guys, so there’s still 932 spots available. If you’re still interested in that, so guys again, if you sign up everything you need is in, is on your dashboard. So just play around have a look. You know zoom the zoom core schedule.

I highly recommend that you attend at least one other company. Zoom calls uh, you know this is welcome to easybot click here to get started, um the company overview and it explains the comp plan. So yeah you know just you just have at it. You just have a look all right, so yeah anyways gone through that, let’s just go quickly to the compounding interest calculator.

Let’s say we take 600 dollars. We compound sorry not not weekly monthly. Let’s just take a low ball of like five percent right, assuming there’s some months, you make more someone’s less, let’s take an average of five percent per month for like something like a long term. This, let’s handle it like a longterm kind of investment, a savings account.

Let’s, let’s say we add a hundred dollars monthly, let’s see what we can make sheesh. Okay, that’s not that’s, really not bad off of six hundred dollars, just adding a hundred dollars monthly compounding guys compounding interest is crazy as usual right, as i always mentioned, it’s okay. After 10 years, it’s something crazy, but yeah.

Your bank will never give you this. So it’s just just a hypothetical example off of a very modest percentage, guys again, we’ve been seeing returns way above five percent. Sometimes you know sometimes lower.

Sometimes more again, it depends on the market’s move, but again five percent is a very, very, very modest, um return for the easy bot right, but it’s very realistic, like i believe it can make five percent plus more on average every single month. That’s what i believe again, not no promises, but again what we’ve been seeing is some solid, solid returns. So that’s something again: you can expect to be around for the long term, because why? Wouldn’T it be right so yeah? That’s that guys so yeah just another.

Smaller smaller update some returns for the day. If you want to know more about the easy bod um, you could just simply go go through my channel i’ll do almost daily updates on it, a good video to watch. Obviously this one on the first of august, i mean you want to know more about the founders club. You can watch that one so yeah, otherwise guys reach out to me personally.

My phone number is below the video. Just send me a message anytime on telegram or whatsapp, and you know i’ll reply as soon as i can and another thing i do have a telegram group, so you can just obviously that link for that is below the video, along with the company’s telegram group. So join all those groups guys um stay updated.

All my team resources are on my on my telegram group as well, so yeah guys reach out in anytime. You feel like it really, especially if you want to work with me and you want to you – want to build big, potentially right on the affiliate side. It’s what we do right, it’s. What we do is we work with people.

We help other people achieve what they want to achieve so anyways guys um, thanks for watching, don’t forget to like the video, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and as usual, guys thanks for watching have a good one cheers

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