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Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel and welcome to this video, where i’m going to talk about easy bot, um day 28 of cotps, and what the hell happened to um the crypto called terra luna um yeah. That’s, it was just a big um. I i haven’t seen, i don’t think i’ve seen anything like it to be fair. I mean it’s crazy, so yeah before i carry on.

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I almost forgot just want to read this little disclaimer any and all liability for risks resulting from investment transactions or other asset dispositions carried out by the customer based on information received or a market analysis, is expressly excluded by me. All the information made available here is here is generally provided to serve as an example. Only without obligation and without specific recommendations for action it does not constitute and cannot replace investment advice, never invest more than what you’re willing to lose right guys.

So i’m merely showing you guys what i do um. If you want to get involved, then that’s your own choice and what you do with your money is your own business, okay, but my links are below and if you do want to get involved with whatever platform you’re interested in um, then you know i’ll help. You get set up even at my phone number below. If you want to reach out to me on whatsapp right, um, okay, so we got that out of the way so luna what what the hell happened.

So uh guys, as you can see it’s not even on trading view, i mean this is it’s blank. Yesterday there was still a chart going on here. Um it’s blank now um, so terra ust is what um? What is you know? Terra luna and terra usd are connected, so i think it’s the same guys that are dealing with both crypto. What’s what’s interesting about batera usd is this is a stable coin, so which means it’s not supposed to just.

You know, go like this. It’s um! You know this is something you you expect to see from like a very volatile crypto, never mind us the stable coin. You never uh expect to see this.

That’s why um you know when it comes to stable coins. I think i’ll stick to usdt, which is um. They say it’s backed by by us actual us dollars so, which is a good thing this i don’t know it’s back what it’s backed off, but yeah anyways.

This is crazy, but yeah luna us luna was 120 almost 120 dollars for one luna right. I even you know it’s funny, guys, i’m laughing, because i actually i bought 26 dollars worth of luna because it was like. I don’t. I think it was four cents or something for one luna and i mean from 120 to 4 cents.

I thought i’m getting the thing at a bargain cell, so yeah. Obviously that 26 is gone, but i mean it’s, it was worth the risk. So, as you can see here, binance keeps records of all my trades, yet the easy bot does and that i do luna usdt uh. Look at that yeah four four four cents bought it at four cents.

I thought i’m getting a bargain: okay, almost 25 dollars worth and look 25 dollars down the drain, but i mean it. Then it gets to be fair. If it came back up, then that would have been a really good profit, but you know um. It was worth the risk so for all you guys that let me just show my face here.

If all you guys that invested in luna, you know, i feel for you guys. What can you do? I mean that’s, why it’s important to diversify um! That’s what i’m going to talk a little bit about easy bot, um and diversifying your crypto hodling. So, firstly, i just want to say um. As you guys know, the whole market is down.

Let’s go to coin market cap and you’ll, see. Let’s look at the seven day percentage bitcoins down ethereum’s down you take it over more than seven days it’s down even more but anyways. This is over seven days. Look at these percentages.

This is huge guys. The whole crypto market is is that a bargain sale at the moment i mean you, could literally buy any of these coins and end up making a good return. So yeah i mean it’s, it’s crazy, but you’re, probably wondering okay. How is the the easy bot doing in all of this? So obviously i tweaked my strategy.

I should have kept it at at um a default strategy, but anyways you know it’s. My trades all will come back eventually. So what i want to talk about is mainly looking at other people’s accounts as well.

You know, like more accounts, so i’d really suggest. I would really highly recommend that you guys join the zoom call later um 12 pm eastern time, uh 6. 8 pm gst 4 pm gmt.

I think it’s, i think, at 7 pm south african time, if i’m not mistaken, for the south african guys out there. So yeah apparently they’re saying here um though uh, let’s see well, the markets have been in a down downward spiral and many encrypter are in a state of panic. Easybot operates in calm grabbing profits for for all active members. Ceo muhammad ali and david t, charles, are hosting the special community, called to review and discuss insights into how easybot has performed and has been making the most of this volatility and turning out incredible profits for users.

We’Ll also share tips on what you can do in uh in down market conditions. Like we’ve seen in this past week, we hope you’ll join us, live okay, so they’re even going to give us tips, but, according to the the body, said in a way the default strategy, specifically that was set by muhammad himself, um to to handle these market crashes. Guys so you end up making a profit as well that you don’t end up holding that even while you’re holding you’re still making small profits in between you know, that’s that’s the ideal way to go. I mean either way i think for me, is – is holding and trading and having the easy bot to trade.

For you, i mean it’s just crazy and it’s free to use, like always say um, so yeah uh. I think this was the one anyway. So the members are making profits. So it’s going to be interesting to see guys what’s what’s going on, you know with uh.

You know how how other people’s accounts are. Looking. I bet you there’s a lot of trades going on, so when most people are panicking when the market is down when the market is being volatile, easybot is busy working and making profits. So um, it’s a really nice thing to have.

Actually, you know if you, if you take it over a long period of time, you know like like over months and years, then you give the easybot a chance over the right time frame and then it will you’ll see your profits will add up over time, especially With the order compounding feature uh, okay, what else do i want to talk about? Oh yeah, i also made a package commission um go to my affiliate center uh anyways, let’s plug back in there. Okay, so i had two advanced members now i have three. So congratulations to the person who um upgraded to advanced i’ll talk about the packages shortly and and who it’s for um but yeah.

I received another 100 commission there. Let me just go to my wallet uh. Okay, i’m also going to talk about these commissions. Um 61 cents.

Okay, so you can see amount to be credited to 100 usdt affiliate commission for level one. So that’s what i received a hundred dollars guys for the advanced package that person paid 250 dollars for the advanced package and i received 200 and a half hundred hundred dollars. I mean it’s crazy, so i mean you guys can do this too and what i mean i’ll share some tips on how to get. You know how to get eyeballs on your offer, how to get people interested in what you have to offer, but for now i just want to i’ve got a lot to cover in this video, so just be with me, so yeah, here’s all these commissions from so These these little commissions here are what you see that that’s from the service fee.

So every time you know the bot wins a trade for one of the people on my team, then part of the then part of the service fees goes to well. That person keeps seventy percent of their profits right that the bot makes for them. Thirty percent goes to uh like to the company and to the members, so the thirty percent gets split. So this is part of what you’re that thirty percent that you’re seeing uh.

So this will add up. This will be huge over time guys. You know, as your team grows and as their profits and their accounts grow and they make more money um.

This will grow as well. So that’s just an incentive. Obviously, you don’t have to recruit people, because the bots is going to trade for you anyways, but i’m just saying guys it’s like if it’s working for you. Why? Wouldn’T you share it with someone so yeah package sales? Oh here we go yeah, as you can see.

Uh 12th of may so quite a gap there between the package, um upgrades, but i wasn’t expecting this anyways because i was expecting you know. People will first write the bot for free, which is fine, i’m doing it for free as well and then eventually, maybe upgrade. If they want to diversify, you know um uh, you know, have the bot trade more cryptos for you at a time. You know, but again i’ll explain that shortly.

Uh yeah matching bonus, not sure that works yet, but yeah. That’s that will come. I guess so yeah. I think that’s i did request a withdrawal.

I think we’ve got to withdraw no okay, but anyway so amount to be credited 200 usdt, that’s already in my binance wallet. Let me just show you guys the proof for that. So actually, what i did was i bought some xop with it.

So here’s the total almost 99 there. So that’s the proof of the trade that i did exchange you, the usdt, that i got from uh easybot. You know for xrp, so we are getting paid. You know when you do um make affiliate commissions and that with easybot you do get paid.

So no question about that um and there’s some other trades um, i’m going to go back all the way. Just to show you guys again, all the proof of the trades that easybot has been doing. I’Ve been trading, ethereum, classic, etc. Usdt um i’ve also been putting in my own trade, so we’ll be trading with the bot, but if the bot traded on it on its on its own guys with the default strategy, it would have done a lot better than than the setting that i had for The bot, because it was too aggressive, i didn’t – expect the market, the market crash.

So it’s just stuck with a default strategy, but anyways we live and we learn the trades do come back. You know. If the market drops, it does come back, it usually does come back so but yeah.

A lot of these are the bots, the trays that the bot put in made profits there. So obviously, yeah you’re, not gon na with the easy body you’re not gon na, be become a millionaire overnight. But you know over a span of a few months.

A few years like i said it will make money for you and your money is safe and sound. In your own binance account, let me just show you guys what my portfolio is down still down, obviously because the ethereum classic, so all these what’s nice is also when um when the bot trades it does spot trading, so it actually buys the actual coin. That you’re trading with so ethereum classic so even though my portfolio is done, i haven’t lost money. I just need to wait for my for ethereum classics to go back up for the bot to take profits and and obviously i’m going to take profit on my own positions that i’ve in as well and yeah boom.

Then we’ve made profit and you know it’s just again guys you have to be patient because the market fluctuates. But again you won’t really um have to huddle much with with the default strategy on the easybot. Just saying again, that’s why i say: join um that zoom call tonight and and get some some nice insights on other people’s accounts, and you know what’s how it’s how it’s operating, because i think it’s doing a great job. You know if i, if i look at other people’s accounts yeah, so here’s the xop abort exchange, the usd team was for uh.

What’s it xrp and i also have 540xp in a different wallet as well. So that’s some of my portfolio um. So i’m going to mention some of the packages now oh um, before i mention the packages, i’m going to show you guys something about luna that i forgot sorry.

I should have mentioned this when i talked about it. I’M changing changing changing subjects, but this is what happens: a black rock and citadel allegedly caused one of the largest crypto crash of the last years. The two investors allegedly borrowed 100 000 uh, 100k bitcoin, 100, 000.

Bitcoins sheesh from gemini saw 25 000 of the bitcoins into terra. Usd usd ust called that’s stable queen, which talked about called terra fund foundation, suggesting that that one want to sell a large chunk of btc for the ust and and hinted to buy them at a discount to avoid moving the market. Uh terra luna agreed to buy btc for ust at a discount, lowering its own ust liquidity and reserves significantly, which is obviously not a smart thing because yeah, as you guys know, terra luna is at zero. No but anyways after which blackrock and citadel dumped all ust and btc, causing massive slippage and triggering a cascade of force selling in both assets.

At the same time, this also triggered a cascade of withdrawals from another large crypto anchor protocol holding uh large quantities of luna. The withdrawals of morning anchor could repay triggering a further selloff in luna, thus further breaking the one dollar peg of uste to usd hashtag bitcoin, currently trading below 27, 000 um. Actually, it’s trading about 30.

Now it’s it’s bounced back quite significantly. Actually it’s going up, but yeah. This was at the time of writing. It was 27 um and uh and cannot be bought by black rock and citadel much cheaply.

They can repay their loan and pocket billions in difference. Meanwhile, over 300 billion dollars of long positions in stable and old queens were wiped out 300 billion dollars, guys hey yay and currently trading below twenty two twenty seven thousand dollars cannot be bought 300 yeah, 300 billion positions in stable coins and all coins wiped out luna Tumbled from 86 dollars was actually okay, the highest was 120, but still 86 dollars to 016. At the time of this writing in less than a week, so now it’s at zero guys literally has zero value. It’s been the listed delisted from finance, probably for pretty much from all of the exchanges.

So luna’s done crazy right to think that a crypto that legit crypto and whatever can do this, while black rock and citadel uh denied claims um, only the actions of very large institutional investors could trigger such a tumble by the two of the largest cryptocurrencies. This was pure market manipulation. It is surprising that the largest investors in the world and loud advocate for esg and ethical investment is allegedly behind such actions, ironica at which point trading and investing becomes market manipulation.

Yeah. That’s what i’m also wondering at which point um, because crypto is supposed to be decentralized. Um anyways is crypto investing supposed to align to esg standards, uh ethical.

What’s it again ethical anyways standards, or is it still considered no man’s land due to lack of regulations? Question mark yeah, exactly i’m telling you there was there’s a lot of shady stuff going on there with luna, but yeah. I feel for the guys who lost, but that’s one of those things guys it’s just you got to move on. That’s why i guess it’s best to diversify of a bunch of different cryptos, not just not just one um but yeah, it still sucks.

I mean yeah, it’s just it’s so unnecessary that that a few guys at the top decided to to screw everyone over, but yeah. Don’T worry guys, i believe, you’ll get all your bags back and more okay, that’s not the end. We’re only getting started so yeah again um. I did have this picture in a different video.

This is just the example of diversifying she can see um. This is the guy who signed me up. This is his account so that luna that money is basically gone. I don’t know what happens his profit is in usdt, so he probably kept that, but that’s that uh yeah.

So, oh for another one there luna new. You know usdt thousand dollars but yeah. Luckily he still has he didn’t put all his money into justin luna.

He diversified some xrp there tron so eventually you’ll make it back with all the other coins. So then, i’m just going to get to the packages because you know uh like, as you guys know, on the free package. Let me just go in here: okay, so for easy bot.

So on the free package you can trade up to two coins at the moment. There’s only one coin as far as i understand, but we eventually will we’ll be able to trade up to two coins, as you guys know, i’m trading with ethereum classic, while the bot is doing the trading. I do some of my own trades, but you know i didn’t really need to because the bot it’s supposed to do all the trading one click strategy, setup guides and tutorials as an affiliate trade on one exchange.

Um group support calls okay. So this is the big part, for me is what you get with. The bigger packages is the fact that you can trade with more coins at a time that you can diversify, but i’m just gon na i’m just going to mention this guys that if you don’t already know this, but i’m going to mention the fact that the only Time i would upgrade to a bigger package is when i have more than say at least more than two i would say two thousand dollars to trade with then i might think of uh upgrading to advanced package.

Why? Because i recommended look, you can trade with with a hundred dollars minimum. You know per coin, but it’s recommended based on. You know the strategy that muhammad the ceo set up um. It’s recommended that you trade 600 with each coin right to get the most out of it, especially in like, like a market crash like like this guys, um, you know that’s what the bot the bot is designed to for these market crashes as well, to make to Make sure that your portfolio is okay and that you’re still making profits you’re still coming out on top, even in the market crashes, that’s what it’s designed, but for it to perform at its best one coin, six hundred dollars minimum is recommended.

But again you can guys if you don’t have a lot of money, but you still wan na get started with this and you wan na build a network. You wan na also sign people up with us. Then, by all means you can start with as low as 100. We didn’t.

We did not get the bot to work with less than 100. I think i think the lowest was 89 but anyways. So yeah guys don’t just buy a package. If you don’t have a lot of capital to trade with make sure that that you have a lot of capital, i would even go as far as saying if you really want to use the advanced package.

For instance, at its best i would say, having six thousand dollars to trade with in your binance account right um, because it trades up to ten coins. So to take advantage of that, you need about six thousand dollars six hundred dollars per coin. You know. Do the math times ten there we go right, um one click strategy set up basically the same as the free package, except you can trade on up to two exchanges.

Um. You also get the professional marketing app all that the big thing is trading more coins. Having more bots um all right, so obviously on a vip package, not this! I would recommend only using when you have a 10 000 or more to trade with, but it’s up to you guys. Look if you want to buy package again, just just keep in mind.

This is annual you’re paying this annually for the packages right. So 250 dollars for the advanced package is annually so once you’re paying it once a year, you have to keep renewing it. Um, the the free package is forever, but you know these packages so once a year, payoff, um vip package thousand dollars right once that paid once a year. So again, i i would only say: go with the vip package.

If you have ten thousand dollars to trade with them all, oh and you’ll also notice. Okay, the software service fee, um that i talked about is less so you know for a free package. You keep 70 of the profits the bot makes for you, 30 and then the rest.

The 30 goes to the company and to the affiliates um that decreases. You know when you once you buy package same with advanced nvip, like 20 um goes to the company and and to the affiliates, and you keep 80 of the profit at the bot makes fee. So just a small little changes there, trade five exchanges simultaneously, uh.

Okay. I mean one exchange is good for me, but look some some guys like having crypto in different exchanges. I guess for more security, not that this exchanges these days are very secure, but again guys i mean still um, i guess uh. So this is perfect for experienced traders you get guides and tutorials training out that are private oneonone support calls, i think, that’s very valuable.

I mean that alone is worth um the money for this package. Really, i would, i would say, um because the team is amazing. On easybot, so one click strategy setup and as an affiliate.

Okay, so all that’s the same, so yeah, that’s what i’d say. I’D say for advanced least minimum two thousand dollars or more. You know trading capital. Every eip package, ten thousand dollars in more trading capital, at least depending to benefit from it, because again guys um to benefit from trading with so many coins and to benefit from the strategy as a whole.

But yeah you know for most people. The free free package is perfectly fine, even if you have a lot of capital, i mean you just want to before you consider buying a package. Try it try it out for free and see if the body is, if you’re happy with the profits the body’s making for you, then you can consider maybe upgrading eventually like talking about people that have a lot of capital. You know ten thousand dollars plus to trade with in the first place, so yeah and again guys the money that’s being traded with is is safe in your finance account and other exchanges will be added so yeah.

I think i think, in the future you know being able to trade with up to 10 coins or more is going to be highly beneficial, because you know like again going on this picture right. Sometimes you’ll make more money with dogecoin. Sometimes you’ll make more money with bitcoin cash. You know these coins a lot of times they move similarly, but not always the same, and if something happens to one coin like, like, i think um yeah, with luna, for instance, then at least you have there’s other coins to back you up.

You know, i don’t think i’ll, we’ll we’ll ever see or we’ll see something happen to a legitimate cryptocurrency like what happened to luna anytime soon again, i i don’t think. Maybe we might never see it again, because that was it’s just the first time i’ve seen it um happened to a listed coin. You know on binance and that and on you know respectable exchanges, but you know what can you do? It’s like.

I read the reason for it: it’s just it’s just crazy how they would allow that to happen in the first place, so yeah there’s always risk involved, but you know it’s. For me. A bigger risk is working for 40 years, maybe retiring.

If you’re lucky, that’s the. I mean you know you’re risking you’re, giving up your time for money. You know it should be.

The other way around you know. Giving up your money. Well would be great if you can’t actually give up your body for time but yeah, you know so so.

Yeah, okay, uh. What else do i want to cover? Let’s see if my just refresh that see if my portfolio is going up or down okay, 420, so the cryptos are moving up, which is a good sign, um yeah. So i think i covered quite a bit of stuff that i wanted to so yeah.

Diversifying guys, i think, in the long run. Uh with different coins is a really good thing because again, when one point one coin will perform well at certain times and and at some and and then at other times it won’t and then you but then you’ll get another coin that will back you up. They’Ll. Do well and then you know vice versa, just the markets fluctuate guys, so it’s good to diversify.

If you can, if you can’t well, you know just hang tight for a while. Let me just activate my bot again, not that i have i mean already bought xrp, but okay i’ll show you guys. Okay, you’ll notice, your zero profit, but i did show you guys some of the trades on the finance exchange itself. I reset my bots.

So that’s. Why it’s saying zero profits there, but it has made profit. So these are some of the trades and i i thought you know just um for interest sake this last buy it did. This was a sitting again i put in myself.

I thought there was a brilliant buy and then you know the market just went further um then i tried to put in different trades you’ll see a red, but i didn’t have enough in my account, because at the time i bought xrp – and you know my usdt – Was all used up so so yeah, but you know um, like i said, it’ll come back. It’s reach 20 up today, like people are gon na, buy up like crazy. Now guys, that’s why i don’t panic. That’s why i’m patient, so i say you have to take this over months and years um to see the full percent potential of what the easybot can do all right.

So i think what what else i don’t know what else do i want to cover? I covered the packages now you guys know all about the packages. You know what it’s for when you should buy. It um. I think for me in the future.

I’M definitely gon na at least get an advance package in the future um not too too long. From now you know if i’m, if all goes well um, so because i’d also like to diversify some of my crypto on there. But when i have like six thousand dollars worth of capital in my finance account, then i’ll maybe get the advance package and then more than that, eventually we’ll get we’ll go to the vip package. Because again it want to.

You want to be able to use it at its full potential. If you don’t have enough capital, you can’t use packages at their full potential. You know, there’s no point so so yeah.

What’s nice again is try it out for free and see okay but um last thing: um, oh yeah! I just want to update you guys. I thought i’d i’ll. Just do you know this video and even just refresh this and see if it’s more um crtps on day 28 yeah. So usually i do these videos separately.

You know crtps easybot, but so that i’ll just join all these videos. So this is a high risk platform. Easybod is low to no well, so there’s no risk involved is risk involved um, because you know you still you’re the bot still trading crypto, but it’s low risk because your money, no one, can run a run off with your money. You know, even if easybot were to disappear overnight, um all your funds would be would still be in your binance account right, like i always say, um, including your profits, your initial and the profits the bot made for you would still be in your finance, account um And if there were still trades remaining that the bot had in before it say collapsed, just saying then um you would just have to close them off manually and it’s it’s so easy to do that so uh yeah.

So that’s if worst case scenario happens, which i don’t think will happen to easybot, because it’s a really solid company and all that. But you know um stranger things have happened, but i’m just saying your funds are safe for the easy bot. That’s why it’s low to no risk um cotps is high risk, even though there are actual arbitrage trades, that’s been verified on a different video just go in there.

I think it’s day, 17 uh this one. I think um i’ll go through a lot of stuff about the company and that and the actual trades for me as long as these trades going on, then i’m happy you know because then it’s as far as i’m concerned, it’s a legit operation, um! It’s it’s over! The counter trading, so you can, you can actually, if you go to binance, peertopeer you’ll, see the trades going on anyways. But again this is just a progress. Video, you guys can check legitimacy and all that in on it on date, on the day 17, video, so yeah.

What i want to mention guys, if, if you started the day, i started so this is day 28. Now i started with 358 dollars. I added some money in total. I’Ve got 700 still 763 of my own money in um, but i’ve more than doubled my money, including the money i added um.

So if, if, if obviously i’m just saying i’m not being this, i’m not saying this to be condescending or funny or any anything. I know this is again it’s i said from the beginning. This is high risk, so never invest more than what you’re willing to lose, but um, you know if you decided to to jump in the platform like i did 28 days ago. You’D have more than double your money right now.

You know assuming that that you clicked every two hours and 10 minutes or you had the script bot that clicks for you, script, bot’s free guys, don’t worry about it! Um it’ll click for you every two hours and 10 minutes that you don’t have to click and lose sleep, but any case yeah you’d, be you. You’D have doubled your money more than doubled your money and um you. You have your initial out by now right. So once your initial investment is out, then you’re playing with house money, then the rest of that money can grow like i’ll use an example.

So i’m going to withdraw my initial investment because you guys are probably wondering: when am i going to do that once my account gets to two thousand dollars yeah, hopefully uh because nothing’s guaranteed but yeah. You know uh to 2000 um, usdt and then i’ll take out a thousand usdt. Then then, taking out a thousand i would have.

Then i have my 763 dollars back right, plus um. I’Ve made what 237 dollars profit. So then, as far as i’m concerned, it’s been a successful journey so far. Obviously i’d love to make more money with it, but you know then at least the stress is gone of you know.

Can you potentially lose your initials? So that’s what i always say guys is get your initial out as quickly as possible. I think you double your money in about 22 days, so get it out and then let the rest of the money go. Okay, because there’s no guarantees. Even though this platform there are trades going on and that there’s again, your money is in someone else’s wallet guys, so you know um so yeah.

I think that’s as that, you know the progress. Progress has been good um getting the initial out when you get to 2000, then i’m probably gon na. I don’t know, then i can let it run like crazy.

I think then, i’m thinking thousand to ten thousand but we’ll see and then take up five thousand and then i’ll just keep working out a pay plan again guys take your profits along the way uh. I don’t know how many of my team members have made. The initial back yet, but you know, if you have guys again, like i said, get your initial out: let the restaurant okay, but again you can only start with nine bucks.

You know if you’re really scared of losing money then, but you still want to get involved. Then you know – and this isn’t financial advice – guys it’s just uh. You know it’s just my opinion. It’s all it is whatever you do with it.

It’s up to you, but yeah. You can start with nine dollars. You know if you still want to get involved.

You don’t want to lose a lot of money and see yes, if it’s the platform, while domain was registered in 2019 um, i’m not sure when they released the platform to the public, but they’ve been trading at least privately for about three years were born in three Years, um, as far as i know, uh, so i i think i released this platform to the public last year, but the domain has been around since 2019, but again i’ll go over this in day 17. Video guys so – and there are some guys with really big accounts, doing bigger draws with no issues like this guy yeah. This is the biggest account. This was in the platform before it was um.

You know rebooted so about two months ago. Okay, it’s because the gun i’ve seen this is a guy. Recently um. As you can see, the platform looks different, now, 24 million.

So these are the two biggest accounts. I’Ve seen and then there’s a bunch of 500 000 plus accounts. I’Ve seen on youtube and one of my mentors he’s approaching a million dollars now, so you know good, it’s awesome, i’m really happy for his part um. So yeah i mean imagine if you started with nine dollars three years ago.

That would be ridiculous. I mean with the you’re getting like between three and three point: six percent a day, if the you know, obviously a descript bot clicking for you’ll be two hours and 10 minutes getting all those orders in uh. Let me just show you guys just again: if you want to see it like always show you guys is obviously all the deposits um. So i started with 358 on the second of of may um.

It wasn’t too long ago, uh added 114, that i got from another platform and two and then another 292 days after so that adds up to uh 763, more or less right, so yeah that’s more than doubled, and i can take it off now. If i want, but i mean i’m going to take a chance and let it let it go up until 2000 and then leave a thousand in that’s that’s my goal. So yeah guys, i think that’s that’s the progress, video um.

What else is there to show i’ve gone through easy bot? I’Ve done a lot of it’s a lot of stuff about that and uh yeah. I think i think that’s that mainly um, it’s just getting so guys again uh. I will i’ll link the well all the links are below for the telegram easy by telegram groups and all that so including the zoom, the zoom call link. So you know, if you click on the zoom call link it.

Will you know once the meeting starts? It will take you straight to the meeting um. It’s just check just check below my videos, guys, along with my signup links for crtps easybot. It’s all there guys so, but if you have, if you’re having any issues, feel free to reach out to me on whatsapp, um and plus yeah or comment below, and hopefully i’ll get back to you as soon as possible, all right.

So i think, that’s that, for this video, it’s great updating you guys on the happenings on the crypto wall. It’s it’s crazy. It’s cryptos are the bargain cell right now.

You know when everyone’s fearful uh, you got to go for it, but anyways guys, yeah thanks as as usual thanks for watching and have a good one guys cheers

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