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Uh, let’s talk about some things that are happening that are creating some questions or challenges for our users, and i want to just address those so we’ve had in the last 24 hours. A lot of feedback about bots are stopping and they’re going inactive, and so i want you, i want to reassure everybody that we’re aware of it. The team is uh looking into it as we speak, we’re not entirely clear just yet on exactly where that’s initiated from we aren’t seeing any ever so for the for the most part.

Eazy Bot Stop Working Binance

When we’re seeing those issues uh from for those of you who have experienced it, we’re not seeing it come across as an error, which means that it’s not an issue. Generally speaking, it’s not an issue with the bot uh and it’s not an issue, but we don’t know so i don’t want to say what it’s not. What i want to say to you is that the team’s working on it as we speak to identify address it.

Sometimes, with finance historically with finance, they have made changes to their api and those changes happen and can cause disconnects and those kinds of things again. We don’t know at this point, but we do what we do. What we, what we do know is that we’re working on it we’ll get it resolved and all you’ve got to do.

If you do see that happening is go back in. If you go into the bottom, you hit, you see the settings icon or the gear icon, click on that gear, icon, it’ll! Take you back into the settings page, just change it from inactive to active and hit save and that’ll get it running again. We apologize for the inconvenience we know it’s kind of a a little bit of an annoyance and a headache, we’re going to get all of that dialed in and we’ll get it resolved as soon as we have it locked down.

We will announce that so i’m going to ask you guys, please be patient. I know there’s probably a lot of questions around it. The simple answer at this point is we’re doing our best to get it handled in the meantime, uh you should be able to just go back in and hit the uh change it from inactive to active. Now there are some situations where maybe you are seeing an error message and you’re, seeing an insufficient funds notice or something along those lines.

It says insufficient funds and there is a big red line. Well, every single one of those situations that i’ve seen has been one of three things and it’s all related to uh the need to have bnb in your wallet in binance and to have bmv enabled for use for paying trade fees every single one of them. I have not come across a single situation where, where it did not involve bnb, so let me walk you through a couple of things b b is important because it is how easy bot, as of today, is programmed to pay trade fees consistent. The most consistent experience happens that way now it can pay trade fees out of the currency pair, that’s being traded.

So let’s talk about what this means for those of you who are new to crypto and new to trading, maybe every time that a trade is initiated, meaning a position is bought and its trade is closed, meaning we’re selling that position. There are trade fees that get paid to the exchange, that’s how binance makes money so they’re small small fees, but they make a lot of them because there are a lot of trades happening. Of course, when you’re running an algorithmic software like easybot uh, that’s doing trades across tens of thousands hundreds of thousands of bots, there are a lot of these that finance collects now.

Finance would also love to promote their own token. Their own coin is called bmb, and so they give you the user a discount when you pay trade fees with their coin and that’s part of how they’ve grown uh, b and b to be the number three largest coin by market cap in the last couple of Years so there’s a 25 discount you get to save on fees, so easy bot is programmed to work most stable when you have bnb in your wallet and you’re, using it to pay fees on your trades. So the couple of things that you need to know is number one obviously have bnb in your wallet, but you need to have it in your wallet before you start to trade.

So we’ve come across situations where we’ve got users that have started trades and then they remembered or they were informed. You need to have b b and so they’ve gone in and added it after the fact. Well, if the trade is started and there’s no b b in the trade, then easy bots, looking at that trade and looking to pull the fees out of the currency pair so, for example, uh we you’ve bought. You know 01 of of xrp as an example and easybot needs to pay a fee for that buy, and it comes out of that pier so instead of 01.

Excuse me instead of 01 uh xrp, you now have 0099 xrp, because the trade fee is 01 percent. With uh without bnb and it’s point – zero five, seven five percent with it. So now you instead of the point one that easybot bought on your behalf in this trade.

There’s point nine nine of this xrp when it goes to sell easybot’s looking to sell 01 xrp. But it’s not there anymore, it’s only 099 and that’s what causes the error so right now again, if you start a trade and there’s no bnb, it’s going to want to close the trade without bnb as the as the uh as the way to pay fees. The short story here is make sure you have it in you. You’Ve got bnb set up before you start to trade, and there is also a switch that you you’re going to want to make sure that it’s activated and that is to actually pay b b fees.

Uh, excuse me to pay trade fees using bnb to get there. You go to your dashboard, it’s the person icon and then you’re going to go down to your dashboard and then scroll down a little bit on your dashboard and from there uh you’re, just going to click the button to turn on your fees. In fact, let me, while we’re talking about it, i think it’s important enough that i grab that link and let’s show it to you real, quick, david um.

Let me show them my back office too, on the trading, because you went over something and i think it’d be good for them to see it visually on how to reactivate uh the bot to get that bot work. Okay, so let me uh hang on. Let me let me finish here and then we’ll jump in okay, great i’ll, get that ready all right. So here’s a link, it’s we’ll drop it in the chat for you guys how to use bnb to pay fees and earning 25 discount.

This walks you, through the steps that you need to take in order to make sure that it’s set up so scroll down here, just a little bit and the profile icon that i mentioned to you a moment ago when you’re in binance. It’s up here now. Of course, this is the desktop view if you’re on mobile, that person, icon or profile icon is in the top left corner, and so when you hit that profile icon on mobile, if i’m not mistaken, there’s a yellow, hyperlink off to the right a little bit, not Too far down and you’re going to click right there it’ll take you right to where we’re going to go next, once you click on the dashboard, you scroll down right below this area right here and you’re, going to see something that says your trading fee level.

How to Get Eazybot Working Again

Click on trading fees and it’ll take you here and you’re going to want to make sure a spot trading fee looks like this using bnb deduction. You want to make sure that’s turned on. So those are your steps before you get started trading. If you do that, then all good there it’ll avoid you seeing some of those error messages, error messages that you might have seen uh with insufficient funds.

So those are those are two of the issues uh as it pertains to what may cause easybot to stop trading. One of them is something totally within your control. That’s pertaining to, b and b the other one right now we’re getting dialed in and we’ll get a fix in place for that. So coach is going to show you he’s going to walk you through how, if you have a bot that has stopped and it’s been trading and you see it go from active to inactive uh coach is going to show you that super super simple, very easy.

Just to get it started trading again and then we’ll jump back in and we’ve got a couple more things to talk about: okay, uh, guys, um trust me when i tell you this. This process is so much easier than what we experienced in the past. There were glitches in that program as well, but when it would go off, we wouldn’t even know it, because we couldn’t tell by looking we’d, have to actually go in to our our tokens and then look through uh to find a certain uh um activation button.

We had to look for several different things. Sometimes we had to go through all the parameters and reset them with um this. This is because of the migration of the software that we’re seeing a few of these issues come in, but it’s a super easy fix.

Now, if you go into your bots you’re gon na see it’s gon na show zeros right now. This is gon na be changed. It’s not going to show the 24 hour um past uh historical data for each coin, uh that this is um the 24 hour uh historical data that the coin has done, whether it’s gone up or down in the last 24 hours.

I don’t know if you understand that or not it’s okay, you don’t have to you. Don’T have to be a traitor to understand this. What is going to go here, though, and i talked to muhammad about this today – we could bring him out and if he is on, the call is the percentage of profit that you’ve made since uh you, you started using the bot, and you could see here.

People say well: what kind of percentage could i get a day? Well, it’s! This is real trading. This isn’t something fake guys that they’re promising you 15 19 daily. You could see uh xrp, which i think is going to blow up, isn’t isn’t doing as much as these other uh coins.

But if you notice here you see where it says that where these red x’s are, that means the bot has uh uh, moved you to an inactive position and i’m going to show you it’s real simple. All you got to do is click here. Click right on the um on the um, the coin at the bottom, i’m going to show you a couple times. I i did this uh and um.

It’s doing the same thing on mine, as is yours. It goes to inactive. We don’t know why we’re gon na figure this out. This is a programming issue or a uh uh exchange issue, we’ll figure it out.

All you got ta do is go back and hit active and then you come in and um this will go away as well. That’s uh: it’s something that um the programmers will get that fixed right away, that little uh popup window. That came up, but you can see it’s green again. It’s that easy! So we’re gon na go to xmr now and same thing.

You’re gon na go over to this settings gear right here. You click on the settings, gear and you’ll see its status, is in active and we’re going to go ahead and save that and that’s how easy it is guys. Now, if i could do it, anybody can do it. Okay, i’m sometimes uh computer challenged, let’s say and but um it’s really easy.

How we set this up for you guys, okay, david, come on back in yeah. So can i say yeah one more thing: uh guys! Um peter and breezy have been working nonstop in the support calls, and i just wanted to thank them personally for their for their efforts and how they’re serving the community. If you’re, a national director uh part of your responsibility is to do one support call a week, and so i will be reaching out to you this week, because we’re gon na um lift up the arms of and support peter and breezy.

So i will be reaching out to you if you’re national, director and we’ll get a uh live support system going, hopefully we’ll have it going eight to ten hours a day without breezy and peter being on all those calls. Okay, so uh david come on back in all right, um got it. Yes, the call is being recorded uh. There is one other thing that i wanted to jump into that i i think i saw a pass through in the chat, and that might be that your bot has never started trading, and so, if that’s the case generally speaking, there is one thing that you missed In the setup – and i want to show it to you – uh all right, so what you might have missed is this important step when you’re connecting your api to binance.

There is a button here right now. It says save it will say. I believe it says edit restrictions you’re going to want to click on that, and then you want to make sure you come down here and click on enable spot and margin trading all right. So if you do not enable spot and margin trading, it’s not going to be able to trade for you.

The api will not be able to execute trades. So if you’ve set up easybot, you think it’s all it’s all connected and it’s still not taking initial trade positions getting started going more than likely. You missed this step so make sure you go back now.

Here’s the thing you won’t be able to go back in and enable it. I don’t believe i could be wrong. Somebody can correct me here, but uh you can always always always just create a new api worst case scenario. You can always delete an api, create a new one.

Add that new api, if you’ve done it once you can do it again, just add a new api and connect it to easybot and just make sure that that one has you enabled. So that could be another issue that you guys uh should be aware of and if you’re not seeing your bots start trading, it could be that all right, so i’m going to pause for just a moment acknowledge. I know there’s a lot of folks that have joined us since we started the call, and we talked about a couple of different things at the beginning of the call i want to acknowledge uh, all of you who are here with us.

Eazy bot Trading | Easybot Update

We want to thank you for your support, your participation, every single one of you who has chosen to use easybot to trade crypto for you. We appreciate you every single one of you who has chosen to share easybot with others. We thank you and we appreciate you. We appreciate your support.

Easybot was started to provide a solution to a problem and we’ll continue to contin, we’ll continue to improve this solution so that it is as easy as can be we’re in the startup phase right now and the biggest challenge that we have. As a startup is that we are growing exponentially faster than we anticipated, and so it means that we’ve got to keep up with that growth. One of the things that we’ve had to do in keeping up with that growth is we’ve had to expand our server capacity. Our ability for easybot to still perform what we demand of easybot from the corporate side and from muhammad’s side is that easybot’s looking at the market every single second and it is looking at the market to make a decision about buying or selling on your behalf.

I just think about it guys as we continue to scale and we’ve got thousands and tens of thousands and really we anticipate millions of bots running within the next 12 to 18 months uh. That is our roadmap, and that is what we’re preparing for. We that’s a lot of demand, and so we want to.

We are moving right now, uh in a in in in a position to put ourselves in a position where we can support that level of growth. Wasn’T something that we had planned for this early on, but we’ve had to take on that initiative and our chief uh senior engineer and uh and uh developer has spent 70 percent of his time in the last week in preparing for this migration. So some of the time and attention that we might have had with him on other things that are that, according to the project, uh we’ve had to we’ve got to reallocate his time and attention into getting our uh our server migrated.

So i we again i’d stop and i want to pause and acknowledge guys that we know that there’s a little bit of turbulence for some users. We know most of our users are happy having great experiences, and so we want to acknowledge those that are having less than great experiences want to acknowledge that it’s happening. We’re aware of it we’re doing everything in our power we can to resolve it.

We’re showing up on support calls we put together a support system, a knowledge base, i’m going to go back through that before the end of the call for those of you who might have missed it, and so we’re going to continue to layer on uh, bigger, better Pieces make all of this experience that you’re having uh the best possible experience. I want you to know that the worst possible experience that you’re going to have with easybox the one that you’re having now. We only get better from here we’re a company in launch phase and we’re launching uh at in massive massive scale, we’re doing our best to keep up and actually get ahead of it so that uh, the experience that you have exceeds your expectations so acknowledging that we’re Not quite there yet, but we definitely are on our way, so we appreciate your patience.

Thank you for showing up on this call. These calls are important because it gives you an opportunity to learn firsthand ask questions. Take that information back to those that you are connected to, and especially those that you’re introducing so one other really important initiative. We’Ve talked about some of the some issues with bots stopping we’ve talked about our support system.

Uh again, let me jump in actually i’ll come back to that at the end of our call one of the other things. That’s that’s on the roadmap that i know is important to a lot of users. A lot of you on the call is coinbase. We’Ve got another exchange uh that we’ve been promising you guys, especially for our us users and uh coinbase, is coming.

It is a little bit more challenging than uh. Then i shouldn’t say than we anticipated. However, we had to juggle what i just told you, which is a server migration, where our chief programmer is spending a lot of time in order to be able to support everybody and he’s also got the responsibility of overseeing the coinbase integration.

So there’s just a lot happening at the same time. Coinbase does not provide the level of support that say: binance did and documentation and so forth. None of that is anybody’s problem, we’re working through it as fast as we possibly can to make sure that it comes online. So what we are doing what’s happening in the next couple of days is we are bringing our national directors that uh that have access that will be using coinbase.

Our national directors will start using coinbase here in the next couple days. We’re gon na we’re gon na launch that with them just to again test our ability to scale any potential issues, we want to be able to see it and identify in a small group before we launch it to tens of thousands of users. So it’s right around the corner. Muhammad’s been testing successfully for the last couple of weeks.

Getting some things dialed in one of the things that we’re excited to offer you in coinbase is the ability to trade against usdt usdc and usd so a lot of options there. For you for uh, for our coinbase users, uh also a lot means that there’s a lot to program and a lot to understand, and so all of that’s got to get dialed in so national director’s coming online. In a couple of days, which then means that for everybody else, who’s waiting for coinbase you’re coming on next, hey coach, you actually raised your hand brother. You can come in here any time i know, but i didn’t want to interrupt you.

Uh muhammad is uh with us right now. Why don’t we let him come in and explain that and uh see how close we are. Muhammad.

Are you here, brother? You know what we might have to make there. We go yeah awesome! Yeah! Thank you david. Thank you. Coach for uh hosting this call uh, yes, uh coinbase is right around the corner, but we just i just want to make sure that it’s working properly for everyone on big scale before we launch it to everyone, because my main concern is to have the product, the The core of the company, the product to be working as perfect as it should be so uh, it’s just a couple of days of testing and then we have it available for everyone.

We are planning actually to to release it for the national directors, maybe by uh. Tomorrow or the day after maximum so that they will be trading for two days uh, then we launch it. This is the plan. If anything happened in between we’ll keep you guys updated.

But this is our plan to let the national directors at least a group of 20 or 30 people, uh trade. Before the majority of the people jumps in. If everything is stable and working properly, then we launch it to you to everyone.

We apologize for the delay, but we wanted just to make sure that it’s it’s actually as good as as it should be awesome. Thank you, brother, okay, mohammed, while you’re here uh the next thing that we wanted to touch on and i’d love for you to speak to this is our withdrawals. So, yes, we had a withdrawal process. We had to put a pause button on.

Do you want to speak to that real, quick sure? This is very important. Actually, the most process that i enjoy is paying out, but unfortunately i had to stop it because of we had some some people attending to uh to to they wanted to withdraw more than what they have in their balance and due to the changes that we were Doing at the back end limiting the withdrawal to 999 per withdrawal. So this have overcame the the kind of security that we had to the number of uh to the that compares the amount that wanted to be withdrawal to the amount that they have in the wallet. So we have seen couple of people trying to withdraw like they had less than one thousand in their wallet and they’re withdrawing ten thousand.

So i had to post everything so that the company is not going to be losing uh a lot of money uh. We have already processed 70 plus uh withdrawal request. Now we have pending around 200 205 withdrawals uh.

We got the full reports now from the developers we’re just comparing and investigating within the next 48 hours, maximum, all depending withdrawals are going to be either paid or rejected rejected, basically because of the reason that they have withdrawn more than what they have in the world Paid out is going to be just for the people who have a genuine with troubles, we’re going to process that i will try our best to do it within the next 24 hours. But maximum is 48 hours and everything is going to be paid out and we’re going to open the git again for people to start withdrawing money. So muhammad don’t go anywhere.

I want to say something and coach. Also. I want to say something that uh. That brings us back to some something that we talk about.

That’s really important, that’s happening right now and that is founders club, and you know these are the kinds of things like you know, muhammad, as the ceo of the company is spending his time. You know overseeing withdrawals, he’s going through this manual process of withdrawals. It’s an auditing process that helps make sure that the system is working, but at the same time, what it means is that there’s a little bit more friction than what we would like as a company for you as the user.

To experience part of the reason that founders club is such a powerful balance for both the company and for you, the user, especially if you’re taking advantage of it and pursuing it, is that it rewards everybody. That’s here right now participating with us with an opportunity in exchange for some of these things that aren’t quite dialed in just yet six months from now guys. All of this has worked out.

It’s automated! It’s the most beautiful experience in the world today, as a company in launch at scale explosively growing, uh, there’s a lot that we’re doing manually and we’ve got the ceo of the company. Looking at some of these things in detail with all of the other things that he’s got to have he’s got to do to make sure that there’s integrity behind our processes, so founders club. How does that relate? It relates in that there is a huge, huge, huge opportunity that easybot’s willing to share with you again it’s kind of a big thank you for those of you who are helping us to grow. It’s a lot of reason why we’re experiencing exponential growth, and so we want to encourage you guys, take advantage of the founders club.

It’s our thank you for uh being patient with us. While we grow and then understand – and on the other side of this, we get it fixed very quickly. Uh we get things dialed in very quickly. Get the automations turned on and uh five percent of uh sharing one sharing, one of one thousand of five percent of easybot’s total revenue, i think, will become retirement income for some of you guys down the road.

Let me just add this to this uh david uh. Just hitting on the founders club uh, basically, the founders club are people who have believed in us, even though we’re still not perfect yet because we’re dealing with the software and it’s a new software, any software in this world go through steps and through the these kind Of challenges uh, if some of you have already worked in the iit industry – and we knew that it’s going to happen so the the the people who are going to be found the club. Basically, some people have joined right now at this challenging stage where we have these small glitches here and there.

But this we are solving it as we go, as david rightly said. Maybe in six months from now everything is going to be perfect, but as we go we’re going to do things manually, if we have to do things manual, we will do it manually. We get things moving and get the people on trading uh in terms of the bot itself.

It’s working perfectly. We will not compromise on that, on. Whatever reason is because this is our product, that’s what we are selling to the users.

What we’re giving to the users is the bot anything around that we’re working around tightening the things making sure that things are working properly. The compensation plan, the withdrawals all of these around it is going to be perfect in in in some time. So, thank you for the patience and being able to build even within this environment is, i think the founders club deserve to have this five percent uh paid out because they’re helping us grow with within this uh situations that we’re in which is normal. I believe this situation is normal, but we wanted to jump into the market in in advance without before, having like everything perfect, because if we had to wait to make everything perfect, then we will wait for another one here, or maybe six months at least so we Wanted to to jump in and give whatever we have and uh uh.

Let’s say i give rewards to the people who are going to stick with us and help us during this this time, and i believe right now we’re going we’re growing much more than what we we anticipated uh. We are almost 25 000 people right now. We have 25 000 registered users in in just a matter of four months or one month and two weeks, i’m not sure what exactly the time is. But but this is, this is big guys and we wanted just to make sure that we’re providing the same kind of service to each and every one of these users uh and we’re pushing everything to move forward and again.

Thank you. Thank you very much for being patient uh. We know that we’re running through some uh issues, some technical issues that were on top of uh, but all are going to be resolved very soon, but what i can assure you, the bot itself is working perfectly. There are no issues, it’s as good as it should be.

Also when we get once we get the the uh, the coinbase is going to be working properly as well. Coach, yes, uh muhammad back to the um founders club, though there are questions on how somebody’s going to know that they have qualified for the founders club and how soon we’re going to have uh that um those numbers up and maybe even the names of who’s qualified Back there, i don’t know if we could put the names just because it is maybe we can put the first name and last uh and their uh uh initial, the last name, however, but um. They want to know how uh, when they’re, going to know if they qualified or not and how many people have qualified. So how soon will we have that done for him to begin to uh, look in the back office and see that can i can i speak to that real quick.

Let me just share something before you. You do what david uh right now, what i can share with you is the total number of users that we have and the total vip members that we have the total uh advanced packages right now, as i checked like a couple of hours back, the total number Of vip users that we have is around two hundred shares somewhere here, it’s 224 vip users uh the advanced packages are 915. That was like two hours back so uh.

It looks like approximately maybe not more than 100 or 150 people got qualified, but we still have to to run that algorithm in the back end just to to to show the people in their back office how many people have qualified and if you are qualified you Should have that as people yeah well the other side of that, just let everybody know we have to have 13 000 paid users uh for that to be filled. You have to have a thousand vip members and 12 000 advanced members, so we are still um. You know we’re not close to that yet guys, so there’s still plenty of room to qualify for the vip. Now.

That said, how long do you think it’ll take us to get that up on our um, our um david dashboard handling that with the developers part this? This falls in this falls in the purview of you know. There’s there’s there’s all of these things that are important and we’ve got to prioritize. You know what the team is focused on and so at the at. The very highest level of importance is making sure the bot works and making sure the platform is secure right.

So we’ve got to make sure that that the bot functions the way that we expect it to function and then, as we scale, we’ve got to make sure that you know all the user information is secure and all of those things that have you know that that Come in the purview of security uh, so those are huge priorities and they’re huge undertakings and they require a lot of attention and energy. So the reason why we haven’t published uh the founders club is that there’s new programming that has to be done. It sounds simple enough, but there is an algorithm that was programmed to read all of the users that were qualified now think about what that means.

Right, we’ve got you’ve got to be vip. You’Ve got to have three people direct to you. You’Ve got to have those three people that have a structure underneath them and they all have to then be trading uh at least 600 dollars in in a bot like that’s, programmed ready to go, and then we went back to the development development team when we made The announcement that we’re going to remove the trading requirement and said, oh by the way uh we need to.

We need all of this reprogram to remove that requirement. And that might sound simple enough, and maybe it is, but it then has to be done and fit into this into the uh into the the workload of the team. So that is the only reason why it hasn’t been published is that it just has to be reprogrammed for that new report for that new uh set of requirements and as soon as we can get that in front of them, then uh we’ll get that published. So probably next week uh they’ve been they started working on it last couple days, then we started having some uh some support issues that we have to put in front of them and, of course, support is very important.

We want to make sure our users are having a great experience, so that’s the only reason that we, you guys, haven’t seen it published yet muhammad. I just gave you guys a sense of where we are. However, in perspective i want to say this is that you know a lot of folk number one.

We don’t have people trading on coinbase. There are folks that are just now getting in as free users, and there are a lot of people that are on the sidelines. Waiting to see what happens, you know, does the bot work does it perform? You know what is the experience that users are having, and so we know we have huge teams or big leaders that are bringing in huge teams, and so don’t allow that number to set an expectation for you that it’s going to take a long time, because we Do still believe that, as we get things rolling and things start, things start going very quickly, those numbers in founders club will go away so make sure that you’re doing your part to secure your spot and to bring those in who are also securing their spot.

Um. All right, okay, so if i can, if go ahead, i was going to just recap: guys um the bots working. That’s the number one thing number, two, all of the um software challenges that we have. Our dev team told us from the very beginning uh we had to be using it really unless we wanted to wait six months, use it to find these glitches and then they’ll fix them, they’re working on it from what i understand we just brought on another uh Programmer fulltime number three um.

What i wanted to share with you guys about the founders club. Don’T wait go out and do it now, because there’s still room if you wait, you’re gon na you’re gon na you might miss it. I’M not gon na, say you’re going to for sure, but you might miss it.

Just go out there and and work this guys um. You guys have heard my story about my buddy who ray kroc personally pitched for the detroit area, the mcdonald’s franchise. They were going to give it to him for 50 grand and he looked at his business partner.

He said, if you do this you’re the biggest idiot i’ve ever met 40 years later he’s sitting across the table from me. He said ken. The only idiot in that room was me: okay, guys! Listen don’t be that guy that 40 years from now you sit across the table and say well, these guys didn’t seem like they had their act together. We do.

We are working this consistently to make this thing a smooth running machine right now, yeah, there’s a few hiccups, we’re brand new we just launched yesterday, don’t be that guy! I’M telling you right now. If you will just put your head down and say: okay, these guys are working their rear ends off. They are transparent, they’re on the calls they’re showing their faces because they’re showing it because they’re it’s real guys.

We got something that’s going to change this space, so just be patient and i’m thankful for every one of you that have been uh. There is one thing in the chat that i did want to address and i’m gon na turn it right back to you and that is um uh that uh popup window is coming back up. I just noticed it just now that says you don’t have enough uh.

You know enough um usdt uh to do this um. We have somebody she says she has 600 allocated in that coin. As recommended and um, it said that she didn’t have balance yeah.

That was me ken yeah, so um we just wan na there’s little things that the you know the migration is gon na uh. These things are gon na come up that popup window was coming up before they fixed it. They’Ll fix it again: okay, awesome and back to you, david yeah, uh coach.

I’M glad you said that, because the the last thing i wanted to round out the the call with here today is uh just an appreciation for the fact that you’re you’re you’re dealing with a company that is willing to show up and acknowledge uh answer. You know answer questions you’re, looking at the ceo and founder of the company sitting at his desk in his office, uh in dubai, and he’s here to answer questions to take ownership of the experience uh, both good and bad we’ve had amazing experiences. We have exponential growth.

We had an amazing prelaunch event: uh things have things are going phenomenally well for absolutely most of what we’re doing and then there’s a small percentage that creates some friction and some disappointing experiences and we’re here to own all of it and we’re here to work through It and make sure that it gets better and better and better, and so again i think that’s that can’t be understated, especially in the world of crypto uh. There are very, very very few projects or companies or opportunities in crypto, where you’ll sit down and and the owner and the executive team of the of the project will sit and talk to you and take ownership of the entire experience. So appreciate that i appreciate all of you guys on this journey with us.

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