Eazybot VS Royal Q Which is better? | Royal Q VS Eazybot Comparison

Are you tired of being scammed out of your money with easybot? That’s simply not possible. Here your money is safe and secure in your own account at all times, and the best part is it’s free to get started so do so in the link down below fill in an application. I’Ll get right back to you. Another uh trading bot called roll queue and this is easybot and then you might be getting questions hey.

Eazybot VS Royal Q

What is the difference? Why should i do one rather than the other, and this is something that you guys uh have have to take a look at you. You can weigh the code the pros and cons in this year presentation and make your decision. So if you look at funds in your control, meaning that the funds are safely secure in your own account, rule queue is about, is the same base.

Currency usd usdt same crypto exchanges, rule q has binance hope being coinbase coinbase uh easybond has binance in coinbase right now, but we’ll add will be kraken and ftx and there’s more uh more of that coming as time progresses. The trading strategy used is the cost averaging and spot trading, and here you have cost averaging and scope trading, and this uh. The difference here is that when there’s a bigger market swing, you had something called a market loss when the value of the coins you’re traded with uh goes down in value, and it looks like you have from the time the purchase price to the price. It is now there’s a discrepancy, so if you were to sell that coin in that particular time you would have made a loss right.

Easybot has a solution for that with the scalp trading right, so uh does work. You have a market crash correction uh. No, they do not that’s why people after the market has gone down a lot. People get quote unquote, stuck where they have to wait for the market to swing back up again in order to generate profits, but with easy bot.

They have a market crash correction in place, so is there all the compounding with royal cue? No, you can do it manually, meaning that when you make profit, you have to manually put in a new trading amount for a higher buyin amount, the next time. This is done, um automatically, with easybot uh. Coins that are supported to trade, with royal cue has up to 52 from 8 to 52, and instabot has 10 to 21, currently spot trading, and they have uh spot trading, both of them social copy trading uh.

So this is something that role q has, which means that these basically people inside the community can create their own strategies, and then you can connect to that strategy. But what happens there is that it it’s. They think that it adds a layer of complexity right to where how which which trader to choose how to set everything up like um and they’re, also uh. What i understand, what they’ve shared with me there’s a way for you to inflate the percentages that you have earned right.

So if you’re trading, with a if you’re a social trader on royal cue, for instance, and you’re trading with a smaller amount, and then you make big gains on that small amount, the the percentage that you have then earned looks bigger in comparison. So it’s possible to kind of inflate the percentages that you have, that you have earned in order to get more users to connect to you so with easybot. You have a master strategy made by you, know mohammed, the founder of the company, that everyone connects to unless you’re an experienced trader, and then you can set your own strategy so usdt per coin. What is suggested so uh in rollquits is suggested start somewhere between 250 to 1000 usd uh per coin.

You trade with just to handle the market fluctuations in uh is easy, but it’s somewhere between 250 to 600. So there is no free version. Software in world q, but there is with easy bot which makes it so so so much easier to duplicate to duplicate right. You can just share it.

Hey i have this great uh cryptobot. All you have to do is try it out. Let the results speak for themselves is free to start trading.

Performance fee is 20 and on the easy bot it’s 20 for the paid version and 30 uh for the uh for the free version. So there’s an annual fee of one hundred dollars with you uh, with the roll queue if you actually 120, although some of that will go to your performance as well, so there have a free version of zero dollars: 250 for the year or 995 for the vip Uh concurrent strategies – it’s not possible, meaning that on the easy bots you can actually have multiple strategies for the same coin. At the same time, i’ve been told, so you can have there more flexibility, uh independent.

If you this is free if you’re an advanced trader. I want to set multiple different strategies in depending on what’s happening in the market, so is there customer support right 24 hours where you can get access to people really really really quickly? Uh they’re recent right now in uh royal queue. They have customer support, report uh, but – and they have amazing amazing amazing leaders that are helping out, but they don’t have like dedicated a company having all those things done for you in a way.

It’s just a plug and play community support like like you see today is for those of you who were on the zoom with the founders they’re, open and transparent they’re. Every all news are coming directly into the telegram group. The community is very they’re supportive and it’s growing and we there will always also be different national directors between the different countries in the world and they will have presentations in the local language multiple times per week. So you can literally just plug in right you to your leader right for that particular country right, let’s go uh transparent ownership with royal cue.

We don’t know who is the founder right? Who we know who is? There is a name for the person who registered the company, but there’s no transparency in terms of who has created it and who are the developers behind it. But we have that in easybot and what that means is that you have access to events right. They are based in dubai. So if you like the idea of going to trips to dubai, if you want to have events stages, maybe even cruises in the future, that is possible when you have a transparent ownership where people are showing their faces they’re out there, they want to make things happen Right access to software developers, so there is like you for any technical questions and things like that there they have so you know, what’s happening behind the scenes and uh.

Eazybot VS Royal Q Which is better?

You simply simply don’t know that with royal cue and what they will introduce as well. This about is done for you, sales funnels and for those of you who don’t know what a sales funnel is deals, it’s basically a a home page that you get where people can put in their uh um put in their information like their phone number. Their email address and then the company will then send out emails for you asking them to join your team with your link inside the email, and they will do that automatically right and from what i have heard.

There’s also different funnels, depending on where, where your uh, where your prospect is, if it’s a complete beginner, you have one funnel one home page, you sent them. If someone who’s more experienced, you send them another, because how you talk to them will be different and last off. If there’s not any questions, i would like to share a little bit what the back office looks like at this point in time and show you what kind of been happening uh since uh since yesterday, all right, so i’m gon na share my screen yet again, uh. So here we are, can you see it now? Yes, awesome.

So here we are in the back office. As you see, they were on the call, so we’re just being able to add funds they have. They have stopped that for a minute and they’re gon na be up uh up tomorrow, again so they’re gon na start out rolling out with the vip members.

I know the national directors first, the national directors, those are um. You know responsible for the different countries there they’re gon na test it out. So there’s not too much uh things happening on the server at the same time check it out, and then we will gradually add people who will have paid for that. You know the vip and the advanced, and then you get the free accounts, uh joining as well, just so that everything is running smoothly when you get started.

So this is what it looks like getting started here in 14 hours and let’s take a look at the affiliate center just to get an idea. What it looks like this is obviously me and if you take a look at that my organization i started yesterday right yesterday, i started promoting uh easybots. So far on my first level, i have 26 individuals, and my goal with this here is to have 500 people. In my first level right, i did 20 26.

This is nelson starting yesterday uh to a 500, not in my team as a whole, but by myself bringing 500 people on my first level. That is my initial goal and then you can see uh in the the the teams uh as a whole. There’s 661 people in the team as a whole, and that is largely you know, thanks to all of the amazing people on this call here today, your guys are amazing, but what i want to share with you here is that really possible uh. The first day, this hair went five levels deep, five levels, deep with your guys’s help on this team call is super super amazing to be working with you guys, but i just wanted you to see the power right go five levels deep in a single day.

That is something that everyone can do with this hair platform right, you can give it away for free right. Tell them hey, try it out if they like it either continue using it as a free free account or just do the trading or also build a team. As well – but this is here – is unprecedented: money safe and secure in your own account, get started for free, earn, the same amount of commissions, whether you’re a free account or a vip member.

This is gon na change. The lives of people all around the world and we are just in the absolute beginning right now, we have 13 000 people currently in this hair company and i believe, there’s going to be hundreds of thousands and millions of people when they see the power of what Easybot has to offer, and when we get started right now, sharing our links like crazy. These hundreds, these tens of these thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions of people, can be branching out from our network.

That is why it’s so important right now to be sharing your links, be quick, be quick, be first, so that everything that happens in the company may be a result of something that’s happening in your organization. This is something i i hope you i have here understand. I see what’s happening here and the person who brought me on uh got me started with easy about he’s: an amazing individual he’s, a million dollar earner and his goal right. His goal right as a million dollar earner in previous company.

His goal is 15 000 per day per day. Right. I’M not saying that this is guaranteed, i’m not saying it will be easy, but i’m saying that’s the level where he is looking at he’s.

Looking at we have a million dollar earner and he takes a look at this and he sees the potential for making fifteen thousand dollars per per day per day right. Then you have to pay attention because they are looking at things differently right. They have done this before they have been in other networks.

They have weighed the pros and cons, and they see something here – and i hope, with this here presentation that i have shared with you as well: the vision of what is possible and simply sharing the link with other people. They can try it for themselves completely free inside their own account. Let the results speak for themselves. This is truly absolutely amazing.

Do we have any questions here? Otherwise we’re gon na round up? Here we are on approaching the hour here. Do we have any questions yeah about uh, don’t understand how wha what company is earning about, sell things, how much percentage companies earning great question uh. So what we have you have your trading amount right in your account right in your exchange and all the profit will be generated there, but inside easy bot, the back office. You will see the amount of profit that you have earned right, but it goes into your own wallet and based on the amount that you see there.

They will deduct 30 of that from a wallet in the back office which you have sent money to okay. So you putting you manually, put in money to easy, buy how i understand this 30. It’s going to commissions! The thirty percent goes to the company right and of those thirty percent. So you get to keep seventy percent of the profits.

It’s yours to keep in your pocket right, yeah, that i know i only want to figure out how much your company and yes so 30 for free account and 20 for the paid version and of those 20 and 30. You get between eight to a half percent on the different levels. Okay, then, how much the 30 percent chance company yeah! So, okay, so uh you have someone in your team who’s a free account.

He has earned 100 30 percent of that the rule goes to the company that is 30 dollars. Okay, okay, but i understand that this 30 percents it’s going to people’s commissions. That’s right! Listen! Listen forward! Don’T ask so you will hear not all of the 30 will go to the commissions right right, yeah, but there will there will be they have a pool, you know so then they can pay out for all the all the 8 right yeah.

So from the from the portion that the company gets there’s a pool from that you get the eight percent okay yeah, but that’s how much percentage the company is earning they’ll, know they’re, really how much really companies earning from percentages uh do we have? I have that in another. Let’s see: where is that slide so they come? I don’t have that slide right now. Let’s see if i know it’s not there, uh, that’s actually a nice question yeah, but absolutely i don’t want to just you know say something that may or may not be true. I can definitely check that out for you right the exact percentage that they earn, but for me i hope they make a good good profit right.

I want them to make be around for a long time. I want them to be able to afford all of the amazing team they have and all the you know, upgrades that are coming and the new things that may or may not be launching in the future. So i hope they make a lot of money as well. Create a winwin situation.

Basically, there is an option and one people make uh 13 profiles. Yeah and man go in this thousand people pro pool yeah yeah what they, what they said is that they want actual people using the service. This is what they talked about and assume as well.

They just don’t want like people are making dead positions, uh, making a lot of positions under each other to get into the founders pool. So i i guess they have something uh in place for that, where they, where they can take a look at that right, uh. But but the idea is that there will be actual traders using the service and they want to make it as easy as possible. But there’s always gon na be people who’s, trying to game the system.

No matter what you do, that’s right, awesome. Do we have more questions, i think for me. No, i just need to wait when the bot will start to work and then then it will be nice to see it on the profile.

Yes, so so what they’ve been doing here is that they’re going to be rolling out for the free accounts, because they want to make sure that not too many join at the same time working out the kings, they’re, saying hey, where you’re starting out and if there’s Something that needs attention. They want to fix that when there is a smaller user base, rather than thousands and thousands of people so for the free accounts, they’re being looking to start trading at the end of the month by the 30th right by the 30th of this month. So right now you have a golden opportunity to position yourself where you have a lot of people in your team. If you want to be building that the whole company can then branch out from so on the 30th that you can really be running right.

So don’t sit on your hands now for two weeks and wait for the bot to get started right. Uh muhammad ali was in a previous bath before he knows what he’s doing. This is not his first project and you know the the like. We talked about uh the the the returns right.

There are no guarantees, of course, but that seems like a very uh very good uh range right of what could happen right. So these are, these guys are experienced if you say that so right now, you want to make sure that hey when this goes live. The whole of latvia is with you guys.

The whole of latvia is with you guys and then we’ll branch out from there, and then you can have a team of thousands and thousands of thousands of people quickly right see if you can have 60 61 people in a team in one two days right, then What will happen in a week in a month two months, six months right now? Yes, uh yeah, we got a question in the chat um. It says: how does the company get a commission from the client you mind if i take this one go ahead, all right. So so, basically um we talked about royal cue as well, basically so what uh so royal, cue or even forex brokers, because i mean you’re gon na use, forex trading as well, but okay with royal cue, it’s um! So they have that wallet.

But you mentioned it. It’s like that, they have the wallet that you have to send a little bit of money to that they take the trading fees um from because they can’t they can’t take um the money from the fees from your exchange, because they the only thing that they can Do with your exchange is connect connect, um your exchange to the bot, so only the bot. So basically the bot can only trade for your con. It can’t take yeah like in royal cue, basically yeah, so just got to make sure that you keep like a little bit of money um.

You know, because i saw that in the chat you just got to make sure that you have a little bit of um uh money. You know in your well in what easy bot sorry in easy bot, um and then and then they’ll deduct the fees from there. That’s that’s all it is so it’s not.

It won’t be much that you have to keep there in any case, um. The bulk of your capital will be safe in your binance exchange, whatever exchange you’re going to use, while at this stage i think just use binance. If you have access to it like marcus said, but it’s the same cool um, this one says: okay, thanks alex um, but it’s gon na be it’s like. You know, because i know skeptical people especially gon na ask us you know like ah, okay um, you know how: how are they doing this and and that it’s like forex brokers, um, have been doing this.

They also take fees. Okay, there’s a lot of legitimate forex brokers out there. They they take their fees when, when you trade yourself manually, you’re taking the risk, but they still take their fees right.

Even when you lose a trade, they take fees from that um and they have affiliate programs and all that. So this is just you know. When skeptical people ask: oh, you know when they see the levels.

You know it’s like, okay, now, why why? Why do they have this? Why this affiliate program and this and that and you just tell them – look legitimate forex brokers, affiliate programs, everything there’s just to make it easier to get people to motivate people to get them to their platform right to trade and to do whatever. So you know just my five cents: there yeah absolutely great great great, absolutely so yeah! Absolutely you get you! We get paid from the company based on the the movement of products and services right, so they have the product and service of the isabot and the more revenue we create for the company, the more they will give back to us. We are commissioned sales people right. That’s all there is right.

So exactly i’m spending. You know money on advertising, all of that good stuff. They have uh.

You know 13 000 people yeah people spreading the word and they’re giving money to them. Instead of you know, big uh advertisements, uh campaigns yeah. They cost them millions, and you know, then they make less in the end like if i was running a company, i would do the same thing. I’D also have like like give a portion to to keep to people.

You know affiliates to to market my company product or whatever for me um. Just it just makes sense. You know business wise, but i had one question. Sorry, marcus.

I have just one question from myself that i wanted to ask um, i’m sure everyone wants to hear. So specifically, you know for the because you know in my country, especially you know, there’s a lot of like poverty here and that so um, the bot being free is fantastic. You know like um gives access to basically everyone um and like because some people ask wow the minimum is 250 to 600 per coin. But obviously i’m sure you can, i mean, like people can start with with less right, um in their wallets and the bot.

Just won’t be able to trade as efficiently because there’s less capital in there, but it will still work right, yeah, great question, so here’s the thing right: they they are preparing for the worst case scenario right. They are. They they want to have enough leverage for the 50 market drop right yeah, but at the at the market levels.

Being this deep with going down, another 50 percent is highly unlikely. Then we basically agree for free yeah, but so what he said is that when you input a lower amount, you will get a warning will say: hey it’s more optimized, you know, even in in the event of a big market correction, you would have to maybe wait A little bit while, but it is possible to trade with allora amount as well. That is absolutely possible right, but in order for to beat it completely hands off, you never have to look at it.

It can just deal with all the market going. This way. This way and all the compounding you never want to thoughtfully, you never want to see it. Then the guidelines, uh that they have there uh would would be uh would be what you would go for absolutely yeah.

I guess the nice thing is we. You know like especially for the people that don’t have a lot to join. Like say some people only have like 50 or 100 dollars to to put in their wallet.

I mean that’s still. Fine. The bot can still trade with that, but i guess um. You know we can keep adding you know month by month, even if it’s a little bit ten dollars extra 20 um, you know that that will make it will make a difference over a long period of time because our funds are safe.

So we don’t have to worry about being scammed or rug pools or whatever you know. Yes, absolutely so here you know people should never ever do anything crazy right. Never you know put in money that you can’t afford to lose.

Don’T put in your rent money. Don’T put in a second mortgage on your house with that being said, if you look at the world events, if you look at the current current inflation percentage, like the the money money that you have sitting in the bank is losing its value and losing its value Right now yeah, so you want to find something you want to find one vehicle where you can make money on your money, whether that is easy but or not. That is completely up to you, but it’s definitely one one option.

If i put it that way, yeah yeah no awesome markers. I think those are all my questions and curious answers. So thanks a lot yeah yeah you’re doing an amazing job over in south africa.

Also, all my gentlemen. Here from uh, let’s see yeah latvia. We have also philippines in the house somewhere. I don’t know all of i don’t know where sophia is from.

Are you there sofia do where? Which country are you from? Can you share with us? Maybe not, but we are going worldwide right, rolling worldwide. So right now share this football with as many people as you know, and when it goes live for people with a free account, you will already have a team of hundreds and even thousands of people in that time. This goes so so so quickly.

Remember plug people in right. You don’t want to be a babysitter plug people into the telegram group to our group. Create your own groups. Have people together share the zooms, the company zooms the zoom presentations in your own country, for our team, the more people you get on the zooms, the more money you will make, the more your teams will duplicate.

You know keeping your team informed is super super important and that’s where you will get duplication right. Keep people plugged in everyone who gets in put them into where they can get knowledge, so they don’t only depend upon you right teach them how to do. The same. Share with them the presentation share with them the compensation share with them everything right, okay, uh.

This was everything i really want to thank each and every one of you you’re super amazing. All of you guys. I wouldn’t been able to have these results without you here and, like i said, my goal is 500 first level: let’s see what your goals are, but if we put in the work now the next half of this year can be very, very interesting. Let’s put it that way, all right! Thank you guys, bye, bye! Thank you.

Marcus, bye, bye, bye, bye,

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