Eazy Bot Crypto Trading Bot VS Royal Q Crypto Trading Bot, Why I’m Switching To Eazy Bot.πŸ˜ŽπŸ€‘

Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel and welcome to this exciting video, very exciting video for me, um, i’m switching over to a new crypto trading bot so from royal cue to a bot called easybot and i’ll. Explain to you guys why so you’re probably wondering why the sudden change well, first, firstly, um it’s a better bot um! I was in the zoom call today with one of my royal cue leaders he’s saying you’re switching over because it’s better it’s. It’s got a bit of artificial intelligence built in um the ma when the market drops it, it won’t just keep buying in, like the real queue bot will and and then you end up with a long uh floating loss, which means that you that your trades in Miners for a long time, you have to wait for it to come back and in the meantime, you can’t make money right and that’s not what you want with this spot.

Eazy Bot Crypto Trading Bot VS Royal Q Crypto Trading Bot

Obviously it’s if the market goes down and waits it waits until it turns properly again, then it will buy in again and so on. Right, it’s just um a bit of design was made by a signed by a mathematician and by professional traders, and that would work by the company all work together to get the spot going. Um and again guys, i’m not bashing royal cue at all. It’s a decent! It’s a decent platform, you know it’s very secure, you do make money, people do make money with it, but this, but this is just better when i was on a zoom call.

This is just better and obviously i’ll update you guys more um as i go along and oh yeah. The main thing is guys: it’s it’s really nice to promote, because this bot is free, it’s free, it’s is, it can start making generating money for you and it’s free and like royal cue, is your your funds are safe in your own exchange. So let me just quickly show you guys where your funds are going to be. I then hobby, i use hobby perfectly um secure exchange.

You can use binance as well. I might switch over to binance or coinbase pro or uh kraken, so i’m not very familiar with kraken, but it’s also a legitimate cryptocurrency exchange. That’s where your funds are going to be guys it’s about as safe as in your bank.

So why would you keep your money in your bank if you can keep it in your crypto wallet and keep earning more money for you, because you’re going to earn more money here than you’re going to earn on your bank, but again guys, i’m going to have My disclaimer below this is not financial advice um. This is just i’m, showing you guys what i’m doing and i’m showing you guys how you can potentially make some money for yourself like really this is this is crazy. It’s free bot, guys! All you need to do is just fund your wallet and when your funds are safe, so it’s scam proof.

You can’t be scammed because you don’t pay your money into someone else’s wallet or in someone else’s bank account. So we got that out of the way. Let me just show you some of the comparisons, because i have i have somewhere to go now, so i’m just gon na make a so i decided to make a short one quick, because this is very important um. This is very big.

Okay, so royal cue versus easy bot, so here’s some comparisons um again guys i’ll have a video i’ll put out another video either later tonight or tomorrow, which is more detailed about easybot and like who runs the thing and and all that and the comp plan. Well, we’ll get into detail there all right, so you have yes, your funds are in your control. Yes, in real q and easy bot right both are in control.

Um. The base currency is usdt, so the us dollar version the cryptocurrency us dollar version. Basically, right it’s a stable coin: it doesn’t fluctuate like other cryptos.

The value stays constant like the us dollar crypto exchanges um, so where you can keep your money in either binance, hobie or coinbase. So all you’re going to do again is connect the bot with your binance, with your binance exchange i’ll, be exchanged, coinbase exchange or crack in exchange and boom. It trades for you. It can’t do anything else.

It can’t steal your funds. Anything like that, because it’s connected with a secure api key so again guys, scam, proof again: easybot’s got binance i’ll, be coinbase and and one extra kraken, so more options. Uh, i think i don’t know i’ll – have to check who can use kraken, but hopefully everyone in america, because i know in some places in america they can’t use binance and uh yeah and they can use coinbase.

But i don’t know just um kraken’s better than i’ll. Look into that for you guys for my american audience yeah, because i can’t use hobie because hobbies mostly as the rest of the world. I can’t use in america for some reason, but it’s a perfectly good exchange.

I, like it market, crash correction. Um, you see! This is the main thing i was talking about: royal cue and the thing drop when the market drops, then a lot in royalties. The bot stalk is buying in right and you end up with with trades that are heavy and miners that you have to wait for. You can wait for as long as months before your trade comes back and then you start making small profits.

It’s just you know. I don’t i’ve always not liked that about royal cue. Yes, it is it’s still profitable, but it’s just i don’t like that part of it. I i felt like they could have done better all right again, not bashing royal cue, just saying um.

There are things that they can that they could have and can still do better market crash correction. Yes, so in a market crash the bot will watch the market and make sure it doesn’t. It doesn’t buy in high when the market’s crashing, because then you’re going to wait a long time for your trades to come back.

If they ever come back, they usually do. But uh yeah, you know you, don’t you don’t want that? It’s just not an efficient way to make money auto compounding with royal cue no with easybot. Yes, so i think, if i’m not mistaken, with easybot it automatically once it wins trades and it automatically trades with the profits that you made with with royal cue you have to when you make profits right, i think you automatically well, no, you know i’m just going To find out more about this, i i’m not sure i heard i watched a video where the guy talked a little bit about order compounding, but i couldn’t remember what exactly it is it’s just a bit of. I do know about compounding interest.

Just i think auto compounding is just a better, more efficient way to make money faster, so it compounds all your profits in that i think, but yeah i’ll get back to you guys on that. It’s just it is a good thing. Anything compounding in finances is a good thing.

Um, that’s something that real q doesn’t have it’s something that uh easybot does have supported. Coins is um okay, so we have a range from eight to 52 coins in royal cue um, but on easy bot we only have 10 to 21, but that’s perfectly fine. You don’t actually need what more than one or two coins to trade with, because it’s actually better what what easy bot does is they they take coins that are more, that are that are just better, that don’t that aren’t as volatile, so that can’t suddenly just just Crash like crazy one day – and you know like like some coins, some coins are very volatile and you just actually don’t want to traded those coins because it can.

It can end you up in a big loss or a floating loss that you’re gon na wait forever to come back. So it’s um not necessarily a bad thing. It’s actually a good thing that they chose less coins, but but coins that have actual that have a nice project behind them that are just less volatile better to trade with spot trading.

Yes, so spot trading is basically um trading on a crypto coin trading with crypto guys. So so one thing with spot trading. Is you can’t the nice thing? Is i both have it the nice thing you you is, you can’t lose um unless you close the trade yourself, because the bot with spot trading um like unlike forex trading with spot trading, the bot buy or you buy in the actual digital currency, with forex or Trading or any other trading um you, you don’t own any digital currency or anything.

So if it hits a stop loss, you lose money with this. You can’t need a stop loss, but you can end up with a floating loss that you have to wait forever to come back so, but you’ll have that. That will be much much less of a problem in an easy bot than with um royal queue.

So it’s a better bot in this free and already mentioned that. But i’ll bet you that again, it’s social copy trading so have that in raw q. You don’t have that in easy bot, which is a good thing as well, because then it eliminates like the um.

You don’t you don’t have to because the thing is with with raw q is there’s so many trading strategies, so many traders and trading bots you can choose from like how do you pick the right one and – and it can just be unnecessary headache with this? They have their bot that they programmed everything, that’s just plug and play connect to it, so one bot for everyone and it works perfectly fine. So that’s that’s not necessarily a bad thing that they don’t have social copy training. It’s actually in a way. It’s a good thing because it it complicates things less, it’s lit, makes things less complicated, uh, usdt per coin, that you need, or that’s recommended.

You can obviously start with this. You can fund your wallet from 10 and up, but it’s recommended with um, with obviously a royal cue between 250 and a thousand usdt so same. Almost the same with easy parts starts starting from 250 to 600 uh usdt per coin right, that’s recommended per coin, so that the bot can trade most efficiently right you can.

It can trade it less, but it’s not it’s not going to be firing at all cylinders because it does less to trade with, even even when you’re trading manually, it’s harder to trade with less capital, the more capital you have, the more the better it is to Trade with i mean it’s common sense really, you know, and any trader knows that i’m a trader myself. I know it’s so much easier to trade with more capital. So much more, you can do make a lot more money with a lot less risk as well. Free software version, real q, doesn’t have that easy bot has that so uh what else? What else? What else, what else trading performance fee? So this is whenever the royal cubot wins a trade for you right.

It takes 20 of your profits, which is fine. I mean you either if you have a problem with some people have a problem with that. I don’t know why, because i mean it’s making money for you while you sleep, while you’re at work, unless you want to sit in front of a chart for years and years and years which guys trading is not easy, then yeah be my guest um but yeah.

I mean i’ll pay that with a smile, so with easybot is the same. It’s 20 for the paid version, it’s 30 for the free version, so obviously okay. So, if you’re getting the bot for free um there, if you’re using the free version of the bot, which is the same guys, everyone gets the same bots, it’s just the paid versions.

You you just get slightly. You get like other benefits that you know you don’t really need in the beginning, but it’s great to have them. Eventually, you can upgrade with upgraded profits, guys, that’s what i would suggest: anyways um, so yeah, thirty percent.

So if the bot wins say a hundred dollars for you guys, then you keep seventy dollars and uh thirty percent goes to the company and to the person. Some of that goes to the person that referred you and so on. Right, um annual fee is an annual fee of 100 120 dollars to use um the royal cubot or app um with the easy bot, i’m not sure if these are once or fees or actually i forgot to ask but um look again.

You don’t have to worry about this package just starting up. Let’s make some money guys um, so free, it’s obviously zero zero dollars, you you can use the bot forever. Just need to sign up, get started, find your wallet and connect to the bot and get trading. All right i’ll have a setup video in the next video first, just sign up get get familiar with your dashboard, because i’m still new to this myself.

I only really heard about this today, so advanced 250 vip 995 dollars. So again you just get a few more benefits there um! That’s again that you don’t need it to start. So the free bot is perfectly fine guys and you can decide for yourself when you sign up. I mean it’s a it’s a nobrainer really guys i mean you got the security and you got the thing making money for you.

So you again, scam, proof, plus free. Your money is always safe in your own wallet, concurrent strategies. Okay, i don’t know what this is or concur.

Oh wait. Wait wait. I think i have an idea, um concurrent strategies.

I think the i think all that means is the bot adapts with um. The body adapts its straight strategy according to how the market moves. So if the market is bearish, the bot will adapt accordingly.

If the market is bullish, the market will um after bot, will um adapt accordingly, and that’s something that you want. That’s the artificial intelligence that you want with royal cue. It doesn’t have that.

So that is a problem, because that can cause again that you have a floating loss, that you have trades running in minus for way too long and yeah you’re losing out on potential profits. So there’s 24 7 customer support. Real q doesn’t have that, although it has a great teams, you know great people um, that you know lead team leaders that have their own support groups in that which is great, but again that isn’t something that royal key really has um easy bot has very good Uh 24 7 customer support from what i’ve heard and from what i’ve seen. I’Ve watched some videos about other guys who joined it.

So uh community support um. No! Well! I don’t know about that. But anyways so it says, royal key doesn’t have that easybot does um royalty.

Actually it does a little bit of community support. I mean well, if you think, if you talk about the team leaders – and you know fellow affiliates and that so i wouldn’t take that off. As a complete, no transparent ownership, so royal key again, we don’t know who runs the company.

We started the thing with easybot, we do know and again guys i’ll get into further detail. It’s just a little bit strained for time. Right now, access to software developer, uh! No on on royal cue on easy bot, we do have access to the software developer, um with royal cue, you, you don’t get it done for your sales funnel.

This is for so this is for people who who want to promote it with easy bot. You do get it done for your sales funnel and if you do, if you’re affiliate, if you’re familiar with the sales funnel in affiliate marketing network marketing it it does it’s very nice to have that. It’s a lot easier to promote whatever you’re, offering so structure on royal cue compensation plan.

Roll q is a uni level, easy bots, uni level. That means that yeah, basically it’s just um. You have like a downline and your affiliates on there and that you signed up and you earn from that.

Just in short, i’ll have to go more in detail about that ranks. Uh royal cue is until v6 easy part, 10 active, directs, unlocks all 20 levels, so yeah so guys with work. You need 1 500 people to get to the highest rank and then benefit from that. With the lower ranks.

You benefit less right with easybot. You only need 10 active, direct, signups and again guys it’s free to sign up and to use the bot it’s free to use the bodies free to use right. So it shouldn’t be too hard to get those 10 active, direct, signups and there’s no 120 fee and it unlocks all 20 levels, so you can earn up to 20 levels guys.

This is massive, so it’s in active directs. That’s all! You need to basically unlock the highest level and to earn maximum. You know from the affiliate program. For start, bonus range starts, 30 to 70 percent.

Um easy body is fixed at 40 percent. Um check matching bonus. Uh doesn’t have that easy bot has level one.

Eighty eight percent level, two three percent, so this is basically the matching bonus is from. What i understand is when everyone on your team um builds also builds a team, then from what they make. So let’s say you’re someone on your team makes a hundred thousand dollars, for instance, from trade from the trading fees and whatever right, because again, the company takes the trading fee, but you also get a small percentage of that.

That’s also how you earn so it could become massive um. Then you’ll get eight percent of that. So that’s eight thousand dollars, guys um and level. Two will be three percent, so everyone on your second level, not even direct.

I think you get three percent of whatever they make. Basically um and royal key doesn’t have that but easy part you do so there’s it’s a massive. I mean this matching. Bonus is going to be huge performance fee payout uh one rank 20 percent, v6 ranked 60 percent.

So it ranges you have et 30. V3. I think 40, uh, v4, 50 and v5 is 55. I think the v6 is 60 um easy bot.

The maximum is sixty. Five percent so again guys there’s no needing to climb the ranks and and all that to earn the maximum of sixty five percent an easy bot. So if you have to ask me so far what i think of the compensation plan, i think it’s it’s a lot better, it’s more accessible to more people or not, i wouldn’t say that’s the wrong thing.

I just it’s it’s easier to to earn more right. You don’t need to recruit a thousand five hundred people to earn from the highest rank, and you don’t need to rely on other people to get to a higher rank. You know royalty, you have to get to v6. You need like three v5s on your legs and all that, so you don’t need that in easybot, so but i’ll get i’ll make videos where i’ll go more into detail about this.

So don’t stress revenue sharepools both has that total payout real cue 70 easy bot has a total payout of 80 percent for the affiliates. How awesome is that guys? So if you’re promoting this, that’s good news for you. It’s a winwin for everyone, easybot founders club! First thousand people only sharing five percent of total remedy for the lifetime of the company.

Okay. Well, this isn’t any really anything we need to know, but yeah. Congratulations to the founders, i think there’s already 10 000 people that have joined easybot, so unfortunately we can’t become founders, but hey i mean as long as we can make money who cares? First thousand people who refer three people refer three and have purchased the vip 995 dollar package can start for free and upgrade later founders.

Club members will share in the monthly founders club revenue pool five percent for the duration of the company, so basically, whatever the company makes, these founders get five percent of that. That’s ridiculous companies, making millions founders getting five percent of that. Every additional sponsored affiliate refers. Three active members will give an additional share in the pool.

Note founder club members need to maintain this qualification each month to qualify for the revenue share, all right, guys, um. Oh, it’s getting dark now. They probably can’t see my face, but they put on a light, but it’s still dark anyways, like always guys, thanks for watching. If you have any questions or queries, comment below my phone numbers also below so feel free to reach out to me on whatsapp, if you’re interested in this opportunity, um don’t forget to like the video i figured let’s get to subscribe to my channel all my links.

Also below for uh different exchanges and all that and to sign up right away so cool guys have a good one cheers

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