EazyBot Upgrade & Trading Results

Are you tired of being scammed out of your money with easybot? That’s simply not possible. Here your money is safe and secure in your own account at all times, and the best part is it’s free to get started so do so in the link down below fill in an application. I’Ll get right back to you once you load the account with the proper amount and so anyways you just um, you um. Let me see here we’re going to go there right now.

EazyBot Upgrade

This is your uh dashboard up here, we’re on the uh, your menu, i mean and you’re going to scroll down and you’re, going to go into your wallet and once uh once everything clears and it’s pretty quick it’ll show up in your wallet right here and it’ll. Show right here it’s on under uh, the status you’ll have a green check, so it gives you the current balance right here. So that means everything cleared and then what you’re going to do is you’re going to go back to the menu bar and you’re going to come down to upgrade subscription. Now right now, the only subscription that we are taking is for the vip members.

So we’re going to go ahead and upgrade that right now you click right here just hit confirm and there it is it’s that easy that quick now we’re going to go back to the dashboard and we’re going to go back to the menu bar up here. Right, click on that we can go to my wallet, want to take a look and make sure that it removed that from from the wallet and there you see 52 usdt, which we are going to use for trading um. Not for trading i’m sorry, but for the asset file for the software service fees i put extra in there so that we can start trading uh right away and we already have some money in the asset file. Okay, so so uh coach you’ll be one of the people who are going to start trading tonight so because we’re going to start with with the country leaders.

So i’m going to activate right now your account to be able to trade, so the bots will will be shown now in your back office. Just give me a second okay, now uh, just refresh your account and go to the menu bar again after refreshing. Yes, now you have bot management now now we have this popped up.

Yes, so you connect the user exchange and right now guys the user exchange is binance only but uh coinbase pro will be on here very shortly, and so our connection name: okay and uh. Here’s where you grab your seat, your key and your uh secret key here from binance i mean so: we’ve added the exchange and now we’re going to go back to the search, the menu bar and we’re going gon na go to bot management and uh we’re gon Na go to bots, correct, yes, okay, so we’re gon na add a new bot and um yeah. Can you scroll down? So all of these fields are blocked because you have to it’s the default strategy.

It’s already been deployed. You don’t have to do anything here. It’s already been deployed, all the numbers are done for you ready to uh roll. You just have to name the box and put the balance that you want to trade with use, choose the exchange and choose the coin, and that’s it: where is it showing my um usdt balance in my binance account? You would have to use the coin first.

You have to use the exchange first, uh, first, give it a nameless deck by now on the top left just give it a name whatever the coin that you want to use, or you want to give it a date or whatever you want to name it. Okay, i’m probably going to do um. I think i’m going to do uh ripple, which is xrp in the top xrp, i’m not seeing x or p, or you got there. It is oh it’s not in the alphabetical order.

Okay, now select the amount on the top right. How much do you want to trade? Oh there we go, i’m wondering if i should do uh three thousand, i’m gon na do three thousand okay. Just before i hit anywhere anywhere else.

Just look at the initial order. Right now, it’s on thirty three point: four: if you click anywhere in the screen, it’s going to change yeah because it’s second automatically the 334 of the 3000 or the amount and the auto compounding is also you are all set. You just have to save it and that’s all now what if i wanted to change these parameters down here, you have to untick the default on the top left.

You have default configuration just below the ripple where you have written ripple just below that here, yeah yeah. Okay, everything got it, yep awesome. Yes, this is awesome. This is phenomenal.

It doesn’t get any easier than that. No pun intended guys what we had with our last spot. It says balance exceeded to the limit. Are you sure you want to continue just ignore this one? This actually should be popping up whenever you are actually using more than the balance that you have.

EazyBot Trading Results

You are telling it to trade with three thousand when you have two thousand but right now you have enough balance. So this is just a popup that we’re going to be removing. Don’T worry about that! Just okay! Okay, that’s all you’re! All done! You have a bot running with xrp uh.

If you know just click on it one more time, you will see the uh that already initiated one order for you uh your api connection. You did not click on trades, you just let it read only so. You need to go back to your api connection in the binance and click on uh enable the trading. Maybe you can just pause yep, i’m going to open that up right now.

It’s asking me for the authenticator code, again, okay. So what do i do here? Okay, now just go to refresh refresh it now: click on settings on the setting wheel on the right hand, side, because normally, if an error happens like this, it will automatically uh shut off the the bot yeah you put it active. It says inactive right now. It’s letters down you change it to it to active.

This is just kind of additional layer of protection. So if anything happening any problem with the api, any problem with anything is going to just switch off the bot. Until everything is back, then you can come back and and put that on just refresh it yeah. It only took the trade here there.

It is okay and then this will stay up yeah. This is the product it’s in the log, so yeah we just stay there. Well, this is these. These are good.

These little mistakes are great actually because they’re training mistakes and once the prophet starts to come in it’ll reflect that right here. Muhammad, yes, exactly phenomenal, let’s add another one here: it will show you the total profit that made by that coin. So far inside you will see the breakdown each cycle, how much it made each small trade, how much exactly it meant so yeah another coin and hit the save. That’s it.

Ave is up 18 today, i’m just wondering because you know that what goes up must come down, but i wanted to trade with ave, but uh right now, that’s a little helpful because it’s so good go for it. It’s a good chance, all right! Okay! So, let’s do that you have to remove the mentality of the day trading. Yes, we’re inviting the point to go down, we’re inviting it right muhammad right, but we don’t want it to go down yeah.

We don’t mind at all. How did you get coach ken for the exchange? When did you name that uh i’ll show you, i probably should have said coach ken’s with the apostrophe s, but i’ll show you here in a second right after i okay place this order. There we go initial bye right there, beautiful in my house, knocking around okay, so title would be luna the armadillos got into your house. I don’t know that or the skunks am i oh there.

It is awesome cycle there. We go

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