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Let’s just talk about what’s happening in the market, um a lot of activity, a lot of volatility happening in the marketplace over the thanksgiving um over the next over the last couple of days, really over the last few hours, even bitcoin, hitting alltime lows, we are seeing Some amazing things on our side as it pertains to easy bot. So muhammad, if you’re in a position, i’m going to invite you to come on in hey muhammad you’re, available hello, david all right, yes, hey there yeah! Thank you david okay, guys so uh yeah. We’Ve! All seen the market in the past couple of days, uh today specifically, has been really dropping, which is normal in crypto market.

EazyBot Update

If you’ve been in crypto market for quite long, maybe you’ve seen some uh similar drops or maybe a little bit last year. Actually we have. We have seen similar drop happening when the bitcoin dropped from 64 000 to 28 000 – it’s not as low as 22, which is happening right now, but it’s the same concept market is moving down and uh. All the other coins are following the bitcoins and and going down, and eventually it’s going to come up, but no one knows when and uh how fast is going to be going up, but what we can do from our side is to react to the market movement.

I mean the market can move the way it wants, but the only thing we can do is to serve that wave. Whether it goes down we go now. It goes up. We go up and keep on adjusting and keep on uh modifying things, and i’m happy that this uh, this market drop happened now.

So we are still at the beginning of of our journey, and that gives us more insights of uh to think even in a different way to look at. What can we do differently to to in order to sustain with this kind of drops, and i’ve already figured out an enhancement to the strategy that we are we’re working with right? Now it’s working well, but the enhancement is going to even make it work better and better and even be sustainable, even for a drop market more than 85 to 90 percent. Because now we’re experiencing this we’re experiencing market drops of uh.

I don’t know in some coins, maybe 80 or 70 plus in some other coins uh. So if it happened now, it’s possible that it happened in the future as well. So right now for the people who are trading and people who have already reached to cover 50. I know that couple of people have already listed cover 50, which is the last one in the default strategy.

Eazy Bot Trading is more Profitable

What are we, what we’re going to do is to add more covers or to allow manual covers, adding in the in the default is driving. Let me share screen here and show you just some of the examples. Uh.

Yes here you go okay, so this is an account. For instance, when you go inside the settings, this is the default uh settings strategy, uh yeah; no, it’s not the default. Let’s look at one which is being done on default.

I think this this one, let’s check yeah. This is a default strategy. If you are using the default study, you will see that it ends with cover 50 and some of the people due to this market. Huge market drop have reached to cover 50, so what we’re going to do in the coming couple of days is allow people to add more covers even to the default strategy.

So what you could do is add more covers here, like 10 or 20 cover, whatever you feel comfortable with, and then increase your capital here, if, whatever fonts that you can add from outside, where there is a hundred dollars, 200 usdt, 300 or whatever it is, you Added here, so that your balance would become positive and add more covers and the times i would say just make it as a percentage of whatever amount you added. For example, if you added 200 and your initial price, your initial cover here becomes 240 and you want the the cover down to become 10. So it’s 025 percent of the initial cover, so it’s sustained for another 10 or 20 covers so this is one of the modifications that we’re going to do.

On top of this that we are also going to enhance the default strategy. Let me just put that in the whiteboard and just show you how exactly the enhancement is going to work okay, so this is the uh the price and here’s the time. Okay right now, how it works is that we have uh cover.

One is at the price of minus two percent when the market drops to minus two percent and then the next cover is at minus five percent, which is minus five from the previous cover. That means we have a gap here 5. This is minus 5 and then the third cover is at minus 8.

So this is minus eight of the previous cover. That means we have a gap here of minus eight percent. Okay, i’ll, take it step by step on how the improvement is going to be right. Now i’ve seen many people uh having a concern that when the when the bot comes to cover two or cover three, it stops for a while.

It doesn’t make any trades, maybe for a day or two and that’s due to this gap, or i call it dead zone here between cover uh five and cover two on cover three and cover uh. Sorry cover three cover four and table two and cover three. So we have here five percent difference, because the minus five percent is from the previous cover, so we have a gap of this box.

Let me just make it in yes, so this gap here is basically five percent or minus five percent and the other gap down here between cover three and cover two and cover three is eight percent, because the eight percent is dropped from the last cover. So here this is minus eight percent. So what happens? Is that sometimes, when the market drops down, it’s easy to drop minus two? So it takes this cover.

The cover cover, one is taken, and then the market goes down a bit and it stays here. Maybe, for a couple of days stays in this zone in this five percent zone between cover two and cover three. So nothing happens because it’s not in the position to buy the new cover and it’s not in a position to sell the earlier cover, because it’s not enough in a profit position. It luxurious here for some time and then at the moment it hit this one.

Then it takes the cover two, which is at minus five percent, and then the market goes down again, and here we have a bigger gap. We have eight percent gaps, so it’s more likely that the market will stay here for some time, sometimes couple of days and maybe even sometimes a week and as long as it’s in this zone there’s no covers so it’s not going to take any uh trade. It’s not going to close any trade because not in a position to buy a new cover in this place and it’s not in in a position to sell the upper covers because it’s not in profit yet. So it will remain silent for a couple of days and then, when it comes down here, it’s going to take this cover.

So how are we going to handle this and enhance the performance of the bot into this term? We’re going to add in the in independent covers in these areas. Let me just show you in visual way, so yeah we’re adding here here. Minus two is fine and here, but here we have five percent difference.

So we’re going to add two more independent covers here into this dead zone and three independent covers in this bigger dead zone, because the area is bigger, so we’re adding more covers. So it’s going to be looking like this now on those in. If we had those independent covers available during this kind of market movement, you’ll see more movement, you will see more buyers and sales if the market stays here for a couple of days or a couple of weeks, still it’s going to buy, sell, buy, selling to those Small covers because the difference between each 100 is just as low as two percent or even lower than two percent. Likewise, here, if it stays between cover one and cover two for quite a long time, is going to still buy on those independent covers, buy and sell and buy and sell, and in this area the bot is going to take 100 of the profit.

So 100 of the profit is taken as profit, not 50, like the other independent covers down, because this is a safe zone. Still it does not go low lower too much so we’re worried about that to bring the average price down so we’re going to consider 100 of the profit in this covers, and then this covers here as well between cover uh two and cover three we’re going to Take also 100 of the profits, so people will start seeing more profit coming into their uh into their easy pot or more profit shown in their ease about accounts going down here what you’re noticing at the moment, once the bot comes into the independence covers zone, it Start moving faster, you will see more of trades happening in a daily basis because the difference between each cover and the other here is just as low as one person one to two percent. So let’s just make a small drawing here.

So i’m going to make all the independent covers in in green. So here, as you know, the independent covers are very close to each other’s and that covers up to cover 35, and all of this area here is going to be covering almost uh 50 from the top up to end of zone two. This is minus uh, 51 percent.

Approximately this is the minimum, but it can go up to 60 and 70, as we have seen in the past. If the market drops dramatically in a short period of time, it’s gon na not going to take any trade until it start being stable again so in this area here this is what we have at the moment, but as an enhancement, we’re adding those independent covers to Enhance the top side of the of the coverage uh, what i’m calling this now two zones – this is here zone one. Let me just uh highlight one more time this year from here to here, where it takes the average prices. This the cover two and cover three still uh uh, take the average price.

So if it fluctuates here, it’s going to buy, sell, buy, sell the moment it hit cover at minus. Five percent is going to take everything on the top as average price, and then the market goes down independent, independent until it’s reached to minus eight percent, and then the moment it hit this one here is going to to take everything on the top as average price. So we will have an everett price landing here. Just let me draw this in a different color yeah, so our independent cover is going to our sorry uh.

Our average price is going to be somewhere here for all of this trading on top once all of these trades have been taking place and then it get gets into the independent zone independent zone is, each cover will be independent, will buy and sell, buy and sell. Just the way it does at the moment in this zone zone two, let me go back to zone one, i’m calling this here zone, one where it has the average price, and here we have zone two zone. Two is all the independent covers that we know at the moment is from the last uh average price cover until it covers up to fifty fifty one percent of the market. That 35 covers down uh in this independent zone, as we know, or as most of us knows, it takes 50 of the profit and bring down the average price.

So 50 percent of the profit is taken as profit and the other fifty percent bring down the average price, as i have explained in earlier videos that fifty percent of whatever profits happens here is considered as immediate profit. Fifty percent is to bring this average price down. So this average price will keep on moving down as we are into this one now. What else have we added? We have added zone three zone.

Three is: is a critical zone and it’s optional for uh. Whoever wants to get into that uh because it depends on the budget that you have still left into your exchange. So let me just separate between those zones and make it in a different color. Okay, so this is zone three zone.

Three is going to be all independent covers also close to each other’s as low as 1 to 2 percent, and it has about 20 covers 20 covers down, and that covers around 35 of the market 35 to 40 percent of the market. So that goes down down and down until uh 20 covers in in this area, so the coverage of this zone is about 35 percent. We just put here the 5 drop of the market. So if we add all three zones together, that’s close to 90 percent drop of the market, so we have here 51 or 52 percent – add 35 percent.

That’s that’s about 85 or 86 percent uh. Actually, if we go more accurately it’s about 90 percent, i’ve made the calculation a different sheet. It goes up to 90, even more because imagine if some of those covers have been pushed down because of the market drop is going to push everything down.

It’s going to go beyond the the uh 86 percent up to 90 and more in this area, we’re going to have it in a separate budget like you have. Let’s say you started on the top here with uh, let’s say five thousand dollars, so definitely the 5 000 is going to be consumed as soon as you come down here to cover 35 or after you cover this ones. After you cover all of this zone 1 and zone 2, which is a 51 percent like what’s happening at the moment, this area here, it depends on how much you have at the moment we’re not going to link it to this budget, because it’s completely different budget.

It depends on how much you have because you could have started, maybe ten thousand dollars, but right now you have only one thousand dollar left that you could add to the trade. It should not be mixed up with this one, so we have a different budget here for this one. Let’s say it’s as low as two hundred dollars that you could add here and still this two hundred dollars could go 10, uh or 20 covers 20 covers all the covers will be covered, but the value of each cover is going to be 10 of the new Assigned capital here each cover is going to be equal to each other.

The difference between between them is going to be as low as one to two percent. Still we have to define that hundred percent uh, so here is going to be 10 of the new budget. So literally, what happens is that let’s say you started with 5000 market went down, you have been making small profits here and there and bringing that average price down, and then you have consumed all the 35 covers on the top, and you want to get into zone 2, so here a new budget will open for you, so you put a new balance. How much do you want to add to this one, let’s say 200, then each cover will be as low as 10 or 10 usd.

If you had more like 2 000, each cover will be like sorry, uh, like 100 uh dollars and or 200 dollars and and going on and the more you add here, the more the faster you can bring down the average uh price. Because guess what here we said, 50 goes to the profit and 50 goes to bring down the average price here in this uh zone here, because it’s a very critical and the market is really down we’re going to split in a different way. It’s going to be 10 as profit and 90 90 to bring down the average price so that it can move faster, because the budget here is small, so we’re using bigger amount or bigger amount of the profit.

That’s being made here to bring down this average price faster and close the whole cycle, because the market is already in a bad situation, so the market’s going to this average price is going to be moving really fast, depending definitely on the budget that you’re using the Higher the budget that you’re using the faster this average price can move down and i’m sure that this is going to be really uh saving a lot of people for any kind of drops like what’s what’s been happening at the moment uh. This modification is going to also solve the problem of people having a dead zone on the top side here, where uh the market can stay between this five percent of this uh, eight percent uh for a couple of days where we don’t see any trades. So these independent covers are going to help generating some profit. Any questions hey mohammed um.

Can you talk a little bit about just kind of where what’s happening in the market right now, and what a user might want to consider doing? Uh, let’s say they’re. I think we’ve had a couple users that said they’ve already hit their 50th cover um. What options should they explore at this point to take advantage of? What’s going on in the market? Yeah i’ve just already uh mentioned about that.

What we would do in the coming couple of days is uh allowing people to add more covers. Let me just share one more time: uh screen yeah. Here we go, let’s say, for instance, this one. This is uh taking the the uh.

If you’re using your own strategy, you’re not using the default, you you still have it up in you, you can add more covers, but we’re talking now about the people who are using the default strategy. They can just come here. We will allow this to open in a couple of days, so you can just click and add more covers and add to the budget on the top until we completely program the uh, the three phases of the strategy that what i explained just now so now just Wait for a couple of days we will announce once this is open.

You can add more covers, and i had more funds here, because when the market goes down should be more volatile and that’s the time where it’s going to generate more profit and bring that average price down faster, got it steve. You got your hand up come on in sir yeah. I was just gon na ask um and i’m not sure i follow all that.

That’s pretty uh mathy stuff, it’s really cool, but um is this. Are we moving in a direction where people can maybe get started with less than 600 per coin? Is that is that anywhere in the strategic roadmap, or maybe some of these changes will allow people to get in at a lower starting point? Uh? Okay, let me explain that part one more time. That’s uh! I’M talking about the zone two here when i said about two hundred dollars: uh, i’m talking about the the zone.

Three sorry, the one on the bottom of the market, where we’re adding additional budget for only this area, but on the top it remains still the same 600 for uh minimum for for uh finance. That’s because of the balance limitation, the minimum order is, is ten dollars, but for kucoin uh. I think in the near future.

We allow people to uh use as low as 300, because also coin is allowing people to trade with lesser amount as low as five dollars or lesser in some coins. Okay, okay, very good! Thank you! No problem all right, mohammed kabir, come on in sir yeah. I think i think this is a really exciting changes and i’m really excited about it. I have a quick question.

I noticed that you know the compounding feature doesn’t work on any of my bots, so uh i mean i. I know that in order to lower the average and the compounding feature has to work right, so is there any update on that when that could be fixed, okay, uh? First of all, the it’s not that the compounding have to work to bring down the average price. The average price will go down anyway, uh using it that happens, but yes, the com, we’re aware that some of the bots are having an issue with uh with with the compounding effects.

It’s not happening in in some bots we’re working on that. So in two days, maximum should be resolved. Thank you appreciate that no problem, all right – raymond you’re up next come on in sir.

Yes, i was just wondering: is this uh? This is a zone two or zone three, whatever you call them are those optional. You got ta, opt into them, or are you automatically changing the default to do that? Okay about the dead zones? Here i mean the independent covers that we’re adding here. Sorry, it’s going to be part of the strategy, so you don’t have to do anything.

It’s going to be built in for you for the default settings and you don’t have anything and zone 2 is already there. Now we’re experiencing is working for most of the people, but zone 3 is going to be the one optional, because we don’t know how much money you still have left that you could use in the lower market and use that funds to to bring down the average Price there’s going to be a separate budget here that you can add, still we’re working with the programmers to see how we can separate this budget from this budget, because this is uh having different percentages. 10 percent of the of the capital that you can use there will be also a lower amount, maybe 200 or lower. I’M not sure we still have to discuss that with details and with the developers to see how we can get it done uh.

But this is the optional one i mean it will appear appear to you as soon as you hit the last cover in these two zones. Okay, just wanted to make sure and – and you just like, when you talked about doing the add the 200 and you got, you know a thousand twenty one dollars up there. You need to change that to a thousand two hundred and twenty one dollars. Is that what you do to make the change uh you mean for this for the for the current situation.

Yes, you have to change that one, but in the future, for this once we have this being implemented, you don’t have to touch this. This just keep it. The same you will have a different budget for the lower market – okay, okay, just to make it also easier for the people, because i know now it’s a bit difficult when you add to the top and then it still shows you negative, then you have to keep On adding and adjust the initial trade and all it’s a bit of uh headache, but that’s why you want to separate those two uh together, so the initial? How is going to be working after we implement this? Is that you put your budget at the top and we advise people always to have maybe uh, let’s say, uh an emergency funds aside? Maybe 10 20, whatever you feel comfortable with give it aside just in case this happens, and the market really drops down the same way it’s happening at the moment, so you can at least do something while the market is down, use that funds to to work. For you and help this whole trade to close faster and when is this going to be available, um well, i said two weeks in the previous call, but david says no at least 30 days out before you see this.

Okay, all right yeah, all right brock, come on in sir good afternoon uh. Thank you muhammad um. I apologize. If i missed um, you saying this is just trying to deal with uh.

My mom was kicked out of the meeting. We can’t get it back in so they’re trying to deal with that, but um with the 200 um how’s. The conversation go if, if they don’t add the 200, are they just really waiting for the market to get back above that average price, and it will happen at some point um. So, like we can kind of say to somebody hey, you know you got two options right now: either you wait for the market to rebound or if you in two hundred dollars, we might be able to get you some more profits along the way and get you A little sooner is that how that would go exactly it’s going to be exactly the this way.

So if, if you have only the 5000 in this, for this example for, for instance – and you don’t have anything else – and the market already hit all the covers – and it took all the 5000 and put it into the coin, then you have one of the two Solutions if you get into zone three that we’re given as an optional and we’re putting a different budget here to just because it depends on you, how much do you have at the moment? Maybe you don’t have anything if you have 200, maybe have 2 000 the higher the amount you put in this zone, the faster it’s going to close the trade without the market having to come back up again, because here is used 90 of the profit to bring Down the average price into this zone, so that will bring it down faster and if, if you don’t have any budget to be added here, then you just have to wait for the market. Let me just draw the market here if it goes down all the way here, you don’t have funds, you have to wait for this until the market starts getting into this zone again and then it’s going to buy and sell and continue this the same cycle. Okay, perfect. Thank you.

No problem. All right next up is hope. Hey ho, hey david thanks, everyone thanks mohammed for all that you’re doing for us.

I have a quick question: can you explain how the single strategy works when you change it from cycle to single, at what point does it stop buying and what should we do? Next? Very good, no problem, that’s a very, very easy one uh. This is a cycle. What we’re explaining here is cycle.

The cycle will end as soon as it close this average price. So when you put it in single as soon as this average price is closed, it’s not going to buy anymore into this coin. It’s going to put the money for you back into usd and you decide what you want to do next, whether you want to put this money into a different coin or start different coin or restart this coin one more time, so that would be a cycle uh Again or again, you’re going to trade the same coin uh.

This brings me to another point, important point: if you want to withdraw any of your profits, the first uh thing to do is to put your bots in single and once it close a cycle or close any coin. Let’s say you have 10 coins and in each coin you are putting 1 000 and you put all of them in single, so one of them have closed the cycle that mean you have now 1 000 free for you, 1, 000, plus the profit that that coin Have made for you is free for you to take out, withdraw or to do whatever you want to do with it. If all of them close, then you have all the 10 000 back again, plus the all the profit that was made during these cycles.

All right. Thank you. Next up is uh coach. Fear coach beer come on in hi.

Can you hear me? Yes, okay, okay, awesome, uh again uh thanks for the information uh muhammad uh really really excited about the the new additions to come here. David mentioned in about 30 days, or so that’s good um. What i’m? What i’m curious about, though, for the average person who most of what would have been explained today, a couple people messaged me like. I have no clue what i’m listening to, but you know i.

I know it’s something good so for the average person who doesn’t understand about you know, adding manual covers and going in, and you know making those adjustments just a curious question being that the bot has the permission to see what is actually in the the account the Trading wallet as it were, is it is it any scenario where there might be an optional button that a person can click to say you know i. I authorize that, in the event that these 50 covers are are reached, um go ahead and you know go into the other. The other um extra covers, because because the truth is most persons, one they’re not going to be, they may not see it when it happens.

Right, um being how the market works, they may not be aware when those 50 covers are hit. I mean i don’t check my account every single day even to see you know what cover is that i just i haven’t even checked your pro. I just let it do what it’s doing, because i’m looking long term, but that’s me for the for the average person who doesn’t understand any of this drug, uh or understanding anything about going in and adjusting and adding this amount doing this and doing that. Will there or is there a possibility of having something that they can just opt to have that triggered? If that particular scenario does come about um yeah, that’s a question.

Well, i really appreciate that question because i’ve been thinking about that also uh of whether we should make this uh optional, or we just make it also available for the people who just want to set it and forget it like yourself so uh yeah this this. This is something that we would add, but i’m not sure that we’re going to have it right up front as soon as we get this new implementation done or right after that. But yes, this is definitely something that we’re looking at, but in this in this case, what you need to do as a user is to make sure that you have enough funds in your exchange like for this example, let’s say on the top part, you have put 5000 as budget, then you have to put 200 here.

So then you need to have a total of 5 200 in your exchange, so that will cover the whole uh cycle zone, one zone two and zone three, and also as well. It prompted so that a person knows that um so that you know the a message perhaps could pop up and say you know, um you. You suggested that you add x, amount extra, you know if you enable this particular feature. You know it’s recommended to add x amount so that they know because leave it to persons to to try to figure that out a lot of persons.

I don’t think, will right, but if it’s suggestive it pops up that they can see it. Okay, you’ve been able. I want this to happen if this criteria is met, and then they can say, okay, the system told me add i should have s amount to be covered. I think that that would help a lot.

Thank you. Thank you for this yeah, we’ll look at that and we’ll try to make it because our our slogan is to make things easy. You know. So we want to make everything easy to the people and we will go that that direction for sure and and make sure it’s uh, it’s as easy as possible for the average person i mean who doesn’t understand all this.

Definitely i must appreciate it for your time and blessings no problem. Thank you, uh real, quick before arlene arlene’s. Next, i just want to add a little bit to that, and that is that you know what we’re talking about today.

Is you know it? I want those of you who are on the call and those of you who are listening to the uh recording so understand and appreciate the conversation that you’re, having is kind of a you know behind the scenes, muhammad’s pulling the curtains and allowing you to see some Of what’s coming and – and the reason that’s important, is that you understand and appreciate that easybot’s an amazing tool and it’s constantly getting iterated muhammad’s constantly thinking of ways to bring improvement so that you have an even better experience. And so that’s something that you have to look forward to and part of the reason why it takes a little bit of time to implement is because the question you ask code sphere is very important. It’s you know: how do we implement the user experience so there’s the technology of it and then there’s the user experience and, of course, getting the user experience right is important to us, because we want to make sure that it’s easy, but the conversation we’re having today Is certainly going to be appealing to those who are more advanced traders, and then those of you guys who have no idea – and this really does feel like we. We appreciate that what we want you to take away from this part of the discussion is simply that easybots getting better on your behalf, and you may not understand all the technicals and how why and what but just know that you’ve got a team.

That’s working to improve the technology for you all right, arlene you’re, up next come on in hi. There guys all right! Well! Thank you, i’m so glad i hopped on this call. It’s answering a lot of questions i had, as i started, seeing the market plummet, but i’m glad you guys are ahead of this thing and uh doing what needs to happen in order to make sure we continue to profit.

Easybot Review

My main question was today one of my bots stopped trading, actually several of them, and it said in red that there were insufficient funds and i need to add more um. But i didn’t know just like the last gentleman said. I didn’t know how much to add and whether to add it to my exchange and bump my balance, um uh in the actual bot or just add it to the exchange and let it catch up. And then my second question was i’m not at the top covers.

So as soon as i added i’m afraid, it’ll it’ll eat that part up trying to do all the covers again, and should i just wait for the market to settle a little bit before? I add you know 100 200 300 trying to cover all these inactive bots that i have. Okay, that’s a good question. So probably that uh i first of all. Let me ask you something: uh at which cover.

Are you at the moment on those on those spots which have stopped trading? Are they 35 or some are at five there’s one? That’s at cover 13 one, that’s at 14 wow. That means you’re overusing your funds, it’s clear to me that you’re overusing your funds so um. What i assume is happening in your bot is that uh you you have. You have assigned money to the bots which you don’t have in your exchange or in different words.

You have assigned to the bots more than what you have in the exchange. Let’s say i’m just putting an example here. Let’s say you have 5000 in your exchange and you have 10 bots each one you’re making 1 000. So in this case you are assigning 10.

000 to the bots, but you’re actually having only five thousand. So, that’s why the bot the bot’s not going to even sustain up to cover, maybe 13 14 or 15, because it needs at least to have the equivalent amount of usd in your exchange so that it can cover uh the zone. One and zone to upper cover. 35, okay, so yeah, i think your start was wasn’t the correct one uh.

You started at a point where uh you’re assigning more funds, you’re overusing your funds, you’re signing more more money to the bots than what you have in your exchange. So the advice to you is to look at. Let me just do the exercise with you right now, uh. What you need to do is to put things right back right is go into each pot inside okay.

You come here, let’s say, for example, this one the uni is stopped yeah, but you have to go to all of them, not only the ones which are stopped and look at the balance here. Okay, add them up add all of them to all the bots that you have, and this is the amount of usd that that should be having right now in your exchange, which you don’t have to to put things right, you add that amount to your exchange and Reactivate the box, okay, all right and then on the timing of things i get that um, but on the timing of things um, do i wait for the market to recover, or do i leave a few inactive until the bot i want to recover starts back recovering? I mean what is a good strategy. It depends on your budget. If you tell me that uh, you add all the funds and you found out that you are missing.

Let’s say five thousand and you have four thousands. I will tell you restart all the bots but uh. If the market goes down, it’s not going to to sustain it’s, not it’s going to again stop it’s going to eat all of the usdt to buy covers if the market goes down, but if the market goes up and recover, then it’s going to buy, sell, buy, Sell and recover also all the trades that that which are open it’s going to close them when to start at what point of time i’ll ask a question here: do you know where the market is going tomorrow? No yeah, i don’t know either. I i don’t think anyone here knows, so we better just put the the bot into work and put the enough budget and keep aside outside a small amount, just in case if the market goes lower than 35 covers, so that can still keep on working all right.

That makes sense. Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

No problem.

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