EazyBot 5th day update Review

Hi guys in this video i want to give you an update on my easybot account. Now it’s monday, the 5th of september. Now, what i’ve done is. I got rid of all my bots.

I’Ve closed them down, let them finish the trades and i started from the 1st of september. So the first thing i want to do is come up to these two little lines here and i’m going to go down to bots and then go over to bots. Here now before i show you the bots.


What i want to do is take you into my binance account. So here’s my binance account. As you can see, i’ve got a balance at the moment of twelve hundred and forty eight dollars. But if i come down, the screen you’ll see that i’ve deposited some bitcoin into there and i’m going to exchange that bitcoin in forever, because i want to set up some more uh trading robots.

So in my calculations, i’m about to show you doesn’t include this bit of bitcoin now i started this account off with six hundred dollars. I’Ve made some profits from the robots once i understood how they worked. I closed down my robots, so they finished trading and then i started to set up new robots and, as you can see here, i’ve got a tether balance at the moment of 251.

This is obviously some open trades that i’ve got this coin here. There’s some open trades for these coins as well. Now, i’m also removing from my calculations i’m about to show you is what i’m holding in b and b, because this bnb is not part of the tradein.

That’s only to pay my trading fees on binance. Now what i did was i connected my binance account with my easy bot account using an api key now i want to go back to binance, because i want to make sure that you understand that this money that i’ve got in my exchange, so the money you’d Have in your exchange is under your full control and you can withdraw it out at any time whatsoever. So what i’m going to do is i’m going to come up to my uh profile here and i’m going to go down to api management.

So when i set up my api keys that i’ve connected to easybot they’re sitting here, it says easybot, i’ve spelt it wrong. Actually because it’s eazy and uh here you’ll see that it says i can either delete or edit the restrictions. So let’s have a look at the restrictions that we’ve got in place, so i’m going to click on that. So that brings me to this screen and, as you can see here, it says api restrictions.

Now i’ve got a tick in the box that says enable reading and it can read things to do with trading inside your binance account. Now. The next tip that i put in the box is enable spot and margin trading. Now the easy bot doesn’t do margin trading.

It only does uh spot trading and then, if you look here, it says, withdraw enable withdraw. I don’t have a tick in that box, so easybot cannot withdraw any of my funds. Out of my binance account.

You can also see enable margin, loans and repayments and transfers. It can’t take out a loan for me. It can’t transfer any of my funds from one binance account to another finance account.

It can’t do. None of that it can’t do withdrawing all it can do, is look at my binance account. Look at what balances i have and carry out the trading as you can see all of these other boxes. You don’t put a tick in and also what you do do.

Is you restrict this api key to a particular server, so that means that nobody can hack that api key and then start to trade in your account in your binance account, because that server has particular number it’s a bit like a web address. If you go to googlecom that will have an ip address, binancecom will have another ip address, so it’s particular server. So this is really really safe, that your funds are well protected and you have them into your full control.

So, let’s go back to my easy bot. Account and so look in here – these are the bots that i’ve got set up. I’Ve set them up at different times in the day, no particular reason it’s just.

I didn’t have time to set them all up and at the moment, as you can see, i’ve only got eight bots running now, i’m a vip package, so i can have as many pots as i like running and i would recommend that you have the ability to To do the 10 robots? Okay, so i’m going to set up some more robots in a moment now these rois – you can see here these percentages are on the trade. That’s open right now! This is not the total roi. So in my uh account, what i’ve done is i’ve taken off the bitcoin, and i shall show you here exactly what i’m trading i’m just going to update this document, so i’m trading with 856 dollars.

Now each robot takes a proportion of that 856 dollars depending how i’ve set it up and it places it into trading lots, as you can see there, this etc it’s trading with just under 15. This one is trading with just over 51, this one’s trading with just over 34, this one 33, 20 and so on. Okay and in this column, is where i’m going to put the profits, so let’s go to the first one, which is the etc and it’s the 5th of september at 11, 30 in the morning here in the uk, so i’ve got their uh 324, so i’ve got Them in order so 324, then i’ve got 719.

Now that’s got some trades outstanding when they’ve got this percentage running. That means the particular trade that’s running right now, not all of the trades, so i’ve got uh. 17.

19. So 17. 19.

Next one 203. 203. Next one 243, 243, 403 403 – is that one there 112 112? Is that one there 81 cents for that one and 48 cents for the last one? Let’s just check the last one: yeah 48 cents.

Now, coming back to my spreadsheet, you can see i’ve made a total profit of 3133. That’s an roi of 366 percent over five days and if you break that down in two days, that’s 073 per day on average. And if we look at that over 30 days, we’ve only done five days – that’s going to be somewhere around the 21 to 22.

Now, what i’m going to be doing is i’m going to be setting up some more robots and in the next video i’m going to show you how to how i’m going to set up my robots and how i choose my robots. Now i’ve got my robots set up where they’re going to compound so each time they get a winning trade. This amount that they’re trading with is going to go up slightly by a small amount, and then each trade will go up and go up.

EazyBot 5th day update Review

So if i’m trading with 856 dollars – and i want to see the power of compounding i’m going to go to a compounding calculator, so i’m here on johnny blockchain, i’m just going to go to the i’ve, come to my tools down to tracking and then i’m on The coin tracker here and then you’ll see there’s a compound in interest there. So if i put in the amount of balance that i’m totally trading with, which is 85615, the interest rate is 07. I’Ve not put the 073 and here i’m going to say that that’s daily interest and i’m going to run it for one year.

So let’s just take those months out and then it says compounding interval is daily so 365 days. So you can see that my 856, because i’ve got the compound in, could turn into, could turn into eleven thousand seven hundred and seventy eight dollars absolutely mind blown and that’s an apy, which means a compound in interest of 1 167 crazy. Yes, there is sites out there where you can deposit your funds into their account and or you buy their coin now i’ve done it. I’Ve done it with websites like great i’ve done it with websites like titano.

I’Ve done it with websites like safu great projects. I’M still in those projects, but you buy their coin, give you an example of some high yielding websites. I’M in a website called safu.

Now this coin, when i bought it was 24, it’s now down to three dollars, so it doesn’t matter how much the high yield is. I mean look at it. It’s just fell off a cliff um and it’s not just fell off of a cliff.

Lately, it’s been dropping down, as you can see, so it doesn’t matter how high the returns are on this type of on a coin like this one, if the coin keeps going down now i have a lot of faith in the safu project, so i’m not here To to put a downer on safu, i think it’s a great project and i’m still invested in it now. The next one i was invest, i’m invested in is titano. I’Ve got 120 000 titano tokens and this token look at it there. It’s zero point: zero, zero.

Three zeros and a four okay: it’s gone right down. This coin was up at 20 cents, a coin. So if i just take that amount there just to give you an idea – and i pop that into my calculator pop – that in there and times that by 02, which was 20 cents – that balance would be worth 24 000 dollars had the coin hold.

It held its price, but it hasn’t held its price it’s down at 51, for this balance, absolutely crazy. Great ap, wise i’ve got a lot of faith for getting the titano project, but at the moment it’s bleeding money and if i go over to pancake pancake swap if you look here this coin here is at just over four dollars. This coin was up as high as 40 dollars.

It’s dropped massively during this bear market, but look at the apy, the apy 6527 percent. So if you put in a hundred dollars or a five hundred dollars or a thousand dollars into care, you’re getting an interest rate per year of 6527, now you have to lock up your money for the year. You have to lock it up for the year. If you want to have it flexible, where you can get your money out, you’re only going to get three percent a year and that’s apy, so that means you’d have to compound it now with easybot.

You’Ve got full access to your money. So if you look down here, let’s just say that i wanted to withdraw this bitcoin or this uh ustd, which is the stablecoin. All i need to do is to click on this button withdraw and i can withdraw that amount i put in a web address in there.

I choose the network that i want to withdraw it to and i can withdraw the amount that i want and that will go directly to my wallet. Wherever i send it, i could send it to you. I could send it to a friend up the road.

I could send it to my wife. I can send it anywhere. I have full control over my funds because they’re sitting inside my binance account now with easybot, you can use financecom, you can use binanceus and you can use kucoin at the moment, i’m only using binancecom, because that works great. For me, i’m fully kyc in here.

So i can withdraw, i think something like up to fifty five thousand dollars a day with no restrictions, so the biggest risk when using easy bot is not on the easy bot side. It’s on finance’s side will finance go out of business and run away with my money? I don’t think so. I’Ve got great confidence in finance. Do your own due diligence? Do your own research on binance you’ll find it’s one of the biggest crypto exchanges in the world? So i feel very, very safe using finance, so that’s the risk.

I’M taking the finance, don’t go out of business if easybot go out of business, it does make no difference to me whatsoever because my funds are here inside my binance account. Now, if you want to set up an easybot account, then below this video you’re going to find a link, it’s going to take you to a registration page where you can set up a free account and you can start trading today. Now, if you click the like button and subscribe to my channel, i’m going to be doing lots of updates on easy bots, and i’m also going to show you how to build your team. In fact, i’m going to build your team for you and so that you can earn even more money.

You have a fantastic day, click the link below create a free account or, if you’ve already got an account, then set your bots up. And if you want any help in setting up your bots or creating your account, then leave me a comment below this video or, if you’ve got any questions whatsoever. Leave me a comment below this video. You have a fantastic day and i look forward to seeing you inside easybots bye now.


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