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I think we’ve had a few people that have been waiting on um on us to release uh coinbase, and so we haven’t talked about coinbase for a while. Let me talk about coinbase and where we stand as it pertains to coinbase um. If you have been following. What’s happening in crypto, one of the other big stories, potentially the biggest story of last week that caused so much of the volatility in the crypto markets was this story from coinbase that suggests that they may have to file bankruptcy and, as a result of having to File bankruptcy that the funds that their users have in their crypto wallets in coinbase may be at risk.

EazyBot Update of Coinbase

Just think about that for a minute um. This is it’s almost surprising. This isn’t a bigger story than than it is but uh a major crypto exchange, coinbase uh. Basically saying they’re they’re not sure of their financial stability.

So for that reason, amongst others, our development of of uh coinbase as a as an exchange partner, has come to an indefinite pause and uh. The timing is is perfect for us, because we are just around the corner from launching kucoin, so we’re excited about kucoin, because uh it’s going to allow you guys. Those of you who have not yet had access to trading kucoin will allow you to create an api, create an account without having to get id verified and create an api connection, and we can also do a trusted ip on kucoin, with an ap with our api.

Uh that trusted ip means simply that cool coin will only execute trades that are authorized through the easybot platform. It keeps your account safe. That’s what we just implemented for binancecommanus, so same thing for kucoin, so we’re really excited about that uh. That is coming we’re in the last last little days of last few days of uh testing mohammed’s been trading successfully in uh in kucoin.

Easybot Trading || Easy bot

So look for look for more announcements coming. We don’t have an exact date to tell you on a release just yet we’re pushing to get it out for you guys this week and as soon as we have an exact date we’ll make that announcement. So that’s big big news, coinbase permanently or indefinitely on hold for the moment, but we are very excited to say that you can look forward to kucoin

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