EazyBot Triumphs Over 70%+ Crash! Video By Susan My Business Partner

Hi there, susan batchelder, here in this video, i am going to share with you some real live results from inn brands, easy bot trading account before i get into showing the screen share of our results and the markups on the chart. I would like to just talk about how these particular results are a prime example. The ultimate example of what is unique about the easybot one click strategy. You can withstand crypto winters, making profits along the way of significant market drops, unlike contract trading, where the trades are bets on price direction and you take a loss if it goes in the opposite direction.


The spot training that easy, bots one click strategy uses is a hybrid strategy combining dollar cost averaging and grid trading, creating access for the masses to take part in a complex mathematical strategy that is all default and done for you in an emerging crypto market. What makes one the one click strategy sustainable is: each trade closed in profit uses a percent of that profit towards the average price which moves it closer to the market price. If you have any questions about how the bot works, there’s a video that muhammad recorded that takes you through a deep dive into how the bot works here come along with me, and i’m going to take you on a screen share to show you two particular bots That we have been running since the beginning and they’ve just closed out. Okay, so here you can see this.

This is screen captures from our back office reporting on the bots here’s the session number. This is our uni usdt bot, starting balance was 600, and the initial buy, as you can see here, was on april 5th. It bought at a price of 1166 closed on july 28th. That final closing trade closed with a fifty one cents profit with a total profit on this session of a hundred and twenty five dollars and forty cents, let’s go and have a look at it marked up on the chart.

So, as you can see here, that entry was on april 5th and the exit was on july 28th, the entry price 1166, the exit closing session price was 934, that final trade was 84 profit. Closing with a total profit of 209 total profit. The full market drop that this session listed 7116 and during that drop before the close out 1248 profit was grabbed from the market, pretty impressive.

So let’s have a look at our etc usdt coin, it started with the balance of one thousand dollars. The initial buy was on april 7th, and you can see the price of the initial buy was 4419. It closed out on july 28th that closeout price was 478, that final trade was 120 and 19 profit. With a total of 237 24 51.

Let’s go and have a look at the markup on the chart for this, so you can see the entry over here and you can see the exit here on july 28th, the entry price 4419, the exit price and it was stood – a total market drop of 7123 Percent, during which 117 profit was collected with that final trade grabbing 12 percent profit from the market and the whole session closed out with a 237 total profit. So this is just two of many many examples of proof of concept, of what the easy bot oneclick strategy can withstand in the market. It can grab consistent profits even during a crypto winter, so there you have it.

Thank you for watching. If you haven’t yet got started in easy bot with the one click strategy for yourself, where you can keep your money in your own control, get back to the person that invited you, because now is a really good time to get started. See you in the next video

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