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Okay, so this is the dashboard and one of the things i’m really impressed with the programmers is it’s very easily laid out both on the phone or on any device and i’m going to go to bot management so once you’re uh qualified? This shows up one of the things it’s very, very easy to to uh connect with a an exchange. It’s very simple! You go into your exchange, you go to the api section and then you come back to easybot. You give it a name, your exchange, you cut and paste your key, your secret, you save on your exchange, you enable the trading and it’s very, very easy and my understanding is.

We are going to have videos for both exchanges shortly um in assessor bought. It could be quite a challenge to do this, so this is very welcome from the moment i hooked up. Hooking up my exchange and purchasing my coins was under five minutes, so easy bot is very easy in more ways than one. So this is the um.

EazyBot Training

The bots i’m trading, three different coins and it came in this – is actually up medically from yesterday, when i came in uh two of the coins, i started trading on the 17th one on the 17th two had some issues, so i’ve been trading roughly five six days. One of the coins i chose was ave and, if i just switch, can breezy can we see the coin market cap screen? Yes, sir, we can okay. So what i’m going to show? You is why i chose ali and why bought trading works so well. Here is the oneyear screen, so if you put money in a year ago it cost it would have cost you 328 for one coin today and it’s up a bit is 166.

Yesterday was about half. So if you bought and hold this for a year, um, i’ve lost half your money, but if you’re bought trading – and these are exaggerated, you can see all the ups and downs and ups and downs. Those if they’re big swings, it’s multiple, sell, sell, sell, buy, buy, buy and so on, and so one of the things i tell people in your personal life, your business life, you do not want volatility in your cryptocurrencies.

Yes, you want volatility and all the coins that have been chosen, uh have a degree of volatility, but they’re very stable that they have a lot of buying a lot of people trade them. So they won’t have big meltdowns, but there’s sufficient movement in the mall. So go to the one month chart.

Let’s just go to the daily chart, see just in the last day. You can see there’s some major trades here which are reflected in my account uh. It started to run about 5. Am it peaked about 11? And now it’s down a bit so um, the other nice thing about coin market cap or um coin gekko and um you could just drop a link in there is it’s good to know the coins.

You can check out all the news and it gives you a feel if you know there’s big news coming if they’re working on partnerships, if they’re about to be adopted, etc, etc. So there’s no shortage of information. There’s the website there’s the white paper, so you don’t have to do it um, it’s something you might want to consider once you get in all the coins are good, but um some coins sometimes are a little bit better than others so so to choose. A coin.

Is really really quite easy? Basically, what you do is you click to add a new coin, give it a title, and normally i name the coin. They call it after the coin. So let’s say um trade ripple xrp.

So you, you choose your exchange, i’m already on binance, and then you choose your coin and see here. It is right here and you can see here’s all the coins. You can they’re all good ones to trade um. One of the things in the predecessor bought everybody talks to everybody and, if somebody’s doing good on a particular coin, they usually mention it um.

The bot option default is cycle. If you want to just do a single strategy on a coin you know, ripple has had some problems with the sec. Rumor is when they settle that the coin could go through the roof, so you could set it to a single trade you’re going to buy it and you’re going to sell it when it goes up 25 or whatever.

There’s lots of stuff down here for advance. If you want to do it, um status is active. That’s default! The default on the balance is a thousand um.

The order is 33, so you see it’s 3390. If you come in with the recommended 600, your first purchase will be and thirty four cents um, auto compounding is on by default. Uh, there’s no reason to turn that off because trade over trade over trade, everything you earn will be you’ll, be earning on your earnings.

On your earnings and then initiate immediately, so if you have the balance here, i don’t right now you just click save and you’re trading. So it’s extremely fast very well laid out going to go to ave. It’s up almost eight percent in the last 24 hours um. It was four dollars yesterday and something now it’s six dollars.

So it’s up the earnings are up about 30 percent things you can do depending you can go with the dark screen or the light screen. So whatever your preference is and again this looks really good on a um – looks really good on a cell phone, so, as you can see, there’s lots and lots of trades which um i’m just gon na choose this one as an example, the this is how you Make money in a down market and basically, since i came in most of the uh, actually everything i’ve been in since i started trading is down yet you can see lots of profitable trades. The um the bot will not sell on a losing trade. It only does profitable trades.

So, even though the market is down from my entry power, our entry point, i’m earning money every day, multiple times a day, usually on all three coins, and so here’s an example. Is it bought obvi at a dollar sick 160 and then it dropped to 157, so it started off. Initial buy was twentytwo dollars dropped. Two percent bought another two uh twenty two dollars.

This isn’t the one i wanted to show you but um, and then it popped up to 160 from 157 and it sold and made 49 cents one, the one. I showed you just a little bit more extreme because it was this one here it bought. 22 dollars went down what another 22 dollars went down: another five percent, so it’s down over seven percent, what 45 dollars worth and then it went from 153 to 160, still four dollars short from the initial buy and it made a dollar 37 um. So there’s an example of you buy and it goes down three times the bot loads up brings down your overall cost.

Then it sells everything and you’re up. So that’s one of the things. That’s really exciting is to watch how it works um. So i’m up 664 on this and the bots kind of quite active.

It’s the market’s kind of coming back a bit. It’s going to go back, i’m also trading attic and it kind of took a little bit of a run. So here’s an example at four in the morning, of course, i’m sleeping, i believe i was it, bought it at 159 and then at 7 17. Am it sold it for a dollar 62? So i i’m back in right now at 162.

This is which coin is this: this is selena, which has had a nice little run, it’s up to 7, 28 and just after uh last yesterday, okay of this morning, at 9 30, it bought one lot at 22 and then it sold it at 12. It’s only 18 cents, but they all add up there’s another example of it going down. We bought it at a hundred dropped to 99.

It triggered uh to buy more down two bought another 22, and then it sold both lots. And so it’s a good demonstration that the bots just trade and trade and trade and trade and um you don’t have to check them. They just do their magic and any questions at this point.

None so far. Martin, if anyone has a question, please raise your hand just in case there’s more people that want to come in and you can ask martin his experience on trading. The bot so far, which, as you can see and as you can hear, is phenomenal um and we expect for us to see the product work for us and you will be happy. But if there are any questions, please raise your hand all right.

We have one come on in lucky: you’re, lucky, hey, it’s brizzy, hi, martin, um, very, very good uh. You know rundown on what we have as an amazing bot um for the traders and nontraders for people who really want to get into the the crypto game. When one question for martin um, you seem to know very well about bots and um, especially this bot um.

What’s the degree of experience into bots and are we ahead of the game in the crypto in the world um? I i can speak to that because i do re view watts. I looked at about 30 of them and um people have misunderstandings about bots. I mean um, they don’t understand what they are and whenever, as far as um bringing people into easybot, you know there there’s four things: negative things that people will say.

They’Ll say i don’t understand crypto and the answer to that is you don’t have to understand crypto. I don’t have time you don’t have to have time. This is perfect with people with busy lifestyles. Um i’ve been burned on this before well, the money’s in all your control, so every negative, there’s, a positive and but easybot goes a lot forward and one of the really remarkable things is you can get in for free trade it for free and tesla the money’s In your control, if you’re unhappy, you can take it back, um and the predecessor bought it did cost money to get in.

But most people who came in saw how it worked even with no support, even with all the difficulties they kept on and they recruited so um. I think easybot is very, very important. The other thing is uh, with all the marketers coming in is we started off just going to the people in the predecessor, bots saying we’ve solved all the problems.

There were some major problems. Some are on the compensation plan, for instance, if somebody caught up to your level you’d lose 95 of your commissions. You don’t do this here, our our uh compensation plan. If anybody’s um wants to bring in marketers i’ve sent out to some marketers with this challenge.

I’Ve said look at the compensation plan and i challenge you to tell me that you’ve never seen a better plan and they come back and they say yes, this is good. You don’t have to build two legs, you don’t have to jump through hoops. You don’t need a degree in economics to figure it out.

It’s very, very, very simple! So so it’s a it’s one of the things. It’s it’s an easy build. Um.

I tell people if they say i don’t want to get into any type of affiliate program. I say: that’s fine you don’t have to, but our experience in the predecessor bought is anybody who came in and made money. You know they started telling people and because it has a nice plan, there’s nothing.

I have seen in this plan and that’s evidenced by the fact that people are coming in from noncrypto type of platforms, product platforms. They look at this and they say yeah. We get it, this is good. You know we like this.

It’s got a good product, it’s got a good plan. Another thing that’s important, um, because i cover a lot of this. I deal regularly where people get scammed, you know sometimes it’s a few hundred dollars.

I dealt with somebody the other day that you know it was this happens regularly and the fact that there’s transparency there’s an office. The money doesn’t leave your control. You can actually reach out on the calls and and talk to the founders and ask him questions so we’re in early. That’s another important thing: um.

Another important thing is that all the founders have a great deal of business experience. It’s not their first uh rodeo coach ken who designed the compensation plan and went out and got one of the best consultants he’s familiar with everything that works and does and works david. Charles is a great operations guy.

He knows how to build organizations right muhammad is a great program. An engineer and visionary uh benite is good at the marketing and we’re all looking forward uh with the marketing most platforms. If you need to have any type of marketing materials they usually subscribe to.

Somebody else, and then you have to pay 20 30 40 a month. This is free um. One of the things i like about most, which is at the heart of this company, is that everybody has a sense of paying it forward.

And what can this company do to give back and help the human condition and everybody i’m not going to single out certain certain people they want? They wanted to allow people in the third world and there’s billions of people who don’t have access to crypto or even basic banking, but they have a cell phone. They wanted to give them their own business for free, so they have a platform they can market to. The world they’ll have free marketing materials, they can send anybody, they know to webinars such as this and zoom calls and they get the same commissions. They get the same um and they get the same share of anybody.

They sign up um, just at the same level as if you’re, an executive or a vip, so we actually have some churches coming in and one of the things we say it looks like a business. You know it quacks like a business. It walks like a business, but it has the potential to be a ministry and really help people and i’ve been doing some calls already in the philippines.

I have some people in pakistan, thailand and i’m really looking forward, because the heart of this company is to put people before profits, and so they went down to the basics and just from the dna and the ground up. They wanted to build something and one of the things, and i’m talking along that. I think one of the greatest contributions this company has done lucky. It’s raised the bar, so anybody coming into the space and there are hundreds of bots um they have to uh match this.

They can’t you don’t have what you had and this this represents the proper evolution of these type of companies, where you actually know who the people are. If you want to take your money out, hey it’s easy. All i do is close. The trading i send it to my finance, i send that to my wallet and i send it to my bank.

I can have it all in 10 minutes. You know you always have access to your funds, there’s no way anybody can run off with it. It’s a nice piece of software, there’s really good ai coming that can identify which coins are best which systems are best and do really good feedback.

But it’s start. It comes from the standpoint that they wanted this company to be people driven, customer driven and really wanted it to be impactful and there’s very few companies like that. I’Ve seen a lot of bots and a lot of times, they’re, programmers and propeller heads, and it’s like how can we make a lot of money and a crypto’s hot now you know, how can we harvest a lot of money and it’s all about the business? It’s not about the people and that’s why, martin, i don’t know if we lost you a little bit but um.

Are you still there i’m here? Okay, okay, wow! Thank you so much and it touches a little bit on my uh. The second question i had, which is really important, to see how um we are at the right place at the right time because worldwide crypto, even though it’s been there for so many years, it’s still an untapped business or an untapped uh. You know uh category.

I can speak to that. Approximately three percent of this world owns crypto and usually it’s passively. You know, there’s now crypto atms. Um people are hungry to learn about crypto and what this allows people to do.

It allows them to earn while they learn they can understand. Coins they can understand the market and it’s it’s a great starting point and that’s one of the beautiful things 10x crypto traders have done. Is it’s made an easy entryway for people with all the support in community? So you can understand this because it is intimidating. It is scary, um, you know tell people about.

Is trading um a lot of times. You know. What’s our you know, what’s hollywood say about bots right, you know if it’s irobot or the matrix, you know they evolved and then they get world aspirations and want to kill everybody right. But this is a simple software bot.

It does what it’s supposed to do. It trades day and night there’s nothing scary about it, as you can see, uh it works. Thank you, martin. So much um jim.

Do you have a question for martin or a general question come on in call me yeah. I have a general question well in regards to commissions uh real quick, so if we have, we can get eight percent down to level five and well. That’s, of course we have paid uh.

That would be one two at least three paid people. What i understand, because each one opens up two levels, but my question is: if i haven’t and i’m most asking for one of my team members, because i’ve already bought a package. But if i hadn’t bought a package, if i come in for free, am i able to get eight percent down to level five? I i, the the question was broken up just a little bit.

Can you please repeat the question? Yes, sorry, a little windy here. Um am i able to if i’m a free man i’m coming in on a free package? Am i able to get the eight percent commissions uh from down down to level five so level, one and level two or where you’re going to get your commissions from and then when you do open up, depending on the brackets of two two and two which uh Peter showed um. You will be able to receive that, commissioner, to so free the two advanced and the vip package received the same commission.

That just depends on whether or not i have um referrals that have paid packages that get me down to level five, not whether or not i’m in a free package or not right. Even your free package can benefit from you. Just won’t receive the commission from them.

Buying a package because it’s a free package but from the 20 you’ll get the percentage that you get depending on the level that they’re at okay. So if i have three um referrals and they’ve all paid packages, that means i am able to get down to that. Would be level, i guess, level, six right, no, so your direct level! So if you have directs they’re on your level one your level six is that much further down from you.

I understand, but i’d have to have yes, each direction that i have. That has a paid package unlocks two two levels: right: yeah you’re, correct, you’re, correct! Yes, so that’s that’s the beauty of our program, guys! Anybody in the world can start for free, they don’t even have to trade, and they can still build an organization and still earn as if you are trading and as if you had one of the paid packages. So that’s that is truly one of the amazing things about this platform.

We can reach the map very good, because i have someone, that’s that’s coming in and he does not have the ability to even fund his account. I told him he can go out and share this with people, even though he’s coming in and free as a free package, not even trading and he’ll, be able to earn from film trading all the way down to his, depending on how many people he’s able to Get in with eight banks exactly exactly yeah, it’s an amazing program. Yeah! Sorry, thank you for cutting cutting in there.

Sorry, no, absolutely love it. That’s we tag team peter! I love you! Thank you, jim all, right dales! Do you have a general question or one from martin, specifically uh? Thank you for taking my question i’m hearing about this amazing bot and i’m new to this space. However, um martin was displaying on the screen how the bot works, and then he kind of stopped in the middle of his last statement, and i’m just wondering if he could just go over the demonstration of how the bot trades again is that possible.

I’Ll show an example: what happens in a down market with uh, but he’s joined the during the call. So just one second, oh here’s an example where i bought bought obvi at 164 um. It bought 33 percent of my balance, which was just under 700.

So about 2280 worth um, it immediately dropped about three dollars so about another 22, because it got triggered the way the bots set up the default, which is very conservative. It bought another lot when it went down two percent, then it went down. Almost eight dollars actually went down almost exactly eight dollars and it bought two more lots for 45 dollars, and then it went from 153 to 160 and it sold sold everything 92 dollars worth made a dollar thirty seven profit and if you notice, when it sold it Was at a dollar sixty i made money, even though the initial buy was one six four. So, most of the time since i’ve been in, it’s been a down market and the bot only sells on a winning trade, and you can see there’s many many trades just keeps trading and trading and trading.

So did that answer your question? Yes, it does. Thank you very much. I just want to add that on 10x crypto traders and if it’s handy breezy, if you can put it in there, is a presentation by muhammad specifically how the bot works. That’s uh, but if you want to understand more, what’s under the hood here, yes for sure, i’m adding that in just a second do we have any other questions in the meantime, all the videos are that mark mentioned are also available in the telegram chat and the Pin messages even muhammad’s video is there as well.

So if you’re on the telegram chat just go to the pin messages, oh there’s lots of lots of information that you can. You know take your time and go through and then after watching those videos and if you don’t understand something, please come to the calls and then we can clarify uh. What is the part that you don’t understand perfect? Do we have any other questions at this time? I have my hand raised.

It’s really quick too. I’M sorry, yes come on in um, so i’m clear, so the 600 investment is what you can come in with per coin. Or can you split that up between coins or 600 per coin? It’s recommended with the strategy that muhammad ali came in with to have a 600 investment per coin, to accommodate any massive drop, and so that is the recommended amount for the strategy and the algorithm that is in the bot to you for you to benefit from got It, okay thanks.

I want to add something to that. So let’s say you came in with 300, and the market drops 15 20. What happened with the predecessor bought? It would just stop. It ran out of money.

It would stop it wouldn’t trade if it continues to drop another 10 points and goes up and down up and down up and down up and down you’re missing all those tri trades plus when it recovers. So what they’ve designed here is – and this is one of the problems going back to lucky’s uh question of the bots – is a lot of these bots tend to stall and stop working, which is frustrating because the market keeps going. It’s still volatile you’re, just not making money, and you don’t want to go in and tinker with the settings and try and reprogram it.

So what mohamed did and it’s a very conservative way he does. This is that you don’t have to worry about the bot stopping which, when you get accustomed to lots and trades and earning money, it’s very frustrating. You know it’s like being on the highway in your car stalls right.

It’s like! Oh, my god, awesome. Thank you april. Um you know i was trying to say that name before, but i’m not going to offend you or embarrass myself, so miss douglas.

Please come on in. You are unmuted, but we can’t hear you so i’m not sure. If it’s a connection issue, can you hear us? I have a question for breezy when, with the predecessor bought what percentage of the time did you have to spend with people calling in and saying my bot stopped working? That is a wonderful question, um to the point where the percentage is extremely high, um for whatever rhyme or reason there.

Hence the reason why we have easy bot now um. There was a lot of updates that were happening that we weren’t informed about um. So there was a lot of glitches that, on a daily basis, from two o’clock, we could have been there till six o’clock, helping people um with their bot issues. We loved every single moment of it.

But i know the frustration from the other end wasn’t as excited about helping people as much as we like helping people but very good question. Martin – and i honestly can’t give you an exact number, but it was very a lot of hours that we spent um assisting people with one the bot freezing the glitches things that they didn’t understand. Um trades not happening um and we are excited and enthusiastic on. What this bot is going to do here so follow up is the way they’ve structured.

The wallet is that right here i have 54 dollars to feed the bot and if you look, you can see the bots taking twenty percent twenty percent. Twenty percent. Twenty percent – that’s quite a lot of trade, since i got it, i didn’t anyway. So what happens with this wallet is that also all your money comes into a central wallet, so if you’re doing anything at all, you don’t have to feed this balance just at the first and the this is much more efficient in the followup question.

Is that with the predecessor bought? How many calls did you get from people who said my bot is frozen and they just didn’t realize they ran out of money to feed the bot very good question again, mr martin and yes, we got quite a few calls. Um inquiring, why their bot isn’t working, and you know when we troubleshoot, we try to find out what exactly it is. And yes, one of the issues is or one of the reasons not issues is that they hadn’t replenished their assets, their wallet that the ssf, the fees that come, that we give to the bot 20 for the advanced and the vip packages and 30 for the free Package – and so people have to replenish this again, the bot itself will produce for you.

If you are not a builder, if you don’t know people, but once you see what the bot does for you, you will want to introduce this to other people, but for the individual who doesn’t have a lot of people aren’t going to get a lot of the Um benefits from having a, i don’t want to say downline, which is what it’s called, but when you’re sponsoring people it benefits you with the comp plan, so the 54 dollars that martin is seeing right now because he’s building a team he’s most likely 9999 is not Going to have to replenish this this wallet because he will receive residual income from the beautiful comp plan that muhammad and coach and the rest of the team that came up with that particular portion is benefiting people from and again. That is the reason why someone who financially is not able to purchase the licensure of the software for the trading bot and or fund a bot to trade. With a free package, you can still get residual income and once you have that residual income, you can add some of that money back into the bot so that you can then on your own produce residual income and again this is not tomorrow, you’re going to be Rich in a week in a month, no, this is a lifelong term that you want to invest in that’s going to produce more than a savings, account mutual funds and any other type of investment that you can think of. And yes, it is risky, but without any risk there is no reward.

So it’s all in the threshold of what you can withstand and we want you to have a strong heart, because crypto is a beast in its own and so with the fluctuation of what cryptocurrency. In the market does it like, in the stock market anyone who’s known in the stock market, a lot of people were hurt from that. As long as this bot is performing, which it is, we’ve done it in back testing and we’ll have the back test results in the back office when easybotcom the website itself and as as when it gets back into your back office into your account. You’Ll.

Be able to see the results from the back testing one more point: one more point on the reserve wallet do not be afraid of your resolved reserve. While it goes down that means you’re. Making profits in your exchange account. So for every 50 that your reserve wallet goes down, that means you’ve made 250 in your exchange, account in profits.

So that’s how you have to look at it so, every time it goes down that means you’re, making profitable trades, and then you just keep replenishing that so that the buck can continue to trade for you, okay, so that’s for the 20 fee, so by every 500. It takes 100 for every 1 000 profits made for you. It’s going to take 200 on a paid package.

It’s gon na take 300 on a free package. So when that reserve volley goes down if you’re not building an organization, it’s a good thing. That means you’re. Making profits in the exchange you just got ta keep replenishing that so that spot will continue to trade.

For you exactly peter um miss douglas. I’M i’m going to read the question and if anyone like peter or anyone else can decipher this but um, can we change the percentage of the bot’s trades and keep the strategy on default? I don’t know if i’m just not comprehending the question but um you, you can keep it on default and change the parameters, but it’s not considered the one fixed strategy where it’s designed to withstand the 50 to 60 drops any any change in this strategy will put You more at risk for the point getting stuck, so you can change the parameters. Thank you.

That’s it’s fully! Customizable. I um. I have an advanced thing kind of advanced. It’s simple, where you can kind of stack the odds a little bit different without changing any of the settings, and this is what i used to do and the predecessor bought um a lot of people.

What they’ll do is every paycheck they’ll add money in, and so, if you look at this um, the coins are up 84 42 and we’re 669. What i used to do with the predecessor bought without monkeying with the settings is, let’s say i wake up and these are way way down. So let’s say: um obvi is down 15 20 percent. It’s a good time to throw some money in because you can go to the coin and there’s a little settings here right here and you can add money, and so what you’re doing is when it’s down you’re increasing the percentage of what the bot can buy in A down market there’s an old saying in investment um you buy when there’s blood in the streets and you sell when everybody else is buying.

And, conversely, if the market’s high, you could take some out, but i i always used to like to time putting extra money in when it was down, because i know then the bot would automatically compensate and do more buying at a lower level. Does that make sense? Absolutely and as as we move forward – and you know, the group discusses that you know we have this nice collective community and i got some really advanced traders coming in, and so we share all these strategies, but there’s a tweak where you don’t even have to reprogramming It in most cases the market’s down people panic, should i sell and say no i’m putting in some more because i know what the bot will do with it awesome. Thank you, martin, for sharing all of your knowledge and strategies, and we will hear more from martin as the weeks go when the days go by as he’s getting more involved in participating in the zoo calls with us, and hopefully we can have a segment every week With martin showing a different strategy that he’s considering and how he’s choosing points – and this is what the community does – we help each other – you know get educated and one thing about this bot is thanks.


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