Eazybot| 1 Million Trades Closed In Just 5 Months! Bot Made 1.05% Today Trading MATICUSDT+UNIUSDT🥳🔥🤑

Hello, everyone and welcome again to my YouTube channel and welcome to another easy bod video, where I’m just going to show you again like daily results. That’s going with me things like that right, so yeah guys, um first thing I want to mention is easy bodies celebrating 1 million trades closed, one million trades guys. How insane is that so yeah? That means obviously they’ve closed 1 million trades and all of those trades were closed in profit. You know um, so let’s have a look at that first things, first right and then we’ll get to everything else that I want to share.


So one million trades closed guys today is a special day during the past 24 hours. Easy bought crossed a major Milestone. One million trades closed in just five months. During a severe crypto market crash guys, we knew that easybot was built to withstand of volatile ways of cryptocurrency, but we didn’t think we we would have to prove it so soon.

Easybot was designed to be two crypto. Explorers could use to build wealth and consistent income. Confidently and proudly a safe haven away from the growing number of crypto scams and Ponzi schemes and yeah guys. As you know, I the reviews about a lot of these a lot of scams and that so yeah, because it’s just it’s like every every day, almost there’s a freaking new one popping up so anyways.

What sets easy, but, apart from all others, a winning easy to set up trading strategy funds in your wallet, always in your control, consistent profits up and down in up and down markets, automatic compounding fully customizable free to get started programmed to close winning trades only executed With 9999 accuracy, so basically 100 accuracy, worldclass support corporate transparency and availability. A helpful engaged Community generous affiliate, rewards um plan for sharing easybot free professional marketing tools for Affiliates. This is easy, but this is crypto Made Easy, a special thank you to all easy bot, members and Affiliates for making this imported Milestone possible.

The Best Is Yet To Come. Yeah guys um again for all of you participating in easybot who have participated so far been with us since the beginning. You know thanks you’re, awesome, um and, and another thing is yeah.

The Best Is Yet To Come, guys some. Basically, tomorrow um there will be a or or basically today, if you look at the time, it’s almost 15th of August so Monday right, we um is going to be a really really really awesome announcement um to do with the bot right. So it’s a few. It’s a few little tweaks and changes just to an improvement Studio bot to make it even more profitable.

You know um, so I heard 50 to 70 percent, more profitable from the testing they’ve done, which I mean it’s already doing great right. If you consider there’s no leverage, it’s super safe and we’re getting really, you know really respectable returns. You know, especially like I’ve, been saying we’re not in a bull market yet, but it’s it’s getting there I mean we, the crypto markets, are moving pretty decently right now. Um but obviously in the recent months you know in the months that easybot started.

It was just the bay Market in easy, but still waited the storm and still made profits so which other Bots didn’t. Otherwise they never plan and that’s just how it is right, um. So yeah, that’s obviously where easybot stands out, doesn’t just make money in an up Market, an uptrend that makes money in a downtrend in a side trend, you name it and obviously, as always say it’s 100 safe, because your funds are always in your own exchange. You’re.

Not sending your trading Capital the easy bot guys. I try Easy by trades for you in your own binance, binance or cool coin exchange and I’ll get to that as well, but yeah first things. First um is yep the results for today.

How much did I make 105 guys? We were over one percent for a day, basically, all right, just over a day, um Matic is starting to pick up as you guys. Knowmatic has been really really slow. This lost six days um I mean like uh. It’s again today was well last day was a good day.

07 percent um uni swap also had a pretty decent day 035. Both of them have been really slow. You know um, but the last two weeks, three weeks most of the most of the crypto Market has been slow. But again it’s starting to pick up guys.

It’s just it’s how it goes. It’s you know easy bot get like always say easy. Bot cannot um manipulate the markets, it cannot change the market conditions, it can only follow the market right and only follow the market accordingly go with it and place the trades as the market moves right. Obviously, the more the market moves the better for the easy part.

The more profit it will make the list, but Market moves are obviously at least the easy bot will make. You know, because even if you’re trading the market yourself, if there’s less movement, if the Market’s standing still you’re, also not going to make profit right, but luckily the crypto markets always move some days really slow, but they still move some days really fast. Like again, this last day was a was a really solid day.

I mean over. One percent is a really really solid, guys, really good return, and no, you won’t make that every day, but as I’ve shown some days are really slow, but some days some days will be really good right and that’s why it’s also important to diversify with more coins. If you can, if you can’t guys, don’t worry about it right because, with the free package, you guys know you can trade with up to two coins and then with Advanced package. You can trade up to 10 coins and then the VIP something you can trade with.

As many queens as you want right, but again, I only recommend the paid packages when you actually have enough Capital to trade with I’m on a free package myself, because right, I don’t have a lot of capital yet to actually take advantage of the paid packages. I’M interested in the paid packages, but but you know later on, when I have more money um to to put in my binance wallet right for the bot to trade with, so that it can take advantage of the capital that I have right, don’t buy something you Don’T need if, if it’s going to benefit you yet then consider getting a package but a paid package, but otherwise it’s not necessary right anyways. So the total I’ve made so far is 1023 percent um for 30 38 days, and that is really respectable.

That is really solid, um. I’M really happy with that. Like Anything For Me Above five percent a month where I don’t have to stress, is really good, but again, we’ve seen you know consistently better returns than five percent with the easy body in a crashing market and again guys it’s just some of the data. If you look some of the coins we’re doing really solidly, I mean, if you look at this 34 day period and again A lot has happened.

1 Million Trades Closed In Just 5 Months

Since this is old. Guys I mean uh, you can just go to my YouTube. Channel and you’ll see some newer videos.

Some more better, even even better results and again guys it’s just. This is still good, because these this is in a bear market right where most Bots are are, you know, have a huge floating loss or are making losses. Basically, the easy part is maintaining your portfolio and still making profits and, like I said this was still in a downtrending market which had made really good profits.

So yeah guys when the bull market comes around, we can, I guess, based off of the data and again guys, there’s no promises or anything like that, but based off of the data, we can expect double these returns or more right um when the bull market comes Around so it’s very exciting times, and obviously with the changes that are coming to the bot is going to be even better right. It’s going to be in soon so yeah guys, um, nice, passive returns, nice safe returns. That’s what the easybot offers you right, um! So yeah, that’s that’s that um! Obviously, if you want to see the trades again guys, I’ve explained in other videos how I calculate my returns.

It’s not that hard. I mean. The only thing I do is basically I’ll allocated 355 dollars to the bot right. Let me just show you for both right 355.

That’s what I allocated per bot as you can see. The auto compounding is in play there. Three.

It’s basically allocated 363 36388 cents um for this spot because of the compounding right, um yeah, that’s also good. I mean it’s always compounding for you portrayed so long term that that could really be really really good and again, if you, this is a simple tip guys. If you want to be more aggressive, you want to make more profits quicker.

Then you can simply just change the the buyin to to more right. Then it’s going to buy more of the coin at a time, but again guys. I would only recommend this if you actually know what you’re doing, if you’re a profitable professional Trader and and you’re, watching the markets right otherwise leave it in a oneclick strategy, guys the one click strategy.

Those results you saw is with the one click the strategy, the default strategy, that’s designed to be super safe and to make profits in even the worst market crash. Guys just keep that in mind, but again guys. I’M just saying: that’s, that’s your option right! Well, there is an option. Obviously we you can change that that you know again this 339, that’s the default strategy, so you can go six percent, ten percent, whatever you want to do, but at your own risk guys again, I’m not going to be all responsible for what you do with your Account right just saying so yeah.

Otherwise, if you’re like me and you’re happy with the returns, I’m really happy with the returns I’m getting, then you know because I’m in it for the long term, because sometimes guys the crypto markets can be can be vicious and they can just you know unexpected crash. Can happen and then and then I mean when you spread yourself too thin by being too aggressive at a certain time, then you can have a problem. You know when the market decides it’s um when it decided to show its teeth. Basically so yeah, let’s just see, see some of these um returns.

I was on the 11th okay. So basically that’s what I say guys just every day, because I’ve taken the 13th and then some of the returns I made on the 14th. So you can see almost 70 cents, there, 31 cents, small little trades, guys that add up to the percentages you’re seeing it’s actually quite genius, it’s like small little trades that add up and the bot never stops trading right. So again, it adds up to a lot over time and that’s what you want.

So that’s what I say guys when you, when you calculate your returns like to really be fair and realistic, is calculate them like month or month, right um. That’s that’s just better and more realistic, right and fair to the to the bot and to the markets. Um, all right, so you know.

Let me just show you guys thematic bot geez. How many times do I have to go back here? No man! So I’m just gon na do this quickly, all right yeah, so here’s just basically what the magic bot is done, like I said it was thematic bot was, was doing insane. It was really really good um the last day.

So, okay, this was one or two profit early in the morning, like I said guys, even when you sleep, you’re, making profits. This was a really good one: 82 cents, there uh 215 cents, almost 10 cents. Here, 17 cents, there, 12 cents, 50 cents, there, 52 cents. There look at all these trades guys literally in like one just over one day, right, almost All Saints there and all that added up to 07 in just over a day.

So it’s like, I think it was two and a half dollars or something like that. Right doing nothing and again guys one day and not through a lot of capital I mean, like I said I look at it 355 dollars to this spot so and, like I said guys, the option to be more aggressive is always there, but that depends on you Right and I only recommend that to certain individuals, you know who actually know what they’re doing and yeah you can predict more crashes in that pretty well, but yeah guys, you do you, I’m just like. I said I’m just going to keep repeating myself on the same thing: oh just another thing, um, if you’re new you wan na you wan na, see what I’m talking about on transparency like uh when it comes to the trades right. Let me just use this.

This uni swap trade as an example going to my binance wallet and guys just ignore the the amount of money I have here um because you’re probably wondering well. I have 710 dollars allocated to both the Bots right or slightly more with the compounding, but I only have 159 of usdt for the bot to trade with guys. Remember it’s buying in a little bit of the coin, at a time that it’s trading with like, as you can see, here’s the Matic and the uni swap that it brought in right. It’s going to wait for this Matic and uni swap to go up the price to go up.

Then it’s going to take profit. If the price continues to fall, it will buy in more and then it will bring down the average price and then it will sell off all of the positions for a profit right. So that that I mean that’s pretty simple but yeah. So I mean I’m just gon na I’m gon na add usdt.

In any case, especially if I see it’s there’s more, the bot needs it to handle more covers, but but guys just um always make sure you have enough usdts for the bot to trade with or or busd uh. I think you can also use busd if you prefer USD, also stablecoin. So then you click click on Exchange.

As you can see, I’ve already showed you. The coins that the bod is trading with this is in my binance account guys. This is full control, even if easybot disappears tomorrow, although you’re in all of your Capital, including the profits the bot made for you, is in your own exchange and by the way guys. You can also use Google right if you um, don’t use binance if you’re from the US, especially then preferably use.

Google right binanceus is also available, but yeah it’s up to you. Obviously, there are options so yeah we have noticed the uni swap trades uh, the latest traded, the check, the the price the mounted brought in and the the time and the data put in right notice that and you’ll see the exact same thing write the latest trade. Exactly the same time, exactly the same amount and again guys I can go on and on I can show you the magic trades uh I mean going cinematic bot, but do you see here’s the Matic Shades? Basically, the amount the bot was buying in that I showed you earlier so yeah guys.

I can show you so many of these all of the trades that the body is doing but yeah. So I think that that’s suffices just to get the point through that. Again, all the trading is going on there. All your capital is here.

I mean anytime you’re going to send money to the easy bot wallet. Right is, if you, let me show you guys quickly. If you’re new, I mean, if, if you a regular to my channel you’re in uh gon na go down, so this money is basically some commissions I made um, you know from people upgrading their package and again guys, like I said, only do it.

If it’s going to benefit you right otherwise, stick with the free package like me right so anyways uh. This is commissions. I made um also made some service fee commissions, not going to explain too much that about that now, um and again only time you’re going to send money to the easy bot is for service fees right because, as you guys know, easybot has no access to the Funds in your binance or coupon exchange, so they take a little bit of service fees with every trade right um. So with every trade that you win, they take their fees, for they bought fees and Company fees and whatever and um they take it.

Out of your your easy bottle wallet so, depending on how much money you’re trading with, I guess for me, ten dollars right is more than enough to handle my service fees. I mean even yeah ten dollars should last me. I mean at least a month, 10 15 right so just make sure that you always have a little bit of usdt or busd or whatever in your easy bot wallet um to handle the service fees. Otherwise, the bot will stop trading guys so make sure there’s always just a little bit in there at least, and obviously like I mentioned as well, is if you want to upgrade your package, then you’re going to have to deposit as well.

So, as you guys know, if you can guys this would this would be beneficial in the long term um you pay less service fees instead of 30. You pay 20. So you know if you go to advance and then eventually VIP. If you want to be part of the founders Club, the founders Club, is you get five percent of the companies? You become part of it only a thousand people who who uh basically get five percent of the company’s Revenue every single month? I mean that’s also very lucrative guys really I mean if it’s something if it’s something you want to push for, then then go for it right anyway.

So then you have you have the advanced package again trade up to 10 coins. That’s mainly the big thing I mean, there’s other benefits like you: can trade with up to more exchanges and you get the private oneonone sport calls, which is also really good um, but yeah. The main thing for me is just being able to trade with more queries.

Eventually it I guess as well um Founders Club is something I’m also pushing for So eventually, I’m gon na have to be a VIP anyways right just for Founders, Club um, but yeah trading. All the available coins would also be awesome. I mean the more you can diversify in the long term, guys the better, because, as you guys know, some Queens might perform well this month, but next month they’ll perform badly right and then other coins will perform better and so on. Right, it’s just it’s! How crypto works so I guess any of the the markets work, Forex, crypto and things always move differently right.

So yeah! That’s what the packages offer you so right and that’s why some people are getting them because but yeah I only recommend getting a like Advance package, for instance, only when you at least have two or three thousand dollars, plus to trade, with at least like minimum guys To take full advantage of it and with the VIP package, five thousand dollars another right, minimum five thousand, preferably ten thousand dollars because then again, you’re trading with all available coins um you can put a decent amount on each coin and so on. Right and and you could you could make up the money um that you paid for the package really quickly right, um, so yeah! That’s why only if you have a decent amount of capital, then consider upgrading your package anyways guys um! That’s going to be that for this video, I think I really went through everything so what I wanted to go through as usual. Oh last thing last thing is again: if you want to know more, like I said guys, more recent results, there’s an easy bot performance inside and corporate update. That was five days ago.

That’s a very, very good one to watch um business Builders. Call if you want to know more about the founders Club, that’s also there also brilliant to watch so yeah guys and as usual, as you guys know, my easybot sign up link is below the video um, along with my the link to my telegram groups. Uh to the company uh to the official easybot company group right, every everything is there right, so yeah anyways guys.

My phone number is also below the video. If you want to reach out to me personally anytime guys um, you know, especially if, if you decide you also want to not just invest but also make you know an online business out of this respect, the Builder respectable online business, then you know you can work With me and six and others, and basically, six and seven figure earners in the industry right all right guys, um yeah, thanks for watching, don’t forget to like the video, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and have a good one cheers

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