Good Profits Today With Eazy Bot And Explaining The Genius Of The Eazy Bot Trading Strategy.πŸ€‘πŸ˜ŽπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel and welcome to another easy bot, video so guys i just figured out something very, very cool um. I just want to show it to you guys, so it’s been a as you guys know. Well, um: it’s been a great day for the markets today. Well in terms of trading um, you know in terms of volatility and trading, because the higher the volatility of the market, the better it is for the easy part, the more profit it makes.


Eazy Bot Trading Strategy

I mean if you look at my profit just for today, um i think now, let’s see all right, so you know some of those days are slow because the markets was, the market was almost moving, not at all and i’ll show you that it was like moving Very, very slowly and then suddenly yesterday there was a big dip. So let me just go to the bigger chariot: let’s go to an hour. You can see yesterday look at this, so there was nothing.

There was no movement for two three days. There was literally almost nothing happening and suddenly yesterday they just did this all the way down. They pushed it way down right, and this is good, because what the bot did is it brought in positions a few positions brought like if i show you it brought in a bunch of positions, look at all these buys right and then the market came back up Again and what it did was all of these individual positions that the bot bought in with it took a profit.

It sold off all those positions, so two point um so basically took little profits there, but yeah. This whole position of 38 uh ethereum classic uh coins. Almost four ethereum classic coins that sold that off um.

It took profit and well yeah, so it sold 160. It took profit with 161 dollars, it was trading with and it made 27 dollars from that right. So these are the kind of market conditions that you know.

You need to be patient and wait for, but once the bot is on it, it’s going to make profits for you. So it’s almost a one percent property there, guys um with all of the positions that were sold off just in one day and not all days will be this one there’s good, but i mean it’s just if you keep making profits and no losses, then, and why Wouldn’T you want to do this and again guys, like always say your money is safe in your own binance wallet or coinbase pro wallet, which is going to be added so guys a lot of. If you can’t use binance, then a lot of other exchanges are going to be added, but i’ve mentioned this a bunch of times so just be patient. It’s coming so yeah.

So, as you can see again, it’s um, so i figured out the thing that i figured out was kind of. What i just explained now is what it did. I was just explaining more in detail. Is the genius why this body is such a genius bot? You know the strategy is is very, is very.

Very good. Um is because you can see these these positions right, um, the ethereum classic hasn’t even come close to that those positions were running in minus right, so they were running in the negative. So, usually, you would stress about that right, but what the bot did was it brought more positions, especially from the bottom here right, bought bigger positions in um and then once the whole position right so taking all of the all of the positions, including the the orders That the bot initiated from there so the bot bought bought from the top there’s some or close to the top some of the positions.

So then the market was going down right. So so what happened? Was those positions were in minus in the bot board again and including so all the positions, including the ones at the bottom, that the bot initiated plus the ones at the top that were in minus? The bot, took the whole position right? So all of those trades together and and sold off all of them at a profit. So so again, even though those trades were in minus the trades that that the bot that we’re in profit cancel out the ones that were in minus and therefore when the whole position um with all of those trades included uh when it when it when opposition um Came to at least one percent profit the bot closed them all off, took profit and boom. So that’s kind of genius guys because i mean it’s like even though some trades are in minus your your whole trade could still be in profit, and i think that’s why? What they mean by even when the market drops – and even you know when the market conditions aren’t doing great, especially in the market crash, the body still it can still be profitable.

You know this is the only bot that’s been profitable, um, they tested it compared to other bots last year and in the first few months of this year, and this was the only profitable bot well in the market crash compared to the other bots. They were testing. So that’s big guys and again.

I know some of you are like, oh, but these are still little profits in that guys. Well i mean you have to take it over a longer period of time, guys you can’t just take it over a few days and decide. Oh this, this is no good whatever, because again, the thing is, this is scam proof.

This is where your money is safe and sound in in your own binance wallet or your own um coinbase pro wallet, i mean eventually with the money that this bot makes. For you right over the span of a few years, you can retire early way earlier than you were planning to right, but you have to take it over the medium and long term right and what will be a good thing is to treat it like. A savings account like a proper investment where you keep adding some funds to your binance account, or you know, like a little bit little by little guys every month, 50 100 every month, guys just just invest that and – and you know, the bot will obviously traded.

That and you you’ll get it will keep compounding your profits right. So that’s all eventually you’ll be able to retire early and do what you want to do. Just with the bot alone, i mean. Obviously, if you decide you want to build a team which you don’t have to do and that will get you to where you want to be faster, but guys again, this is like this is a no brainer.

For me to be a part of this platform. It’s it’s really amazing! It’s for the long term. It’s like it’s something that you can that you can rely on for the long term.

It’s something where you know you you don’t need to worry. Is my money going to disappear the next day, because i mean there are platforms out there scam platforms out there that will um, not saying all, but but most guys most of these platforms out there that promise you fixed returns and that with no transparency where they Will say, like yeah, you know guaranteed one percent a day or three percent a day or something crazy and the problem is that those platforms is they can’t they don’t show you how they actually make the money um you you have to send money to someone else’s Wallet right, um, you have to send money to someone else’s wallet or, or you know, bitcoin or whatever and or just money to someone else’s account. And then you are not in control of your funds anymore.

So you might be making money, then in the short term, with that platform. But then, when it falls, i mean most people lose money with those platforms and then never try anything again, because you can’t really build on stuff like that. With this, your money is fully in your control, so even if easybot were to disappear tomorrow, right which obviously it won’t just um, your funds will still be safe in your own account, even even the profits you made will be in your binance account or in your Coinbase pro account or ftx, or all these exchanges they’re going to add so that that’s that’s the big difference guys so i mean the way i see it as well is sure if you want to make more profits in the short term, you can tweak the bot Strategy, if you want, but i would only suggest that that’s at your own risk guys – i mean this. This strategy has been proven to work right, they’ve tested it over months and months and months, it’s been proven to be profitable in all market conditions um.

So that’s at your own risk if you want to make quicker profits slowly, because then you’re going to have to watch the markets almost all the time. You know if you decide okay, now you want to trade with with more right. You want the bot to to buy in bigger amounts for all these individual positions, um.

So yeah look um! That’s that that’s! Basically. This is very exciting to me that i have something like this, where i can put money in put a lot and let it grow for the long term, guys, that’s that’s the key where you can keep building on it. Other platforms, you really don’t have that security and transparency, not even close, so so i mean yeah and it’s the same. It’s not just the fact that your money is safe.

Again, it’s with the strat. How good this strategy is, where you’ll never have these big floating losses, then with other bots, because i was part of a bot before right, where yeah, when the market was going up, sure it was making some profits. But at the end of the day, the few days a week after the market crashed completely right and then what happened was my those profits that the bot made at the end of the day didn’t really mean anything, because my my whole position was at a huge Floating loss, so floating loss is basically, you haven’t, made a loss, yet you only make a loss when, when the when you close the trade right, so it’s just basically your trade running in minus.

Let me just refresh this, so it’s basically yeah your trades running in a minus and then you have to wait for the market to turn around so and and my trades were at some point like at 30, 40 percent minus. So i had to wait months for those for my position to come for my whole position to come back. You know, because that bot just bought at no market correction, nothing so yeah again it was. It was okay in the short term, but long term it really it wasn’t really a profitable bot, but but with easy bot, because it has market crash correction um, which i just went kind of, went through in detail.

You’Ll you’ll, basically always be profitable month after month. Right, you won’t have to worry about about big floating losses and having to wait months and months and months before you see a profit again with at least with easybot. Even you know some months, you’ll see small profits.

Some months you’ll see bigger profits, but the main thing here is: you will keep seeing profits every single month coming in regardless of the market conditions, and this is what i’m trying to explain to people, because some people don’t get don’t get that some people are used To use scam platforms where, where the returns are generated out of thin air right and then we we eventually the platform just falls overnight and then most people lose out with this no one’s, no one loses out no one right, no one’s going to lose money. Here. That’s the main thing: no one’s going to lose money and and you’re going to keep making money, and you know these small little profits guys over time.

It will add up again: that’s why you need to take it over. You know when they tested the bot. I made a previous i made another video where i showed showed three different coins. I was on the zoom call.

They showed us three different coins over this over the span of three months and they’re all profitable, they’re. All making good realistic, like still good returns over over those seven months and and all and it was tested in all market conditions because, as you guys know, a lot happens um in seven months, so so yeah guys. I mean a lot, can happen.

Market crashes, sideways. Moving market um, bullish markets, they’ve tested it in all the conditions and they were profitable. So so yeah guys.

The main thing is just be patient. Think, like an investor, don’t be a don’t, be a stinker, be a thinker right. The bot is free.

That’s the main thing: your funds are safe in your own wallet. So what more do you want? I mean is any other platform gon na gon na give you this and yeah look. I do.

There is another thing that i promote on my channel, but i do admit that is high risk right. There’s a high return, so there’s a high risk so so like. If you were to invest a lot of money into something it would, it would be in your binance wallet in usdt with the easybot trading it for you right for the high risk stuff out there like.

If you want to try it cool, but but you have to be very cautious with how much money you put in there so and you always you’re always going to stress about it like you’re always going to have that stress, is it going to fall tomorrow? Is all my money going to be gone, including my profits? You know with easy part. You you you’ll, never have that stress like that. You know we have to worry about your funds being safe and you know, especially especially your profits as well, because you also want your profits to be there. You know you, especially if you’ve been patient and waiting months month after month after month.

You know for your profits to compound you, i mean it really stings when one day you wake up, your initial investment is gone, plus your profits that just really really stings, especially if your profits added up eventually surpassing your initial investment amounts. You know, but anyways guys. I hope you again.

I hope you just guys just get the bigger picture here. We have. We really have something great here, that they are working on um, so yeah guys.

Just to you know, i just want you guys also to appreciate all the hard work that mohammed, the ceo and the founder is putting in the ceo, mr david’s, also putting in and coach ken the sales director they’re, all they’re, all working around the clock. The whole team all management’s working around the clock to um to make to make this as as good of an experience, and you know to make it as profitable for us as possible all right so anyways guys um as usual. Thanks for watching um, don’t forget to like the video don’t forget to subscribe to the channel. I really appreciate the support, as always and yeah guys have a good one cheers.


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