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Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel and welcome to another easy bot, video, where i’m going to show you the telegram group today um. If you would like to join the official easybot telegram group feel free to do so. Just click the link below the video, where all my other links are. You know my easybot signup link um, oh my phone, my phone numbers also below there.

Eazy Bot Telegram

If you want to reach out to me on whatsapp personally, you know um yeah feel free all right. So this is the telegram group guys um. Firstly, i just want to say: don’t don’t just join any easybot, you know telegram group um this. This is the official one, so yeah again i’ll have the link below the video so that you can see um and so that you can join the telegram group and guys um.

What i also want to say is, you know, feel free to join our um zoom meetings, because we have zoom meetings every monday, wednesday and friday. Guys, because i can tell you what like after every zoo meeting, i am, i i literally have just the biggest smile on my face. It’s it’s really awesome. Kami kamita team commit well kamita the whole easybot community um.

You are allowed to ask questions on there um. So you can even ask questions because, because we have the ceo, the founder, the ceo and the sales director on there, usually so you can even ask them questions about easy part, and you know what it can do for you and how it can change your life. You know um and just how you can make profits.

You know like on autopilot, because that’s what the easy bot is designed to do. You know so yeah, it’s just a little there’s just the whole group um zoo meetings there um. So this is where the office is located inside this building right here, as you can see, um i’ll make separate videos about this in terms of like the office and the commercial license and everything. But here it is the commercial license.

Um he’s got computer systems, software trading, uh, llc, uh yeah, here at all these guys um, if you’re interested in. If you obviously wanted to see that um and then david d, charles, that is the ceo, so he said, easybot is a regis registered business in dubai. Uae you can share and represent the product with pride.

This is a real business guys. This is a real company, developing an awesome bot for us to use right and again it’s it’s connected to our binance accounts and i will add coinbase pro very shortly. It’s pretty much ready and other exchanges like kraken fdx um. What else? Well any other exchange you could think of hobie as well to make it accessible to everyone all over the world so that everyone can benefit from this amazing cryptobot.

So yeah guys and just again we are currently um the bot isn’t available to everyone, yet they’re rolling it out gradually from the 30th of march. It will be available to everyone guys. So just keep that in mind. Oh yeah, and it is free to use it’s completely free guys.

You just get simply connected to your when it once it’s available, you just you’ll, just simply connect it to your binance account and boom or coinbase pro. Whatever exchange that works for you and cool you’ll make some profits like this is probably the best it’s gon na get guys um. You know, if anything, that you join online in terms of security, um legitimacy where other platforms you join you, you know you always have to pay money into someone else’s account. I don’t know if i can show these names but anyways.

I just want to show you some of the just to go for the media. You know if you want to see some of the pictures, some of the videos um. You know the group info feel free to do that.

Yeah guys. This is just again, like i say in all my videos. This is um a a bot that is very well designed to even make profits for you in a crashing market right. Even when the crypto markets are crashing, um it’ll make profits for you.

That’s how it’s designed that’s what it’s designed to do right, um. Obviously, when the market is going up, then it’s just gon na it’s just a lot easier um. What did i do now? Okay, anyways um yeah! It’s just make! It will just make it a lot easier for the bot to make profits for you um, but even in a crashing market, it’s designed to make profits for you. It’s engineered to do that and a big thing again guys is the security which other platforms don’t have.

Um not not having to pay money into someone else’s account or having to send bitcoin or any cryptocurrency to any other wallet. You are always in control of your funds in your own wallet. The only thing the bot can do is trade for you in your own crypto exchange like binance coinbase, pro kraken hull b, ftx and many more will be added in the future, guys but yeah. What’s currently again, what’s currently available, finance coinbase pros, so do so so to say already yeah so guys.

I hope you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to like the video don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. You can reach out to me on whatsapp again. My number is below all my links are below.

If you want to sign up to this amazing opportunity, get started guys, get familiar with your dashboard, get your binance account verified and then i’ll see you all on onboard and ready to trade from the 30th of march. Cheers

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