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Hello, everyone and welcome again to my youtube channel um. I just want to make a quick little video, where i talk about um, my free onboarding and duplication tool for easy bot. When you join my team, so guys um when you do join my team, then what’s going to happen is i would appreciate it if you would, if you’re interested that you send me a message on whatsapp, my phone number is pretty much below all my videos, so Yeah just pop me a message on whatsapp if you want it.

Eazy Bot Team

So if you want to you, know the free marketing and duplicate onboarding and duplication tools, and then i’ll send it through to you. But the first thing that i’d like you to do is when you do send me a message: just send me your name, your username and then i would uh get it to you. So this this all these free tools that i’m talking about was actually created. For me, by a sevenfigure earner online um, i have been on a zoom call with him before um awesome.

Guy just knows what he’s talking about knows what he’s doing, obviously, while he’s a sevenfigure earner so and then the guy who signed me up is um a sixfigure earner. You know online um, so yeah he’s basically my easy, my direct upline on easybot and i basically you know i’m in contact with him almost on a daily basis. So yeah, then you have the free mentoring when you do join my team.

So if you do join my team um then, and you want to build big because again guys, i always say you know easy bot is for everyone. It’s for people, you just you don’t want to recruit. You just want to.

You know. Um want the bot to make profit for them. While they sit back and do nothing, it’s perfectly fine, it’s what the bot does right. It makes money for you in your sleep right, but um.

The big thing is obviously we do have a affiliate, a big affiliate. Uh, you know great affiliate program in easybot, so you know there’s a lot of potential there. So that’s why i bring this up so for specifically for the people who want to build who want to make a lot of money. You know and create generational generational wealth over years and years to come.

You know the gogetters um, the affiliate marketers out there network marketers out there. I’Ve got everything in place uh for you guys to build big. So you know and then, like i say, the free mentoring along with the tools.

That’s what i offer when you do join my team, because you know i i tell my my teammates, my business partners um. Whenever you need a schedule, a zoom call um with me, and you know, with with your with your business partners, then just let me know your potential prospects, whatever you know like like that is i offer that for free when you join my team, you know, like My time and experience, and not just you know my time and expertise also basically. Well again, my upline, you know he’s a six figure earner he’s usually on the zoom calls with me. So you know, then you can hear from his side.

You know how what we, you know, how you, what you need to do to become successful with anything online um. You know specifically in the affiliate marketing niche, but especially you know like since we’re doing easybot since with easy about how to become successful, with easy about how to build a big team. So, as you guys know, if you’re new to my channel, you don’t really know what my track record is um.

The guy who signed me up by the way he’s got a lot more signups and i mean, and then the sevenfigure earner i mentioned um, which is all basically somewhere on our upline. He he creates a lot of videos actually for for easybot, um and uh yeah. He’s just got thousands of people in his team and he’s got everything automated. The thing is guys like like what we, what we talk about, what we teach you know and um.

What mainly, what we’re about is, is getting getting everyone set up and and basically getting them just giving them the same system. That’s gon na get that’s gon na get their um. What is it their same system? That’s gon na! That’s basically going to get your organization! Your business, automated you want your business automated right, that’s how you build! That’s a bit build a big team. You know, because you can’t eventually when you, when you’re, recruiting thousands and thousands of people in your team, especially if it’s direct signups, you can’t get to all those people at once so when, but when you’ve got it automated, then it’s it’s easy right.

It’s so it makes work a lot lot easier for you, um saves you a lot of time, especially if you’re a fulltime job, but you still want to do this um. You know that’s how you build the big teams, so yeah 81 direct signups, i’m still again. I’Ve got 95 in total on my team.

I’Ve unlocked about six levels, and this isn’t a lot guys. This isn’t even impressive, like like the numbers that some guys are pulling like again. The seven figure earner you’ll be shocked and the thing is a lot of the stuff that he uses.

You can use too, you know, so i’m i’m just getting into the this where i’m starting to use the stuff he’s taught me and the stuff he’s. Given me. You know like to start building an even bigger team, and what i’m doing is you know the free like with the free, onboarding and duplication tools, i’m giving it to eva’s on my team so that they can basically do the same.

You know so that they can also build a big team, because the big thing about you know the duplication tool tool is to do what it’s well the names israel to duplicate right. So so, basically the big thing there is um. I lost my chain of thought.

Um yeah to duplicate oh yeah, to obviously to save time for everyone on my team, especially those who have fulltime jobs. You know don’t have a lot of time, it’s as simple as sending a link to someone and um. You know everything is on there. They you know how to get started, um where to go um, you know just just the whole everything you need is on is on that link.

You know you just send them the link once they sign up. You send them the link right to to do everything and yeah you just basically rinse and repeat: send it to your team that so that you don’t have to. You know jump on a zoom call with every single person and and then you know, you have to basically guide every single person step by step by step. You know it’s you want that stuff automated it’s, because you simply can’t sit with your old with your whole team.

You know one one, one by one. You know 30 minutes with one person in 30 minutes with next person. It’s just simply not enough time. In a day to do that, and why would you do that if you don’t need to right, so that’s why the duplication, tools, um the onboarding right and duplication tools.

Are there and again that’s what that’s what i offer so um. I was going to go to here company profile, look at the easybot. It already has everything in the back office a lot of stuff how to get set up in that.

But i put everything under one link right where it also is going to make you look a lot more professional right when you market the stuff to people. So so yeah guys it especially like i’m speaking to those already on my team. If, if you don’t have the tool, but you want it, just send me a messages on message on whatsapp and i’ll, you know again with your name and your username and then um.

You know i’ll send it to you with with with pleasure. You know so that you can also start building a massive team and start benefiting from this amazing compensation plan. I mean here it is affiliate reward overview. They they’ve done some updates to it, and it’s really really awesome so again.

Easybod is something that, like always say you can promote it without shame without worrying about rug, pools the thing disappearing overnight, without people losing their money because again, you’re you’re, always in control of your funds right. So it’s a thing that you can build long term. Not you know wan na, not not that i’m saying you can. You can also join at high risk stuff.

If you want right, but those those things usually don’t last, you know it lost with the you know: high returns on a daily basis, those things don’t last because it’s simply not sustainable. So you can’t really build that long term. But this you can build long term. It’s extremely transparent, extremely you know: does they do every they’ve done everything right with easy bots? So you know so yeah, that’s a that’s a good thing to build and i’ve got the systems in place to help you do that.

So hmm company overview upgrade subscription. Okay, yeah, that’s! I think that is that guys um! That’s basically all i wanted to talk about in this video um yeah. So again, if you haven’t signed up to easybot already, but you’re interested, my signup link is below the video as usual um and especially again talking talking to the guys really on my team and the guys who want to build big um and but but who need It that needs a a tool.

That’s going to save them so much time. Uh then, just again pop me a message on whatsapp and i will just send it through to you right guys, um as usual, thanks for watching, don’t forget to like the video, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and have a good one guys cheers

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