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Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel and welcome to this easybot pdf presentation on how to get started so yeah um. I have done videos on how to get started, but yeah they released this pdf document. So guys, if you want this, this pdf document, you can feel free to just send me a message on whatsapp and i can give it to you uh. Otherwise, you can just watch this video.


It doesn’t really matter but yeah. That’s just again! If you, if you want it yourself um, then i can send it to you or you can get it on the telegram group. Let me just show you uh.

I actually think it is on the website itself, the easybot website, so yeah you can get it there as well, but anyway, so getting started is easy, create your easybot account, connect your crypto exchange and start trading with one click and for all the us users. I’Ve already said this, but binanceus is available, so so for everyone who can use binanceus in the usa get started guys it’s time to make some money right, medium and long term, create your accounts. Okay, so you can choose which package you get but guys um. I just want to quickly cover this um, like always, is um.

You know if, if you don’t have more than if you don’t have like at least you think five thousand dollars or more to trade with then buying a package, you know, isn’t really gon na benefit. You as much you know with less capital, so i would say this is just me my personal opinion. Maybe some might vary, but i’m just saying if you don’t have a few thousand dollars, preferably five thousand dollars or more um to trade with.

Then you know these higher packages aren’t really going to be so beneficial. I mean i’m trading with the free free version, because again i’ve got less than five thousand dollars in capital um, so yeah it’s it won’t. It won’t make sense for me to buy the high packages at this stage, i’ll probably consider it in the future, but right now now so it’s up to you what what you, what you know, what would work best for you if you got a lot of capital To invest 5 dollars, ten thousand dollars plus um they’re, not, then i would think the packages would definitely benefit you, because you you’ll have more features and that that would just benefit you more.

All right, um find your wallet. Okay, so yeah, as you can see. If you go on your dashboard, let me just do that.

Go on dashboard uh! Let me just log in quickly yeah there we go uh going to a dashboard. Okay, we’ll see here my wallet right. What does it show us here? Okay, so we’re gon na go to my wallet and then we’re gon na click on deposit um here. So this shows everything to you.

Click on deposit, it’s just gon na change. The color scheme from light to dark just looks better in my opinion. Uh here we go back here all right.

What does it say now? Subscription and software service fees, advance or vip subscription upgrade and funds to cover software service fees, go to your easybot wallet. So, as it says here guys, you the only time you’re going to send the money to your easybot wallet and i’ve said this many times is, is when you want to buy a package. You feel like you’re, going to benefit from buying a package or, if, if you um, you know, need need to fund your easybot wallet for the service fees, because again guys easybot does not have access to your to your funds in your binance wallet.

Okay, because that’s where the trading is happening, that’s where your trading capital is that’s where your big money is in your in your binance exchange right. The only thing the bot can do is trade for you on your binance exchange. That’s all it doesn’t have access to your funds, so the only way easybot can take their service fees is, is from your easybot wallet.

That’s the only way they can take fees since they don’t have access to your finance account. Okay. So that’s that’s! When you’re going to send funds to okay, so what does it tell us to do next? Okay, this is how to buy a package.

So again, if you saw on my dashboard, just choose an upgrade package: uh click on which one you want and there’s just some notes here. You can upgrade anytime or stay free member with up to two bots software service, fee 30 per trade; okay. So i’m thinking i don’t know if we can use two bots now for the free membership at the moment, i’m on one um, i’m not it’s not really necessary right now for me to go to two, because you know, i don’t feel that i have enough capital For that to benefit from it, but yeah guys just uh, just a quick recap: the six, the the recommended amount for each um, you know bots or each queen that you trade is 600 per coin.

That’s just from the default strategy. You can still. Obviously you can start with less. We got the bot to work with less than a hundred dollars like slightly less like, i think the lowest was like 89 or something usdt right, but i mean you know if, if you i just like that, the strategy was specifically designed for 600.

So, but don’t worry, you’ll still make money. What i’ve seen is guys you’ll still make money with the smaller accounts. Okay and obviously, if you have a bigger account um, if you have say a thousand two hundred usd t, then yeah then you’d benefit from the two bots, because then you go 600 usdt on one coin and then 600 usd on another one um yeah.

I think then it will definitely work out well with the default strategy. You can also set the strategy but yeah. So that’s that’s basically at your own risk.

You know. If you set the strategy, then you’ve got to know what you’re doing at least have some trading knowledge so that you benefit from it. Otherwise, you’re going to end with a big floating loss, which you don’t want, um funds in your control, your exchange, your trading funds, your the funds, you want to trade with go into your exchange account they never go to easybot.

This is what i’ll be mentioning some guys still don’t completely understand this. So that’s why i just keep mentioning it. Uh your easy bot, wallet subscription and software service fees, advance for vip subscription, upgrade and funds to cover software service fees. Go to your easybot wallet yeah.

As i like also mentioned, connect your crypto exchange get spot trading um fee discount; okay. So now we’re going to go to binance, so either binance dot com or binance dot? U s! So i’m with binancecom since i’m not an american i’m a south african citizen, uh. Okay, so i’m on binancecom, but i’m sure binanceus looks the same guys if it doesn’t just again. If you have any issues, send me a message on whatsapp so that i can help you out right, so i can help you get set up.

That’s why i’m here to help you guys get started, and you know so that you can start making some money as well. Okay, so what we are going to do is obviously follow this pdf, so it says: go to dashboard scroll down to your trading fee level. Okay and select using bnb deduction, okay, so we’re gon na select all of these things.

So, okay, so we’re gon na go to you see that again, dashboard, okay, uh exchange, uh, where’s dashboard. Again, let’s go to overview. No, let’s check that again, i’m not sure if this is on phone on desktop okay, oh there we go sorry guys! That’s my bad! I just completely forgot where dashboard is because i’m always on fiat and spot all right.

So then we’re just going to scroll down and, as you can see, mine’s already enabled so you’re just going to click on this little slider. Here it lights up to yellow and so that you can get a deduction like from slight deduction from trading fees. Um smaller percentage deducted, you know because there’s always trading fees involved, that’s just how it goes guys.

It’s a small fee, but you know every time you um, you enter a trade, they take some of their fees in b and b and we’ll also get to that. All right, so the next thing we are going to do: okay, we’ve we’ve done that. We’Ve got that slider on connect.

Your crypto exchange create your api okay. So the next thing you’re going to do here is enter label, select, create api, select edit restrictions go to next step. Okay, here it kind of show.

It shows you what to do right, edit restrictions, you’re just going to enable spot and margin trading as well guys. Here: okay, so you’re gon na click on that as well just show you where to go from the start: uh api management. The pdf actually covers that in any case, you’re gon na click on that uh yeah, okay, as you can see, i already have some api keys and you just do what the pdf file just said, and you should be good to go all right yeah. So again just make sure you enable spots and margin trading.

Oh okay, here it says that um yeah, edit restrictions enable spot and margin trading, save then you’re good to go okay. So that’s your api key! That’s how you connect your bot to binance. It’s completely secure guys, so no need to worry connect your crypto exchange ad exchange so go to your bot management, um, select, user exchange click, add user exchange.

Okay, let me just show what show you what that looks like into the connection name paste api key from binance paste, the secret key from binance okay, so they just kind of show you exactly where to go. You know, so it’s very actually very good pdf folders! Oh, what i wanted to do was actually show you guys how to okay, we’ll get to that i’ll. Just sorry i’ll get to the end of that, i wanted to actually show you guys just how to do the whole usdt thing, sending it or whatever. But let’s just finish up with the bot one thing at a time guys, one thing at a time: just let’s just get the api key sorted out so add, usually user exchange.

They just saw where i had to go. Let me just show you again. User exchanges. Add user exchange and i’ll show you guys and and then and then you just need to copy and paste your your api key and in the secret key, and then you save it that you got from binance because you get it from buying and just copy paste Guys very simple: okay, because i’m not going to create another one.

Now i really got one so okay, so that is done. Start trading. Add your bot! Okay! So now what are we going to do now? We’re going to add a bot? Okay? Well, let’s see what they say: first so select, bots click, add new, add title select, exchange select coin, so i’m just going to go through you’re, probably wondering what coin to trade with. Well, i have a nice little site called shuffle up that i look at so shuffle up just go shuffle up and let me just show you guys so what this site does is you can see the most volatile coins so most unstable? That’s what you want to see and the the easy bot performs the best with the most volatile or most unstable coins, guys so yeah.

Those are the coins that you want to trade, let’s go over a year and just kind of see which coins are consistently the most unstable okay, so you’re just gon na have to because what’s gon na happen is, let me just go to uh. My easybot account here bot management bots. I actually want to see if i can add another bot – oh okay, not yet with a free subscription, but we will be able to add another bot guys with the free subscription um, that’s free for life, guys if you’re free member, it’s free for life um. Okay! So i’m going to show you guys.

So if you go select coin, i’m trading ethereum classic, because it is a highly volatile coin. Um, i’m just going to give you guys, quick suggestions. Are they um? Is a lot of people are training trading with that and it’s it’s doing pretty good um luna is not bad uh yeah.

So i’ve, given you guys three coins that i think are: okay, ethereum classic ave and luna, but you can decide for yourself which, queen to trade with again guys, you can check the volatility index here, the more volatile the coin, the better! I don’t know if all these not not all of these coins are listed on easy bot, so you’re, just gon na have to see which one it’s okay, terra luna, is not on you actually zero. Let’s see uh ethereum is here no, it’s not on yeah, okay anyways, but i hear good things of luna guys so up to you, okay, yeah, so the next thing you’ve got to do so. You just add a title to it.

It can be anything uh, billionaire bot, whatever you want to call it. Okay, mine, just billionaire select exchange um. So that’s going to be uh i’ll, just go back to my easybot account.

So if you select exchange that will be, in my case, binance api key bot option cycle status, active okay, so the default strategy guys works with about 350 usdt or more. I don’t think the default strategy will work with less quick fix to that is just take off auto, compounding, as you see something i’ve done, um. Okay, i’m more now i actually added usdt in the last few weeks, but i used to i started with list. I started like to 290 or something i’ve got 270, something or 280 around there.

Okay, so i had to take off auto compounding obviously yeah you’re also going to take off you use default configurations and then your initial order. You can start with with 12 or don’t go less than 12 guys when you should order so 12 or more. So that’s the amount that that the bots going to buy in for each trade. So that’s the amount of coin that’s going to buy in so every time my bot initiates a trade.

If it um, then it’s going to buy 40 usdt worth of ethereum classic, in my case, all right, um. That’s all that means so yeah. Okay. This is what the default strategy is going to look like guys.

If, if you don’t know anything about trading or doing the settings or whatever just use the default strategy strategy, it’s they’ve tested it over seven months and it’s been profitable. Okay, but guys don’t like because don’t accept like um over the top, don’t have like over the top expectations. You know you will make money with this.

You know over the medium and long term, but that’s just the thing it will take a while give it time and it will make money for you um if you’re impatient um. If you’re going to treat this like a get rich quick scheme, then it’s probably not for you, but you know the fact that you can keep making money with it. Small returns or big returns over the medium and long term and your your funds are completely safe. In your own or in your own exchange, i mean you know it should still be a nobrainer.

It will definitely it makes more money for you than you than your bank will ever make for you or mutual funds or whatever people invest in and if you’re a trader. That’s also great because then you can set the parameters and make more money and i’ll make a video on that, where i’m actually planning on doing that. Where i can show you guys how i set my parameters, because i set mine myself because i’m a trader, not a professional trader, but i’m a trader.

I consider myself a trader. Okay, i put in the trade every maybe once a day every day almost – and you know i make my profits so but anyways guys, i’m not a professional by any stretch of the imagination uh, but the default again guys default strategy is fine. If you don’t want to go into the trading mumbo jumbo jumbo, it will make profit for you in all market conditions. That’s what it’s designed to do.

Okay, initial order is calculated based on starting balance. That’s that’s. If you use the default strategy, yeah enter your trading balance so guys, whatever how many usd t you have in binance? That’s what you’re going to enter in balance. So if you have 600 usdt in in binance you’re going to enter that, if you have 100 usdt in binance, that’s what you’re going to enter in balance, whatever you have in your balance in usdt in binance, that’s what that’s! What’s going to be! That’s what you’re going to put in balance? Okay, so yeah! I think i’ve pretty much covered all of that um! Congratulations! You set up your first bot.

You don’t have to be an expert to trade like one exactly guys! That’s why i said it. This is for everyone um. The default strategy is for everyone, um that doesn’t know anything about crypto or trading, but still wants to make money um.

It will do that for you, if you’re a trader, that’s also great, because you can then set the parameters yourself, like i’ve mentioned um and have the bot training for you. While you, while you sleep, you know so that you don’t have to watch the markets and lose sleep yeah all right, so support um. Here’s just if you want to reach out to support. If you have an issue, telegram announcements um.

This link: okay, uh customizable for advanced users yeah. This is what i want to say: your strategy or control with easybot’s numerous customizable settings you’re in total control of your training strategy, whether you’re day trading, scalping or just tinkering um, i’m, basically just tinkering. So far, i’m trying to see what’s the best, but that’s just you know, easybot puts you in the driver’s seat with ability to modify existing strategies or create your own, so yeah guys a bit for everyone here, um and what? If and if you’re, obviously patient? And you treat this like a medium to long term investment, then you, then you will be happy guys because over time your your investment will compound and again guys it will be safe. So, even if easybot had to disappear tomorrow, like always mentioned um, then your funds, including your initial investment guide and and including all the profits you’ve made.

EazyBot Getting Started Step by Step

Will you that’s yours? That’s not going anywhere if easybot just what you bugger off tomorrow right so which obviously i highly doubt i think it’s this is going to be around for a very long time. Wouldn’T surprise me if it’s around until i’m until like i kicked the bucket, you know it’s hopefully still a long time, but you know um we’ll see um yeah. It would be great if our children’s children’s children could use our greatgreatgreatgrandchildren could also still use the easy body for still around in, and you know, create generational wealth, uh, okay.

So what else? Oh yeah, i wanted to just quickly show you guys i wanted to quickly. Just circle back to the deposit, so this is just um. You know if, if you want to uh well you’re gon na need to if you need to send um like five or ten usd, it’s not a lot guys, it’s just for the service fees, as you can see in my account, i don’t have much in there. Um, let me just go back audio right, as you can see, i’m still waiting for some of my trades to come back and it will guys patience, patience, oh and just by the way um.

I have made profit, but the problem is what happened. Was i deleted? The other board and just created a new one, but the other one. It’s the same, just something there was a glitch or something.

So that’s why i just basically deleted the old one and created a new one, so it did make profits. You’Ll see you guys, will notice in my old videos um all right, and i can also show you in exchange my trades and the botched trades. If that interests you, but let’s, let’s just quickly get to um. As you can see, i have a little bit here.

18. 25 – i mean 10. Usdt is fine guys to last you a long time, especially if you have an account smaller than i would say, a thousand usdt. If you have more than that, i would suggest maybe for every thousand i’d suggest, like add 10 usd t for service fees, uh, so yeah, because i think if you have like less than two usd in your easy bot wallet, then it will stop trading because when They won’t be able to take their fees so yeah, so we’re going to go to deposit okay, we’re going to say, let’s say: 10 uh, yeah, okay, we’re gon na say.

Add i’m gon na click here on copy go back to binance uh. We are in spot. I think which one is vr in spot all right, so just another thing that i want to mention is, if you want, like that’s, remember that small little discount that i’m, that i showed you guys for that that little slider bar that i showed you that you Needed to go light up to yellow um, that’s that’s! Basically, when you you get the discount for those that small little percentage discount for trading fees when you have a little bit of b b in your account, so you can leave like i don’t know they. They have told us like three percent for every 100 usdt or something that you have or three percent in general um of bnb that you need to hold.

But but i don’t think, that’s necessary. It’s just to get that little discount, because i still think the bot will still trade, even if you don’t have bnb in your wallet, but you guys can test that out, because i just put some bnb in my car just to be safe. I have more than enough here but yeah, just basically, they said three.

They mentioned like three percent or something so yeah of whatever. Whatever your trading capital is um, yeah bnb is anywhere good coin to old guys, let’s face it, it’s a very, very solid coin: uh. Okay, so we’re gon na choose withdrawal here right and what the next thing we are going to do is copy that we’ll paste that address that we got from easybot.

So, as you can see, this is what i copied and i pasted it so just make sure it’s the same guys, because otherwise you don’t want to lose your money, and this is also an important thing now, i’m just going to mention it network so make sure You choose the correct network chain or network. Otherwise, if you send it to solana, for instance, you’ll lose your money. If you send it to erc20, you’ll lose your money, so they do.

As you can see, they do tell you to your c20. So, even if i go back to easybot usdt trc20, that’s what you’re going to send guys so make sure your network, your network, is what they ask for then we’re going to say 10, then we’re going to choose, withdraw and then then, what’s going to happen, is A few security checks are going to pop up they’re, going to code that you’re going to get via your phone number and in a code on your email and you’re, just going to put that in and then boom it’s finished, and it should. It should show up. In your easy bot wallet no longer than five minutes, guys so yeah and that’s how that works.

It’s very easy, very simple! All right! Let me just go completely back so yeah guys. I think i did. If i’m not mistaken, i did make uh like a video. How to find your easygoing wallet and that for south africans and for everyone else, so if you just go go through my channel, you will see all of that okay.

So i have a lot of videos guys you can just scroll through there, whatever you need um. Let’s see how to find your binaries and easybot wallets um yeah, basically all it’s all there. I don’t think i did it for south africans, though, but anyways i’ll just have to check.

If i didn’t do that, then i will um the reason why i needed to do. That is because i don’t think we south africans, we can buy uh crypto directly with our bank cards on binance. For some reason i don’t know why.

But it’s there’s a quick fix that you just go to you know you buy xrp, send it to binance um, set your xo beta binance and just go in exchange. Ext exchange it on binance for usdt and boom you’re ready to go alright uh yeah. So i think that’s that’s about all.

I have for this video guys. I think that was all i covered in detail, so yeah. If you have any issues again guys, my phone number is below just pop me, a whatsapp message and i’ll help you get set up. Um, all my links are below guys, including my easybot signup link, the links to the telegram groups to the zoom meetings.

What time the zoom meetings take place, all that is, there guys so feel free to join us on the zoom meetings. Um come meet. The community meet the ceo, the founder, all those guys and yeah just come and have a good time with us guys all right thanks for watching as usual, don’t forget to like the video don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. I always appreciate the support from you guys and have a good one cheers

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