EazyBot| Slow Trading Day| Still Made 0.23% ROI| Big Things To Come To Make The Bot Even Better

Hello, everyone and welcome again to my youtube channel and welcome to another easy, broader video and just um another update as usual, guys um. You know my side how it’s going um, what kind of returns i’m making and and so on right um. Now i’m going to explain a few things to you guys, but i’m going to also make separate videos about the things that i’m going to talk about now so and explain it more in detail um so that you guys can get the bigger picture right. But anyways i’ll get to that so yeah guys, firstly, results wise um, like i said it’s been over 37 days, uh, it’s actually day 38 now, but this was yesterday’s results right today the bot hasn’t taken profit, yet they’re still trades running.


So it’s been very slow, especially with matic, guys and and going by by like last month. Basically matic was the top performer, so i’m going to get to the point i want to make now is yeah but anyway, so just my percentage so far still really good. 918 um for that time period, bitcoin did really well, but um, i will admit, bitcoin uh. That’s the strategy was a little bit more aggressive like instead of buying in three point three nine percent of my usd t at boarding six percent of bitcoin.

At a time which was still, i mean the account handled that fine, it’s just guys, um. You know the default strategy with the 339 buying every time is um to not is there to not only help make you profits in in an uptrend, but also in the downtrend. Just keep that in mind guys. I mean it’s easy to trade more aggressively and and to make money when the market’s going up, but when the market’s going down you’ve got to not only maintain your portfolio but also find a way to make profit and the easy bot does that you know.

So. The builtin default strategy – the oneclick strategy – is built in to do that right. But again, if you want to be more aggressively that be more aggressive, then it’s up to you i’ll show you how to do that right, um but anyway. So the point i’m going to make now is guys.

This is also why you want to diversify. Um, because someone’s, like you see nomatic is isn’t doing really well right. Now it’s really slow, but back then it did really well. No.

Now uni swap it’s been quite consistent. It’s also pretty been pretty slow, but i think um, a coin that’s been doing pretty well, was a ethereum classic, etc. Right, as you can see, it was one of the worst performing coins in that time period, and now it’s probably one of the best right.

If you look at the charts, for instance like yeah anyway, so just a few examples here and you can watch the more recent videos um about results like i do upload them on my channel, i i just need to uh youtube going to youtube here. All right. Um anyways, so yeah you’ll see i upload all those videos on my channel about the more recent results like like this one.

On the first of august, as you can see, it’s the same looking shot and you can see like percentagewise percentagewise how much the bot has been doing and just keep in mind guys that the performance that you’ve been seeing like these these returns again. This isn’t a downtrending market. This is still.

This is still in the bear market right. So this is incredible. If you think the market market crashed and the easybot was still making money plus well, was maintaining your portfolio plus it was making money for you right.

Other bots weren’t doing that other bots, just simply don’t have a plan for when the markets crash or to dig you out of a sticky situation, the easybot does so when it when it comes to bull market guys. Oh, i mean we can at least expect double or more um of these returns. So it’s gon na it’s gon na get really really exciting and um and uh by the way, guys if you’ve been if you’ve been um, you know on the company’s zoom calls. Then you’ll know that on monday, there’s going to be an announcement that they’re even improving the bot right to help you um basically get out of floating loss a lot sooner right and to basically take advantage of more profitable situations.

So, basically, the bodies according to strategy is going to be 50 to 70 percent, more profitable, 50 to 70 percent guys. So i mean that is incredible and, like i said i’m already for me, this is a really good good profits, because, again guys we’re not trading with any leverage right, which makes it very very safe and um. You know again is a real trades happening in real time, but yeah guys, like i said, there’s no promises but in the bull market from the data we’ve been seeing we’re going to see way better results than we’ve seen here. So it’s a good time for you guys to join easybot now, because it’s it’s basically, the market has crashed already, and i think personally it’s going up.

I mean like most of the crypto crypto. Analysts are going to say, there’s there’s going to be a big push to the upside very very soon so around up. I think we around october november we’re going to see some sparks right, some fireworks, but you want to get into it now and start making some money guys some passive income, some passive income with a great opportunity and again, like i said guys, you’re making money here, But in the safety of your own wallet, where even if easybot disappears tomorrow, you still have your money right, including the profits the bot made for you, because it’s it can only trade for you and you’re in your own binance of kucoin exchange right.

So let me just before i go into showing you guys um how to change the strategy to make it uh. Well, i’ve showed i’ve showed you guys before in a different video, but kuroga into that. I just want to explain to you that this was what the default strategy managed right: the builtin strategy.

This was a a very nasty drop guys very, very bad drop right in the markets, but even when the market’s dropping like this, the easy bot will still do little trades and make profits along the way. While it’s while it’s um the market’s dropping right and it will keep bringing down average price as well so eventually, even if the market never swings back up, the bot will just get above the average price take profit for and um you know, and all the unrealized Profit that it made with all these little trades while the market was dropping and boom, guys you get out of a sticky situation. Plus you made profit again this.

Slow Trading Day

This will just take be patient. Uh take patience, because this was about a 70 drop. 70 drop from from here 42 from the initial buyin to 12, so guys just again be patient when the market does crash like this, but it but right now we’re gon na see some really good stuff right.

Since then, ethereum classic has gone back, so the bot has made even more profits right because it sold off at about 27 28 right um. On that that picture, i just showed you guys, and it wasn’t too long ago. That was just over two weeks ago and then it and then it went up further, so the easy bite caught this all these two big candles it caught that, but then it dropped again.

The easy bot did a few binds and caught this back up again. So ethereum classic is probably booming right now, because it’s a very, very volatile coin right but yeah, let me get into the strategy and how you guys can change it. Oh before i do that, i just want to show you guys. I got some commissions again, some package sale commissions for all the affiliates who are interested um.

If you don’t want to recruit anyone guys you don’t have to, but the company does reward you obviously for referring their products right, which is the bot, the software so yeah guys just another package sell down level three and level one. You just change this color scheme because i, like the darker scheme, yeah color scheme, looks better so yeah guys um another 72 dollars made yesterday and that’s what happens when you when you build an honest business again guys. This is something you can build on, because you don’t have to worry about the safety of your people, of your friends and family and your team’s funds right. It’s a respectable company, this! It’s something that you again like again.

You could build a pride so yeah guys. I mean if you want to do that, you can work with me and six and seven figure earners on a daily basis again guys. I will help you reach your goals right if you’re willing, if you give you a hundred percent i’ll, give my hundred percent right. That’s that’s what that’s what i do.

I arrange zoom calls for my team. If they need it um i have duplication and onboarding tools. I have all of that right all the things that you need to give to give you the best start and to basically help your team as well all right. So, let’s get into the strategy here that i wanted to talk about it’s actually, it’s the same strategy, guys um, oh yeah! Let me just show you guys what the bot’s been doing as you can see: here’s some of the profits, little profits, but we’re getting there.

We’re getting there it’s like that, adds up guys, as you can see, i’m 92 up right in 38 days, which is brilliant. If you compound it over a long period of time, it’s really solid, so yeah guys just one thing. I want i’m going to mention here, and this is something you do at your own risk guys again, i’m just showing you there.

There is an option: if you want to make more money quicker right, then the simple thing you can do is just simply unchange this percentage here right, so you can see 339. That is, that is the default strategy. So you can just take that off.

You can go six percent, ten percent, whatever right. So all the bots gon na do instead of buying three point three nine percent of per buy in um of uni, swap in this case right uh, it’s gon na buy in six percent of t or ten percent right and um you’ll make more profit in the Short term, but guys just a friendly warning um if the market does take a turn for the worst right, then um and it drops more than you expect, then, basically it won’t be able to take some of these covers because obviously you’ll have to add capital right. So with this with this builtin strategy, again, like i just mentioned with ethereum classic as an example, is um, you know it’s it’s the safest option and again you can still expect pretty pretty respectable returns right um. But if you want to be more aggressive guys, then then go for it.

It’s still. It’s still in my, in my opinion, it’s still better than you know: um freaking, investing right in in some of those sponzy scam platforms. You know that promise you unrealistic returns ridiculous.

We have to block your funds and just stupid, i mean we’re just making money for other people’s money. That’s nonsense! You don’t want to! You, don’t want to join those platforms. In any case, it’s it’s unethical and it’s not you’re, not really making money right.

If you think about it, um, it’s just that’s it’s better to just freaking gamble or put your money in a in a leveraged account and and take your chances there than putting you in gambling with your money in a scam platform. So, rather, if you want to, you can change the percentage all right, but again guys i’m just telling you that um. If the market goes for the worst and you and you end up stuck then like i said guys, that’s not my fault, i’m just showing you how to be more aggressive. If you want to right right now, the markets are relatively good, so i don’t personally, i don’t expect a big crash.

I think that the major crash is over for now, maybe in the next six months, we’ll see another big crash like that. Who knows right, um, but again guys. You just never know these are the crypto markets. So for me, i’m pretty happy with the returns.

I’M getting i’m happy with the safe default settings. I have tweaked it before in the past right where i was way too aggressive and i go, and basically i didn’t expect the market to drop as much as it did a drop, and i was stuck with a big floating glass and i didn’t have any capital To add to for the bot to keep working? That’s a big thing guys! You don’t want the bot to ever stop working. You want it to keep making profits for you and keep bringing down your average price if, if it needs to, if, like the market crashes like ethereum classic right, because you don’t want to lose money as well right, you want to.

You want to maintain your portfolio and make profits, especially for the long term right, but again guys there are options. You can tweak the strategy yourself, which i would not recommend unless you’re a professional, profitable trader, consistent, profitable trader um and again, if i mean, if you want to be more aggressively shortened, then you can change this percentage, make it higher, make it buy and more. But then again like i said it won’t be able to to get all of these covers if the market drops more than you expect right and another thing, i want to show you guys just notice that available usd it says 130. So basically um there’s another platform.

I’M joining, which you guys will know about soon, so obviously easybot is still my number one right, but that platform is it’s similar to easybot in the sense where you also have control of your funds right. It’s like it’s more it’s, but they do forex right, but you also have full control of your funds. You can use your own broker.

Um. You don’t have to freaking put your money into unregulated uh. You know dodgy brokers right. You can use your own broker.

That’s regulated um and obviously you know have that safety there, which, with other freaking platforms out there, especially oh some foreign, some socalled products platforms. It’s just it’s like it’s touch and go it’s 50 50, whether you’re going to make money or not – and you don’t want that right. It’s the thing is guys. I’M sticking to the safe platforms now, which i can build long term um and and that’s and that’s what i recommend to all of you guys because again you know, you know what they say.

Easy come easy go right! You make quick money, but you’re eventually going to lose it anyway. If you keep jumping from one ponzi platform to the other or one dodgy broker to the other right, so anyways guys that’s on the map and it’s a very exciting platform. So but yeah i will be adding usdt in any case guys like like i mentioned, i made some commissions at least and every now and again i make some commissions with the easy bot because people understand the value of it, so they of diversifying their coins. So they upgrade to a package again guys.

If, if you can in you know, i would suggest upgrading again it’s just a suggestion. If you don’t want to it’s fine use the bot for free, you can trade it up to two coins like me, right as you can see, i’m a free member because buying a package right now. One bit won’t benefit me because i simply don’t have enough capital to trade with, but i will upgrade in the future because again guys diversifying that’s the way to go, adding more and more coins to your portfolio.

That’s the way to go right in the long term, especially so yeah guys i’ll, be adding this to my bot. If i need to right to my two bots, i have the matic and a uni swap bot, but right now i still have 130 dollars available. So just notice guys this is just a point. I’M going to make right and i’m going to make separate videos about this.

Is you can see i allocated 355 for both bots each so 710 in total, do i have 710 dollars of usdt right now? No but the, but the bot is only buying in a little bit of the coin at a time, so you can allocate more to your bots than what you have in your binance or kucoin exchange, but but guys then you’ll have to monitor it. You know because, especially if the market just suddenly does a really nasty drop, then the body’s going to buy in more positions right. So you got to make sure that you always have enough in your wallet to handle to buy in all those positions, because you do not again guys – and i can’t stress this enough – you do not want to bot just want the bot to stop trading right.

It’s like literally it’s like having a money printing machine that that you decide no, no well! I don’t want to use it anymore, so you just turn it off. Why would you do that? It’s printing money for you right. So that’s.

Why again guys? I’M going to add some usd t soon. It’s just i had to put quite a bit of money into that. Well, the platform i put money into my broker for the platform to work on right, so my money is safe and sound in my own broker.

Um and um, you know there’s a monthly subscription. I also have to pay for so that’s going to that. But again guys, like i said, um i’ll, have some usdt in here again soon there’s another platform.

That also is that that i’m still waiting to see what that happens. Some of you might know it fep trade, so i’m gon na withdraw my money there and just put it back him up put it in my binance wallet for the easy part to deal with um, because yeah um, you always want to make sure you have enough Capital to trade with so yeah guys for all the new people. If you’re your first time to my channel, welcome, i know there’s a lot of stuff up, i’m trying to explain it as well as i can guys um that you can understand but, like i said i’ll, make separate videos about it right. So, as you can see um, this is some of the the buyers that the bot bought in um some sales so again guys it all it does.

Is it does what you would do if you were to buy krypton all right, you would go into the exchange. You would say you would want to buy, for instance, um some bitcoin and you would say: okay, i want to buy 50 worth of bitcoin right, um and then um yeah. Then you would wait for bitcoin to go up and then you would sell so then you would sell your position and you would basically your profit would come back into usdt.

It’s very simple guys, but you didn’t even need to know that the bot does it for you, but the main thing is guys: i’m showing you transparency here. These are this is where the trade, these are, where the trades are happening. Right, there’s, no nonsense. There’s no lack of transparency um the body is trading for you in your own exchange.

So again, guys, like always say easy about this disappears tomorrow and your money is in here plus your profits, then that’s where it’s going to stay right. So that’s why i like the easy bot so much other platforms. Don’T have that can’t promise you 100 safety um, so yeah you can also use kucoin, so yeah guys again uh.

My my earlier point. What i’m going to mention again is you can allocate, and it’s simple guys i mean i can literally change this like. If i go to matic now, i could go instead of 355.

I could make it a thousand and you know only 130. This would actually be pretty dumb to do right because i’m going to run out of the usdt very quickly um for the positions right but yeah anyway. So obviously, i’m going to stick to 355 and you see the automatic compounding’s already data 054 cents um, but yeah matic will obviously pick up very soon again. So you can do that guys and have a lot less in your wallet than what you allocate to your bot and you can always like.

Big Things To Come To Make The Bot Even Better

I said guys. You can always add usdt in the in the future. If you need to add more, but always make sure you have enough usdt in your wallet for the bot to trade with right to handle all those positions, because again guys we are dealing with crypto, it is unpredictable. Sometimes we think we know what’s going to happen and then something completely different happens.

So yeah, let’s quickly go into compounding interest calculator. So i’m just going to use a simple example. Here say: you have only six hundred dollars to trade with that’s the recommended amount per coin guys, but you can trade with less like i just showed you you can trade with less.

You can allocate more in um to the bots and you can just add usdt. As you go along, if you want to right, if that’s an approach you want to take otherwise just again allocate six hundred dollars to a coin, have six hundred dollars in your finance account and you know, set and forget you know if you don’t, if you don’t Wan na worry about all the simple details, i’m just again mentioning all the possibilities, there’s so many possibilities with the easybot guys, it’s ridiculous, so yeah, let’s just use this example, six hundred dollars, let’s just use like a modest five percent a month, guys just five percent – A month, it’s it for ten years right, i’m comparing this to like a savings account in the bank. Now so imagine, if you leave 600 in the bank for 10 years, it’s going to probably be worth like 350 or even 300 dollars with inflation right see. You can end up losing money right and well.

If you join, if you put 600 into a ponzi scam platform, then you might, you might make money really quick money, but you might lose all your money right. So again, it’s just not worth it guys. So, let’s stick to the stuff to save but anyways going by this example, comparing it to a bank right, let’s just say, six hundred dollars: five percent a month uh for ten years. Right and let’s just say you add a hundred dollars, you treat it like.

Let’s say you treat it like a savings account your savings account every month. You add a little bit of your salary right. That’s what a lot of people do.

It’s a smart thing to do so. Let’s say you do that and for 10 years just add 100. Every month, 600 initial, almost a million dollars guys after 10 years, is your boss going to give you that no and you can add more than 100.

Eventually if you want, but i’m just saying guys. This is a possibility, let’s use something – like maybe seven percent, because i see they use it quite a bit like so they say every seven percent for your crypto trades for a month for 10 years. Look at the difference, guys you get to a million and again we just again we’re just adding a hundred dollars a month.

You you get to over a million. Well, i mean almost a million basically a million in under eight years right, not bad, but the scam platforms that will it will rugble before you can even get too close to those figures. Right. Okay, let’s say you add nothing.

Let’s just say you go 600 and i mean a lot of you have more than 600 to put in and you can because why and again guys this isn’t financial advice, but you, but you can because your money is safe. So you can, i mean you, can put in a lot more money than you were to in a dodgy platform, because you have the safety aspects. I mean i mean guys. Finance in my opinion, is a very is as bad as safe as your bank is right.

Um even kucoin, the crypto exchanges are very safe and very secure these days right and you can even beef up the security. If you want this to to, if a twostep, verification and stuff that you can add um, you know so let’s go seven percent uh. So, let’s see what the improvements to the bot – let’s say – maybe i’m just going hypothetically guys, but let’s say maybe we average 10 a month for most months right or whichever this time frame. Look at the difference.

Now, yeah, okay over um over a mill in just over six years, and that’s that’s not even adding any money guys. So we add 100 jeez, look at the difference, a very big amount and that’s the thing guys is what i’m going to get back to is, because you have the safety you can treat this like a proper investment, so yeah. I can’t wait to see the improvements on the bot, that’s for sure so, yeah guys um, you know, like usual, as i said guys on earlier, is about the zoom calls.

And yes, i do put the recordings on my channel, but guys i really highly re. I highly recommend that you attend this live zoom calls with the ceo and the ceo on there guys and you can even speak to them directly. It’s amazing transparency, and you know, like coach ken says, coach kenny is also one of the founders of of the easy bot right um, like the actual founders, along with the ceo and the ceo right is, he said we put people before profits, and i mean that’s True, like i said guys, you have the safety aspect and plus you know they they.

Basically, they could have gone to traditional marketing route um with the easybot, but they decided to go with affiliate marketing so that they can give back to the people so that we as the people, can build a respectable online business. You know so it’s just awesome that they gave us that opportunity, but yeah guys. This is just you know, like just an example of how easy bot is.

You know changing the mindset of people and potentially changing lives here, because you know this gentleman marcus. Actually, my upline right and my mentor spoke to this person and you know he said i made a very big mistake for okay. I mentioned this in my old video, my previous video, but if in case you missed this right, i made a very big mistake for sabotaging myself in ponzi schemes: um, that swindled away all my life savings, which i should have used to start the easy part, but All hope is not lost. I respect you a lot, that’s why i want to start easy, but as soon as i raise 600, you can actually start like before he raises 600, but marcus probably told that he’s probably already trading with the bot.

So you really saved me from committing suicide when i told you that coin pocket swindled away with my money. I can’t forget this. This is my signpost, so yeah guys, um, you know is easybot, is providing is giving hope to people. That’s providing a real opportunity to people right, unlike these other platforms that i make reviews about.

So i mean here we care about. We actually care about the people that we’re doing business with we don’t just you know, want to take people’s money and again guys if you do join the live, zoom calls you will see it’s a it’s an awesome community that we’re a part of second to none. That’s also why i love the easy bot, because it’s p it’s it has that that people or that human element to it right that human factor like we don’t just see each other as numbers we see each other as as actual people right that are just trying To do the best that we can with what we have and just trying to trying to get a little bit of edge. You know just trying to be inflation and things like that.

Just trying to make make a little extra income every month so that we can make ends meet right so that we can breathe a little right. That’s what we’re trying to do and easy body is giving us that opportunity. No, it won’t make you rich overnight guys, but but at least you you’re, you have a safe place where you can earn passive income right and that will grow over time.

So yeah we have some of the zoom calls here guys we have one today, that’s in french, so for all the business builders guys join the one tomorrow. 11 am my time again. Your time will vary again.

So, just when you do sign up guys um, then then uh. It will be in your time right when you do check out the signal when you do check out the the zoom schedule, all right, guys well, um yeah. I think that’s the end of this video.

I have somewhere to be so it’s always always a pleasure and if you want to know more guys if you’re, especially if you’re new to my channel, feel free to go through my channel and um check out check it out right right check out the more recent Zoom calls like the one on the first and the one on the eighth and about the founders club, the founders, guys, in short, they get five percent of the company’s revenue every single month right. So that’s also something you can shoot for. If you want to right and then you can work with me and i’ll help, you get there, that’s what i do right, um, so yeah guys.

My sign up link for easy bodies is below the video. Along with with my my link to my telegram group, please guys join my telegram group feel free right there. I post all my team resources and everything um to help you out right and another thing is yeah.

My phone number is also below so you know feel free to reach out to me. If any time guys are – and i appreciate it when you guys reach out so then i can see what your goals are, what you want to achieve with the easy bot and so on right, so reach out anytime guys, let’s, let’s work together and and um. You know help each other succeed, all right, guys, um thanks for watching, don’t forget to like the video, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and, as usual, guys have a good one cheers

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