My Eazy Bot Signup Link Is Temporarily Not Working, Site Maintenance Is Currently Being Done.😎👍

Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel. My referral link is temporarily down for easy bot. Uh, don’t know why i’m experiencing experiencing this issue. Let me show you guys um.

So if i, if i go on one of my videos here, then i click on my link to sign up and it gives me area 404 um. I did. I did a query this on the group um, i’m not sure.

Eazy Bot Signup

If i’m i’m – probably not the only one experiencing this, i reckon i think they’re doing site maintenance, so yeah guys the first time this is happening. Even if i go to my referral link here and i copy it i’ll go here, copy paste, yeah, you see it’s, it just takes me back to my account so yeah guys. I will. I will make a video when it’s um, when it’s working again just be patient again, guys.

Sorry, for this inconvenience, the first time it’s happening, but again, i’m sure they are busy working on it inside maintenance, it’s normal. It’s a birth pains as they say you know, new company um a lot of things that they are little it’s little glitches. You know kinks in that that they’re working out, so it’s one of those things but yeah as soon as my link is working again, then i will um make another another quick video just to let you guys know it is up and running all right. Okay, thanks for watching, don’t forget to, like the video, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel um, all my other links for the telegram groups and the zoom meetings and uh for binance and all that’s below the video, including my signup link.

Eazy Bot Site Maintenance

That, again, will let you know, let you guys know about that um. You know so just check below the video. Alright guys have a good one cheers

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