Eazybot Has Made Crypto Trading Easy | Eazybot Review, Update, Set-up, Withdrawal Method & More

Hello and welcome back as promised an update about ezsybot how the investments developed which coins we tested and how they developed with me and a stepbystep introduction on how to connect easybot with binance about the settings that easybot, which you can adjust on. Easybot and yeah what they recommend and how you could modify it so before we start as always, i’m not a financial advisor.

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Eazybot Has Made Crypto Trading Easy

I am only showing you what i am doing, what i am investing and before you invest anything seek professional advisor if needed, and always keep in mind that cryptos trading is high high risk, even when, as with easybot, the money stays with your own exchange like finance Or kucoin, but trading and anything related to cryptocurrency is high high risk and you are able to lose everything so only invest what you can also afford to lose.

So that’s it and now let’s go back to easy. These are the results which we developed, as you can see here, it’s going up steadily, so we have no days to where we made a big loss, but we have here like a few days where it didn’t change anything on also here, but also days with a Big jump, so everything is possible and it always depends on which coin you are using uh and you are adding the bot and how the market currently is and how volatile it is. And here are the coins which i tested or we tested.

Some uh have been studying like end of june, with, like aver dodge polygon, the chain link and some just in july, stella curved out. We assigned different capital different duration period, so we also calculated it and how many percent it is per month accordingly right so yeah. This is the screenshot from the 31st july and, as you see, we have like the other made rocks nine percent per month.

We have the dodge, which is like four percent polygon is like almost ten percent curve. Dow is more than ten percent, but we also have like stellar, who was not that volatile or the bot didn’t perform so well in the current market situation right next month it could be different, so here we made a two percent profit. Only one great thing with easybot is that not only the coins of the token stays within your own exchange like finance or kucoin, but you can even test it for free.

So let me show you their pricing policy, so here you can see they have three packages. One is the free forever and of course it is free forever, so it won’t cost you a single cent to test it. Then we have the advantage package. This is the one which i currently have and we have the vip package.

The difference is that with a free package, it is more like for testing, so you only can trade up to two pairs. So it’s not that much and you can only use one exchange and you will share or how easy what is making their money also is they’re. Getting 30 percent of your generated.

Profit will be kept for them. So with the advanced package, which i really recommend everyone, after maybe a few days of testing with a free version, because you can trade up to 10 pairs, you can split it on two exchanges. The best thing, also, not only that you have a better risk management due to the number of pairs they reduce the service fee to by 10.

So you only share 20 of the profit with easybot. Now they also have a vip package. This is for everyone who is having like more investments a higher investment amount, because there you can trade every coin.

That easybot is offering. You can split to five exchanges, which is really important, especially if you trade with larger sums and also like 20 service fee, and here, which is also really great. If you have the dedicated agent right, so you have like a dedicated person who supports you, who is doing meeting with you and um help you to use the best bot in the current market situation to select the best coins.

Regarding the coin selection, i highly recommend you to use high volatile coin, because um the easy board is working with a dollar cost. Average effect means if the easy bot is saying. Okay, a coin will will go down.

It’s in the beer market that will buy some coins. If it goes down, it will buy more coins. If it goes more down, it will buy more coins, and only if it gets up the price is above the average, the cost average right.

Then the easy board will sell, and that’s also the reason why, on my chart we had here on some days there was no profit, because the market was not that volatile or it went even down, so the bot is waiting until the price goes up. As you see here, three days no change, but then it made a small jump made. A good profit same here like few days happened like barely anything like a bit, but then it made a big jump. Okay, so it always depends on the market situation, and this is why i suggest you go for coins who are highly volatile with this bot.

Okay. So now, let’s go to the instruction on how you use and set up the easy boot. So first, of course, you sign up and best with my uh affiliate link.

Of course, this would mean the world to me and would support me with my channel and to do more videos for you to do more research also on the projects before i’m showing them to you. So we hopefully don’t fall for scams, and this is definitely one which i really think will make us a lot of joy in the future. So first thing, of course, is signing up and easybot is also having a detailed instruction um. If you need support like this and don’t know how to create the rb, but i will show you here also the most important things and also how you can adjust easy bot.

You go to the dashboard first and then the first thing you do is you’re going to my wallet and on my wallet is where you will put some money, not your investment, but the money you want to have for the service fees and if you want to Buy like the advanced or vip package. This is where you have to deposit your money, so i have putting in 350 dollars here. 250 was for the advanced package and 100 dollar was over and this is for the service fee.

So easybot is not taking the service fee from binance, but from your wallet from your easybot wallet, keep in mind that you always must have some money here in your easybot wallet. Otherwise, your bots will stop working and easybot is saying you should have like approx. Five percent of your investment, some here in your easybot wallet – and this will then last for six to eight weeks.

So this is what easybot is saying, but always have an eye on it right on a regular basis. So it’s not going to zero yeah. We don’t want to lose a profit or leave profit on the table, just because we forgot to put some money in here, but there’s no minimum amount. So you could only even just put five usdt here but then, of course, you have to add more soon.

So once your debt posited some money here, you go to upgrade subscription. If you want to. If you just want to use the free package, it’s up to you leave it, then you can select the advanced or vip package and upgrade it after this we go to the bots and we go to user exchanges.

Now we have to connect easybot with finance. They also have here like a stepbystep introduction instructions, but i’ll show you now by yourself. So first we go on, add user exchange and we add any question name. You can say finance kucoin whatever it is.

You choose it’s spiderscom, it’s binance uf or is it kucoin? Okay, just choose anything, i have done it with the binance and then you go to binance and add the key and the secret key. You can do this by going to binance logging in and then on the small human. You will find api management, you go. There.

Click on create an rp. You will then find the upper key and the secret key. Normally, you will not show it anyone, but i will delete the key just right after this video.

So that’s: okay, just copy the arpi key and the secret key and put it here to binance and click on save. Then what you have to do on binance is um. You have to edit the restrictions here and you have to enable spot and margin trading.

This is highly important, otherwise the bot will have will not be allowed to do any trading for you. Okay, so please enable sport and watching trading, and that’s it. You will not enable withdrawals, no way uh or any other transfers.

So really just trading okay, so by um easybot will not have any rights to do any withdrawals to get any money from your binance account and that’s why you must have in your easybot wallet some coins. Some tokens left to pay the service fees for easy put. Otherwise, it will stop running because easybot cannot get any money from your wallet from finance right. So simple as it is, then what i would recommend you, you could leave the ep access restriction as it is, but i would recommend you: click on restrict access to trusted.

Easybot Review

Eyepiece only okay click on it and then um. You will find here in your easy portfolio, the trusted ip put it to binance and save it. As you see i already mined, so i will delete this um.

This was just for showing you how it works. Okay, so now your binance is already connected with easy board. You can go to bots um at your births. Now now before you can add your bots properly.

You must have some usdt into your finance account or into your kucoin account, whatever you’re, using minimum the amount you want to trade, of course, and if you’re using binance, i highly recommend you to put some bnb on your binance account as well, because if you have Some bnb there binance will use the bnb um for the trading fees. Okay, and if you do, this, finance will reduce your trading fees by 25. This will add up a lot, so always have some b in your binance account.

And, of course, if you want to save like more of your trading fees, you can use my affiliate link for a binance, but also for kucoin down in the description. If you don’t have um exchange an account there, you can save with this affiliate link, even some more of the trading fees. This is my dashboard now this is just from less than 24 hours.

The results were seen here. This will, of course, not be with you when you’re, just creating your account, you just click on, add new. You choose any title you want to. You can leave the default configurations and you’ll select just the exchange that you have just create the rp and choose the coin.

Whatever you want to. I have not tested everything yet, but um yeah. I have shown you my chart.

You can use one of those or not, but i said: pastor results, don’t guarantee future results and it always depends on the market situation, but have a look. Those kinds were highly volatile depending on the market situation. You might also remove a bot and add another coin. So really just have a look at it to make the best profit on this, so you can choose any coin.

You want to keep the bot option on cycle because, if you use single, the bot will just do one single trade and that’s it okay, so status is active, of course, and then choose your balance. Whatever you want to okay, you will see available usdt, it’s like 1900 with me, and this is my usdt balance from binance. So easybod is able to read it of course, and from this amount this is the maximum amount you can assign to a bot. You can select all the compounding on or off and just click on, save so here with me.

This is something i have tested. I will return it later. Just after my video, i have an available uh balance on binance of 1 900 euros, but i assigned 4 000 uh dollars to four different bots, so uh, each bot with one thousand.

I was just seeing, try to see if i’m still able to withdraw money. From my finance account, even though it’s assigned to easybot – and it was a test for me also if easybot is restricting it or not so both good, so i could use my um tokens and withdraw it from binance and i could even assign more than i have An easybot, but i would not recommend you because if you are doing this, you are restricting or removing liquidity from the bot and, as i told you, easybot is working with the cost average effect. Okay, it’s always going to buy more and more coins when it falls.

If you don’t have too much liquidity because um the bot or you’re sharing the investment with several coins, you might end up in a loss right because you just don’t have the liquidity anymore, so the risk would be much greater. If you do this, so i would not recommend you. I was just testing it and i will put the missing two thousand dollars back after my video also easy, but is recommending you to not go below 600 for each coin.

You can do it, so you could do 500, but if you want to save it, it will give you an error. You have to switch off the default configuration if you go below dollars and even if you go like three hundred dollars, okay, you could do this because the initial order is still more than ten dollars. This is highly important, so if you would have one 100 only you need to adjust, you couldn’t save it like as it is now. You must edit that there’s more than 10 for the initial order, otherwise the bot will not work.

Okay, so that’s actually it so. You can save it. This is how it goes and if you’re done you can add, of course, more points.

Just do the same procedure again and also, if you go to the bots once you put it on, you can see here exactly which trade they made. So i have here one open trade: they just bought it to this price. This quantity, this one is closed, made me a profit of more than 90 cents, and this is how it goes and, of course, also in binance.

You can see the exact same trades. Also. That’s it for now. I will keep you posted on how my investment goes here with easy board uh which coins i will keep on, using which i am testing and share with you.

Eazybot Setup

My results – and i would really appreciate if you are using easy boot, to share your results with me down in the comments as well or even in my telegram group share with me. Uh, which coins are you testing? How much profit did you made in which time frame or what is the average monthly profit? So we can all see which coins are going well in the current market situation and we can adjust or remove one coin and add another coin to the board. So we can uh yeah increase our profit, and this will help all of us not only me, but also you and all the um yeah members in this community and yeah.

I also invite you to join my telegram group. I have one where we discuss investments, how they go, how they went, how the market situation currently is. If we have a new project which looks promising, we will share it there and also, of course, giving support if any questions arise to the easy butter and another project right.

So that’s it for now. Don’T forget to leave me like comment and subscribe to. My channel. See you in my next video you

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