How To Change The Eazy Bot Settings, Trading Basics And Analysis For Traders To Make More Profits.๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘

Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel and welcome to another easy bot, video, where i’m gon na show you how to um, set your trades yourself, so it’s gon na be like um. I’M gon na show you how to set the parameters um. You know how you can potentially make more profit all those things, but again guys, i’m just going to mention quickly that the default strategy works.

Fine. You just got to give it time because it has been tested. Um they’ve tested over seven months, three different coins, bitcoin ethereum and um, and are they and they were all profitable in all market conditions? It’s just it’s patience guys. This is a medium to long term plan.


If you’re going to treat it like a get rich quick scheme, then it’s probably not for you, but the main thing is over the long term. This body is profitable, medium and long term. So it’s it’s like. If you treat it i supposed to treat it then you know, then it will obviously make profits.

For you know you just got to be patient. If you want to see that video profits, the easy bot made using three different coins over seven months there, it is um. I discussed percentages, all those things so so yeah guys if you’re not a trader. Well, even if you, if you’re, not a trader, but you still want to learn and find you can watch this um.

But otherwise you know if you’re not interested in setting parameters and stuff, you just want to plug and play. So you just want to set the bot up and let it trade for you on a default strategy. It’s perfectly fine um. You know because again, there’s nothing wrong with the default strategy.

I mean mohammed. The ceo went through a lot of trouble and a lot of research and everything calculations to to get the the default strategy up to scratch. You know, but if you especially for the traders who are watching this, if um, if you want to trade um, if you, if you have an idea what you’re doing and you want to set the parameters um, then let me just show you how to do that.

I do show you that in in another video um briefly, but this is going to be more in detail, so that’s also checking the market. So in my case i’m trading ethereum classic these all the trades it’s put in. As you can see, the average price here is 3647, so all my trades together have to get basically the price of ethereum classic has to get to 3647 before all my trades like break, even which isn’t too bad um a lot of these settings.

I set myself like this this buying year when it dropped another six percent um. That was my own setting and buying four times, and i also i’ll just show you guys what i did and i’m still tweaking it guys. It’s not still not perfect, but it’s getting there. This is my own.

My own settings, my own strategy, so yeah, that’s how much available usdt i still have left to put in a trade always make sure guys. You don’t spread yourself too thin, so always make sure that that the bot isn’t bought in all of the coin, that you’re trading with always make sure you have some usdt on the side so that the bot can buy, and also when the window, just in case The market drops a little more and and dollar cost average. Your position easier right, um, so yeah.

If you, obviously, if you want to set these parameters, you can you can two percent four percent whatever, so the bot will as soon as you activate it. It will just put in an initial trade and then the second trade will be based on how much a drop. So these first two, i think, are based off the default strategy buying one time buying two times um i put mine at forty dollars. That’s still that’s, but that’s very aggressive, um you’ll see the default strategy.

It won’t even be 20 with the current capital. You know the initial buying won’t even be 20 dollars within with the capital i currently have to trade with, which is still fine guys. It’s better to be profitable, make small profits over the long term then end up with big floating losses. That give you a headache, and then you have to wait forever for the markets to come back so that you can make a profit.

You know it’s! So that’s why i say the default: there’s nothing wrong with a default strategy, but again i’m just showing you guys if you’re, if you, if you really want to set the stuff again, that’s at your own risk and you know i’m i’m showing you how to do It and things to look for so this this buy this buyin, so the my market, basically, the borders covered these three positions: um. If the market drops an additional 10 from this last position and it’s going to buy in four times again, so it’s going to bind another 160 usdt worth of ethereum classic right, um, so the first, the first time it bought in and bought forty dollars worth um Buyin times was two times um four times, so the reason why i made it four times for these positions. I can add another another position, but i just don’t think the market’s going to drop more than just dropping now, if it if it does continue to drop. I mean 10 percent is going to be a lot.

I mean it’s going to buy in another 160 worth. So let me just show you guys my reasoning behind this um yeah, probably i mean this is the four hour chart and it’s it’s starting to level out starting to level out here. So you know it’s already dropped. If you look at like the weekly chart, which is massive, i mean how much it’s dropped so, whether it’s going to drop more, i don’t know, but i’d highly doubt it you know, but i could be wrong.

It could surprise me, but if the market does drop further, i i have made a fail safe for that. So if it drops an additional 10 which is probably going to end up, it’s probably going to end up being lucky at 31 32 around around this mock. Where i’m at now, then it’ll bind again, and i doubt it will drop further than that, but then i’ll just add an additional position. If it drops all the way down to like 26, then i’ll also have a few, maybe some usdt reserved for that.

You know to cover cover my position. The default strategy, i think is like said to almost cover like to make profits for you, even in something like a 60 to 80 percent drop um yeah. So so that’s obviously a good plan. It’s good! It’s a good, safe plan, beca like what the markets are looking like at the moment is i mean what i see is that they have to go up after a big drop like that look at bitcoin and everything else, um all the cryptos, usually most of the Cryptos usually tend to follow bitcoin, it’s um, it’s going up, um, but you just you don’t you know you can’t always be sure.

So you have to have failsafes and that you know you just you don’t want to just risk too much capital on on a few trades up here and inner drops, and then you have to have to sit and wait forever for those trades to come back. You don’t want that. You want to make profits even when the market is, is dropping. That’s why you always have to have usdt reserved for positions and eventually it gets to a certain point.

You can sell off the whole position and make a profit okay, so that that that’s what the default strategy is designed for. That’s what you! Even even if your strategy is you’re setting your strategy yourself, um, if it’s more aggressive, whatever just make sure that you that you have some sort of a plan, you know if, if things, if worse comes to worse in the markets, um yeah, so let me just Go here easybot again, so i can add. Probably if i wanted to add an additional position.

I could i’ll just i’ll just put the plus minus two percent, or probably in this case, if it drops to like 26 for ethereum classic, then i’ll probably say an additional 10 percent and buy in like i don’t know how much do we have left uh yeah I’Ll probably go again with four times, because i i don’t think it will drop more than that it’ll be so low, so oversold at that point that it just can’t can’t go down further. That’s just my reasoning, guys, that’s just my analysis um, but yeah. So this is so.

This is what i’m waiting for, i’m just waiting for the for my trades to come back. If you see zero profit guys again, i reset my bot, so i have made quite a bit of profits. If i show you in my exchange, i’m actually trading with the bot, so what i mean by that is i’m putting in my own trades as well, because i like to trade. So if we go to ethereum classic uh the chart here, okay, i don’t know why.

It has the btc chart up for some reason, but we want to see order history, that’s what we’re looking for. So let’s go the month. So, as you can see, some of some of these trades um, okay, this buy was the bot that was a perfect buy.

Actually, that was something that i was sleeping. I couldn’t have caught that it caught it like right. If you look at the one hour, you’ll you’ll one hour chart quarter around here, thirty four dollars and what fifty cents almost that’s perfect, because by this this set up the market has to shoot back up. You know quite a bit um, you know.

Usually, if you see this, if it goes down, goes back up goes down again makes makes the this is what you call a double bottom sort of, so i reckon it has to go back up. Markets are very oversold at the moment guys, but i’m not saying it can’t go more, but it’s just you know. I doubt it um all right so yeah. These are some of the positions.

If you, if you look below here, you’ll, see some positions i put in uh and some of them are also the bot. So i don’t know how much profit i’ve made in total, together with the bot, maybe like uh right, it’s hard to say: 40 50. Maybe this month so far, which is really good but um, considering how much you know i’ve been trading with so it’s passive, it’s passive profits, guys it’s again! It’s it’s! It’s! These! This money is in in safely in your own finance exchange um.

So for the americans, if you’re just wondering, if it’s your first time here, you can use binance dot us right if binance isn’t working for you, okay for the us people or from the us of ae, okay. So let’s get to the good stuff. So what i’m going to show you guys now is just a few things, so this is just i’m just going to go on one or two coins and i’m going to go based on, let’s go with the one hour chart. So this is, if you want to set the parameters yourself, um you’re, going to have to first look at at where support and resistance is um.

So first thing you want to want to do is find okay, so obviously heavy support is here, because this is where this is the lowest point right. So they tested it again here they couldn’t break through um. They tested again here couldn’t go through so chances are.

It’s going up, they tested it three times already and they couldn’t break through that support level right. So that’s your support level. Um! That’s all! Basically, because that that trade at the bot that six percent drop um from about, i don’t know from 36 or 37 um.

I worked it out to about here. That’s why the bot actually caught it so perfectly because i planned for that. I always keep.

If i want to buy in, i always keep it on. You know my buy order on support, then the next support would probably be well now we’re looking for some resistance. Immediate resistance would be here. Let me just white yeah: do that all right uh, then next resistance would be up here.

So we just what we’re trying to do guys is we’re just trying to get the weekly range of how much percent it ranges in a week, because i just think a day’s too short, you can try a day if you want, but then you’re gon na have To watch the markets more, even if you’re doing this, you know um. Even if you decide to do this, um based off of the weekly range um, you still can have to monitor it and watch it quite a bit. What’s nice is, though, the bot can like, in my case it caught the trade. While i was sleeping, that’s why the bots nice, even it’s a bit for everything, everyone guys um, okay, so there’s another one there and another level of resistance there, and this is the high or, if you look at, if you look at this this peak here, that’s The peak that it’s got got okay, so we’re looking the time frame, we’re looking at is the onehour chart, obviously, but from the 13th to the 23rd.

So this is a 10day period, so this is more kind of what we what we want to look at and guys you can copy this. If you, if you’re doing ave, it’s going to be the same thing, um you’re going to do the same thing, pull up the one hour chart and then try and get a range from that and then work out your percentages. Based off of that, you know it’s going to be the exact same thing, and then you can decide how many positions do you want, so how many? How many parameters do you want to sit? In my case i have at the moment. I only have four because i only need four based off of how many you know trades i want to put in, and you know how much capital i have and all that stuff.

But you can decide what you want to do all right. I’M just trying to give you guys a general idea so yeah what i worked, how i worked it out so basically yeah how the bot would have to work in this case is okay, so it is if it buys in the position at the top here, then It drops it’ll, buy in another position here at 38, so that would probably be like a one, not even a one percent drop, but actually that’s that’s too little. I would say so here again, i’m tweaking it come on. I’M gon na lower this a little uh yeah i’ll, just i’m just gon na lower this a little bit yeah so from the peak.

If it drops to this the resistance which turns into a support level um, that’s that’s that’ll, be like one percent. So then it will trigger another trade, so you have two trades in already um, then you’re, probably looking at from 38 dollars and 50 cents to 37 and 50 cents, you’re looking at another, what um two and a half percent more or less right that so that’s Where your parameters are gon na be another two and a half percent, so if it drops one percent, it will trigger this trade at 30. Actually, no that’s more almost like about a percentage and a hot percent and a half little trigger this trade here drops about two and a half percent, no wait, two yeah two and a half percent.

EazyBot Settings

It will trigger the straight at 3750 if it drops an additional. Let’s work this out 3750 to 3578, ah yeah, it will probably how much percent is that maybe like around five percent almost so, it drops an additional five percent from that position at a triggered or it’ll enter another trade and then, from that 35, 80, more or Less to 3450, that would be like three percent, more or less guys, um, it’s giving you a rough estimate, so this position in total from 39 18 to 3450. If you had to take a total percentage for that range, i can actually calculate it, but i’m just going to work it out roughly quickly in my head. I don’t know how much is that that’s probably around, maybe at the most 15 percent 15 range that you have roughly okay, so you can calculate that as well.

So so that’s basically how many, how many positions do you want to how much capital do you want to risk and how many positions do you want to have um in this case, we have one position here so well. One trade entered up up here. Another trade trade entered there, two three four five: five trades, so um you can decide if you want to risk 50 or 25 of your capital on these trades and then wait for it to come back.

Dollar cost average somewhere um close the the whole position, or you can plan it even on a fourhour chart um just in case – and i mean maybe the this – the well heavy support level in the fourhour chart would be down here at 2627. Then you can put one day for like an ultimate fail: safe um, but yeah. That’s also up to you guys so yeah, i’m just trying to make this as clear as possible. Trying to give you an idea.

So so, obviously after the market has has dropped right. The bots entered, let’s just say the bots – entered all these positions, pretty much in my case. It has, then, i’m just waiting for it to swing back up and get to a certain point where it can sell off all these positions and make a profit right and again i have if it drops another 10 from where it is now, then um probably be At like 31 actually lower than that – maybe 29 – i don’t know around it, then it will enter a trade here and then i’ll have to wait a little bit longer before it.

Obviously, dollar cost averages all the positions, but yeah, that’s that’s kind of just giving you guys an idea. So that’s so yeah guys. Just recap i mean you can put some indicators on you if you like indicators, but this is just basic support and resistance. So, just to recap, yeah first thing you need to do is just work out the the range you know like the percentage, how much how much the crypto is, ranging that you’re busy trading with and then you’re going to set your parameters accordingly.

Now so make sure that your your bot catches all these positions, um, you know, decide how many indexes you want to add here. 10 indexes you’ll, see like the the default strategy has like 36 36 parameters, 36 indexes added and you’ll see all the percentage drops that has this is so always. If it drops a certain percent, it will it’ll enter trade and at a certain buying amount.

So you can set your buying amounts to how much you want it. You know for whichever position i would obviously recommend, especially if the markets drop a lot like, like your last few positions that you that the bot can can have um. You should maybe put your mind a little bit more, but for your initial positions, your buying should be less. You know, because again, if the bot the market drops, then the bot will trigger those positions that i just said.

Okay, the lines are gone now because i had to refresh the page um but yeah. So if we go on but the bitcoin chart now it’s going to be the same. So look on the hour chart work it out for those 10 days. What the what the overall range is, and then you know you work out your percentages and that and and you set your parameters accordingly, uh ava is going to be the same.

The same thing so you’re going to again set the parameters yeah that you see olivier, moved quite a bit. It’s got a bit of a more range, then always about almost 20 to 25 percent that it that it’s movement in okay. Well, it only really shot up the last.

What four or five days but yeah a lot of movement. There um yeah same with with luna a lot of movement like 25 percent. So a lot quite quite it’s moved quite a bit more than ethereum classic.

In the last um, well, five, four or five days to be fair, it’s doing a lot better than ethereum classic ethereum classic is just way down there. So yeah guys just work out the range and then set your your parameters accordingly, where you want the bot to trigger to trigger the trades and yeah go from there. So that’s what’s nice again guys you can work out the strategy according to what you want it to be i’ll, probably make more videos about this in the future.

Just thought i would bring this up so far. You know, and so for those guys are interested in setting setting everything yourself here. It is so yeah just want to go back in there.

Let’s make sure i covered everything i wanted to in this short video short ish video yeah. I think that’s that guys was very actually very basic. You know just again with the range working out the range, the percentage, how much it’s moving for that time frame that you decided to to set your strategy on uh sport and resistance, always important, because that’s that’s pretty much. What like you wan na every time it hits a certain level of support.

That’s where you wan na, have your buyers entered so that advances from support and then goes up and then takes profit and so on, oh, and what you can also do. Last thing is set: how much i mean here, you can choose how much uh like in this case. If it goes up 15 percent, it will take profit um, but if it hasn’t retraced 05 percent yet then it can keep going.

I mean you can eventually make 10 percent profit from it from that trade who knows, but if it goes up 15 percent and it drops 05 percent, then then the bot will take profit at one percent and so on. So you can also choose how much like you want your bot, how much percent you know you want your bot to take profit. One point: five: two percent five percent per per trade per position, guys um because remember all of these are individual positions, so they all they’ll all take the same amount of profit just depending on you know. If, if the bot sells off all of the positions which it probably will in my case, because i’ve got a lot of positions entered, take profit, independent, okay, that’s a little bit different independently three percent here off the cover exit, i’m not sure what this is uh.

Take profit at one point: five percent as well: profit, retracement, zero point, five percent and also the nice thing guys is um if the market uh. Let me just see if the market drops like this, the bot won’t just as far as my understanding goes, the watches won’t just trigger a trade. It will actually wait for the market to come back a little, maybe come back 05 percent and then it will only trigger the trade and then hopefully it will go up.

So that’s also pretty cool, so yeah guys um yeah, very basic video. I know not. There’s still a lot more, i can, i can explain, but for now i think this is. This is sufficient just to give you guys an idea of what what you can actually do with the settings and what you should look for.

If you are, you know working out the settings so all right guys, uh thanks for watching, don’t forget to, like the video don’t forget to subscribe to my channel um. My easybot signup link is below if you’re interested in signup with easybot is a free bot and have a good one guys cheers

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