Is Eazy Bot A Pyramid Scheme or Ponzi Scheme Scam? Watch This To Find Out.😎🔥🔥🔥

Yeah remus. Let me let me address that. I mean um remus.

If you understand what a ponzi scheme is you, you have no worries. If somebody would assume that this is a ponzinski, a ponzi scheme, you give your money to somebody and they give you a false sense of return and they pay people with uh old investors with new investors money. So you shouldn’t have to worry about this because nobody takes anybody’s cryptocurrency.

Eazy Bot

Here it sits in their exchange. They have full control over it. So i mean that’s not an issue but um.

What is an issue is something that bren brought up and brent i’d like you to come in and because i think it goes hand in hand to what uh remus just wrote in the chat room: hey real, quick ken, while we’re waiting for bren. Can you hear me yeah, so one of the things that you know, i think all of us need everybody. We all understand about easy bonds.

Easy bot chose to include us in this incredible program. Okay, i think that’s kind of the perspective. We all have this amazing software and easypot could have chosen the road of doing instagram ads or you know putting on their advertising budget on um doing google ads and instead they said hey. Why not help some other people develop some wealth and and exactly right? Instead of allocating the money towards commercials, let’s pay people for sharing this information, let’s pay into other people, so we can share um.

Other people can share and and and nothing’s more to me, i think i mean i’ve been a network marketer my whole life but nothing’s more effective than a personal invitation. I mean, i mean think about it. If you saw a commercial and said hey, these are the best french fries on the planet.

Right you may think. Okay, well, maybe they’re. Maybe that’s a pretty bold claim, but if your best friend told you hey these friends, these fries are the best fries on the planet. Now you want to try those fries.

Why? Because there’s nothing like a personal invitation from somebody. You know it’s ten times more effective than a commercial than an ad, so uh, you know, that’s why i mean i mean i’m obviously i’m in love with the concept of networking. It’s been my career, but you’re rewarding people for what sharing the company rewards people for sharing their concept. It helps the company grow, but it also includes other people and allows them to build a business of their own.

Everybody doesn’t have to do that. Of course, most people will just be a customer and use this amazing software, but for those people who knows for those people who choose to lock arms with the company and say hey, we want to share, and you know we’re we want to enjoy this compensation plan. This plan puts more people more money in those people’s hands because it uh gives them the way the plan was set up before it only paid two levels, and so, if you’re sharing this with people inevitably over time. If you share this with a few people, well because it’s an amazing service, what are they going to do? They’re going to share with a few people? And then what are those people going to do? They’re going to share with a few people and very quickly, your organization grows beyond two levels, and then what happens? Is you don’t get paid for that? Okay, it’s not like that! Money goes to the company; it just goes to the two people above them.

It goes to their sponsor and their sponsor sponsor. So now, as your organization grows over time, which it will inevitably organically now you’re going to get compensated as that group grows uh, and so it’s still the same money i mean it’s still 50. The company pays out 50 uh of the package sales to the field, but now, instead of that 50 just going to the two people above it it’s going to 10 people, which means all of us, are just rewarded much more for our efforts, same efforts.

Is Eazy Bot A Pyramid Scheme

If you don’t have so to your question about, does this mean it’s all about referring or all about recruiting? If you, if everybody just does the exact same thing, you’ve been doing and don’t change, the focus you’ll still make 10 times more money. Why? Because you’re making a little bit less on the first and second level, but in in and you’re making more or i should say making something as you were, making nothing before on levels: 3, 4, 5, 6, seven, eight, nine and ten. So hopefully that makes sense. But um you nailed it, you nailed it isaac it.

You know i’d like to to share this as well guys. We will always be a product driven company we could have – and we talked about this from the very beginning – is just doing an affiliate program and only having two layers and oh and doing our own advertising as a company. We opened it up to network marketing because we knew that this product would be a blessing to so many people and we believe in shoulder to shoulder marketing.

We believe in digital marketing. We believe in social media marketing, and we know that if we open it up that way, that we would have people that had the same vision, same heart, servant leaders that would come and they would uh they would introduce this to their circles of influence. And we felt why would uh we want to just keep all of the wealth for ourselves. Why not open it up, and that’s that’s what we did.

We also believe in this form of marketing, so you know, i think remus uh, when you uh really begin to understand the heart of of the company here and this type of marketing uh you’ll you’ll understand where we’re gon na go 10 years from now, as a Company we’ve got like, i said, the best best product where we’re transparent with everybody uh about our, not just uh who we are as leaders in the company, but also our product muhammad has shown everything and we’ve had people say, listen. Well. Why does uh? Why does he do that? Because somebody can just copy what we have well. That means that they don’t have the integrity that our our executive leadership team has.

These guys are all servant. Leaders put people before money and uh, i’m honored to be working with these guys, and this is what separates us from most companies out there and that’s the bottom line. We’Ll always put you guys before uh money’s earned, but we will always make sure that the company is solvent so that you guys can have something beautiful 10, 20, 30 years down the road and uh brent. I don’t know if you’d like to come in, but you did address something there on two different occasions in the chat that i think also uh would be a you know great to present to everybody and then david we’re going to turn it back over to you.

Yeah, it’s a it’s. Certainly an interesting topic. Like you said it’s a product driven company. You know most calls that you attend.

The only thing they can focus on is the rewards plan, because there is nothing else: they’re just selling smoking mirrors and it’s cash gifting and money moving around and really it’s a lot of people. Your right dream is some people will call it a ponzi scheme because there’s a lot of people who don’t know what they’re talking about. So it is going to happen, but just to give you an idea like, let’s, let’s define it, what is a ponzi scheme? A lot of people throw around the word because they’re conditioned to say it because they’re they’re conditioned to stay stuck with air, but a ponzi scheme. Really, if we look at it, it’s a form of fraud where it’s basically a non a nonexistent enterprise where they foster investment through the promise of quick returns, and first investors are paid from money from people joining afterwards and as soon as that starts to slow down The implosion begins to happen if nobody else ever joined easybot.

It would not matter because that’s not where the money’s coming from it’s not coming from new people joining the revenue of the company has been generated by sale of a tangible product and the revenue is being driven by the bot performing in the markets. When a software service fee is charged a percentage of trades, so there’s no fear of it being unsustainable, because once you understand where the money is actually coming from, that’s feeding the plan. Muhammad has already done out all the calculations. It’s mathematically sound now.

The reality is there are comparisons to be made with some other stuff, that’s out there, but the reality is. We have a solid, tangible product. It’s here for the long term, so rest assured that what you see there with this enhancement – this is for those that feel like sharing this with others.

It’s going to be incredibly lucrative and powerful to be able to earn from that depth because you’re only three three degrees away from somebody who could potentially duplicate in your organization so to get that yeah to get that depth of payment. You’D be kicking yourself. If it wasn’t there and it’s going to it’s going to compensate the lo, you know what is a compensation plan.

It’s based on around the law of compensation you get paid for the need for what you do, your ability to do. It’s the quality and quantity of the service that you’re rendering to the marketplace. So all we’re all network marketing is. Is it it’s a legal distribution channel, it’s a medium, a way to move product into the marketplace, goods and services, as they said, they could have gone.

The traditional route and used large traditional advertising mediums to achieve that, but it’s an extremely popular model right now, because the old economy isn’t coming back. So everything from amazon to walmart offers affiliate marketing. So yeah apprecia appreciate you bringing bringing that up remus. You know it is, it is a topic, that’s it needs to be addressed because it’s a word that gets thrown around a lot, but we just need to be clear and have a clear line of demarcation in what’s an actual ponzi and what’s a legitimate, sustainable company.

Is Eazy Bot A Ponzi Scheme Scam?

So yeah it’s very excited about this enhancement. You know it’s really going to drive the right behavior too thanks brian um david. You want to come in yep uh, sorry about that um! Oh, it’s! Okay! Okay! So let’s switch gears here, we’re uh

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