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As usual, we’re going to discuss the same topics, we’re going to look at the pulling down the Eazybot Reviews and average price. Looking at the same coin that we were following since the beginning, uh we’re going to look at uh, closing trades uh cycles below the initial price, which we have already seen before, taking profit, retracement uh and account performance now regarding take profit, retracement and closing uh trades Below the initial price, we don’t have real examples for this week, especially for taking profit, uh retracement uh thing, because you know taking profit adjustments when there is a jump in the market. The bot is going to be waiting until it reaches to the top and then sells the last week. If you’re following the market, there was no much of movement, it was more of a flat market.

Eazybot Review

Yes, there is uh, there is movement, but it’s not as much as we could capture some of those uh really high trade that closed instead of one percent, it closed at five or six or seven percent. So, let’s get into the into it uh pulling down the average price. This is the same aave coin that we were following since the beginning.

This is last week result on 22nd of august, the last monday uh. If you see the analysis down here, the initial price is the same as 251 when it started back on, i think third of april and the average price was 16398 now for the people who doesn’t know what average price means uh just look at the previous calls. This is just a followup of the next of the next call, but just give you a little bit of a brief.

The average price is the top trades that was opened uh at that price at the price of 251, for example. Now, look: let’s look at this trade here when it opens sorry, let me get back when it opened when we started trading in this coin. The price of this coin was 251.

Now the first three trades as per the strategy they are taken as one and the average price of that is taken and then, from that point onward, all the trades are independent trades they’re not taken as average price everyone is, is standalone trade. It buys and sells, buys and sells. Are the market goes down and if you use 50 of the profit made in each of those individual trades to bring down the average price, so this average price initial price was 251 last week it was brought down for the whole duration.

Not this not only. Last week the cumulative pulling down of that average price since third of april it was 163, so it was pulled down from 251. Now that same trade, which was open at 251, is now at the price of 163, and it will keep on be pulling down until it’s closed 100 coming back so that average price last week was at 16398 uh.

So the average price was pulled or uh with 8702 usd or dollars, and in percent it does 34 3467. The total profit which was made during the down market before closing the whole cycle is 1050. This week the profit have increased to point 10973 and accordingly, the average price was pulled down to 162 from 163 to 160 23.

That mean the our new average price was pulled down by 887 uh usdt, which is 3534 percent. It’s pull down so, as the time goes either the mark. As coach stated, the market comes back up and meet the average price somewhere and close the whole trade with profit, or that average price will keep on being pulling down.

Now the pull between last week and this week is just as low as less than one percent, which is okay, because the market was not fluctuating much last week and that’s normal. It’s we’re dealing with the market we’re serving the way, but we’re not creating the web. So, whatever the market situation, that what was going to be dealing with that and making profit and the profit depends on the the market moment and accordingly, 50 of that profit is going to is a little bit lower last week and it was pulled down a little Bit, which is okay now uh about the uh, take profit replacement.

This is from the last week uh. We couldn’t capture some of them from the last week before there was no from this week, because there was no uh much of movement in the market. So i’m going to go through them uh, but just to give you some idea for the new people. If you have new people on the call so easybot has been designed to in if the market is moving high, if moving fast higher, it’s not going to be closing the trade.

It’s going to be waiting for the trade for the market to reach to the top and then start moving down and then start closing the trade. If you look at at this example here, this is uni usdt uh from last week. So what happened is that this is our average price was somewhere here. Actually, it’s one trade, only one trade.

This trade was opened at this point here, then the market started moving down started like being straight. Somehow there was no much of movement – it’s not up by one point: five percent, where it can start taking profit and it’s not down by two percent where were could take another another trade. So it was just moving straight straight straight until three to this point here where the market suddenly started moving up. So the boat is programmed to start closing the trade or selling uh a trade at just 15 percent higher, but with the condition that the market is start showing some down movement, then close it, because if the market is going up, don’t close, it wait for the Market to reach the highest point and then close it uh down and what happened.

This is really really powerful. How the muhammad created this, because most most spots are brainless. It reaches a preset uh setting of 15 percent. It closes it at that point and if the market’s going up really fast, it’s going to come back in, but it’s going to miss all that profit and how muham it’s almost like uh a trailing, sell order where, instead of selling at a predetermined amount brainlessly, it Sees that the market’s moving very quickly and it waits for the market to come back down before it was closing, i’m sorry, mohammed, so genius.

This is so genius, so yeah breaking it down, i’m breaking it down for people like me, but that’s, okay! You can just jump in anytime, you want! So if you look here, the market was just going up up up. It was supposed to close somewhere here at just 15 percent, but it waited because the market was moving up, so it was waiting for it to reach the highest point and for it the this was the highest point. Then, when the market started moving down it closed here, so it has a take profit retracement of 05 percent when it start moving down from the last highest price.

That much then starts closing the trade, and then probably here this this time here, a new trade open and then it went up and then closed somewhere here. So this is exactly how how we designed it to work, and this is a real example. If you look at the top here, you’ll see exactly the exact time and the exact uh price, where it took the the trade and where it closed, the trade uh. Just for your reference, if you’re just verifying this, this is dubai time.

So you have to go to gst or the right time and then look at the charts, we’ll see exactly the same thing here now, let’s get to the interesting part, which is the performance of this account that we have been following also for quite some time uh. These are the coins that we’re trading in this account, and these are the profits. If you see, for example, the file uh usdt is starting on 19th of may. So if i made 137 percent, the capital was 1 000.

Here is the profit 137, which represent uh, 137 percent. Now don’t look at this percentage here on the top? This is the movement of the coin. During the past 24 hours, it has nothing to do with the profitability of that specific trade. You see here, matic made the maximum profit 283.

Let’s get to the table just to see the details now here, i’ve considered 17 of the coins because the last two coins here started at different timing. If you see or different dates, those two started on 30th of may, so i’m considering only the ones that started on 19th of may so that we can compare apple to apple. Now.

This is the the the uh summary of the results a lot. This is last week of 22nd of august uh. As we stated last week. There is no much of movement in the market.

Eazy Bot Profit and Account Performance

However, still it made some profit, the profit is lower, at least it’s a profit. It’s not just a state quiet uh. Let’s look at the last week profit. This is the difference between 29th and 22nd.

That gives us the result that happened in the last week. If you see everything is just below one percent, except for onecoin, this is the highest performer for last week it was etc. It made 127 in profit, which is 1267 usdt.

However, there are two coins here that have made no. They made zero profit, no profits at all and that’s very useful. That’s very normal.

There was no much of movement in that coins to for the bot to to react or to buy or sell. Actually, there was opportunity to buy, but there was no opportunity to sell and we will see that in details here we’re going to analyze the this trx coin, because of you guys. That was because the market was just flat.

It’s been flat the last couple of weeks. It’s dropped down, but that doesn’t matter with this spot, so keep going brother yeah look at looking at this crx. If you notice guys the people who who have uh attended the last call.

The same coin was also zero profit from the week before. So. For two weeks, this coin was not giving any profit. Let’s look at, let’s analyze it in in more detail now this is the last uh week.

Okay, this is the last. This is the last week result of that point when we have seen it the market started here. This is the initial buy, and then this is cover one when it went down here and then when it went down here, took this cover and the market was here, it wasn’t in a position to go above the average price by 15 percent to take profit and Close and it wasn’t down below that by eight percent to take the next cover, because our next cover next call as per the strategy, is eight percent below the cover two to take cover three, so it was fluctuating there. So it was quite.

There was no uh movement, but now, with the new enhancement of the strategy that we’re working on, which is going to be probably released this week, uh we’re going to be solving that white zone that we have a quiet zone here between cover one and cover two Which is about five percent, and we have another eight percent between cover two and cover three we’re going to add some independent covers in between as per this chart here, those are going to be. The independent covers uh between these average uh covers, and it’s going to be taking buying and selling in between. So as an example, this coin, if we had the enhancement applied to this coin in the last week, so instead of having zero, it could have taken this by here and then sell here this point and then another buy here. Another cell here another buy here and then another buy here and sell here and then buy here and sell here and then buy here and sell.

So all of these trades. Yes, we were just missing on because of the it’s it’s when actually we’re not losing anything, because the bot did not buy or sell anything in loss. But this is an enhancement that we’re going to add to the strategy to have even more trades than what we have we’re seeing at the moment, which obviously is going to be adding to the profitability of the coins so of winning the last week. We will have all of these trades buying and selling and making profit for the users and – and you know, we’ve been sharing with everybody that this enhancement is coming um.

I know that they’re uh still working on a few little things in the dev with the dev team dev department. How soon do you think this will be ready, or do you have an estimate um, i’m quite confident that this week is going to be the the week we’re going to be releasing it towards the end of the week? I’M just having a couple of tests to do. We just want to make sure that everything is working perfectly without any glitches awesome guys. One thing i do want to say, though, is there’s no guarantees here.

Um there’s no two tokens that people trade that do exactly the same and the reason. Why is because everybody comes into the market at a different time, and so it it works similar. But it’s not going to be exact and uh for every token uh everybody’s going to have some some a different results, but for the most part this is how it works.

Guys and uh you’ll see great results, but there are no guarantees. This is a volatile market. Uh, we’re not financial advisors, we’re a software company guys and we’ve set up a piece of software that you just connect, as most of you know, to your exchanges through a unique api, uh, a unique um ip address, uh and a secure api connection, that’s trade! Only! So uh, but we’re not financial advisors.

You always want to seek the advice of a financial advisor, especially if you’re in the us and Canada. That really applies to you guys mostly go ahead and mohammed yeah. Now this chart that we’re seeing here is a reputation of what we have done last week.

It’s not that the new the new week now, let’s look at the new charts here that we have uh okay now this is this week this between 22nd and 29th. So if you look here, there were no trades only one buy here that mean the market went down from the last order by the eight percent more or less and then start pulling back by the 05 percent. Then it took order here only on 29.

So if you see since 14th of uh of this month until 29 or until today, there was no sell, there was no profit. Profit is zero. Uh. Let’s get to the chart here and see exactly how it looks like so last week, what the chart that we just saw now was just somewhere here around this.

I know the market. This was the behavior from last week. Until now, or until today, it market was flat for some time and then went down a little bit and then here it took the cover three which we saw now in 29, and the market start pulling up again so now. This is this is why why it did not make any profit, because the market movement is not in a position for the bot to sell and make profit.

So it just waits for the right moments and then sell because it’s designed not to sell and make any kind of of losses it was designed only to sell when there is an opportunity for making profit, and it’s now waiting. So here, eventually, what’s going to happen, is either the market’s going to go above this ever average right. This is the average price here. The blue line here or the purple line here – is the average price for all of these four trades combined.

So now the market doesn’t have to go up to the initial price here plus 15 to make profit. It just has to cross this average price by 15 percent and then start the process of making profit now with a new enhancement or even actually, if the market goes down, it’s going to start buying into the individual trades or the independent trades and make profit and Pull that average price down even further. So if we had the independent covers in between here, the enhancement strategy in between we would have some lines here. A couple of trades we have seen like around, i think, seven or eight trades happen in this area and accordingly, also in this area here this up and down is, is could have made couple of profits, couple of trades but like buy here and then sell here.

Then buy here then sell here, buy here and sell here and another buy here. Another cell here and probably another buy here and sell here and then down here. Another buy then here it bought the average cover and took everything together.

So the new enhancement is going to really make be making a lot of sense to people and uh. We will not have these quiet zones uh anymore. You

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