EazyBot One Week Results! Crypto Trading Bot Review

Yo, it’s the doctor, dom welcome back to the channel first things. First, this is not financial advice. Do your own research and do not put money into any project that you are not willing to potentially lose with. That being said, i have my one week update of using easybot and i am pretty happy with the results that i have got.

I have learned a lot about how the bot works and how you can even customize it to work a little bit differently than the default settings and get a little bit more out of it. But before we get into the details, if you are new to the channel make sure to subscribe turn on that notification, bell that way, you don’t miss any future updates, also leave a like and a comment on this video. It helps the channel out. I really do appreciate it and i will have a link in the description to our telegram group.


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If you join us in one of our teams so easybot, i have been running easybot for one week now. I started off with just one bot and then that same day i added on the second bot and then a couple days later. I added on a couple more then a couple days later after that i keep on adding more because i realized that, in order for you to get the most out of this bot, you need to be having more than one trading pair or two trading pairs that You get for free.

I believe that the more that you have the more you can take advantage of the market, because some of these different coins or tokens will move um, while the other one may not right so, depending on how many of them that you have depends on how much You can get out of this trading bot right, so i started off on day one and i first signed up for polygon, matic and um. I allocated 600 to that and that’s what i started with and then i went ahead and said. Let me go ahead and put a second one up, and i wanted to do one with a smaller amount, because i know some people do not have six hundred dollars to put into the bot at least right now right, so i wanted to do a smaller amount. So i allocated 360 dollars to chain link and started a bot there.

Okay, so these two started on the same day, these two started on the same day. These two started on the same day and then this one started um, actually just uh early really early this morning. Okay, so i’m gon na go ahead and show you my results for all of these individually and how they performed so with polygon, which started uh seven days ago. So this been running for seven days, i got a daily percentage of point: zero, seven, five percent um, which gave me a total of point, fifty three percent for seven days, link uh, which has been running for seven days.

I got point one four percent daily for a total of one point: zero four percent and the funny thing is polygon – was outperforming link in the beginning, but then link just went ahead and pulled up in the last couple of days and outdid polygon right. So you just never know which ones are going to run trx i started five days ago and it gave me a daily of 022 percent for a total of point one one percent um ada. I started five days ago that gave me a daily of point: zero. Five: two percent for a total of point: two: twenty six percent, um ave.

I started two days ago and for daily percentage. It’s at point two one: five percent for a total of point: forty three percent. So, as you can see there, if i would have never started um this new trading pair with ave, i would have missed out on this point 43 right. So just within two days, this has been doing very well and then crv.

I started two days ago for a daily of point 15 for a total of 03 and uni. I started early this morning, so it’s only been running for some hours now, really and daily is at point 19 for a total of 019. So the total amount of money that i put in was 1 67389 and after one week it’s now at 1, 69239 from the gains which gives me a total of 111 percent for a daily percentage of 0158 percent.

So that is pretty good after one week, because the way that these bots work the longer they run, the better you’re gon na, see the performance over time. Even after a week. I can see that this is working.

It’s making me gains and that i can make some money with this bot, but i think over the longer range of time, i’ll be able to see what it is truly capable of and how much gains i can get right, because even if we look at uni Right which i started early this morning, if we look at the chart for uni – and this is on the two hour chart and if you look up the market has been going down ever since i got into uni, but i was still able to capture that point. Nineteen percent, even as the market was going down because the way that the bot works is it dollar cost averages in and then once the market is having a turnaround, then it will go ahead and make that profitable uh. You know trade for me and then it’ll buy some more in dollar cost average down and then once it goes back up, then it’ll go ahead and make that sell and make me some profit so really cool.

You know you can make profit on the way up and you can make profit on the way down. So one thing you’re going to have to look into are the different packages that they provide with easybot. There is the free package that is free forever um.

It’s not completely free because you do get a service fee of 30. So when they say it’s free, it means like hey. You don’t have to pay any uh annual fee to go ahead and get this package. All you do is pay the service fee of 30 and that’s 30 of your profit.

Okay, so you’re not paying 30 on what you put in or anything. So if you make a dollar trade, then you’re gon na receive 70 of that trade, and then 30 of that is gon na go towards the fee for using the easy boss service right and on the free package. You only get two trading pairs, and this is what i started with right, but i realized i needed to go ahead and get more. You know uh trading bots going in order for me to really take advantage of the market as a whole, and i plan on even adding in more over times and maybe even adjusting some of these depending on how they perform over the over time um.

But to for me at least just isn’t enough, i feel like the free package is really just like a starter package to test it out, see how it runs see if you like it, and then there is the advanced package where you’re going to be able to Get at least 10 you know different trading pairs, which i think is probably sufficient for most people. Of course, if you want to get you know even the most out of it, the more pairs you have, the more that you’re going to be able to profit, because when any of these different trading pairs are having a good run up um, you might miss out On them, because you only have like two right and then here you might still miss out on some. If you only have ten, but i think uh, the advanced uh package is probably sufficient for most people and then on top of that you’re gon na get the option to have two different exchanges: uh running bots, instead of just one. So if there is different pairs on one of the different exchanges um, you might, you know, want to consider running on two different exchanges right and then on top of that you’re going to get a lower service fee of 20 instead of the 30 and then everything Else on these two packages are the same, and then they have the vip package.

Now this package, i believe, isn’t going to be for most people um. I had to do some research on to what this package was um. The good thing about this is you’re going to be able to get all of the trading pairs.

So if you want to come in here and utilize all of the trading pairs, then you’re going to be able to do that with the vip package. You’re going to be able to use up to five different exchanges, you’re still going to have that 20 service fee. However, you now get a dedicated agent, where you can have monthly private meetings.

Now i think this package is for best for people that maybe they have you know a good amount of capital they’re going to put in and they want to utilize more trading pairs um or they want to use more exchanges. So that would be for those types of people, but then also this will be for people that i believe are like influencers and whatnot, because not only do you get, you know all of the trading pairs, all of the exchanges um the lower uh service fee and The dedicated agent, they also have uh this founders club, okay – and i didn’t even know about this until i really you know clicked on here and realized. There was this video you can watch about the founders club, which i’m not gon na play right now, but this founders club is basically where you can earn five percent of the total gross income of easybot as a whole.

Okay, but the way that it works. Is you have to have this vip membership right, which is this one, and you have to get a certain amount of referrals of people that sign up for um? You know one of the memberships as well, so most people probably aren’t going to you know care about that. However, for people that are influencers or have friends that would want to get into this, then that vip will be attractive not only for the different trading pairs and the exchanges and whatnot, but also because you can get the opportunity to get into this founders club and Earn off of the five percent uh total gross income from the whole platform period right and there’s only going to be a certain amount of people that can enter into this founders club. I believe it was like 1 000 people and right now, there’s 75 people in there.

Crypto Trading Bot Review

So there is that opportunity if you did want to get into the vip um. However, you know this might not be for everybody, but in my personal opinion, of course, this isn’t financial advice, i’m not a financial advisor, but if you really want to work this thing and get the most out of easybot um, i believe the advanced package is probably Going to be the best one for most people and, of course, if you can’t afford the advanced package or something you still have the free one here as well, but you’re going to be limited to those two trading pairs. Now, for those of you that are interested and want to try it out or want to check things out, i will have a link in the description in order to actually get into easy bot um, you will have to use someone’s referral link, so i will have My referral link in the description and you can just sign up for an account and come here and check things out if you want to you, don’t even have to start up trading bots um in order to get access.

You know to the dashboard and get all these other um. You know, features and information that they have because down here you can read all of the new or watch videos um on all the announcements and updates the last one was on august 22nd. They do have some new features that are going to be added to the bot soon to enhance it and make it even better than it already is right now um and i found that information out by reading – or you know, watching and reading, because they have some Writeups to um in these announcements and updates um, but if you want to get started, okay, this here says: welcome to easybot click here to get started.

You would click on this. It’s going to pop up this page and from here you can watch this video. If you want it’s going to talk about the packages that i just pretty much talked about, but you can watch that, but then here you can pick your exchange right, so they have cutecoin binancecom binanceus and i’m on cue coin.

So i clicked on cue coin. When i signed up, you can watch this video and it’s gon na be an easy setup guide to show you how to get set up on the exchanges, and you know set up your you know: trading bots, right um. The thing that you have to realize is that you are not allowing easybot to actually control your funds and withdraw your funds from your account.

All you are giving the easybot access to is to be able to make trades right. So you don’t have to worry about easybot coming in, and you know withdrawing your money or anything like that, because it’s set up only to trade. You know your um trading pairs that you set up in easybot and that’s it so in order to actually pay your fees – okay, because it’s not easybot, can’t pull out any funds or withdraw any funds from your trading account. So, in order for you to pay those fees, you have to actually go to your wallet and you have to fill this up with usdt, because every time you do a profitable trade, it’s going to go ahead and deduct that uh percentage depending on you know what Package, you have again on the free package, it’s going to be 30 and then on the advanced or vip.

It’s going to be 20 right. So if you look at mine, you can see here for all of these profitable trades that i’ve made um. It’s sending me that service fee of 20 before it was 30, but since i upgraded i’m getting 20 and it deducts that from your wallet, so you have to go ahead and deposit usdt.

Here you would just click deposit and then you have the option to either send that usdt over through the tron blockchain or through the binance blockchain. So i use uh binance because that’s normally what i use anyways right. So that is pretty much how everything works. Again.

Things have been going really well: i’ve made 111 profit in one week and really only uh. Two of these bots have been running for one week. Some have been running for five days two days and one days um. So really the percentage um is based off of uh different days, starting on some of these bots um.

So it is a you know, a little bit, um, not totally accurate, but in total in one week with the different trading bots that i started, i got a total of 111, so you know over a month span of time. If we took that percentage of point. Eleven percent that would put me at four point: what 44 for the month and then the daily percentage was at 158, and one of the things to keep in mind is that this actually compounds for you right. So i went ahead and did the math here.

So if i started off with what i started off with 1 673 dollars in my account – and i got 158 percent a day because it has this compounding effect where, when you make profit, it goes ahead and takes that profit and utilizes that in the new trades That it makes if we use a compounding calculator and speculate, that we’ll still get that point one five eight percent a day which it could actually go even higher right, um and calculate that up within a year. I would basically uh earn 1 303, which is really good, so my total would go up to 84 297684, which is really good right, um and the best thing about it is that you don’t have any lockups or anything like that. The trading funds are in your trading account, you have access to them at any time.

So if you decided hey, i want to go ahead and stop this and take um the funds out or you wanted to go ahead and take some of the profit out. You could do that at any time and at any time, if you wanted to stop the bot, you could stop the bot, take out your funds or whatever so really cool stuff, but um. So far, things are looking good.

I’M gon na do another update um when we hit a month, because i think that a week is kind of not that much time to really see what it’s capable of. I think a month would be a better amount of time. However, really like six months to a year, would show me over time what this is really capable of right, um, but so far things are looking good.

So i will have a link in the description if you want to check it out, but that’s pretty much it thanks for watching and i’m with you out it down.

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