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Are you tired of being scammed out of your money with easybot? That’s simply not possible. Here your money is safe and secure in your own account at all times, and the best part is it’s free to get started so do so in the link down below fill in an application i’ll get right back to you and on and on today. What we’re going to focus on is the ability to earn accelerate that earning by sharing it through our affiliate program. So there’s a couple of different ways that you can earn in the affiliate program.

Eazybot Affiliate

There is the package sales, so we have a free package. We have an advanced package which is 250 annually and we have a vip package which is 995 annually. So when you sell a advanced package or a vip package, you can earn a commission on your direct sales and you can earn a commission on your indirect sales. We’Ll talk about what that means here in just a minute, but the thing that i want everybody here to know and to appreciate is that it doesn’t matter where you start.

The compensation plan that we’re going to go through here today, including this package sales commissions, is available, whether you’re a free member advanced member or vip. It doesn’t change, so a person can get started just sign up as a as a free member and start sharing this opportunity with others and start earning a commission. From doing so, we want to grow easybite. We want to give everybody an opportunity to help us do that all right.

So let’s talk about the. How do you get paid by sharing and helping people choose a package that they subscribe to? The advanced package will pay a hundred dollars. If you use your, if you introduce somebody and they sign up using your unique affiliate id and by the way when you sign up for easybot you’re, automatically assigned a unique affiliate id, there’s no additional cost to become an affiliate.

If somebody signs up using your unique id, you will you’ll get paid 100 100 usdt to be specific, and if one of those people then introduces somebody else to easy buy and they sign up on an advanced package that would be the level two they would earn. 25, you would earn 25, so let’s use some names. So this makes sense. Let me see who’s on the call, so we’ve got uh who’s.

Gon na call me anthony at hill, so anthony is going to be the person i introduce ezbot to uh anthony is my level one and anthony buys a vip package. So when anthony buys his vip package, i’m going to earn 398 dollars in commission anthony’s paid 995. The company easybot pays me 398 for that introduction and by the way, when anthony renews next year, guess what happens i’m going to earn another 398 every time it renews annually.

Now anthony’s excited he’s going out and he’s sharing this with a few other people, and he also introduces somebody who buys a vip package. He introduces gilda and so gilda buys a vip package and what happens then is anthony earns 398 dollars, but i also earn 99. I might not even know gilda, i don’t know that he introduced gilda.

Eazybot Bonus

I just know that 99 showed up in my commission’s wallet and that’s because anthony went out and went to work. Thank you anthony all right. So that’s our package commissions. The next way you get paid is on your software service fees, so software service fees are something that we give to easybot for closing, profitable trades for us easybot trades 24 7 closes trades, they’re, always in profit, and when that happens, we give easy about either 20 Of the trade of the profit excuse me or 30, depending on what package you have, if you’re a free member, it’s 30, if you’re, advanced or vip it’s 20 and so you’re going to earn a percentage of the thirty percent or twenty percent based on where that Profit is happening in your genealogy.

You have an available 20 levels that you can earn from and there are some qualifications to earn to open up those levels. Let me tell you what it looks like when you are growing your organization, so from levels one through five you’re gon na earn eight percent of that thirty or twenty percent, and by level six to 18 you’re going to earn 1 of the 30 or 20, and Then, on levels 19 and 20 you’re going to earn a half a percent off of the 30 or 20 percent that’s given to ezybot. I know we talk a lot about minimum required or recommended amount of six hundred dollars, but here’s what we also know and here’s what i’m going to encourage you to remember is that there are people that will trade with tens of thousands of dollars.

Hundreds of thousands and even seven figures in easybody. Why? Because if it works on a 600 investment, if it works on a 600 deposit and you can earn x percent, let’s pick 10, for example – then it’s going to function just as well on a 100 000 deposit, once a person has confidence, it just makes sense to Continue to grow their portfolio again, keep in mind. What’s also going to happen is somebody might start with, say a thousand dollars and over time their portfolio is going to grow.

That’s the whole point here so as you’re building a team, the folks that get started with you, they might start with relatively small balances, but over time, they’re growing those balances and the percentage that you’re earning is growing as well. So that’s what’s really powerful here. Is that if you only ever in invited and enrolled say 10 people, let’s say there weren’t, even any of these levels that you can earn from? Let’s say just those 10 people were earning eight percent and they all started with a thousand dollars. Well, what’s going to happen a year from now, a year from now, all of their portfolios have grown because that’s the whole point here, the easybots growing their portfolio.

So without inviting a single other person, you’ve got those 10 people. You didn’t have any more levels to earn from, but those 10 you’re going to earn more a year from now than you earned today, because easybot has done the heavy lifting trade thing for them consistently over the last 12 months. And so that’s really. The power of easybot, but here in this scenario you actually do get to earn on all these additional levels and in fact, that number 10 is really important.

Let’s move forward in one more really really really powerful way that uh you’re you have an opportunity. We all have an opportunity to earn by sharing easybot, and i really love this one, and i’m going to tell you i’m going to tell you why just a second, so you get to earn something called a matching bonus. The matching bonus is where you earn a percentage of all the software service fee commissions paid to your level, one and level two team members. So let’s go back to the example of anthony and gilda’s anthony’s, my level one.

I’Ve introduced him to easybot so anthony’s on fire he’s building his team he’s, sharing it with the whole bunch of folks, so is gilda they’re off to the races and so off of everything that anthony earns he’s going to get he’s going to get paid. Something right he’s going to get paid, uh software service – and this excuse me this is specifically software service feed, so he’s earning something off of all the people in his organization, through whatever levels he’s qualified for whatever he earns, i’m going to earn. Eight percent of that.

So, for a round number, if anthony earns a hundred thousand dollars in a month, for example, eight percent of that comes to me eight thousand dollars. I’Ve earned it’s totally passive. It’s a thank you from ezybot just for inviting and getting anthony, started and and allowing anthony the opportunity to help build a company now even better than that, because anthony’s excited and he’s out there building and he wants to take advantage of the full breadth of the Compensation plan he’s invited 10 people and half of them are they’re booming and they’re excited gilda’s, one of them and gilda’s out there and she’s earning. Let’s say she earns a hundred thousand dollars a month.

Eazybot Referral Program

That number could be anything guys, but just for round numbers, i’m gon na give you something to understand how powerful this could be off of what she earns. I’M earning three percent, so anthony’s, paying me eight percent and gilda, who i actually never met, is paying me three percent that is so so very powerful, but here’s what makes it absolutely amazing you don’t have to do anything at all to qualify for this matching bonus And so, with the easy bot you get to you, you get your qualified immediately to start getting a matching bonus from the people that you’ve invited uh. We’re.

I’M really excited about that. I love that opportunity because it means that it doesn’t that there’s an additional incentive for you to go out and share this opportunity with others. You never know who knows who maybe the person that you invited didn’t quite catch on fire, but maybe they know somebody who does they’re still three percent there for you for what that person goes out and does so lots and lots of incentives for you to share Easybot with others all right, so i want to go through a couple, qualifications and notes so that we’re all clear about exactly how you earn here, specifically as it pertains to the software service fees, you get the opportunity to get paid through 20 levels. Let’s talk about how you qualify for those 20 levels, each paid personal referral.

That means they have to subscribe to an advanced or vip package. Each paid personal referral opens two levels of commission eligibility for you. So an example is, if you refer one paid member you’re qualified to earn a levels one and two. If you refer five paid members, you’re now qualified to earn from levels one through ten.

And if you refer 10 paid members, you qualify to open all 20 levels of your potential earning of software services. All right. Something else that we’re really excited about that’s very, very powerful here is that you never lose any unearned commissions.

Some some of you are going to take a little bit of time to get to your 10 people to take full advantage of those 20 levels and that’s okay, because you’re not going to lose any of the commissions that you might have otherwise not earned. As your organization was growing, you say that there’s no breakage uh common term in the industry, none of that comes back to the company we could have. The company could have simply said: well, you didn’t earn it we’ll, keep it and uh. They decided not to do that, and the reason.

Why is that? We believe that you are it’s a it’s an incredibly powerful motivational tool for you in your wallet to be able to see what you could be earning. If you just kept going and introduced more people, the total compensation plan for software service fee commissions opens up when you introduce 10 people and help them get started 10 paid referrals and so there’s a lot of motivation. When you start to see that your organization is growing in different areas that you’re not getting paid, if you’re building a team, that’s going to help you incentivize and excite your team members, so we’re very very excited about that.

Here’s, an example of how that works. You have personally referred three paid members, and that makes you eligible to earn through level six, any software service fees paid through or earned or generated in your organization level. Seven through twenty they’re not going to be distributed to you, but they are held in a reserve wallet waiting for you to get qualified so that they can then be paid for to you, as you continue to introduce new people. New paid personal referrals and you open up those levels.

Those commissions will then be paid to you because they’ve been on hold, for you very excited about that aspect of our compensation plan, all right and then finally, this slide is not going to be around for long uh. At some point, this opportunity closes up. It goes away forever, but if you’re on this call today, you have an opportunity to take advantage of this. That is sharing in a bonus pool that represents five percent of all the company revenue.

All that revenue that comes in from the package sales and all the revenue that comes in from software service fees, the 30 to 20 super simple qualifications. If you are one of the first 1 000 people to accomplish the following, sponsor three people that that subscribe to the advanced or vip package and trade with a minimum of six hundred dollars check, you got that the next qualification is help. Those three people to do.

The same enroll sponsor three people who are advanced or vip members trading with a minimum of six hundred dollars, and you personally need to be subscribed to the vip package. It’s a 995 package and be trading with 600. That’s it meet all of those qualifications and, if you’re, one of the first thousand people to do that, you have secured a spot and founders club forever.

As long as easybot exists, it is paying five percent to this pool to this group of individuals who helped us get this company started. Uh. All of the momentum is a lot of that momentum is being driven by our founders and our founders club.

It’s also a reward for those of you who are willing to go through some of the bumps and bruises that any startup is bound to experience. Not everything is going to be perfect, we’ll admit that right away, and so our founders club we’re giving you a little bit of an extra gift for supporting us and continuing to push forward and continuing to support our mission, our vision and our bigger picture to transform The experience that people have coming into crypto founders club, if you’re on this call, i encourage you to seriously seriously seriously consider doing what it takes to make sure you’re qualified for it all right guys. That is the easybot compensation plan.


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