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There’s a question in the chat that says: what’s the minimum for individuals that may not have that much to put in okay, so the recommended amount is six hundred dollars. We’Ve been asked this question quite a bit. The reason we say 600 is because some exchanges do not allow trades less than 20. Some exchanges allow 10.


So if we use 600 as the base minimum and the bot strategy takes 33, as the initial trade 33 of 600 is 20, that’s why we say it is a minimum recommended amount. However, you could still trade less than that, but there you’re subjecting yourself to risk when you, when we put aside 600 for a particular coin, we’re putting aside enough funds in order to sustain 50 to 60 drop in the market. We don’t always use those funds. We use some of it closes out on trade, but just in case the market drops, we have enough funds to cover it, and the bot will continue to work for us.

Okay, so that’s why it is they set it and forget it and we allocate the funds. Leave it there for the coin and let the bot do its trick. Remember, remember: you can trade with less but you’re, risking um, risking the fact that the drop in the market could you know really take effect and you’ll be stuck in coins, because what we need to do is we need to be at the lower price points making Profitable trades and that’s what the bot does.

It takes independent positions when the coins drop quite a bit and when it gets to those lower price points, we we’re taking little profits at a time even in a downtrending market, and that’s what makes us unique. We make this strategy is so incredible that a lot of people that come into this and look at the strategy and their traders are like wow. This is genius, it works and it’s programmed perfectly to handle 50 to 60 drops in the market. Another question was: what happens if the drop in the market is beyond 60? Okay? So since it’s fully customizable we can.

This is a way for us to uh adjust the settings if worse comes to worst. That means, if, let’s say, we’ve seen a 40 drop in the market and at that point we’re worried. Okay, what? If it goes another 20, we don’t have any more funds after that, what you, what we can do is add a few hundred dollars more to the um exchange, account and add more parameters at that point, so that we can sustain even further 40 drop. At that point, okay, so there are ways we can accommodate the bot, so that continues to trade, even if the bot drops, even if the coins drop over 60 over 70, whatever it may be – and of course we don’t anticipate it going even worse than that, because We just based on the last 10 years, we’ve seen 50 to 60 drops, but we can customize everything and you know that’s what makes it so comfortable.

We know what’s happening in the market. Uh the owner knows the uh. The leaders know what needs to be done and for the most part it said i don’t forget it. We can handle the drops long explanation for that question huh, but we love it.

We need that. I just love giving this information, because i want everybody to understand and feel it. This is real guys.

Eazy Bot Recommends Minimum Desposit as $600

This is something so spectacular, something we’ve been all looking for for so long, something that is safe, something that’s uh built by by the people of the community, and you know we care about the people, and we want to make sure that support is key and breezy Is one of our main leaders for the support? We also have penny in the room. We also have a few others um. We are going to help we’re going to help you’re going to see this in our community, and you can just see it from our ceo.

What a great individual he is coming on, the calls explaining things and being so patient with people you’re not going to see this in any other platform, with the ceo, with the ceo of david with the national director of sales, coach, ken myself and breezy. For you know worldwide support, we are all about the people, it’s not about the money. Trust me guys it’s not about the money. It’s about building this community, giving everyone a safe place in crypto, while educating them about crypto.

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