How To Make Your Eazy Bot Work With Less Than The Recommended Trading Amount Of 600 USDT.πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ŒπŸ”₯

Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel, welcome to another easy bot, video, where i am going to show you how to be able to trade with less than the recommended amounts of six hundred dollars all right, so how to make the bot work with less than The recommended amount because, as you guys know, the recommended amount is six hundred dollars for the as per the strategy and everything but uh me and my upline, the guy who signed me up marcus. We. He actually figured out that, like that you can trade with as little as a hundred dollars.

Eazy Bot

He didn’t test it at anything lower than that, but the lowest he could get he could get to work was a hundred dollars. So, as you guys know, i also currently have less than the recommended amount of 600, so i had to tweak a few things myself to make it work, but my body is up and running and working. I got it to work today because it was a little issue that needed to be sorted out with my with my api key, so it finally bought in um. As you can see, my balance of usd t is less, but but check check this interesting thing here.

So here you can see it boarding. What am i trading with, etc right, so it bought in 12 of etc. So it’s going to sell off once once it once it gets to 15 percent profit, it’s going to sell off right and then i’m going to have a little bit more usdt right and i also have a little bit of bnb.

Why? Because um so guys! This is also something you need to take note of, is whatever your balance is. You need to have three percent of bnb in your account as well. It’s a good coin to hold anyway, guys, um, so let’s say you’re trading with a hundred dollars. Then you need it at least three percent of bnb um in your in your binance account, because i think binance takes the takes a little bit of our trading fees from that as well, but small, very small, guys like 001.

Every time obvious. So just make sure you have that just to make it make sure it runs smoothly. So, obviously again, if you have a thousand dollars in there, then it’s uh. Three percent of that is what thirty dollars worth of bnb and so on guys, just three percent of whatever you you are trading with the body is trading with okay.

Another thing before i carry on with this again guys. Another another thing you need to check is um: make sure that um that this spot trading fee is active, as you can see, this little slider bar here is yellow, so that means so, if it’s, if it’s not yellow, then just click on it, so that it Moves to the right, because if it’s not activated obviously be to the left – and it won’t be here so yeah – make sure it’s activated for spot trading, so 0075 percent fee that’s going to take every time from your bmb right, so bnb activate! That’s good! Make sure you have that um? Another thing is with your api key is when you click on it once it’s created or, of course, then make sure it’s spot trading is enabled on your api key all right. I cover that in a different video as well. So again, if i click on it, i’m using this one created a new one, just to make sure it works if you’re going to edit restrictions just make sure all of this is tick.

Uh guys enable spot and margin trading and uh unrestricted choose unrestricted there, and then obviously you save and then it’s good right all right. That’s after you’ve created your api key um all right. So those are just little minor details, but very important things that you have to note.

Another thing again guys is like i said, the bot trades for you in your exchange. As you see the full transparency um like you can track the trades in your exchange. So if we go to the exchange in binance, then let me just see here: it’s trading, etc.

Ethereum classic that’s the coin. I chose because it’s a high volatile coin, it’s good to trade with uh huh, all right so uh as you can see, available, 25, etc. So once the bot sells off, then it’s gon na go into it’s gon na i’m gon na get like something like uh, 25 or 26 cents worth of usdt, but remember the bot does um trades all the time, so it’s small amounts that add up eventually guys.

So just keep that in mind. It buys in individual positions, but you can you can track it here so order history, as you can see guys. Here’s the buy that the bot put in how awesome is that so this bot works.

It definitely works alright. So, let’s go back here: let’s go to the actual settings: settings: okay, yeah! This is weird what it’s saying in about available balance, but anyways um just ignore that uh! So, usually guys what what you will see is um when you, when you go to your settings, that i just showed you you will. You will see the default strategy right, okay, but i can’t change that now that i’ll have to remove this right but anyways.

So first you want first thing you want to do. Is um yeah? If i click on it doesn’t work. First thing you want to do is uh untick.

This usd default default considerations, configurations box. Then you want to also take auto compounding off and you want to keep your initial order order at 12 um. This is what mark has discussed. I think the minimum it can take in is 10.

You can try 10, but marcus told me to do 12. So i did 12, so i would suggest you guys do 12 as well, so it’s going to buy in 12 every time it initiates a trade and and take a profit from that again guys buys in individual positions. So then, you’re going to see all of these covers, you see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, six up until 16, right with the default setting, it has up to 35.

So what you’re going to do is you’re going to click on this little trash icon here um. This little bin icon and then you’re just going to click on it. It’s going to remove those margin, orders right so remove as many as you need to until the bot works right, i removed a bunch. I didn’t think i had to remove this much but anyways.

It’s already a lot of margin. Uh, it’s really a lot of like margin calls, so i i just felt this is enough for me right now, with my current, you know with um the current amount of capital i have to trade with. Obviously, i’m going to add more guys so as i go along just waiting for some funds to go in because i’m going all into this guys this is it works it’s safe. So why not right just keep your investment.

Let’s keep keep, keep it growing, keep it growing and keep it going so yeah these first three settings, i would say, definitely keep it the same um as you can see. It has a buy here of one time, so it’s gon na buy in 12. If the market drops two percent um, if it drops five percent, it’s going to buy in twice so it’s going to buy in twenty four dollars there.

Eazybot Recommended Trading Amount Of 600 USDT

If it drops eight percent, it’s going to buy in 48 dollars right, so that would be. How much would that be of my capital, 72 plus 48 plus 24, that is 72 right and plus another 12? That would be 84. So if the market drops even further, the bot can still buy in you know these margin calls and still make profits from these individual positions. Um.

You know just in case there’s a market crash. The bot is designed to make profits in any market conditions, guys um. So you’re welcome to tweak the strategy. I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re, not a professional trader.

So the only thing the only tweaking you should be do is what i’m showing you now, if, if you have less than 600, but you still want the bot to work so let’s say you only have 100, then you’d probably be able. So these these top three indexes are one two. Three that’s going to take up already 84.

Like i mentioned, so you will only be able to go up until four, which is fine. I mean again guys what i suggest is you just keep, adding keep putting money away, investing it back into your binance while it into usdt and let the bot keep trading and making more money for you right. So if you don’t have a lot of money right now, it’s fine! You can also make money with um as a free member from signups. If you want to, but that’s up to you right, i would recommend that because it’s got an amazing affiliate affiliate program as well, but if you just want to use the bot, that’s also fine right so yeah, depending depending on you, know like how much how much Capital, you have um.

That will be the amount just calculated guys again. Each buying is twenty four dollars. I have twelve dollars in this case, so again hundred dollars, you’ll be only able to get uh. Have these four margin calls available, so you so you’ll have to remove all of these until you’re left with four.

So whatever. If you have 200 dollars, then you’re gon na have a few more margin calls. I reckon about 10 300 to trade, with a few more margin calls and so on guys. So so yeah again guys.

Just to recap: we removed this uh default or um untick. The use default configurations, untick auto, compounding put your initial order. There 12 um choose your coin um, either like what i recommend must form is etc or ave um.

I see the guys doing really well with. Are they so as well aave to usdt or yeah? But it’s up to you, i mean that’s just my recommendation. You can choose trade with whatever, whichever coin you you like, um, keep this the same bot option cycle status, active the rest of this stuff stays the same guys.

It’s just all you’re changing is i’m ticking use, default configurations, unticking, auto, compounding and initial order to 12 and then obviously enter your balance in there. If you have a hundred dollars, you’ll you’ll enter 100 in there. If you have 200 you’ll put 200 in there. In my case of 273 to trade with, so that’s what i entered okay and it stays the same and another again.

The other thing you’re going to change, is you’re, going to you’re going to remove a lot of these bottom margin. Orders like until until your bot starts working with the amount that you have all right, so i hope that helps you guys um, because i know everyone wants to be a part of this and um yeah we’re trying to i’m trying to uh cater to as many People as possible, you know, because i i personally know what it’s like not to have a lot of money, but wanting to make a lot of money. You know if you have the mindset, then you’ll eventually get there.

Don’T worry guys where there’s a world there’s a way if you need help with your setups and everything just go on the website as well. Just click on help. You know here to show you anyway, how to do a bunch of stuff like how to connect binance api to my easy button, all that all right so guys, um yeah.

Obviously my my links are below the video to sign up to easybot if you’re interested. If you haven’t signed up yet links to the telegram groups, the the zoom meetings, which i highly recommend guys um so that you can see what’s happening behind the scenes and meet the ceo and founder and all those guys and also what i want to recommend guys Is that is that you take this thing seriously? So i understand if let’s say a hundred dollars is all you have to start with. That’s perfectly fine, just get started, get signed up, get started um and do something right, get connect your bot and tell people about it guys.

Why? Wouldn’T you it’s opportunity of a lifetime right? Another thing is: if you do take it seriously, what i also suggest, if you again, if you don’t, have a lot of money right now, then then add a bit more month by month, every little bit you can guys like even ten dollars, um say for one Month, another twenty dollars a year and and maybe add fifty dollars the other month and whatever, whatever you can muster up because treat it like a savings, account like a savings account on steroids or a pension fund on stairways guys, because because the returns you’re getting from Me is way more that you’ll get from any bank ever or any pension fund right um. So that’s just my that’s just my opinion, guys not financially. It’s just my opinion.

Um the returns are way better. Yeah then you’ll get with anything else. That’s legit guys because a lot of scams out there promising unrealistic returns one percent a day, two percent a day, three percent a day, some ten percent a day.

Some some of them say put a hundred dollars in and we’ll double it in in a day or even a hundred dollars, two thousand dollars something ridiculous. Those are scams guys because i can’t actually show you how it’s being done. It’s not real, don’t fall for that stuff right.

This is a legit opportunity here where you can earn passive income, but legitimately we don’t have to worry about whether your funds are safe or not. So that’s really big guys. That’s huge! That’s life! Changing okay, so yeah guys um, so don’t be afraid to keep your money in your binance wallet.

It’s safety, it’s about as safe there as it would be in your bank account. So you can put as much in there as you as you want, the more the better that the bot can traders more make more profits for you, guys, the more you have, the more you give the bot to trade with the better or the more like yeah. The more rephrase that the more you have in your binance wallet for the bot to trade with the better right, so anyways, guys um thanks for watching, don’t forget to like the video, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and have a good one guys cheers

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