Eazy Bot Pros & Con! The BEST Crypto BOT in the WORLD! (Easy Bot)

Hey y’all, so i am so so so excited to be coming to you guys with another video about easy bot and the pros of easybot y’all. As soon as i heard about this platform, i’m just like sold right and it’s mainly because you’re able to actually grow your cryptocurrency automatically handsfree. Now, if you guys already know me, i am all about making money passive income online um through automation. It feels so great to just be able to sit back, kick your feet up and know that you got your money working for you in the background.

Eazy Bot Pros & Con

So let’s go and talk about the pros of easybot and let’s talk about again, you know how you can start making some passive income. So one of the pros that i absolutely love about this platform is that 100 of the funds are in your control. Okay, that means you have full control of the funds that you are having access to, but at the same time, what’s being traded a lot of times.

People have, to you, know, deposit your money into a broker or a middleman, or you have to you know, put your money into like a a different software in order for it to start generating income. And then you probably can’t pull your money out until maybe after a couple days or whatever right, but with this platform you have full control and i absolutely love it. So the way that this works is that, whatever money that you have in your exchange, all you got to do is connect the bot to your crypto exchange, whether that’s finance, you know, kraken, like you name them. Okay, it’s based off of whatever currency exchange that you have and all you guys will connect your bot to that.

Therefore, your money is in your exchange, just like how it may be if you’re already invested into crypto. The difference is that you just connect this bot and it starts making you some more money in trading for you now, the base currency is usdt, so that’s the way that you’re going to be um. You know funding through it’s just another type of currency within the exchange which is usdt. Okay.

Now the crypto exchange, the crypto exchanges that this bot works with perfectly fine with is finance. Okay, um. If you are in the us, you would have to use binance us. Okay, um, there’s huby and there’s coinbase and there’s cray.

Can a lot of people should be familiar with coinbase? You know everyone should hear heard of coinbase, and that is one of the platforms that you can actually use to pair your bot. So if you’re already using coinbase or binance or cray can or even who be, then you are already one step ahead: okay, but if you’re not you just might have to transfer some of your old crypto or your crypto from your other exchange and then just you Know transfer it to an another exchange if you decide that you want to use this platform okay, now the trading strategies is that they use cost averaging. They use scout trading, which is crazy because i’m a scout trader myself, okay, and they also use several more other trading strategies to ensure that they are going to make you profit consistently.

Now their market crash correction is one thing that i absolutely love about this platform. As well is the simple fact that if the market was to um go down 70 okay, now a lot of us we’re used to seeing this. Sometimes if you open up your crypto wallet or your exchange, you might see that okay, bitcoin is down 70 today right. Let’s just say like: let’s just say: if that was to happen, then if anything, this can actually withstand that type of market crash and still come out, profitable based off of their trading strategies.

Okay, the same thing: if you’ve seen xrp – it might say: okay we’re down 21 today, okay, so it’s just that it’s gon na actually withstand or with um is going to make sure that you can still come out profitable. Even if a market crash was to happen like how um you know, some some currencies do: okay, now auto compounding y’all. This is also one of the most amazing things about this platform, because you are able to compound your account, which means okay, let’s think about this. If you take, let’s just say you made one penny right, you have one penny and every time you double that penny through compounding is going to just grow so like.

If you have one penny, you double that that’s two! Now you got two, you double that that’s four! Now you got four, you double that that’s eight! Now you had eight now that’s sixteen! Sixteen turn into thirty two right and it just keeps growing so fast that is beautiful versus. Let’s just say if there wasn’t a compounding effect now, you’re only trading or, let’s just say you only earning one dollar every day. Well, now that same time frame that we just doubled right, we had one.

Two two was four four became: eight eight becomes 16 16 became 32, but now if it was only going by just one which was not compounding it would just be one two, three, four, five, six, okay, so within six days you would have had 32. If you was compounding, but if this was not a compounding platform – and it was more of a linear platform – then you only have six dollars in six days versus 32 in six days, so compounding is so important, and what i love about this is that it compounds Your accounts, every single trade that it enters; okay, so there’s a lot of platforms where they are compounding your accounts every day right, i’m i’m part of another automated platform where it’s compounding two percent. Every day versus this platform, it compounds every trade that it enters.

Okay, so that’s a beautiful thing now supported coins um they have at least 10 to 21 coins that they trade within this bot. Okay – and it just makes sense because if you really think about it, if you have like, let’s just say this bot was trading like 200 coins, majority of the coins follow each other right. So, let’s just say: if bitcoin was to go down, you might see xrp go down along with um xerox. You might see also ethereum go down with it like it all goes in the same direction in a way so with this is as if they carefully hand picked coins that they know is going to work with.

Their strategy, therefore, is also going to provide consistent profits. Okay and then they also have one spot trading. So yes, so with spot trading that they also offer you’re looking at a good eight to twelve percent per month growth. Okay, now can it go even more than that? Yes, but if we want to just say eight to twelve percent, then you would of course you know, expect that.

But if it was to over do that, then you would be obviously happy. Okay and social copying trading so y’all know: okay, easybot do not have a social copy trading, it just wouldn’t make sense and it would defeat the purpose of the automation right. Let the automation do the work. While you just sit back – and if you want to learn how to trade, then you can always do that.

But let this platform do the work. Okay, there wouldn’t be no need, and no no reason for them to have to have somebody sending out signals or telling you when to enter and when to exit when they already have a proven system. That’s doing it for you, anyways, okay, it’s just again keeping it easy! That’s the point of why this thing uh, the bot, is called easy bot, it’s keeping it mad easy, okay! So now another thing that we’re gon na be talking about is the recommended dollars. Per coin, so now they do recommend to at least invest six hundred dollars per coin.

Okay, that you want this uh bot to trade. However, you can still go in at your own risk. We got people coming in with a hundred dollars.

You know two hundred dollars, however, they do recommend six hundred dollars based off of their software performance, their um bot performance. So that’s the only reason why? Because if there was to be a market crash, they at least know that with 600, you can still come out profitable, okay, so it’s definitely at your own risk. Okay, again, we have a lot of people coming with a hundred dollars.

We got people coming with thousands of dollars, but again it’s all up to you all right now, the free software version. I love this as well, because you can actually get started for free now. There’s a lot of other companies where you might have to have a startup fee. You might have to you know, get started for you know x, amount of dollars and trust me.

I’Ve seen so many different crypto automation platforms where they’re asking for a thousand dollars. First before you can even start seeing profit um within your. You know automated systems and trust me they still work. But it’s the simple fact that this platform lets you actually get started for free, okay, that is amazing.

There’s a lot of people out there. That’s just like! Oh, i got ta see it first before i pay right well now they can get started for free and see it without having to even have a startup fee. So that’s what i like about this as well now. Another thing is trading performance fee now this is all based off of you now.

I personally don’t have a problem with a trading performance fee because they are saving you a lot of time. I am a trader myself and i have dedicated three years into trading learning, marking up charts, finding positions to go in for trades, buyins and sales, but for this platform they’re doing it all for you. So if you decide to go with the free version of this platform, yes, there will be a 3070 split, so that means they will pay you out your 70 per trades that they’re entering they’re, letting you keep the 70 of those profits while they take the 30 Of those profits again, that’s still a winwin situation because you got to watch netflix and chill while they were, you know making you money in the background. So it’s still a winwin situation and of course there is a paid version of this platform and if you do decide to do that, then they only take 20 percent.

I mean they um yeah take 20 and they keep you with 80. So every trade that they’re entering for you they’re taking their 20, you keeping your 80 off that trade. So again, if they made you 15 in a trade that means they’re taking at least three dollars, and you kept twelve dollars from that one trade they entered.

Okay. If that makes sense, i hope so because it’s very simple, very simple, now there’s an annual fee for those who wants to get started. Okay, so now the annual fee that there is is, if you want to start with the free version, then you don’t have an annual fee, you’re just making money, and you know you’re on the free version, so you’re good um, the advanced version. If you decide that you want to get started with the 250 package, okay, it just simply means that you obviously get more access to coins that you can trade um.

So, let’s just say, if you have like, maybe you have like 20 coins, then you’ll probably be able to trade up to that amount versus free version, you’re, probably only looking at maybe five or ten right. So it’s just a little idea of that. It’s just, of course, the more that you’re paying the more coins that it could trade for.

You also compounding it like crazy, okay, um now the concurrent strategies. Okay, again, you don’t really need this, because it is it’s automated. You don’t need um someone to teach you multiple different strategies or for it to you know you just don’t need that. Okay, because again, the whole point is for it to be an easy bot.

It’s just for you to trade. I mean it’s for it to trade. For you and you just you’re good you’re, absolutely good now, one thing i love about this platform is that it’s 24 7 customer support. So that means, oh sorry, guys.

I just noticed that on my screen, it said not need simply again, but all right. So for 24 7 customer support. Yes, there is 24 7 customer support, which is what i absolutely love about this as well, because now i know a lot of times. People come into platforms or come to places and they’re.

Looking for the support team right and sometimes it’s taking a long time for them to get back or maybe there is not at all – and everything is via email. Well, with this platform, we have 24 7 customer support. There is a whole support team right behind you. If you need them at any time, if you need help getting set up, if you need help with understanding okay, how do i plug my bot into my exchange, whatever it may be, or hey i’m trying to withdraw? How do i do it and what i love about the withdrawal process? You guys is because it’s inside of your exchange and you have full control over it, you can you can withdraw any time.

Okay, that’s another pro you’re able to withdraw your funds at any time, because crypto is open: 24 7, which means it’s trading all the time, every single day, nonstop and you’re able to withdraw your funds simply because it is inside of your exchange. That is what i love about this platform as well. You don’t have to wait for the weekend. You don’t have to wait for months.

You don’t have to wait for anything like that. I’M actually part of another crypto automation where it takes one whole year. For my initial investment to double okay, so it’s like okay, of course, i have my money everywhere, but this platform right now is by far the best in the crypto automation space.

So now the community support. Yes, there is a community support. Once you get started, you’re going to be added to a group chat filled with a whole bunch of investors like me, and all my um other teammates and you’re going to be able to see that we’re all making money together, there’s definitely a community. You also have access to 24 7 support, so you are not going to be left behind and you’re also not going to get lost in this process, because there’s so many people that is invested, and on top of that we have um teams everywhere all over the World so wherever you’re located at you can even try to start meeting up with some of your teammates and actually just hang out, go on a trip together because we’re all making money like that’s the one thing that i absolutely love about, this business now transparent ownership.

I 100 love this as well, because the owners building trust and they hold accountability, and i say this because they show their face. You know what they look like. Okay, you know what they look like.

You know what they sound like you see them they are. We have weekly calls with them about this automation, about the platform, their vision, their goals and what they believe they can do, um as a movement to help people bring in passive income. So the transparency is also a one. There’s a lot of companies out there, where you probably never spoken to the ceo or never go on a call with a ceo or never even heard of who is the ceo right? There’s other platforms, no bad um.

You know bad vibes or anything, but there’s another um platform. That’s like royal iq. I don’t know who their ceo is right, nothing wrong with it. I mean they’re still making money, but it’s just there’s other platforms out there, where you don’t know who the ceo is.

Okay, that’s why this is by far the best platform. Then we have access to software developers. Okay, once again, access to them every week on group calls you’re able to ask them man.

How did you do this? What was the process like? How did this happen or what was your thought process, or what do you believe in the future of this? How long is it going to last which they believe it’s going to last, a very, very, very, very, very long time? Okay, obviously they are bold enough to do that, because they’re also as a ceo, are showing their face and letting you know what they have thoughts about this platform and they’re very close to their community. That is right behind them and then, if you decide that you want to share this opportunity, do you have to no? You absolutely do not have to share it. If you don’t want to, however, with this platform, if you do feel as if you want to do so, they have a done for you sales funnels. Now, if you’re anyone like me, i do love marketing.

I love to build my own business. I love to do that. I mean it feels amazing to have your own business or to even become an affiliate for a proven system that works where everyone is making money seriously.

So funnels are one of the key things that you need to be able to actually grow your business. So with this platform they have that set up for you. They have a landing page and funnels set up for you, so that, if you want to share this with your friends and families, then you already have a sales funnel set up for you.

All you got to do is just say: hey. Are you interested in making money for free because it’s literally you’re getting started for free? All they do is take 30 and you keep 70, but still for free. What that is amazing and the reason why they can do. That is because that they know that their systems work to do that.

Okay, y’all, i’m so excited about this, because when i tell you, if you don’t realize that the way of making money today is automation, it’s absolutely automation. I’Ve been trading for three years, and that was the first wave that was a transition of you know the 905 style going into you know working on your own and making your own money and living life and all that kind of stuff, and now we’re about automation. Y’All please tap in this is one of the best things that are happening and you don’t want to miss out on the financial shift as we see today.

Okay, so now, let’s go ahead and talk about the compensation plan y’all. There is so much going on about that um that i know a lot of people are really excited about because there’s just so many benefits out of just this compensation plan. So, with this compensation plan um, it is a uni level compensation plan, which means there’s no legs.

There’s no two legs, there’s no three legs. This is all you, okay, and i love that, because you’re actually gon na get paid for the work that you put in period. Okay, so with this, it’s a uni level structure, okay and there’s 11 ranks to this platform. Now, if you do want more of an indepth training on the compensation plan, we can definitely go over that on another video, but that will take a little bit of time.

Um, but there’s 11 ranks, and then they also have a fast start bonus. So 40 is their fixed, fast start and remember, even if you are a free version right, you also have access to the same 40 bonus if you decide to start off with a free version, but you bring in somebody that want to come in with the um. The pro, which is the 995 40 out of that you just pretty much made what a good four hundred dollars three hundred and something or four hundred dollars – that’s amazing! Okay! So, that’s just to say that you can bring in people to get started and then make a fast start commission of three hundred and something dollars.

You can pay your bills or you can do whatever you want to do with it. But it’s the simple fact that you’re plugging them to a platform – that’s gon na make the money and you can choose to sell whatever package the free or the 250. If you want to get somebody started with that 40 out of that, that’s probably a good.

Let’s say maybe like a hundred and something dollars, let me see two, oh so about 90. Something dollars right around that price range. So 40 is what you can make fast start. That’s commissions, going straight to your wallet.

Okay, you can pay your bills or you can put it back into your crypto and let it grow even more. You decide what you want to do with it check matching bonus as well. They do have check matching bonuses and then performance fee payouts. So, of course, it’s a maximum of 54.

You have other platforms that is a maximum of 70 or 80. So this is absolutely amazing. When it comes to the performance fee pays out um the cop plan, breakage, okay, you can earn a lot of money with this comp plan breakage.

Now. The peak of this is pretty much really just the simple fact that there’s other platforms where, if you have somebody below you, that kind of gets to the same rank as you, they might not pay you out the same. If anything, they might split that payment between you and the person that matched your rank right. So somebody below you came up.

Let’s just say you are making 600 a month. Let’s just say that right, even though you’ll be making way more, but i’m just going to use a little ball number. Okay, 600.

Let’s say somebody below you was making a hundred dollars a month, but now they’re right here making 600 a month now. Other companies will then have to split that between you and that person. Now it’s going to be 300 300 because they can’t they.

It’s like you guys, are pretty much at the same level under the same organization under the same person, which is you right so with this platform, they don’t do that they’re not going to do that. So that’s why they that’s why we call it. You know the comp plan breakage, because it’s like the peak of the comp plan, you you can’t you can break through. So it’s like if somebody below you was to match your rank.

You’re still gon na get paid the same amount, there’s no splitting like no y’all. Both put in the work so y’all are both going to get paid out what you guys deserve and that’s what i love about this platform as well, because they not they, they don’t cut corners for people. Okay, they set this up so that everyone can absolutely win.

Okay and then the founders pack, now this depends on when you’re going to see this video, because i know um. We actually officially launched this on march 16th of 2022, okay, which is tomorrow, so it just really depends on. When you see this video, but the founders package is going to be the 995 pack for those who seize it, this is going to be so freaking crazy, okay. Now this is where, if you i i say this is where you want to secure this pack.

Okay, so what’s gon na happen is that for all the founders, people, who are basically the founders of the companies, what it would be, you will earn five percent a lifetime revenue right of easy, bots pool. So what that means is that every company has a revenue. Okay, as a company, so let’s just say like for the year: the company makes two million dollars it. This is very possible with this platform, two million dollars.

The founders pack is only for the first 1000 people who gets the 995 dollar package for launch. So, let’s just say they make two million dollars now five percent of that will be split amongst you and 999 other people. So that’s the founders pack deal okay.

That means ev for a lifetime. That means easybot can be going on for years and years and years and years and you are going to earn five percent of the revenue of easy bots pool y’all. That is massive.

That is absolutely massive. If you’ve, ever, if you’ve ever seen, the show called shark tank y’all will see how these business owners, when they believe in a business – and they say okay, i want – i want three percent of this company right or the revenue for this, like i want five percent. I want this when you have a company like this, that’s going to pay you five percent and you didn’t even have to invest crazy, big, that’s massive! So again, this means that right there, you can make a lot of money, okay, a lot of money and they believe in this company so bad that they are actually willing to pay out five percent of lifetime revenue of easy bots pool and share with it to You and 999 other people, so that’s just to say that if you want that type of access definitely get the founders pack.

If you are not able to do that, you can always start with the free platform or the um or the advanced platform, which is the 200 and something dollar one okay. But this is just to show y’all that these are all the pros again you’re able to withdraw whenever you feel like it. You’re able to you know, make money as you sleep in, and that is the benefits of automation.

As you guys can see, that’s just the way that the world is going and i won’t be surprised if that’s going to be the new currency worldwide. It’s just to be honest. We see what’s going on with the dollar, it’s inflating, it’s going! It’s a lot of things going on in the background and trust me.

It’s all part of the plan, so it just goes right back to say that there’s going to be a new financial order and what i mean by that is that there’s going to be a new poor, there’s going to be a new middle class and there’s going To be a new, rich and wealthy, and you have to ask yourself: are you going to be part of that rich and wealthy? You have to ask yourself that you guys have an opportunity right here, that’s actually about to change the entire game. So that’s really all i wanted to go ahead and talk to you guys about, and i really really do hope that you guys find this opportunity successful and if you guys do decide that you guys want to go ahead and get started, go ahead and click the Link in my descriptions down below to get started literally, when i tell you we have people all over the world ready to make money, and so can you i’m already making a lot of money from automated platforms. So trust me, i would never come to you guys with a platform that is a scam or anything like that, because i’m here for the long run and i have a vision to help as many people make money on passive income and automatically so love. You guys see you guys if you guys do join my team, then congratulations and we want to make some money and start traveling the world.

Let’s go get

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