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Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel, welcome to another easybot video, and this is an exciting one for you guys today, i’m going to show you the very first profit the easybot has made for me. So it’s not much yet, but it’s it’s a start and over time you’ll see it’s going to it’s. Gon na get crazy and com, especially when compounding interest takes over um you’re gon na see the profits that you will make right.

Eazy Bot

So i will obviously update you guys on my results. If i go to bot management here, i go to bots. Okay, so total profit, 43 usdt cents, so 43 cents. So you guys are gon na, say.

Well, that’s not much! But hey it’s something right! It’s a start, as you can see here, the bot put some trades in and then it sold so it took profit and i made 43 cents from those two orders and it put in other two orders now that i’m just waiting to take profit as well right. So again guys the bot’s going to keep buying in this. It’s it’s going to add up over time. It’s like these little trades, that’s going to keep adding up over time.

So i mean you: can you can set the strategy a little bit more aggressive? If you want, but you know, that’s that’s up to you it’s up to you. If you want to trade with more of your capital, upfront um, you know the strategy was designed to make profit in in all market conditions. It’s just it’s just all about patience, guys! You know it’s all about patience, the returns are realistic and the returns are good. You know, especially in the long term when you think, like an investor, because this is something that that you can use for for years and years to come.

You know without being having to worry, am i going to get scammed or something is my money going to disappear? No, your money’s perfectly safe and you’ll keep making money and you can keep building on that long term. That’s that’s what you want. This is the end of all those scams guys.

This is the endall and beall of online opportunities. We, where it’s we’re done done with being scammed, and now you just and now it’s your time to start making some real money online, with a real legit opportunity, um and with a free bot again guys. The spot is free, i’m using the free version, and it’s working for me right so so yeah all i did all you need to do is when you, when, if the glitch is still around um, then just just put it back to active and then save okay. So just click here, if it says inactive, just put it back to active, save and the bot will continue trading.

You know so just check on it every few hours or so just in case um, that glitch is still there so yeah guys, first few profits and and of the first few profits of many more to come. You guys are going to see it’s going to get interesting, especially over the span of a few months. Others compounds and obviously i don’t even have the recommended amount of six hundred dollars in it.

I’M still going to add, add some funds, and this is again guys add to it. If you can, you know, put it treated like a savings account on steroids, so you can add to it every single month without worrying about your funds disappearing or something because again where’s your money in finance perfectly secure about as secure as it would be in a Bank right, so this is again something that you can build on for years and years and years to come. This is like a your retirement fund or your pension money on steroids.

Like you know, if it’s it’s going to compound over time and it’s going to give you a lot more money than any other bank or any scam, would give you because at the end of the day, the scams will just take your money. You know like in the beginning, you might be make crazy returns, you might be able to make some withdrawals and then you usually usually you know the masses lose out on on those kind of scams. You know where, like they promised fixed returns, and you know what you want a real business, you don’t want to make money off of other people’s money like that.

You know it’s. You know with ponzi a lot of these ponzi schemes you want to. You might want to make real money on a real platform of real trades because of real transparency and with easybot.

That’s the only platform that i’ve seen that does that right so yeah as you can see, here’s the trace that we’re putting in binance sold exactly the same as easybot. So, here’s again the transparency to proof that the bot is trading for you on your binance account right now. It’s born in uh, some etc. Again, some ethereum classic.

I’M now just waiting again to take some profit around up here, like probably at 48 dollars. The price of etc, right so anyways guys um yeah, so you know in terms of percentages, so people always like how much can i get you know return on investment and all that kind of stuff um. Obviously, that’s completely understandable. You want to still you want to make some at least some money right um.

It has to be worth your while uh. Well, i mean this is insane. So let me just put this into perspective, for you guys right in the real world, not not in scam world, where you know where again, where you get promised some ridiculous stuff, like sometimes three percent a day or whatever dude like in this, and then they can’t Actually show you how they make that it’s like you make this a day and but they can’t show you that so in the real world right in the real online financial world of trading.

So, let’s, let’s let’s say: if you, if you’re a forex trader, if you’ve got a trading school, they say if you can make three percent a month on your portfolio right. If you can make three percent profit a month, only three percent. You might not think that’s much, but that’s for professional traders, guys if they say if you can make that if you come at a trading school and you can make that a month, then then you’re doing really great right and and that’s if you’re looking at staring At charts every day and who’s got the time. For that i mean a lot of you.

Guys are fulltime jobs. You don’t have the time for that. So with this, with the easy bot is in terms of percentages, so this is again guys what they tested hypothetically. They showed us this, i’m not promising anything right future result.

Uh posh results are not indicative of future results. Okay, future results could be different um, but this is months and months of testing almost up to a year, um with the percentages again not promising anything but and hypothetically they’re saying what what what you can more or less expect what they said. What the body is programmed and designed to do is to make say five percent around five percent in a crashing market um a month, five percent a month on a crashing market guys.

So, even even if the market crashes you’re making money, that’s the key. That’s the difference between this spot and any other bot in the world. If you’re trading manually, because again everyone’s a genius when the market goes up and when it goes down well, uh yeah people end up losing all their gains and all their profits, starting from all over again actually um losing ground. So on a sideways markets.

When the market moves like like this, you know zigzags inside you can expect seventy ten percent a month and when it’s the market’s going up, you can expect fifteen to twenty percent a month, but it also depends on the coin. You’re trading guys the higher volatility. According to trade, the better, so i chose ethereum classic because it’s a very volatile coin. At the moment it’s not doing much, but when it starts moving a lot, then you’re gon na you’re gon na see a lot better returns.

Because, again guys i made that small return, even though the market is almost barely doing anything today and especially for ethereum classic. It usually moves a lot more than that and ave they say is also a really good coin to trade, so yeah guys, i just gave you two coins as well, that you can look at to trade with so it could vary. The results could vary mindful month, guys again, these are real trades happening in real time. So you know the mo, and you know the market doesn’t always move the same.

Eazybot Profits Made and Trading Results

But again those returns that i just mentioned those percentages or what you more or less can expect and thinking of an average um is they actually showed us um. So i took pictures so they they tested bitcoin and i think um it was like bitcoin was actually the tested three coins, bitcoin ethereum and uh. What was the other one? Are they aav e? I think yeah.

So it says to that bitcoin i think made about 24. I think a month average for the civ, so this was over a seven month period, which is still better than any bank would give you or you know any other investment would give you right, which is uh. You know it’s, okay, it’s almost what you you know again, the three percent up to three percent i mentioned trading school um ethereum was almost five percent or something just four point.

Six four point: seven percent a month average guys these are averaging now for seven months and it was a lot it happened in those seven months. It was market crashes, markets, going up market crashes, again sideways movement. All that stuff was there right, and these are the averages, so some ones were more some months or less, but that’s the average over that period or seven months so now with.

Are they because it’s a more volatile coin? The return was almost nine percent a month. So and that was average for that seven, so for that seven month period the average was nine percent a month which is totally insane, which is just really, which is really really good for a legitimate platform, guys um, so i mean especially if you take that percentage. You compound it over time because yourselves, a favor, put those percentages in a compounding interest.

Calculator and an nc. You know so some months ago were were more. Some months were less, but the average overall for are they over those nine over the seven months was almost nine percent a month um, but again guys no promises here, i’m not promising anything, not promising fixed returns.

Just telling you, based on results and data that i data that i’ve seen um, you know this is what you more or less can expect right. So so yeah i mean again guys we value full transparency and all that and um yeah anyways guys uh. That’s that so yeah. I hope you guys get started soon.

I’M start making some money guys stop making some passive returns again guys, while, while you sleep, you’re making money while you’re at work, you’re making money, it’s it’s it’s gon na it’s gon na keep going. It’s gon na keep auto compounding because you know the order compounding feature, so don’t be one of those guys who just says. Ah you know it’s not for me or returns or not enough or whatever remember, they’re still going to make improvements on the bots guys. So this is still the beginning, so you never know.

Maybe in the future we can even expect more returns again, no promises, but i’m just saying you never know if the bot’s doing better, then who knows, but it’s a very exciting opportunity again. You won’t get this like. You won’t find a another opportunity like this. That is legit guys.

That’s the big thing where other platforms you have to pay money. You have to pay money into someone else’s wallet, right, bitcoin, whatever or money into their bank accounts, and what happens? They didn’t control your funds and then boom has gone here. You are in control of your funds. That’s the big difference.

You can’t get scammed right. You can do with your funds, whatever you want, you can withdraw it anytime. You want you, including your profits, because even your profits are made in your exchange. That can never be taken away from you once the bot has made it right.

So that’s the big difference and that’s ex and that’s extremely important, and i hope you all see that all right anyway guys um yeah videos. We go on long enough, so i’m just gon na say yeah, don’t forget to like the video don’t forget to subscribe to. My channel, all my links are below guys, including my sign up, link to telegram links comes when come join us on the zoom meetings.

That link is also below you. Don’T have a binance account that links also below so yeah guys just check below my videos. Everything is there, alright, guys, thanks for watching, have a good one cheers

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