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Easybot is designed to consistently earn profits for you, no matter what’s happening in the market market goes up, easybot’s, going to make profits where it gets really tricky for most other boxes. When the market goes down for easybot, not a problem at all and uh. We’Ll look at some examples of that here today when the market’s going down we’re still making profit, and we do that without any risk of leverage losing an entire account because we’re we’re betting on an outcome. Uh it’s an algorithm intelligently brilliantly designed by our ceo, and so the next voice.


You’re going to hear is that of muhammad ali. Our ceo from our headquarters in dubai mohammed, come on in okay, so yeah i’ll just share the normal progress that we are used to. Look at the same account that we have been looking at and we’re going to look also at that trade that we’re following the aave. So let me just start by sharing my screen and go to the four points.

I prepared a small presentation here: okay, so yeah. These are the topics we’re going to see how easy what is pulling down the average price on the same trade that we have been following for for the last three months and we’ll see how easy what is taking profit when the market is going up and uh. We will look at the account performance, okay, so um.

This is uh. Let’s just move forward, it’s not supposed to be this way. Okay.

This is the last week on 22nd. On the last friday, when we were discussing this was the situation of this coin. The price was 66 96 and the profit was up to 8069.

The average price was point one 17317. The starting trade is the same. The price was 251, so the analysis are below here.

The market have dropped about 61 percent. Uh still is able to have made 806 in profit, and the trade on the top was pulled down 31, which is 7783. So, let’s look at from 22nd of july until now, which is we’re talking about 10 days or nine days from that time until now. So how much? How much were they uh was there? Did they start trading with this particular token uh? The initial amount started here was eight thousand one hundred and then we increased when the market uh moved down a little bit so yeah.

So here this is the situation right now on first of august, uh, the initial price is the same, it’s 251, because we cannot see that that well, that happened already and right now, the price yeah look at this guys. The price the market price is almost the same as it was before 10 days. It’s now it’s uh.

Easy Bot Profit

Previously it was 96. Now it’s 19972, so not a big difference, but in between that timeline of 10 days the market have really moved up and down many times and the bot is using that kind of movement to create profit. So, let’s see how much profit i’ve created, um, okay, so the market price is 97, as you can see here, so the market have dropped 61.

61, almost the same as before, comparing the initial price with the current market price, the average price have really moved down previously. If you can see here, it was 17317 right now, it’s 168 and that how did it happen because of the market, movement and 50 of the profit is used to pull that down the profit right now, uh have increased to 928. So, within these couple of days, the uh, the the bot have profit about 122 usdt and that’s only 50 percent of the profit, because the other 50 was used to bring down that average price from 173 to 168 uh.

That means the total drop of the average price from the top trade is moved from 31 to 3289, and it will keep on happening day in and day out until eventually the market price is going to be meeting with that, with average price, where the whole trade Is going to be closed when the market goes above, the average price by 15 then start the process of making of taking profit or closing the trades. Maybe that’s going to happen 40 down this trade or 50 percent, or even even more, we don’t know. We just keep on watching and following the market, because we cannot create the market, we can only follow the market and adapt to that. Okay.

Market Insights

This is about pulling down the average price. Now, let’s talk about this trade here which have made look at this here this this trade – if you see in this cycle here normally trades, are making like one dollar two dollars: three dollars in profit, except for this one. This one here have made 99 usdt. This small trades.

Why did it make this? Because when we look at the market movement, it was just here and when the market really went up high here and then it closed the trade up because, as we said, easy bot is always using retracement unless the market starts showing some movement down by 05 percent. It’s not going to be closing the trade and that’s where it happened. This was the average.

So this is what, where the, where the price taken where the trade has taken was taken at uh the price of 95. This is aave uh, yes aav 95, and that was on 31st of july, exactly at 12, 21 pm dubai time uh that was the place and the market started moving down. It did not reach to a point where it can take the next cover.

Actually, i think it could be next cover or not, i’m not sure. So then, here it came to a place where it can close the trade. It was somewhere here, but the market was only moving up.

If you look at this green candle, that mean the market was moving up, so the bot decided not to close it here to close it at the highest possible points and that’s what happened. It just went up high here, waited for the market to reach the peak, and then the market started. Moving down by the 05 then closed it here. So, instead of just making 1 percent, it made one nine percent and that’s how exactly i designed the strategy to work.

Another trade here this one actually made thirteen point: five: seven percent. If you look at the top here, it was the first trade was taken at uh the price of 131. This coin, i think, is crv. Yes, it’s crv, and that was on 28th of july, at 5, 46 pm dubai time.

Account Performance

You can look at the chart. Real chart in binance or in coupon and you will find the exact numbers and then the market went down minus two percent and then it took the next trade took another trade at the price of one point: two: eight three uh er, eight, three, yes one. Two eight three one point: two, eight three that was uh uh like one hour later: more or less uh, six, thirty, thirty four pm and then from that point here. This is the event wonder it was taken here.

One trade was taken here. So from that point the market was only going up moving up. If you can see here, it was only moving up, so easybot was always following that the highest price waiting for retracement here, if you see the market, have retraced a bit, but it’s not equivalent to the 05, that’s needed to close, so the markets kept on moving Up moving up and moving up, and then it went to the peak here and then it started moving down, and this is where it closed the trade when the market went down by 05, ending up making 1357 percent instead of just making uh sorry, instead of just Making one percent thirteen point: five percent: normally these cycles in the same trade are making as low as one usd or two usd, but this one made 299 usd in profit because the market was going up so yeah. This is this.

These are two examples of. If you, if we are to find more examples, there are, i think, hundreds of examples right now, but we just picked up those which came to our knowledge while we were looking at the accounts and so on and so forth. So if you look at your own account if you’re trading this coin, you would see something like this or maybe other coins.

Also, you would see uh many trades making more profit than the other trades, and this is because the market was moving up at that time. Did we know that the market is going to do to grow up? Did we make any technical analysis? No, it’s just mathematical equations designed into this spot, which is just looking at a parameters which is looking at the market. The way we instruct it – and this is how it is – we don’t – we cannot know the future – we can just only work on the worst case scenario and then it works and definitely on the best case scenario yeah these. These are just two examples that i want to share today.

Now, let’s go to the account that we have been following also for the past couple of weeks. Okay, this is the status of the account that we have been following and uh. As you know, 1000 has been invested in each of those coins and these are the profits. Let’s compare the profit right now with the profit that we saw on 22nd on the last call on the last friday called here you go.

This is a comparison. This is the last one on the left, the previous one and, on the right hand, side is the new one. If you see the total profit uh on on 22nd of july was 934, which is 1587 today first of august, the total profit is 1134.

That’s been 1927, so that means the profit have increased, almost uh two percent, two percent within the last ten days. So if we take the same page, that’s uh in ten days it’s uh, two percent. So if every ten percent it gives two percent. That means it’s around six percent in a month again, we don’t know how the market is going to be having the next 10 days or the next one month or the next one year.

The bot is only going to be just climbing the the candles and buying and selling based on the algorithm i designed in it. The highest performer is still the matic matic was i have given uh 30 23 previously, and now it tries to 26 percent. Almost all the coins have given more profit. If you see file is the one having three maybe the most, it was only at five point four percent.

Now it’s ten point, seven percent. That means i’ve increased. Almost five percent uh link have increased from eleven point. Six to thirteen point: six: six percent, that’s about three percent or two percent uh litecoin ltc from eight point: eight: eight to ten point: seven: seven percent xrp from 776 to 88 and btc from 33 to 353, uh, xmr from 66 to 77, etc.

Easybot Trading

From 939 to fourteen point, eight point: eight yeah, so this is almost five percent for, etc. Ethereum classic uh dodge uh changed from nine point: five. Six to ten point: nine! So that’s about one point: five percent one point: four percent trx from six point: six: eight to seven point: one percent, uh xlm from six point; four: seven to seven point four and then uh btc from 499 to 588 dot from 66 to 926.

If you see there is big variety between the coins uh, some of them have increased just one percent, some of them have increased more than five percent. That’s always that’s why it’s always wise to diversify in terms of coins. Have your your your funds, uh trading in as many coins as you can, because you don’t know which coin is going to be performing the best in the next hour or the next one year in the next four months so put to the funds in as many Coins as possible and let the bot trade for you or choose me as many points as possible and uh, let the block trade.

So if some coins are not performing well, the other ones are going to compensate and you will end up having a kind of a stable and a more stable profit month in and month out, you

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