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Hello, everyone and welcome again to my youtube channel and welcome to another easy bod of video, where i’m gon na just talk to you again about easybot, i guess and some results um as you guys can see in the thumbnail that i said yeah five percent made In the last 12 days, well, basically, if you took the amount i i had, i initially put in 102 or well – i only had 102 to put in. If i had more, i would have put in more but uh yeah anyways. Let me just show you guys: it was 102, as you can see now.

Eazy Bot

I have i’ll show you guys what i have in my binance wallet to trade with, so this usdt and bitcoin is currently being traded. So um i put my bot on bitcoin. So what it is doing um is it’s simple: is it simply trading a usdt right? Well, it’s obviously you you with in your wallet.

You have usdt right with the usdt you buy bitcoin. Then then, when your bitcoin that it’s brought in is in a certain percentage. In profit, then it sells it off right and if the market it’ll wait for the market to keep climbing as much as it can, but once it stops dropping like one one and a half percent again, you know, then then it will sell off and make make A profit right, so it’s actually really really really smart and obviously again guys a big thing here.

There’s no rug pools no scams. This is where my money is look guys in my binance wallet. You guys want to see the trades um i’ll get back to the whole 102 thing now, um, so yeah guys it was five percent. It is five percent with 102 dollars um and i’m gon na keep i’m gon na keep saying that because it’s the first month, it’s only been it’s only traded so far with with that hundred dollar amount.

It’s it stayed within that that amount of money right so but yeah i mean then after, but on this on the 6th of july. That would be that will be a month right, then obviously i’ll update again how much percentage i made for the month with the 102 dollars, and then i will basically go from there with the amount i have now at like 267 dollars, that on usdt that i Have while excluding the bitcoin once it sells off, it will be a little bit more um and then you know i will calculate my percentage based off of 267. It’s only fair right started with 102 only as straight of 100 within 102 amount, and i think you guys know what i’m talking about. But yeah i mean it’s like it’s extremely transparent, again, no, no scams and you’re making a good return.

And again. Why would you put your keep your money in a in a bank account and look this isn’t financial advice or anything, but i’m just saying, as you guys know, for um crypto exchanges are extremely secure these days about as secure as your bank would be right, i Mean it’s like especially binance or the kucoin exchanges, where the bots trading on are extremely extremely um secure and you can even beef up the security if you want right so that you won’t ever get hacked or whatever i mean it’s but yeah anyway. So here are here’s where the trading is going on, if you guys are wondering most transparent platform again, the bot is not trading in here you’re, not sending your trading capital here you are keeping it here. Is all your money, including your profits guys.

So the big thing is your initial investment is here right in binance or in kucoin um, plus your profits right that the bot made for you. So, even if easybot were to disappear, even if the management something would happen to the management and the company were to just um disappear off the radar completely right tomorrow or today or in the next five minutes. Um, your initial investment plus your profits would still be in binance would still be in kucoin. It would be unaffected all the easybot does.

Is it simply connects to your exchange via an api key and boom? That’s that passive profits. Again, you just need to give it time to do its thing, guys, that’s all, but i mean so far, i’m very happy with the profit i’ve made so far. You know the five five dollars based on based on the you know.

My investment amount. That’s impressive right! If i’d over a thousand dollars, that would be fifty dollars if i ten thousand dollars that would be 500 in in 12 days, so you’re gon na get the returns based on um. You know how much how much you’ve invested right, you’ll get a percentage, but the point is you’re going to make way more you’re, probably going to make in a month and again guys. This is just what from results, what i’ve been seeing, you’re, probably going to make in a month um what what a bank would give you in a year with a with a savings account and again is you? Could i’m not saying you could join iris stuff? If you want just at your own risk, you know, because there are other platforms out there that are super dodgy – that promise high returns with no evidence of how to actually make the money.

But you could do that, but but i would suggest making this your main. Your main thing right, especially if you’re like me, you’re an affiliate, marketer and you promote things online. Then you know get something like this. That’s your main, because again it’s this, no one! No one can get scammed.

Yet, as you guys can see, here’s all the trades, the bitcoin trades. This is all the bot what the bots doing right buy, sell, buy sell. So then we go back here. If you want to see the history, here’s the full history and what did we just see on binance? We saw exactly the same thing right so, as you guys can see, the bot is trading in binance.

That’s where all my capital is. I literally like the six dollars that i have in here is just for service fees, because, since easybot right does not have access to your oh okay, i made eight dollars. I’Ve got some commissions um, so since uh, since the easybot does not have access um to your money in your in your own exchange, doesn’t have access to your money at all in your own exchange um.

They they have to find a way, obviously to to uh. Take the service fees right from the trade, so every time you win, a trade easybot takes um, you know a commission service fee paid and some of it goes to the company. Most of it goes to the affiliates right.

The rest of the profit is yours: mo 70, if you’re, a free member, you keep of the profits right. Eighty percent um goes to. It goes to what’s the name to no wait. Sorry, eighty eighty percent, if you’re, if you’re a paid member – but you don’t again guys you don’t even need – be a paid member.

I made a video about this um. Unless you have a lot of capital right, then you’ll benefit from the paid packages. But if you don’t need it, don’t get it, but if you feel that you have, i don’t know 5 000 or 10 000 or more, and you want to get the most out of your easy bot experience.

Then i mean you can have a look at the packages, but you don’t again, you can trade with two with two different coins already on the free package. So it’s everyone gets basically the same bot. It’s just that with the packages you get a few more benefits like you can trade with more coins at a time like more than two coins like up to 10, with that advanced package, more more than 10, with the vip package um, you get a few other Added benefits as well, but it’s still the same bot. It’s still going to do the same thing so i’ll talk about this.

Where is that um? Why you should consider upgrading to your easy bot package, um and yeah? Here we go is again just just an example of the service fees. I’Ve paid for my trades right so again, 30 of my profits that went back to the company 70. I kept keep which is uh kept in finance right, so it’s the only only time you the point, i’m making is the only time you need to send money to easy bot is for the service fees from every trade, which is perfectly fair right, because the bots Doing all the work for you, the company made the bot it’s it’s only fair that they get their fair share and obviously the affiliates are helping to get the people to the company. So it’s only fair that the affiliates get their fair share as well right right.

So yeah anyways uh, so 866 uh. You just see that ssf commission yeah. So this is just an example of uh commissions, affiliate commissions and that’s a pretty big deal. You know if you’re an affiliate uh it’s this.

This can become a lot over time. It’s a thing that you can build on long term, so yeah guys. Let me just have a look again at the bot.

Oh and i was sorry sorry, i almost forgot um. I just wanted to show you guys speaking of affiliate commissions. So again it’s it’s like.

I’M i’m really. You know after a lot the past few months since joining this, i was i’ve really been amazed by how many people have have bought packages, because because this is so valuable, this you know it’s like having. You have a bot that works that keeps making profits for you on a monthly basis and and there’s no rug pools.

There’s no scams right. That’s basically, i mean is not many of its kind that i can tell you there’s many bots out there, but but there’s not many that are profitable in all market conditions. The easybot has proven itself to be profitable in all market conditions and there’s another video. You can go to for that um just oh yeah, this one, so this one profits the easy bot made using three different coins.

I made this about three months ago, but that was before easybot launched the end of march um. This was testing that they did right. Um and there you can see the testing they did with three different coins. Bitcoin was one of them.

Easybot Profit Today

It’s actually the worst performing one in that time, time frame but uh, you know they tested ethereum and rv as well and like good averages and it’s basically it’s comparable to some of the you know the sustainable passive deals. People are doing, but but here’s the thing guys um, like i’m, not going to mention names right, there’s platforms out there that promise you similar returns than what the easybot can potentially make right, i’m not guaranteeing anything. I’M just saying based on it, based on numbers and the testing and the data is the easybot can make similar returns and without you having to send your money to someone else right, the one, the one, the other platforms that i looked at, even though some of Them are really good, not not bashing, anyone, i’m just saying you still have to send money to their company wallet right.

Therefore, you, you kind of give up some of the basically your control of your funds, but an easy part who’s in losing control of your funds. You here’s where your funds are, you can stop the body any time you can do whatever you want and it’s your funds are safe in finance but yeah. Let me just go back to talk about the returns again, um and affiliate commissions.

Sorry, i keep jumping around guys uh, let’s stick to one thing at a time, so these are the affiliate commissions that i got from people in my team upgrading their packages, so they changed the the compensation plan a little bit just on a side note from for The package sales from two levels down to 10 levels: the service fee, commission uh commissions that still that’s still the same 20 levels. Deep um, look that we talk about the comp plan in different videos in any case, so yeah one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Eight one two three four five: six, seven, eight okay, yeah yeah, sure yeah.

So i thought it was seven. It’s actually eight eight times i got commissions from the package sales uh, all right, so matching bonus. Let’s see what’s happening, there um not much still trying to figure that one out but uh yeah.

Okay, that’s that’s! That’s just on a side note, guys again and and that money is in my as you can see, i would drew it it’s not in my easy bot, wallet anymore so again back to the point where the only again, only funds that you need to send to Easybot, it’s just a little bit for for service fee commissions, because if you see i’ve got capital of what i’ve got. Okay, i pro i basically um just set my bot for the 267 dollars that i have now right so by it’s buying in 16 worth of bitcoin every single time when it buys in you know, um. So, based off of that, this is the kind of the service fee commissions, i’m paying um six cents here, four cents, there, five cents, there – 12 cents, 34 cents. So it just depends on on how much capital you have as well like like look if you had like 10 times the amount of capital i had now you this would be 10 times the amount of service fee.

So then, obviously, instead of okay, i think even 20 dollars would still work for a certain period of time right for service fees, but anyways you i mean you decide as long as you don’t have less than two dollars in your wallet. Then then you should be good, because if you have like less than two dollars, i think um service fees, um for service fees, then the bot will stop trading. So you don’t want that right.

So again, that’s the only time you’ll send money to easybody is just a little bit for service fees, because again, easybot does not have access to your funds in your binance or coocoin exchange. It doesn’t at all you’re in control your capital right. So i’m just making myself clear on that one um.

So that’s one of the only times and then if and then and then another time is, if you want to buy a package right. If you feel okay, you want you want the most out of your easybot experience. It’s going to benefit you positively right, you’re willing to spend money on a package um! You want to trade with more coins. You want this.

You want that the added benefits of the packages then just again look at. If i got a dashboard um, you can see guys i’m a free member because i just don’t have. If i had thousands, i would put it in here. I wouldn’t leave it in my bank because i’m not just not making anything on my bank right, but i’m not i’m not rich, yet i’ll get there, but you know slowly but surely um just with compounding with the bot in a few years.

You know my 267 dollars will. If i don’t that’s, if i don’t fidget with it, it will go 10 times 100 times. You know. So it’s again you’re going to make way more than you’re going to make by leaving it in the bank you’re going to beat inflation by the way by leaving your your money in your binance wallet or kucoin wallet for the bot to trade with it you’re.

Definitely going to beat inflation, even if inflation is 10 percent a year, you’re going to make way more than that, based on what we’ve seen with the easy bot in all market conditions, whether the market is going up, whether it’s going sideways, whether it’s crashing the easybot, Makes makes profits, and that is where it stands out from any other bot, because you’re probably wondering why. Easybot again, like i pointed to that video where it’s it’s constantly uh we’re we’re basically seven months of testing seven months is, is a is a long time frame in in the crypto in the volatile crypto markets. There’s a lot that happens in the crypto markets. In that seven month period there was a huge crash.

It was a huge bull run. There was a side training market for for a while and it was – and it averaged really good profits right. So so yeah have a look at that um and again, if you want to upgrade it will it will ask you here 250 and here’s the the added benefits um, just by the way main one i talk about, is you can trade with up to more coins At a time – and you know, if you have the capital, then then i would say it’s beneficial – it’s good to diversify with different coins, because you know one month, one coin might perform better than the other and in the next month the other coin might perform worse. Um so again, crypto fluctuates guys, so it’s sometimes good, but it’s actually always good to trade trade more than one coin, at a time if you can, if you have enough capital, but for me like for someone like me right now, trading with onecoin is the most Beneficial because i just you know, the strategy works the best with they said it’s based on six hundred dollars, but they say you can trade this list, no problem, it’ll work.

You just have to set the you just have to um, you know, put it in, and the bot will calculate the buyins and so on um. The least you can start with, because some of you are wondering also like me – don’t have a lot of capital, at least how much can i start with um? Well, i mean the least we got it to work with is a hundred dollars right, but here’s the here’s the thing guys, if you, if you want to be in, if you really don’t, have any money but you want to, but but you maybe have like affiliate Skills or you want to try affiliate marketing, then you can make, as you guys see, i’m a free member and i’ve i’ve gotten i’ve received all my commissions, so you could still promote it, but obviously it would be more. It would be better if you could actually use the more beneficial if you’re, using the bot, because the and then promote it, because then you know is then you could show people. You know: hey um, look at this cool bot, look at the profits that it’s making for me, percentagewise um, and then you can.

It’s just be a lot easier to promote it. Then you know telling people try this spot, but then obviously first thing they’re gon na ask you is, are you using it yourself and if you tell them no, then it’s like. Why should they not already be like? Why should i try it so yeah? If you can try and get at least some money together to to use the bots, so if you want to promote it right, so yeah here’s just some of the packages uh. I also want to mention something so, let’s just say, you’re on advanced and eventually you want to upgrade to the vip package right um.

Then then, you’ll you’ll only pay the difference. So what i mean by that is, if you’re already on advanced, if you’re going from advanced to vip, instead of paying 995 you’ll you’ll only pay like what 7 45 something like that right. So so yeah i mean that is that’s just the difference, but obviously when you’re on free – and you want to jump straight to vip – then you’ll pay 995 uh yeah anyways um, but especially again guys that if you don’t need to buy the package, don’t just try Out the bot, it’s free, it’s free, that’s the main thing: it’s free and it’s risk free and it’s rug, pool free and it’s scam free, so try it. Probably it’s the most legit thing online hands down from everything.

I looked at right because there’s so many scams out online, especially rug pools, and you know it’s just no. No! No! You know this is yes. Yes, yes, because um, as you can see, oh yeah, this one day was one point. One three percent profit: okay, one dollar, thirteen cents, but again i’m basing it off to 102 dollars.

I started with guys not off the 267 because again, even if i was, if even if i still had 102 dollars of capital in it would still be enough right now, you know, but if the market dropped more, then i’d have to add some usd t. Obviously, to cover that and to dollar cost average my position but yeah guys, and i would also say if you look at the strategy again, it’s so simple – you just type in how much money, how much usdt you have in binance – and i just the title i Made when i started up the bot just by the way guys so it’s 12 been 12 days now of trading um, just type in 267, uh in my case right, and it will calculate automatically how much it buys in um. If so, i would say guys, because i tried this in the past and even though i have some experience with trading, it’s yeah um, it’s a nightmare if you, if you get it wrong, so if so, i’m going to mention this, if you do not have if You’re, not a professional trader, and you you don’t have extensive knowledge on trading, don’t figure to the strategy.

It’s not necessary right. It’s the default strategy. This is the strategy, that’s profitable, that they tested over that seven month period and that i’m doing that, i’m using right now that everyone else is using right now and everyone is happy.

Everyone’s smiling everyone’s making profits right. So stick stick to the default strategy and the only thing is is just be patient guys because i know because because i know it’s tempting to change it, you know. Obviously you can change these covers. You can change everything if you want it’s tempting to do that, but if the, but if you go into aggressively like let’s say you, for instance, buying in one times you buying two times for your first buy and you’re buying four times for a second buy, and You change your percentages, so that buys in quicker.

Let’s just say you do that and and find it. You might do well at a time, but what if the crypto market turns against you right? What if it there’s there’s a another crash right? That’s where that’s! Where all these other covers come in, it’s a dollar cost average your position, so so that you know it can handle it can make profits even in a crashing market. Look how far it goes down. So the market has to crash as the completely cra can completely crash and the easy bot will still be able to handle it.

That’s all i’m saying right and still, and it will still be profitable, uh all right, so stick to default strategy. If you can guys and just just be patient, because if you give it time, it’ll make money and it will definitely make more money, then by leaving it in a bank. Again, it’s not going to make you rich overnight, but it’s a via it’s a viable way of making money.

It’s respectable and again it’s something you can promote to people without worrying about them. Losing money like someone could literally, if, if you know, people that have ten thousand dollars to trade with or hell, even if i mean sometimes, if you know someone, that’s maybe got a hundred thousand dollars to trade with, but you know to invest but they’re. Looking for something that that’s guaranteed, that that that won’t have any issues then hell talk to them. Maybe maybe they’ll love the easybot concept because again in binance or cr or kucoin, that’s where the money is going to be, and you know unless something happens to binance or cook coin um, then then you know their money is fine, but yeah i mean this is Financing cool coin is basically as solid as they get.

I mean it’s. A freaking finance is the biggest crypto exchange in the world, so yeah, i think anything’s gon na happen to them the same with kucoin one is one of the biggest um, so you pick what, whichever exchange you want to use, if you’re from the us right use Good coin: don’t use binance if you’re from the rest of the world. Well, you can choose.

I mean kucoin. Both are great. You decide which, which wallet you use right, but yeah guys so so again for that one day. So far today, uh we made what was it 20 24 cents uh yesterday.

It actually actually no it closed it closed this morning. So it’s these are profits for today. So this is.

It entered the trades on you see when it created at 67. So basically, this is a day and a half worth of trading and it made a percent almost one and a half percent based on my you know my initial amount of 102, so pretty awesome, pretty pretty awesome and again guys. No there’s, there’s no stress.

There’s it’s like it’s stressfree profits. There’s, no stress of you know is my money going to disappear tomorrow, because you can literally with platforms in the past guys i’m telling you now, as i woke up in the morning and then and then i heard oh, is it you just you just get the Message from someone, whether it’s in your team or upline or whatever, oh there’s, an issue with the platform um this or that happened like, and you just sit there and you’re just shaking it like wow right with this there’s no stress with this yeah, you can get The message or easy something happened to the easy block, management or easy body is out of business or or something like that, but you’re like all right. You still obviously you’re not going to be happy because you won’t have to bot anymore, but at least you’ll still have your money right, including your your profits. See you see, you see the difference, so i know i talk a lot guys, but you know i just i always have so much to share from past experiences.

This was also this. One was also a good day, just by the way this was okay. This was actually not a date uh, so this was a full uh big big commission position, um like 105, so okay, it used in the the one time.

In this session it used a maximum of 106 dollars, but i think i added i had some kryptonian. I added it like a like 14 or something because i knew that the market was going to drop slightly a little bit more. You know so i just made sure i had enough usdt in there to cover that so and then it sold off this whole position and it made a dollar and 22 pretty cool uh.

How much did i make on day one okay, so initial buy it’s actually on the first okay. I don’t know why i’ve made it to six but okay on the fifth. So it’s 13 sorry guys my bad um where’s pm.

So it’s still okay, 12 and a half no wait! Uh 13 days; okay, let’s be fair here: um, okay, so five, six! So basically two days profit, we made uh 05 percent um – that was yeah 50 cents, not bad in two days. So, as you guys can see it’s more profits, but it continues and again, but i got small capital in guys. So again, it’s just like what can you expect right, but it’s still better than keeping like the banks not going to give me this, and i can take my chances with a with a potential scam or ponzi platform. But that’s that’s gon na that’s not gon na last, like the thing is, is a lot of these platforms? Will promise you big percentages every day, but most of the time you’re going to lose money like like.

I did right because, just when you want to take your money out, something happens to the platforms. That’s usually my luck right with these ponzi scan platforms, but you anyways, don’t want to be a part of those platforms, guys it’s unethical right. I mean all that, though.

Some of those platforms are just it’s: it’s basically giving you the money. If, if somehow you get lucky enough to withdraw money, giving you money from someone else’s money, i mean it’s like how unethical is that yeah? It’s this! The money is coming from trading your money, making more money. That’s all it is that’s all it is um.

So what else did i want to cover? I guess that’s just my my my rant is done so again guys if you want to get started with us. My sign up link, my sign up link is below the video um, along with my phone number. If you want to reach out to me, if you’re stuck somewhere, especially you know, if you want to get other people involved, feel free to contact me anytime.

Guys again, my my whatsapp is open to anyone as long as you’re, not a troll. You know, if you you know, i don’t. I think i showed you guys this uh, it’s just anyways just for interesting.

You know if some of you are affiliate marketers or that and um i’ve messed, quite a pretty big team. Um. Here’s all the advanced packages, sales uh vip – i’m not gon na – go further into this because i don’t wan na you know, give away people sensitive information. So and i have 97 people in total in my team, so yeah i mean, and all of these people are happy i haven’t come.

I haven’t gotten one person back to me that says: oh you know the bots bots are like it’s not making money. Basically, all these people that are using the bot – i don’t know if all of them are using the pot um, but all of them that are using the bottom, making money 100 if they’re using the default strategy. You know that that the ceo himself set up so awesome stuff, guys and again for the affiliates, like i said guys, the service fee commissions is 20 levels, deep part of that service fee um that goes to the company goes to you as well. So – and this is literally for every single trade – and it’s small amounts guys, but but it will snowball over time.

I mean five years ten years from now easy bot will probably still be around because, as you know, the company also makes money just from the trading. It doesn’t make money from anything else, okay well as well from the packages, but they don’t need. They don’t need that. But i’m just saying i mean package most of the commissions any case from packages goes to the affiliates as well, but anyways with the service fees from imagine.

Every single trade um you’re you’re, making you’re getting a small percentage of that service fee and that goes down to 20 levels. So your sign, so you sign up, sign or sign ups you’re, getting a small percentage, so they’re making money the more money they make. The more money you make as well right and it’s perfectly ethical, everyone’s making money with the trades, no problem right so again, every trade they win at 30 or 20 service fee, so a small percentage goes to the company. The risk goes to affiliates like yourself.

If you are promoting – and that goes 20 levels deep guys, so if you build a massive organization eventually it’s just i mean you’re going to keep keep getting paid over and over and over and over again for years to come right, and that should excite you, but That that there is something that you can build longterm i mean there are other things out there, but can can you say, can they last long term um? Are they fully transparent? Are they making money like they say they are, you know, is the management fully transparent? I mean easybot is again: it ticks all the boxes right and the fact that, again, that you can’t lose your money should excite. You really right, like literally one thing online, that you can make money without losing without losing money right so because also when it comes to the trading, the bot will only close the trade at a win. So, even if you have to wait a while for some of your trades to come back, the bot will only close the trade if it makes if it makes profit, it will never close at a losing trade all right unless you close yourself because again, it happens In the trades are happening in finance, so you can close it yourself, so yeah guys again, you can like.

I said you can um. Let me just again go back to that video. Some of you missed it.

Um see the diff. The results there. That’s over a longer period of time, because i mean my bot results like 12 days now, since i i reset it because again, i had to reset it because i totally stuffed it up.

Like i said guys, that’s where i came back to the previous point is: do not do not change the bot strategies, keep it to default, because if i kept it at default i would not have had to reset the thing right. So i reset it i’ll put it back to default to see the ceo yeah here it is mr muhammad ali. He set it up, brilliant, absolutely brilliant! Just keep it keep it like that, and you’ll make money. It’s a plugandplay system, guys anyone can do it.

Even someone that doesn’t know anything about crypto can do this and for all you crypto enthusiasts, i mean i mean this. This should excite you so yeah um crypto profits, uh with three different coins over seven months. Uh. That’s that’s what you want to look at if you’re looking for some data and how much how much percent you can expect and again guys, there’s no guarantee, but it’s just we go on evidence and we go based on the data just to give you an idea.

Okay, if you put it, you can type it into a calculator whatever, let’s just say, five percent a month – average ten percent a month, just by the way. So i mean if we take like uh one of the coins. Just are they right? It made almost nine percent a month for that seven month period, some months it made more some months less, but the average four to seven months is nine percent right.

So if you take nine percent a month – and you put it into a calculator for let’s say for that seven month period – then you and you compound it in because the bottle says automatic compounding by the way order compounding you probably would have more than doubled. Your investment, if i’m not mistaken but yeah so again, you guys have a look at that um and put in plug in the percentages and – and that’s that’s extremely good – i mean, if you could double your investment every single year without having to worry about drug pools. Am i going to get scammed whatever this or that you know, because, wouldn’t wouldn’t that be awesome, and the bot will probably do that it might do even better based on these results it more than doubles your your investment in a year so and again with the Compounding it just it gets, it gets ridiculous levels after you know a few years. So again, if you want to know about the founders position, uh founders, club um.

I talk about this myself here um, but if you want to know about the affiliate program, i don’t know if they talk about it. Let me just uh have a look for you, guys uh easybot earning potential as an affiliate um. I talk a little bit about, especially about the service fee commissions. This is a good one to watch more recently company videos.

Let me just show you guys. We got um yeah, announcing easy watching affiliate bonus there, when you should consider upgrading easy bot company overview. If you want to know about the old company uh – oh yeah, seven figure potential 10 to 20 levels, deep um.

This talks about the the packages, i’m not sure if the service fee commissions are included here, but have a look at that. One and uh yeah guys uh. That is that for this video um, i hope you enjoyed it so yeah just to backtrack um one one day was basically one and a half. There was one and a half percent, almost um profit.

Not all days are going to be that, like that, but it’s good to see it some days, um, five percent so far, while if you take my initial amount of just over a hundred dollars and yeah, just it just keeps on going as you guys can see It keep, you can see it, it sells off, the positions makes a profit and it enters new positions sells off again enters new positions. It works 24, 7 for you. You literally have a money, printing machine, 24, 7 and it’s more money.

But what happens guys over a long over a long period of time, small money compounds and becomes big money and then and that you can bargain on? Why? Because no rug pools no scams! Your your money is perfectly safe, always in your control, so anyways guys um. I know this was a long video um and i know i talk a lot as usual, but that’s just me and i appreciate you guys, um thanks for watching, don’t forget to like the video, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel reach out anytime again, like i’ve. Already mentioned my sign up link for easy bodies below the video uh. My phone number is below.

If you want to reach out to me on whatsapp, so do that guys, alright, guys uh as usual, have a good one cheers

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