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So, today what i want to share, actually i prepared a little bit of presentation uh. I have four main points that i want to discuss with you, apart from the enhancement of the strategy or the the new default strategies. Call it this way: uh i’ll, try to make it short and sweet, so yeah, let’s get into it okay, so we have uh four main topics today, we’re going to talk about the uh take profit retracement uh, which we have been discussing before. If you remember the last call, i’ve shared the single trade that i’ve made over 14 percent in a single, independent uh position and we’ll see another examples that happen in in the past two weeks.


Uh, we will talk also about the pulling down the average price. This is a coin that we have been following since the beginning: it’s the aav e coin. You guys remember that has eight thousand eight thousand one hundred been invested into the coin and how uh that average price is being brought down and what is it at the moment? Uh we’re going to talk also about the account performance falloff. We have seen in the last column, 24th of june and 24th of june with uh yesterday, which is 10th of july sorry.

This is not in this. This should be july just to read that this is july. Okay, so let’s jump into it uh about the take profit retestment. If you see these are all independent covers, and there is one of them that have made a little bit more, actually not limitation, maybe four times more than what’s what the others are looking like here, you can see only one dollar, one point: two one, zero point: Eight zero point: nine: this is isn’t this in the individual.

One have made over four dollars in profit and when we went back to the uh to the the chart – and this is where it made that big profit because remember how easy bot works is that it will look at the highest point of the market and try To sell at that specific points that going back again to that previous uh slide. Look at this time. It was this. This trade was closed on 7th of july at 8, 18 pm and you can go back to the live chat and see that on your own eyes and this trade have started on the same day, 7th of july uh at 8, 00 and 14.

So it’s just a matter of four minutes and it closed with more than five percent profit, because the market have just jumped up. This is a threeminute scandal, view uh, so the trade started. This is the candle trade started at this.

This point here at the low market point and then the multi shoot it up. It was supposed to close at just at one percent or one point, five percent, but it actually closed at five percent uh. How did that happen? Because the market really jumped up? And this is the highest point of the market and then the market sold here it has to replace it’s always following the highest point of the market, with an imaginary line of 05 percent below that, and this is where it actually closed. It followed the market until it reached the highest point and then it started moving down and then closed here and that’s how it need over five percent instead of just one percent and that’s exactly the time wait for the it was time if you um have the Line here, but this time here is exactly, i think, six um yeah it’s 8 and 18 pm.

You can look at that price at the price of 1032 uh of the coin of crv, this time we’re talking about cl okay. So this is about the first topic. I want to talk about the second one.

Is you want to look at the pulling down the average price we’ve been always looking at that the the main differentiator between easybot and the other votes out there is that if you open a trade at the price of a hundred, there is a big possibility that It can close this same trade that open at the price of 100 as a price of 50 or even lower and still make profit, and that’s what we call is pulling down the average price. The first three covers on the top are the first trades on the top are taken as average price and everything else down there is independent covers so 50 of that profit of the independent covers is used to pull down the average price so uh this trade. If you have seen it before we, it was like 180, something when we saw it last time.

So today the average price is 170. Let’s analyze a little bit uh. This trade for this cycle have started at the price of 521.

This is aave, and that was on fourth of uh third of april thursday, and then the market went down and so on. Right now over yesterday, the price was as low as 77 77, so we’re talking about more than 70 percent drop on, like 70 percent drop off the market and still what’s working, making profit uh the average price when it took the first three trades on the top, Was just 225 at the average price? So what happens now? The average price have really moved down and reached 1787k. If you look at it today, it’s lower than this, but i’m looking at yesterday, because this screenshot was taken yesterday on 10th of uh july.

So the price was 17878. So how much is that? That’s i and and right now, while the market is down and this trade is not closed, yet it has made a profit of ordering 6704 for uh usdt uh, just to uh an important note. As you can see down, you can realize the whole profits once the whole cycle is closed and will help helping the the cycle to close faster by using that 50 of the profit to bring the average price down and close the whole cycle. Let’s calculate this profit or this drop down of the market, it dropped from 225.

This is the average price which was started on the top 125 and came down to 17878. So that’s a total drop of 462 to usd in percentage. That’s 20 percent, so that 20 percent every price was here, we’re we’re working as the market is going down. Buying and selling buying and selling 50 is used to pull that down.

Pull it down, pull it every price down, pull the average price down until it reaches now to more than 20 percent drop down of the market, as we speak, and as the market continues, uh dropping or continuous fluctuating. It’s going to keep on pulling down the average price until eventually the average price is going to be meet with the current market price. At any point of time, one point: five percent and close the whole cycle realize the whole profit and start all over again at that point of lamar. So this is about pulling down the average price.

Let’s look at the account performance. I shared this account uh, two weeks back. That was exactly on 24th of june.

If you look at the top, this is the old readings just so that we can compare the old readings with the new ones. This is the old one, and this is the old result. Also, if you see the account have made in 34 days about 538 uh different coins gave different results. The superstar was unique, you and i usd gave the maximum profit of 1097, but overall, the average profit is 538.

Let’s look at the new reports. This is the new as of yesterday uh. If you see the numbers are different, like we’re going to see now. Uh comparison between that, so this is the performance of the account of 50 days that the total duration uh, so the profits have increased to 744 in overall, let’s have a comparison on side to side.

This is the previous one. On 24th of june, where the superstar was unique, made 1089 – and this is the new records as of yesterday of 10th of june, so we’re talking about approximately 50 days performance of this account uh. The total profit have increased from 538 to seven point.

Four, four percent there’s something here that you really need to look at is that our superstar have changed. So it’s not anymore. The uni is the one that’s giving the maximum profit now it’s medic and it made over 17 in profit.

Now this is very important guys because you will never know which coin is going to be performing better than the others in the future. So the best way uh to choose the coins is to use as many coins, as you can looking at the past, and choosing the coins based on the past might not be a really good idea, because you don’t know how the coin is going to be performing. In in the next couple of days, if you see the medic last time, it was just 67 624, so it wasn’t even in the second or the third position.

I think it was something like this, so between 24th and 10th it made the difference between six and seventy more than ten percent, just two weeks more than ten percent. So i would never know that which one is going to be performed. Maybe next week we’re going to see a completely different story, another one which is not even in the top.

Profit Performance of Eazy Bot

Maybe we will jump up and give us small profits. So it’s really wise if you’re investing like a good amount of money like five thousand ten thousand or more spread your money among all the coins that are available. That will reduce your risk and also might increase your profitability because you don’t know which one is going to be performing better. I’M gon na give you a kind of sustainability in profitability.

It gives you like sustainable profit or uh. Always you will have problem if some points are not performing well, other one will perform well and then you get you keep on getting the problem uh. The other thing i want to talk about this is something that we have been talking about long time back since the beginning, but we have never shown case. We have never shown that.

How easy both is sustaining more than 50 drop of the market, how the default strategy uh is sustaining the 50 more than 50 drop in the market. We haven’t seen it. You know we have.

I have seen it myself, but i haven’t shared that with uh with anyone, so this is the time i think to share it with you. So we’re going to talk specifically about this coin, the ethereum this has been trading from 4th of april. If you can see here, it started when the price was uh as uh 3560.

At that time, when we started this cycle and then the market kept on moving down kept on moving down moving down until it took the last cover, which is the cover 35 based on the strategy. The previous study, as you know we had 35 covers – and we said that 35 covers – would sustain more than 50 drop of the market, so cover 35 was taken at the price of 14768. So in this coin we have not added any additional funds. It was only the initial funds and it’s when the market went down it kept on buying buying the market and then stop at the price at the cover 25 and let’s get plate.

Now. How much is that drop? So i made a couple of equations here. I hope it’s simple to everyone.

So when we started we started at the price of 356055, which we can see here on the left and then the market went down and then the last cover of cover 35 was taken initially at the price of 1476. So that’s a total drop of 208371 in percentage compared to the initial price. That’s the drop of 585 to percent! So that’s exactly more than 50 that we have been talking about and it could be actually 60 or 70 depending on how the market is fluctuating. Remember we have something called uh cover.

Pullback cover pull pack is, is basically a protection when you are trading, you don’t know if the market is really in a disaster and it’s really running down faster if the market is running down really rapidly, without having to pull back or having to move back a Little bit the bot’s not going to buy anything, it’s going to wait for the market to start pulling back a little bit and then start buying in the market and that what helps it to to sustain even more than fifty percent. The minimum is fifty percent, but it can go more than fifty percent. As you can see, this is live.

Example. It’s sustained up to fifty eight point, five, two percent. It could be more and more less than this, but the minimum is about fifty one percent uh.

That’s all i have today about the uh on the slides, but there is one more thing as david was sharing is the enhancement of the default strategy right now, the default strategy has been doing very well the last couple of months, and i think everyone is happy With that, however, it has a one small gap that we have shared last time. This it’s not a gap, but it’s some uh point of improvement. I would call it this way. Uh, if you remember, we have cover one and cover two and cover three in between cover one and cover three uh.

When i say cover, it means a trade when the when the trade is going to be taken. We call that cover so between cover one and cover two. There is a gap of five percent, so unless the market goes down five percent, it will not be doing any movement in the market it’s going to only buy when the market goes down.

The five percent and between cover two and cover three there is a gap of uh, eight percent. So if the market keeps on fluctuating between cover two and cover three is not going to buy anything in the market. It’s not going to sell anything because it’s not in a position to sell it’s not in a position to buy. So what we did in the in the default enhancement of the default strategy is that we try to bridge that gap and add more independent covers in between.

If you know, what’s independent cover means you’ll understand very well what i’m saying so uh i’ll share. Now, a little bit of results that uh what we have seen uh in that enhanced study uh, it’s already been implemented on the testing server, so i’m testing on there. It’s been like uh, three or four days.

I’M testing that so i’m going to share with you now what happened. Uh second share screen. Okay, i hope that you can see my screen now so yeah. This is the test account that i’ve been testing i’m going to look specifically about on the uh link coin.

So on this coin, here uh, if we have been using the old strategy, not the enhanced here. This is the enhanced strategy. I don’t want to go in details about how the covers are working, the way it takes to cover weight cells. But let’s talk about the results talking about results if we were using the old strategy, the profit that would have been made in this specific cycle would be as low as 0184 percent, but actually because we are using the enhanced australian we’re using some independent covers in Between the the average covers it made as high as 04478, the numbers might look small, but look at it from presenting point of view.

Easybot Trading Enhancement

Let me just pull out the calculator and just make a small question for you yeah. So all of these profits here this profit is made because of the enhancement this profit also being made because of the enhancement this profit is made because of the enhancement. This profit here is the same as the old strategy. So, let’s just compare numbers to numbers or apple to apple, so the additional profit that was made here because of the enhancement is point zero, four, seven, eight plus and the next one is here: point: zero, nine, four, two, nine nine two, two plus the next one Is point one two one: seven, zero, eight eight.

So this is the addition profit that was made because of the enhancement. So let’s compare it in percentage to the amount that would have been made if we’re not using the enhanced study for using the old one. So we divide this amount by the profit that would have been made by the old study, which is point one, eight, four: zero, zero, seven, seven! So we’re talking about additional profit of 143 percent. It’s not 143 percent of the capital.

It’s 143 of the previous strategy result that we’re being made, so i’m comparing like 222 to 018. So this is the addition process. Let’s look at another cycle. This is the current cycle, that’s ongoing at the moment.

This is not closed yet, but if you were using the old strategy, we would have not seen any profit yet, but because we are using the enhanced strategy, we are seeing this profit and this profit and this profit – and this part so a total profit of 0227227 Uh is just made because of this enhancement of the strategy. Let’s look at that in terms of percentage over the capital, because we don’t have the the old study would have not been made making any profit so far so can as compared to that. Let’s compare it to the capital.

The capital invested in this point is 300, so we’re talking about 0227408 to 8, divided by 300 multiplied by 100. So just made additional profit of 0075. It’s a small percentage but as bigger the capital is it’s going to be bigger amount, so this just wanted to share with you a little bit of insight about the new uh enhanced strategy. Uh.

If you are technically you can, i will just share a little bit about the technicality of how it works and how it’s going to be looking like for people who are actually using their own uh settings of their own strategies. They can get use of the new enhancement that we’re doing because we’re allowing them to do even more now, with with the with the bot. First of all, they can choose a percentage of the amount that they want to use instead of three point: three: four percent: they come to only three percent, or they can use only two percent and still use the other compound that they want. What we’re given also here is that people can actually choose which cover they want.

They want it to be independent or uh average price. Let me just go and try to create a new button just to show you. This is only for the people who are interested on making their own settings, so you can just jump in here. Uh unlock the default strategy or untick it, and then you can just come down here and change now right now this is average.

This is a very disabled. You can change this from every to independence. You can change this from ever to independent. If you want, you can make the average somewhere down here like this is the average you can change the percentage of the drop if you want, if you minus two percent instead of uh minus five percent or minus two percent minus eight percent, you can just play Many places, but and also very powerful thing that we have allowed for here, is that you can also uh change the percentage of the profit that you want to use to bring down the average price, so the default is 50.

But if you want to increase this, you want to decrease it. It’s up to you, so let’s say you can make you can make it the profit. This is the profits kept.

More Profit with EasyBot

You can make the profit get up to 10. So, in this case, for this cover is going to use 90 to drop down. The every price and 10 will be kept to you as a profit. So this is additional feature that we’re keeping here.

You can have also more average prices in between. If you want average price that mean once it hit the average price, it consider everything above that, as average uh price every position. One position have one break even points and, as the market goes down, it’s going to be taken independent positions. Um with this said.

That’s that’s all what i want to share today with you guys,

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