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One thing before we get into q a: i can see lots of lots of comments coming in about what’s the daily return for this. First of all, if you’re trying to hone in on what can be achieved in any one day, you’re looking at too narrow a window of time to get a realistic expectation of what can happen in the market, you need to zoom out because no two days in The markets are the same. This bot is obviously going to be dependent as you’ll hear, based on volatility in the markets. If the market’s completely flat, it’s not possible necessarily to be generating profits.

EazyBot Trading

But if you zoom out and take a vantage point perspective and look at larger intervals of time 30 days, not every quarter. For example, then, you’re going to start to see the averages and the law of averages play play their part and you’ll see what this can produce. There are a lot of variables at play, which coins did you choose? When did you turn on the bot? The default parameters keep in mind are programmed and designed to withstand that 60 market crash and still make a profit. So obviously the strategy isn’t front loaded.

We could launch this. We could launch this company, where that will blow the roof off everyone’s minds and make money faster up front. But then what would happen when the market fell? Would you have the breathing room and the equity to withstand that drop and in most cases you wouldn’t so, as i’ve said, many of you may have heard me say everyone’s a genius in a bull run when the market is going up and that’s what a lot Of bots do, but we want to be prepared to withstand all market conditions if you’re, a more advanced user by all means go in.

Eazy Bot Profit Percentage

There tinker around run simultaneous parallel strategies and play around and find something that works, and if you do find something that works, and you can prove over an extended period of time that you’re outperforming the outofbox customized strategy, then there’s an opportunity for you as well and We’re casting such a wide net into the marketplace that we’re attracting a lot of talent and a lot of people that might come up with something very powerful and you have the potential to earn an override commission. If someone decides to download your particular strategy. So by all means, but have just like any investment portfolio.

Perhaps you would put 60 of your trading capital that you can afford to lose into the out of box settings that you don’t have to manage that you don’t have to look at then you can use the other 40 percent for intermediate conservative and more aggressive strategies. So with that said, 600 600 usdt is the recommended capital per trading coin. That is not pulled out of the air that is mathematically calculated for to it’s fully optimized to withstand that market crash.

Easybot Update

Because if people are running aggressively and then the market falls look everybody’s going to be stuck – and this is designed to get to avoid that and to sidestep that issue. So it doesn’t matter if the market’s gone up or going down. As david said,

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